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Watching the stream right now! Please go donated if you can, guys!

So… I have good news, and bad news.

I’ll be telling you guys here in a bit, but it’s going to end in a donation drive. quite hopefully my last one ever because if everything pans out, I’ll be set to finally receive the inheritance from my mother’s will which we’ve been fighting to get for almost 10 years.

I’m still ungodly amounts of sick so pardon me while I at the very least take care of myself first.

$1,680 to go!!! Holy shit guys, let's get this project funded!!!

Every donation, no matter how big or small.

Every book, whether Digital, Standard, or Deluxe.

It all helps, and it’s going to help some amazing charities do some extraordinary things :)

Thank you for your continued support and we love you all,

Sasha, Sarah, and Sasha (S3)

Oh my god, your responses to my ‘Dead Tadashi Jokes Jar’ has been so overwhelmingly amazing, I’m laughing so hard right now! 

I guess you could say you guys are killing me with these replies…

Yup we’re gonna need a bigger jar. *shamefully drops quarter in the jar* 

PSA to all the lovely Fandles thinking about donating to the Bright Summer Night kickstarter:

The donations are in NZD, not USD, so your money will actually go further, for example; a $30USD donation = $45.50 NZD!!!! This means that if you guys want, you can donate slightly more than you were originally going to and can get a better perk! Like if you were planning on giving $30, if you raise your donation to $33USD, you can get the SCRIPT-A-LLLICIOUS reward (because it will be $50NZD!), rather than the SNAIL MAIL reward you were originally planning to get! Gotta love currency exchange rates!

Thank you so much again to everyone who has donated or shared the kickstarter link! You guys rock and are helping some super dedicated, talented, and kickass people make a kickass webseries! You’re all gems!


That’s right It’s that time again!
So, I was originally hoping that I’d just have enough money to pay for youwannaslap and I to both attend, but it certainly doesn’t look like that’s going to be the case.

So, I need your help! Once again, I’m going to do the whole donation drive thing! You guys helped me out SO much with BUCK, and it would be a real shame if I couldn’t get to the first American Convention that’s invited me as a guest!

So, let’s talk about what YOU get for helping out in a bit more detail.

7 hour livestream - Remember the ones I did for my BUCK fundraiser? They were a hell of a lot of fun! I played pony songs, non-pony songs, talked about stuff, answered questions, made songs up on the spot and a bunch more! It was LOADS of fun, and I have like, nearly twice as many the subscribers now then last time, more people means more fun! :D (this will take place as SOON as I’m set up back on the East Coast, so within the week after BABScon!)

Brand New Song - But how can you release a song? You’re stuck in the Pacific Ocean on a noisy boat with very little internet! That’s very true, Italicised Text, but that doesn’t mean I’ve been completely idle! I have a few projects in the works that I’m going to be able to get done. Sure, the vocal quality won’t be great because of background noise, but in one of these big electronic tracks I have planned, that’s not going to matter. (This may actually turn out to be two or three songs, it just depends on how many I get finished. I swear, if we hit this goal, I will try my hardest to get all three done.)

Fully Animated Music Video - Wha? But you suck at art, Vocal, how are you gonna make a fully animated music video? Firstly, rude, Italicised text. Naaaaah, I’m not gonna make it, my wonderful boyfriend Youwannaslap offered to add this stretch goal, since your funds will be going to help him as well! Did you like The Day I Met You and want to see the full thing? Or maybe you want to see a music video of one of my other songs? Well, if we hit this target, he’s gonna fully work on it! It will probably take at least a good few months to get it out, but he’ll do it!

And don’t feel like you need to stop when we get there, I’ll always be taking donations for things like music equipment costs. The more I have here, the quickly I can get all set back up and start releasing music for you guys again! My life is gonna be a little financially on the rocks when I move to America, and finding a job will be hard, but as SOON as I can, I wanna get back releasing music on a regular basis for you guys. It’s been WAY too long!

Thanks in advance for anything you can give, Slap and I really appreciate it! <333333333333333

I need some help...

Recently my car’s power steering has broke and if not repaired I will not be able to go to work. With out work I will be unable to help my family pay our bills. We are already having trouble getting by and getting enough money for this months rent. My family will be forced to share one car for three of us.
If any of you guys could go donate to my Go Fund me page that would be amazing.
Please reblog this as well :)

Hey guys, I’m reaching out into the Rooster Teeth community for help in getting a service dog. I opened up a Go Fund Me and a Facebook page. You can find both at and
About my campaign: Hello, my name is Simonne, I’m a 20 year old college student looking for help to get a psychiatric service dog for myself. I live with severe social anxiety and moderate general anxiety as well as bouts of depression. Things that most people don’t think about such as going to the grocery store or mall, hanging out with friends, or even something as simple as driving is nearly impossible for me to do alone. I have always relied on my family to help me through these issues, but next year I will be moving out to finish school. I belive a service dog would help me greatly to become more independent.
I will be adopting the dog from a shelter and doing most of the training myself, but I will also need help from a professional trainer with the specialized tasks the dog will need to preform such as medical alerts for when I’m begining to have a panic attack and deep pressure therapy. The average rate for a trainer is $150 an hour and it will take many hours to assure a dog is properly trained as a public acess service dog.
So please, if you have a little extra money and would like to help me out, please follow the links and donate!!
I hate using this phrase, but please signal boost to help me out!