guys go study

(100 days of productivity - day 1/100)  -18.03.2017-

hooo boy look who’s back with this challenge with a pic-less post!! lmao tho spare me ;u;

So today i did almost negligible stuff, for example ->

> did some maths sums in the mornin’

> and reviewed like 4 pages of history!!

Seriously though, I need to get my shit together and holy I hate being sick omfg. I also helped a bit around the house, went out with fam to the markets, are out and slept a lot! so that’s been one nice day!! let’s call this a night then, shall we? We shall :’)

Also please pray that I get well soon bc I seriously hate being sick.

@beanpots Day and Night AU has me destroyed… seriously, it’s amazing please go check it out i’M D Y I N G

I had been stalking the tag for days until I decided to go draw fanart for it because something as amazing as that needs recognition!!

Thank you, @beanpots!!!


And of course all credit for the concept and AU goes to beanpots :) I just drew what inspired me.

Art © Daelyn Carroll

The other day I was really spaced out in my english class bc I haven’t really been sleeping enough, and a guy was calmly reading something he had written for class when he screamed “FUCK” as loudly as he could. I love my classmates, I never stay bored for long. 



1. OMGGGGG!!!! @our-dazed-sims!!! You’re the sweet angel!! 😇😇💖💖💖 That was so kind! You have no idea how happy I am that you said that!!! Aww shucks I’m giggling like a madman~! I was thinking who I followed awhile ago and doing all these calculations in my head! 😂 and following you was one of best decisions evaaaa because your personality, your face ;^), and your posts are puurfect~~! Thank you so much, love!!! HONESTLY THANK YOU! :* I love youuuu💕💕

2. @sandy-sims my sweet sweet child! You know I love you and these adorable monthly reminders you send me!!! 💗💗((As well as your magnificent story that kills me everytime)) You are one talented honey filled bean!!! I know you hear it all the time that it’s basically a fact now and if we were to search talented in a dictionary, we would see Sandy and her smexie jawline! Don’t ever change for no one!!! Momo also loves Sandy!!!😚💖💖

3. Aww @skadisim I have missed you too, dear, and your hawt sims ;^) ❤️❤️ I dream of a day where I can edit so nice and crisp like you and also a day where I can just be on Tumblr daily so I don’t miss your guys lovely posts! 😭 Bless me with your magic! 🙌🏽

4. Hiya @sp00kyfruit!! Thank you~! 💓
• I can breathe
• I have a roof over my head
• I have food in my fridge
• I can make myself laugh when everyone hates me 😂😂 ((optimistic))
• My style of clothing yo!!

5. @themysteriouscowplant I know I’m sooo late on this but thank you sooo much honey dumpling!! I love you and your cute sims!!! 💓💓 Sending this right back!!!

6. @seafoamflamingo Thank you, dear!!! You’re such a sweetie!! I am also sending this right back because I enjoy your legacy so much!!! ((And it is another story I need to catch up on)) ❤️❤️

did i!! actually!! manage!! to keep myself!! from casually crushing!! on guys?!?!??!

screw you hansun you broke my record why did you ask for my # and not text back WHY

Merry christmas and Happy New Year @yamarygraylu

just tried pinting for once I am sorry if it looks awful … I tried … I mean it doesn’t look too bad … I wanted to make something special cause it’s a gift , and experimenting and it’s been so long since I used my tag . I still hope that you can overlook all the bad there is in the drawing , one thing I am proud of are the eyes of the teddy bear and the bunny slippers , at least there is that you can enjoy . Well I also want to thank @graylu-angstweek for making my participation possible .


muji haul

hey guys! i’ve started following a lot of amazing people this year and since i haven’t done a follow forever since last christmas, i thought now would be a good time to do a new one and appreciate my most favorite blogs. i just wanna say that you guys are all such incredible people and i love you! merry christmas!

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end of yoi ep9: sweet, heartfelt, beautiful OST, emotional reunion at the airport, makkachin is okay, i’m crying everything is beautiful and lovely and i’m at peace



tell me the truth / that it’s not in vain / broken promises / they can’t be saved / to this day i believe there’s no shame / cause love is worth fighting for

>> love is worth fighting for | a hollstein mix series [listen to all]
>> i. state of grace [listen]

“maybe that’s just the way it is, but that does not mean that i have to accept it. i deserve better, betty deserves better, hell, even you deserve better.”

“i mean i know that you’re not just doing it for me, but seriously-” “don’t be an idiot. of course i’m doing it for you.

can we just pretend, just for tonight, that if i asked, we’d run away? we’d find some way to leave and we’d just go, somewhere without murders or sisters… we’d sleep in hotel rooms, and never live in the same city twice… there’d be no one to fail, or disappoint, or save. it would just be you and me in love.” “that would be nice, wouldn’t it? but… our friends need us. the school needs us.”

>> ii. gravity [listen]

“that’s part of who i am, laura. so is mattie. you can’t expect all of that to just evaporate because i love you.” “if you really loved me then you’d stay. i need you to be the kind of person that helps and fights.” “you haven’t listened to a single word i’ve said. i’m done.

“you want the kind of love that clicks, like a key into a lock, but i don’t have any of that to give you. all i know is that in more than a century, you’re the only person i ever found worth saving. you and no one else.” “it’s not enough.” “i know.

do you miss me?” “like someone cut a hole in me.”

>> iii. worth fighting for [listen]

and yeah, you are flawed and struggling and uncertain but it is so beautiful, the way you try.” “to hell with light and casual. i don’t want to be light and casual with you. i don’t want to pretend that what i feel about you is some stupid frothy thing that doesn’t matter because it is like the axis that my world turns on. and yeah, we could talk ourselves out of it because this is scary, and hard, and maybe the world’s about to end, but if it is then i want us to have something good to hold onto. i love you. why shouldn’t that be something good?”

laura, if you go with me, all i’ll think about is losing you. and if i did i think i’d go mad.” “carm, that can’t be what we are to each other… if one of us doesn’t make it, the other one can’t end up like the dean, mad and bitter and destroying everything we touch. i don’t want that to be our story, okay? our story is that we made each other better. so we go together.” “alright. together it is.

“i didn’t want to risk hoping too hard and ending up disappointed or loving too much and having too much to lose, ‘cause it seemed like that was the lesson the world was trying to teach me, you know? except now i think that love is worth the risk.”