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Caroline and Laird’s Apartment

Hannah has one glaring thing in common with Caroline and Laird: her Greenpoint apartment. “Laird’s apartment has always been Hannah’s apartment redressed,” reveals production designer Matt Munn “He has a studio apartment, so we block off the two bedrooms. Adam’s workspace becomes a closet and Hannah’s bedroom becomes a window. The first time we saw Laird’s apartment, he was in the ‘getting-over-heroin’ stage of his life—there was paper on the windows and a weird futon couch. Now that he’s had Caroline’s decorating influence, it’s all about candles.”

The apartment also includes a nod to the couple’s impending parenthood. “There’s the beginnings of baby-proofing—or at least Laird’s version of it. And there’s a rocking chair for the expectant mother to sit in,” notes Munn. As for wall decor, Laird is still all about tear sheets from magazines. “That’s his version of putting up art,” explains Munn, with a laugh. “He was doing that in the hallway in an earlier season, so we brought the idea into the apartment. When you’re taking a bath at their place, you can look at a lovely picture of a mountain forest in Ecuador.”