guys hat


*80s synth music playing in the background*

The New Gods squad eating from/supporting their local corporate franchises! Starbucks for Media, Burger King for Technical Boy, and of course chips and salsa for Mr. World (Chipotle or Taco Bell). You bet your ass these guys can be cheap af when they wanna.

Edit: You can now get this as a print here!


OK, SO NOT CANON IN THE SLIGHTEST, but this weird little au thing wouldn’t leave my head while I was mowing sooo…yeah. I’m such a sucker for this kind of stuff XP

I really know zilch about these guys, but I DO know that BlackHat would be a terrible care taker, no matter the intentions. (EDIT: is it Flug or Flurg??)




I could see this happening every time Flug gets really caught up in his inventions, so like, BH is just throwing little hissy fits after he’s not given enough attention until Flug finally realizes he’s been in the lab too much again.

The fact that you're not your House stereotype doesn't mean the Sorting Hat was wrong.

A Gryffindor can be afraid of bugs, have anxiety, appreciate the small and pretty things, be introverted, enjoy lazy afternoons, choose not to fight if they find it smarter.

A Slytherin can be self-conscious, rely on others, love the sunrise, like cheesy pop music, be afraid in the dark, like scented candles, hate snakes, be pacifist and shy.

A Ravenclaw can prefer company to solitude, party loudly, forget about homework now and then, excell at Quiddich, have a learning disability, be a hot mess.

A Hufflepuff can be selfish sometimes, be more rational than expected, enjoy books, be extremely brave, like high heels, have a bright mind, have a bad day.

The fact that you’re not your House stereotype doesn’t mean the Sorting Hat was wrong!