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@juuria your video was the most beautiful thing,,, truly an inspiration to us all

apparently adding links hides this from searches but the video is called  The String - A story of how I found my soulmate || short film by the youtube channel of szin

pidge and lance are best friends: a illustrated guide that nobody asked for

hey y’all i’m emma and welcome to jackass appreciating pidge and lance’s beautiful friendship

(this is long af with many screencaps, but i describe them, so you don’t really need to open them all if you’re on mobile ok i know the struggle and i’ve got u)

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Why are you so against Bernie?

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Because I don’t have time or the willpower to write all the reasons, let’s give the five that are bugging me TODAY.

1. It took him TWO MONTHS to get behind HRC after the primaries, but it only took him two days to get behind Trump as President. 

2. He wouldn’t even say the words ‘I’m with her’ for a HRC campaign ad

3. His failure to get behind Hillary and bring her supporters over to her resulted in all those hundreds of thousands of ballots with a third candidate name written in. His supporters didn’t support Hillary because of how Bernie portrayed her and her campaign. Even after a bitter 2008 primary campaign, HRC got 100% behind Obama - as did Bill. 

4. Everyone saying Bernie is the ‘best’ candidate for colleague students and young people? Guys, HRC was fighting for the rights of children and young people before any of you were even born. Children’s Defence Fund, health care reform, tuition-free education - the list goes on

5. Oh, shall we talk about the fact he’s not even a member of the party he tried to get the nomination of? He continually criticises anyone who doesn’t scream ‘WALL STREET’ three times every minute. Honestly, he did nothing for the party, and anyone who thinks he would have won the election against Trump needs to check their facts.


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sketch: confirmed plot of x men apocalypse (x)

“what the fuck did i recruit you for magneto”

@beanpots Day and Night AU has me destroyed… seriously, it’s amazing please go check it out i’M D Y I N G

I had been stalking the tag for days until I decided to go draw fanart for it because something as amazing as that needs recognition!!

Thank you, @beanpots!!!


And of course all credit for the concept and AU goes to beanpots :) I just drew what inspired me.

Art © Daelyn Carroll


Pairings: Enjolras x reader

Summary: College!AU. Enjolras is stressed but that is not always a bad thing, especially when it brings up new arrangements.

Warnings: none!

A/N: thank you all again for the support! I’m relatively new to writing here on tumblr and i’m still trying to get the hang of it! English is not my first language so i’m sorry about the mistakes you’re probably going to find! Feedback is always appreciated so that I know how I can improve :) if you just want to speak with me, be my friend, suggest me something to write or whatever you know where to find me! It’s always a pleasure!

Ps. those little sentences in italics are Enjolras thoughts!

(y/e/c) = your eyes color

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Enjolras was swamped in work. It was quite difficult to try and balance everything between essays, various homework and the incoming meeting in which he was supposed to give yet another speech.

And if that wasn’t enough, his roommates decided to give a party, more or less. Actually, it’s not like he could understand what was really happening in the other room, he could only hear a very loud music. VERY loud. Oh, yes, and someone was laughing. VERY loudly, yet again.

This is how Enjolras found himself out of his apartment with all his books and notes after having yelled at Grantaire, who was probably too drunk to even acknowledge him.

Ok, think Enj, where to go?

It wasn’t like he couldn’t go to the library. The problem was that he was in his pyjamas, too angry to even get changed before slamming the door shut. He didn’t even put on shoes and now his bright red socks were in plain sight.

Wait! (Y/n)!

Enjolras’ eyes lightened up at the sudden realisation: (Y/n) has always been his friend and she wouldn’t abandon him now, would she?

His feet carried him right in front of the girl’s apartment which was in the same building but on another floor. He was a bit nervous but knocked nonetheless and after only a few minutes he was graced with the beautiful - wait Enj, get it together - smile of his (Y/n). No, wait, not his like his his.

“Hey, Enj! What brings you here?” asked the girl cheerfully, leaning on the door.

“Hey, ehm, Grantaire is giving another kinda party and I need to study. Can I crash here for a few hours?” he replied nervously.

(Y/n) laughed, shaking her head. “Grantaire’s getting drunk again, you better check on him later…but for now, come on in!”

“Thanks freckles.” Relaxing, Enjolras smiled and winked at her, passing the door with all his things.

“Do you want something?”

(Y/n) was in the small kitchen while Enj was positioning all his books on the little table in the main room. He had a clear view of (Y/n) from his position.

“No, thanks, I’m good.”

“Ok, tell me if you need anything” and with a smile she left the kitchen, going towards her room.

She was always so kind and Enjolras really liked it. Most people tended to keep him at a distance because he was always too immersed in his work but not her. Never her. She had been welcoming since day one. She even had the courage to actually shout at Enjolras, a thing no one did in a very long time because apparently he was too intimidating.

He was intrigued by this girl.

It was only after a little time that (Y/n) returned and sat at the table, right in front of Enjolras, who was watching her every move. She had all her books so she was probably going to study with him. Suddenly Enjolras really liked this new arrangement.

“I thought I could study with you, is that ok?” asked (Y/n) with a small voice.

Enjolras beamed, “Sure!”

For almost three hours the apartment was full of silence and occasionally small talk. It was at a certain point that things changed: Enjolras looked up from his finally finished essay and he felt overwhelmed. (Y/n) was really beautiful. She was fully concentrated on her work, her pencil between her fingers and her eyebrows furrowed. Her hair seemed almost ethereal in that light. He didn’t know what to do, he never felt that way and suddenly he needed to spend more moments like this with her. Just to have the pleasure to see her in that particular light. Just that.

“(Y/n)?” the word escaped him before he could even think about it.

The girl looked up from her book and smiled at Enjolras. “Yes, Enj?”

“How would you feel about proofreading my essay? I could really use your help"

(Y/n) smiled and immediately made grabby hands towards him. How cute.

Enjolras chuckled - a thing that (Y/n) found very amusing - and gave her the essay.

“I’m gonna make some tea while you read it and then we can discuss it because I’m sure it’s awful”

“Nah, it seems pretty good"

“You just read the title, you dork"

(Y/n) snickered, “Yeah but the title is important”

They both laughed and so it began because the next week Enjolras came with another essay, and the same happened the week after and the week after and so on. It became a normal thing for Enj and (Y/n). Always the same routine: he came bringing the essay, made some tea while she read it and then they would discuss it together. Sometimes it was the other way around and he was the one to proofread (Y/n)’s essays, a thing that made him realize how really passionate the girl was.

And after discovering that Enjolras knew he was screwed for good.

“Where are you going?” Grantaire stopped Enjolras at the door.

“Not your business”

“Mhmm" murmured Grantaire while leaving the couch in order to find some food. “So you’re going to (Y/n)…”


“You really think we didn’t know?” asked Grantaire, shocked. “Ponine lives with her, she told Marius she saw you there and puf! Everybody knows! So what’s going on?” smirked the black-haired guy.

“Nothing’s going on. We study.”

“Suuuure. So that’s why you look so…different!” smirked Grantaire, motioning towards Enjolras with his hands.

“…Different? How?”

“Well, like…all happy and lovey-dovey! It’s because you like studying, right?! That’s obvious” continued Grantaire sarcastically.

“I’m not lovey-dovey Grantaire” said Enj without meeting his friend’s eyes “and who the hell still uses that word?”

“Oh, ok sure. Maybe I’ll speak with (Y/n)”

Those were the last words Enjolras heard before leaving the apartment. He was frustrated. Yeah, he liked (Y/n): she made him feel happy and relaxed but all of this was so new to him that he didn’t really know what to do. He didn’t even know if telling her was the right thing to do. He thought she might reciprocate his feelings but he wasn’t sure and to top it all he wasn’t good at expressing his feelings with his words. He was only good in speaking about politics and things like that. He needed to find a way to tell her everything before someone else made a mess. He actually didn’t trust his friends: they were fantastic but they tended to meddle too much and this could lead to a disaster.

Enjolras worked almost the whole night so that he could be back at (Y/n)’s apartment the next day. This time he had a very special essay in his hands. He was about to knock when the door swung open.

“Oh, hey Enj!” greeted Eponine, smirking. “You’re lucky, I was just going out!”

He greeted her with a nasty look and a nod. “Ponine”

The girl laughed and left. “Try not to destroy anything and don’t do it on the couch!”

Enjolras flushed bright red and (Y/n) must have heard everything since she was now standing near the open door, sporting his same colour. He cleared his throat.

“I’m sorry about Ponine, Enj…“ started (Y/n)

“Don’t worry ‘bout it.” Cutting her off, Enjolras smiled and entered the apartment, trying to appear as confident as ever.

“Um, do you have another essay? So soon?”

“Well, yes but this is special.”

Let’s hope not to fuck up, Enj.

“Ok, gimme” said (Y/n) enthusiastically.

He gave her the work and went to make some tea. The usual.

(Y/n) felt there was something different and hoped everything was ok. Eponine and Cosette have been pestering her about Enjolras and their little arrangement after they noticed he lingered at their place for longer than necessary and especially when (Y/n) was at home alone. She only hoped it wasn’t getting awkward because he heard something. She really liked him but she also knew Enjolras wasn’t the kind of guy to start a relationship and certainly not with her: in her eyes, she was just plain. And he was the fearless guy that used to speak in front of hundreds of students and attracted almost half of them with only his blue eyes and the passion behind them.

Leaving these thoughts in a black corner of her head, (Y/n) concentrated on the words in front of her. The text seemed to be way much shorter than the others. It looked more like a bunch of sentences on a blank page. “Are you sure you want to go with this Enj?”

“Just read it freckles!” called him from the kitchen. He was literally sweating.

She took a deep breath and started:

Can you tell me what love is? How can I know that what I feel is love?

All I know is that she’s there, sat in front of me. She’s beautiful. And yet she thinks she’s not. All I want is to look at her, while she reads, while she talks, while she smiles. While she explains her ideas with that passion that is specifically hers. God, her eyes are shining.

Is that love?

So, is he writing about some real girl? Are these his real thoughts? (Y/n) wanted - no, needed - answers because her stomach was starting to knot, exactly like when she was feeling anxious or extremely nervous and that usually brought nothing good. She looked towards him but he wasn’t looking her way so she simply took another deep breath and kept reading.

All I want to hear is her voice, how would it be in the morning? How would it be in the evening, when she’s tired? Is this love if all I want is to wake up next to her and go to bed the same way?

All I see is her, running towards me with a big bag full of food because I’ve been stupid enough to forget to eat at breakfast and at lunch.

No one noticed.

But she did.

Is this love if my heart skipped several beats when I saw her that day?

She remembered that day.  She noticed he was so invested in his plans for the meeting that he forgot to eat so she took care of that buying him something.

Tears started to gather in her eyes: he cared.

All I want - all I need - is to be near her, waiting for those eyes to focus on me; waiting for that mouth to smile at me; waiting for her to talk to me and me only.

Is that love? Is me being selfish love too?

He really cared. He cared enough.

She couldn’t go on because her tears were making the words blurry. Her head snapped towards the kitchen where Enjolras was sipping his tea, stealing glances at her. He seemed calm but he was screaming inside. Especially when he noticed her tears. It wouldn’t have been the first time he fucked up.

Their eyes locked: blue against (y/e/c) and no words were needed anymore. She jumped from the chair and Enjolras had only the time to put the mug down before she was hugging him so tight he almost stopped breathing. Well, he wasn’t going to complain. He buried his face in her hair, breathing in her sweet scent, while she buried hers in his neck.

“I hope I didn’t mistaken anything…”

(Y/n) was still a bit overwhelmed: she’d never been the lucky one in love. So she simply shook her head and kissed him, burying her fingers in his blonde curls. Enjolras’ arms were keeping her near him and his hands were grabbing every part of her body they could reach.

His kiss was passionate but gentle: he made sure she understood how much he cared. And she did the same.

When they separated they both looked in each other eyes and giggled.

“So, is this love (Y/n)?”

“Yes, this is love, Enjolras”

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How do you think Simbar will play out? What type of journey do you think they will go through to find each other/how will Ambar get through the drama with Sharon?

(Wow you have amazing timing anon, I was falling asleep while studying physics, you saved me) 

Okay this is a really complicated question because at this point in the season I truly have no idea, I had this whole thing in my head on how it would have had to start from the beginning of the season subtly, probably as one of Ámbar’s plans and for a second it looked like it would happen, she called him and everything and I thought that maybe she would get closer to him to either make herself look better for the cameras or hurt Luna, or maybe both but then they just dropped this plot point and I was ??? and then they just dropped this Luna teasing Simón about about her line and I was even more ???? (don’t get me wrong I lived but it was out of the nowhere) They barely interacted the rest of the first part and now I really don’t see how they would start now that Ámbar is not even in the team anymore  and the thing is that I’m sure that Ámbar has to either start changing and become a better person before they can start a relationship or anything like that or make people believe she is, because Simón is a puppy and even if he likes her I think he would wait for a sign of her becoming better to go for it, but even then I truly think he sees the best of her even now that it’s truly hidden so maybe I’m wrong here and he wouldn’t need this because he sees her as she could be and not as she is right now, still I don’t see Simón being with someone that still obviously tries to hurt his bff or is openly mean to her but who knows, disney works in mysterious ways and could just drop romantic simbar on us without any previous development which would truly be sad because they have so much potential. 

Ámbar is really lost right now and she will be even worse when she finds out that Sharon has been lying to her about the sol thing and Simón could really help her get through this whole thing, support her, be there for her, help her find herself and deal with her emotions in a way that won’t harm others and show her that feelings don’t mean weakness, in fact they give you strength,  for me that’s the ideal journey for them, but little by little, starting as friends and then moving towards anything else. 

About the Sharon thing well I have two options in my mind of how Ámbar would react to this, she will either shut off, like turn emotionless and responseless like she did after she and Matteo lost the competition but to a higher more unsettling degree or she could lash out, this one seems to be the most likely for me with how they are handling her this season, and hurt everyone in her way, especially Luna, she might take it personally with her, she already hates her and she will probably blame her for “taking yet another thing from her” and will do anything to hurt her in the worst possible way (maybe cue plan involving Simón? who knows) maybe these two options could come hand in hand and she will shut off before deciding that she needs to destroy Luna once and for all, I like to believe that this will be her big downfall anyway that after this she will find herself in this dark place and realize that she wants to get out, that she doesn’t want these kind of awful feelings anymore, that she will break but will start to build herself again, away from Sharon’s expectations and will become her own person, not the girl Sharon has been grooming her to be and I hope that she gets support with this, not only from Simón, but from Jazmín and Delfi too because these girls really love her despite everything and I would love to see more of their friendship.

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Why is Alton brown not a good person?

Listen, I love Alton Brown’s on-camera persona as much as the next food fan. I’ve watched Good Eats since I was a wee lass, so this fact is hard for me to accept as well. But, alas, Alton Brown has proven himself to be fairly racist, sexist, and homophobic. He’s a typical older southern white man.

This blog post is what most people cite when they talk about this topic. It’s a first hand account of one of his shows, and while you could probably argue that he was just making jokes that people didn’t take very well, I personally don’t think that they were okay. Everyone’s “line” is different, but what he said according to that account is well over it in my opinion.

Over the years, he’s also made quite a few fat-shaming comments (you may have to search in one of those, just ctrl+f “fat”, “big mac”, or “obesity”). I admit that they’re far between, but the fact that he’s basically been saying the same gross things from 2007 to 2015 makes me think that he still has those gross opinions.

Good Eats also had a few blunders into racist territory, with the portrayal of the Japanese, and I’ve seen mentions that black people are never portrayed well on the show (I can’t personally attest to this because I honestly can’t remember a time a black person appeared on the show. In fact, I can’t remember a time a non-white person did.)

I could probably go on, but to be honest I’m lazy and I feel like I’ve more or less made my point. Other people have probably said it better than me, but this is the general idea. Am I saying you can’t like Alton Brown and support his shows? No. It’s just important to recognize that his on-camera persona, like every other celebrity out there, is much different to who he really is. And he’s not as perfect as we’d all like him to be.