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electrostatic potential (26/?)

ten/rose. quite adult this ch.
my notes on ao3 are super rambly and emotional, so i will not repeat them here! in short: i worked /really/ hard on this chapter, and i’m scared as hell to post it. thanks to @goingtothetardis​ and @aroseofstone​ for the betas.
summary: as the doctor and rose traverse time and space looking for adventure, they slowly fall victim to a mysterious energy that can manipulate their emotions. though confused and unnerved by the cerebral affliction, neither of them understands its cause, or realizes that it could jeopardize their friendship. what will it take for them to discover the truth?
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“We are willing to meet your expectations” he added. “It has benefits for both parts”

Kojuro nodded, his arms crossed and now all of his kind smile vanished. They were talking about the future of the Clans. After a few minutes of silence, Lord Yukimura nodded in agreement. It was settled. The Date Clan was finally an ally of The Sanada Clan.

Next morning.

It had been quite the night. Shigezane had been kind enough to entertain them while the other three talked about business. But now… Now she knew it was time to say what last night she couldn’t. Kojuro seemed to be writing on his diary, and she debated whether to interrupt him or not.

Was it worth it? Interrupt him just to tell him what had been happening? She wasn’t so sure.

“Is everything ok?” he asked, after a few seconds. He felt her eyes on her, but her silence was odd.

“Oh… Uhm… Yes…” she trailed off. ‘It’s now or never’, Natsu thought, taking a deep breath. “About… yesterday… The secret…”

She was already embarrassed and she hadn’t even started talking. But it was not easy. Not for her. Was she prepared to tell him all the things she had been thinking? Not at all. Yet, she knew the issue couldn’t wait anymore.

“Yes?” he prompted her.

“I… I am scared” her voice was barely a whisper, but he heard her. “But it is not your fault, it’s mine. I am scared of saying ‘yes’ and that you’ll end up getting tired of me. You’ve met so many people, so many women, even in town… And I’m just me. I see all those women, when guests come to Yonezawa, the way they look at you… I can’t help but wonder why me. I… I want to take that step, but I am scared… Scared that you will find someone better than me”

That was it. She had finally said it… but he didn’t reply. 

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every time you want to use a gender neutral restroom, and find yourself standing in between a men’s room and a women’s room, you run very fast at the wall in between the men’s room to the women’s room, and thats how you access the secret gender-neutral bathroom nine and three quarters

sometimes youve just got to hide your favourite local vandal from your overprotective cousin,, and sometimes you fail 


Don Juan Photoshoot with David Tennant

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I hope I don’t regret choosing these hair and uniform colors in a few weeks.

[See in Full Resolution to appreciate the watercolor effect.]

this is the only other thing i’ve drawn today and it’s just a sketch but i felt like i needed to share,