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Reaction to You Crying During an Argument. . .

Anonymous said: hey! if requests are open, would you mind doing bts’ reaction to you crying during an argument? (say its your 1st time arguing and he accidentally yells @ you) like, i always start crying if someone yells at me, even if its not meant to hurt me. TY!

Reaction to You Crying During an Argument…

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Kai Eonni ~


We all know Namjoon is a disaster on two legs – boy can barely walk without disrupting the balance of gravity – but when his emotions get riled up and it involves the girl he loves, he’s a tornado of emotions on legs – with no filter. Usually Namjoon is calm and collected, able to pick and choose his words wisely and logically, but as his girlfriend it’s like you stump his ability to do that. You guys end up saying stupid things you don’t mean and end  up hurting one another. So when his hurtful words take a jab at you, you can’t stop the tears from slipping out. It would take a while for him to put two-and-two together, not realizing it was his words that hurt you. His mind would still be a jumbled mess of accusations and anger. However, when you make your move to leave he’d quickly snap out of his confusion and call you back, your pain and sadness being what brings back his logical side. He’d want to quickly patch things up, not able to leave you alone when he knows he caused your tears. He’d apologize and ask if you two can sit down and talk logically about whatever it was you were fighting about. Within 20 minutes you two would be giggling and lovey-dovey again – just the way he likes it. Anytime you cry would be unsettling to him and he’d want to quickly put a smile on your face.

(just imagine you’re that handsome fellow under Namjoon’s chin for me real quick)

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Even though for the most part Jinnie-poo seems like a mom who spends her Saturdays at the expensive local cafe with her mom group gossiping about their troublesome kids while sipping an espresso imported from Italy, I know there’s a fierce and sensitive side of him that rarely comes out – even on his worst days. BUT when it does, it can be scary. He gets quieter, more snappy and more aggressive (verbally – not physically). The reason you would cry is because you’ve never seen this side of him, and it was so unexpected and out of character that it confused you emotionally. However, when he sees you cry, he’d immediately calm down and want to comfort you. He’d still be a little frustrated about the argument so while he’s going in to comfort you, he’d run a hand through his hair, biting back the words he still wants to say about the argument and instead taking a deep breath to calm him down. He’d pull you in for a hug, allowing you to snuggle your face into his warm chest. He’d mumble apologies and kiss the top of your head, and immediately you’d be able to feel the love he has for you. Later you two, like Namjoon, would talk about the fight and come to an understanding, trading apologies and soft kisses and caresses.

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Alright, so our man Min Yoongi is already quite intense, so the fights would be very intense as well. There would be a lot of harsh words – not a lot of words spoken, but when there were, they would be harsh and straight to the point. When he notices you trying to hold back your tears, he’d get even more pissed, thinking you were being weak, you have just the same amount of blame in this fight as he does, so he believes you don’t have the right to cry. He’d get increasingly defensive and accuse you more, but when you actually start crying he’d suddenly feel horrible. He’d start berating himself for being a horrible boyfriend. He’d hesitate at first, thinking you might not want him to touch you or comfort you. Seeing you so broken and seemingly small because of him, he’d need to step away and take some time to himself. He’d go into another room for a few minutes, but not before muttering a low ‘sorry’. When he comes back to you fifteen minutes later, he’d just quietly pull you into him, not wanting you to look at him directly in the face because he’s secretly ashamed for being so harsh on you when his role in your life is to protect and support you like you’ve done for him. He’d second guess is he’s really worthy of you, but would quickly brush those thoughts aside, focusing on the need at hand, which is to show you and prove to you how much he still loves you despite his harsh words from earlier.

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This would be his worst nightmare, he’d never want to make anyone cry, let alone you; someone he’s promised multiple times to only make you laugh and enjoy life like you deserve. So when he sees you crying, he’s shocked and utterly disgusted with himself. How could he have allowed himself to make you cry like this? He’d want to comfort you immediately, needing you to know that he never meant anything he said and that he loves you to the moon and back. He’d be ashamed and would spend the next few days asking if you forgive him, are you angry with him, and spending all his time with you making up for his rash behavior. You’d need to assure him that you forgive him, and that you have gotten over it. Whenever a fight comes up, he’d make sure to watch his words and do everything he can to prevent the fight from escalating like it did in your last fight, not wanting to see you in tears because of him again.

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Jimin would try really hard not to yell at you. He hates having any negative interaction with you, and so the fact that you guys are having an argument in the first place would really affect him. Adding onto his disappointment in himself for allowing himself to yell at you, you crying would just upset him even more. He’d be in shock at first, running a hand through his hair multiple times, trying to situate himself and grasp the situation. He’d need to step back and assess the situation to figure out what he should do next. He’d eventually calm himself down, trying to slow down his heartbeat, then he’d place a gentle hand on your cheek, speaking in a low and gentle tone to calm you down. He’s a fantastic listener, and so he’d be using those skills to figure out what you need to calm down and relax again. He’d then take this as a learning experience and try to prevent future arguments where you end up crying.

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It would take a lot to get him to yell at you. He has great control over his emotions especially when they come to you. The last thing he’d want is to yell at you, but when you continue to push his limits and restraint, he bursts. It would take him a while to actually process that you’re crying, due to the fact that he is now releasing all his tension and held back emotions. He’s so blinded by the strong surge of emotions that you crying isn’t processed as quickly as the other members. However, when he finally realizes that you are indeed crying, he wouldn’t connect the dots that you are crying because of him. He’d ask you multiple times what’s wrong, he would guess it’s something he did, but he wouldn’t know what it was that he had done. His yelling? His choice of words? The argument in general? You would need to explain it to him. Once he knows the reason he’s all apologies, hugs and kisses. In the future he wouldn’t allow himself to lose control like that and would never allow himself to be pushed over the edge like that in front of you, hating the idea of you crying because of him. Why allow it to happen again, when he knows he can prevent it.

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He’d be easy to annoy, however, like Taehyung, he’d work incredibly hard to keep his anger from you. Believing that as the man of the relationship it’s his job to protect you from all things negative. However, he’s still young, and so because of this, even though he would try his hardest to keep his anger from you, he’d still slip up sometimes. This would be one of those rare moments where he slips up and shouts at you. When in response you cry, he’d immediately stop everything he’s doing and watch you for a few seconds with wide eyes. More shocked that it was his doing that caused you to cry – this being the last thing he would ever want. He’d want to distance himself from you, both ashamed and disappointed in himself for causing you to cry. After almost a half hour, he’d return with gifts to try and apologize to you, hoping they would be a good replacement for the words he’s too shy to speak at the moment. However, this would be something he thinks about often and would let himself live down until he’s able to properly apologize to you with words instead of gifts. cause he’s a sweetie like that

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(Assuming Cal & Mare got married) AU of Cal meeting their daughter's boyfriend for the very first time. Protective?

AYYYYY Let’s Gooooo!!!!!! Gather round iiiiiiiiitttttsssss STORY TIME!!!!!!!!!

“Tell me you are not going to sit on the porch the whole time and wait for this guy to come back.” Mare said with a huff as she leaned against the doorway of the townhouse we had taken up residence in after the war. I drummed my fingers on my knee, staring down the street in the direction they would come from. I had told her to be back by ten, it was ten oh five and she was not back yet. She knew better than to be late when I told her a time. 

Mare’s fingers came to rest on my shoulders and digging her thumbs into my back, she went to massage out the knots there, teasing, “So protective.”

“You said he showed up on a cycle.”

“I remember another young man who took me out on a cycle too.” Mare said with a laugh as she pressed a featherlight kiss on the top of my head. “Relax, she’s seventeen years old, she can handle herself. Besides, I was invading Harbor Bay and sleeping in the same bed as you when I was her age.”

“She’s not you though.” I reply, watching that same spot at the end of the street. Mare snorted at my response and then flicking me in the back of the head, she said, “Don’t make a scene and embarrass her. I’m sure the two of them were having fun and lost track time, it happens.”

“I told her ten at the latest, she knows the rules.”

“And rules are made to be broken. Calm your jets Cal, you’ll burn the street down if you dont.” Mare continues teasing as she sank down next to me on the steps leading up to the porch. “Ye of so little faith,” she said with a smile as she nudged me with her shoulder, “Do you honeslty have no trust in our daughter what so ever?”

“It’s her first…guy. Girls do stupid things when they’re with a guy for the first time like that.”

“Yeah they do, I remember trying to get you to choose me over a kingdom.”

“That’s beside the point.”

She laughed out loud at my avoidance, and then nudging me again, she nodded to the end of the street and said, “there, she’s back, now you can relax and put the shot gun away.”

“I dont have one to put away in the first place.” 

“You know what I mean.” Mare rolled her eyes as she rose from the step and smiled as the cycle came to an awkward stop in front of us. I physically grimaced as he slammed on the brakes after not letting the cycle slow down on its own. The jerk from the motion surely damaging the delicate wires and springs that worked the brakes. Did he honestly not know how to stop properly, after supposedly riding for years? According to our daughter, he was a natural rider,  and she had gushed about it for almost an hour at the dinner table a week ago when she had agreed to go on the date. She’d looked at me the whole time, her eyes shining, and in the end, she’s said, “maybe you guys can talk about it. You can show him what you’re working on dad, he likes to fix things too!” 

Well if this is how he treated what he worked on, I didn’t want to see how he worked on it. 

Climbing off the back, our daughter pulled the helmet off and shook out her dark brown hair. She glanced up at us, only to grimace for a second before giving her mother and me a half hearted wave. On the front of the cycle, the boy pulled his own helmet off and ran his fingers through his ashy blond hair. He was tall, from what I could see, and lanky. I had yet to meet him too, mostly because I had come home after our daughter had left. Conveniently, Mare had teased when I’d gotten home and had asked where our daughter was.

The boy smiled up at our daughter and said something, and only got what looked like a nasty comment about us in response. He laughed at whatever she had to say and then got off the cycle. I rose from me seat on the steps then, and he blinked for a moment, surprised, before he followed her up to the steps. He only came up to my chin, from what I could tell, which was more than tall enough. He looked like he didn’t even weight a hundred pounds soaking wet though. I was surprised he hadn’t been lifted off the cycle by the wind. 

Glancing at the two of us, our daughter narrowed her eyes and then said to me,   “Be nice dad, Colton didn’t do anything.”

“I’ll be the judge of that.” I replied coolly as I nodded up to the front door, “You’re back late too young lady, I said ten.”

Rolling her eyes at my tone, she passed between us and said, “It’s ten ten, I’m not that late.” With that, she gave Colton a smile and then pushed her hair behind her ear before giving him a shy goodbye. He gave her a crooked grin in response that made my stomach turn and my blood boil. As if he sensed the rising heat, he dropped the smile. 

Mare sighed at the spectacle. Then, walking up the steps, she linked arms with our daughter before leading her into the house, already chatting away with her, determined to get every detail of the date. From the sound of it, it had been quite fun, and something our daughter seemed more than comfortable talking about. 

“I’m sorry I brought her back so late…sir. I have trouble with my cycle.” Colton said softly, while his fingers fidgeted at his side. Leaning against the railing of the steps, I raised my brow and replied, “Oh?”

“Yes sir, but it’s fine, she’s fine, your daughter that is…no major problems, sir.” He floundered for a moment before glancing over his shoulder at his cycle like he could make it grow wings to get him out of here even faster. He drummed his fingers on his helmet in the silence that followed his comment and with a weak voice he spoke again, “You have a very beautiful daughter, sir. She told me all about you and her mother.”

“Then I’m sure she told you exactly what her mother and I are capable of?”

He swallowed visibly, and then seemed to try and shrink in size. “She didn’t have to sir, I-I knew from the moment I picked her up.”

“Good, and I suggest you keep in mind exactly what her mother and I are capable of when you decide it will be fun to break our daughter’s heart.” 

He blinked stupidly for a moment and then nodding eagerly he replied, “Yes sir, I won’t forget sir.” He took a few steps back before turning and hurrying to his cycle. He struggled to start it for a solid minute. The engine stalled every time he tried to kick start it. Sighing, I pushed off the railing and said over my shoulder, “Release the clutch.”

I heard the engine roar to life, and glancing up at me, he gave me a tiny nod before speeding off, practically swerving with the speed. When I turned around fully, I was met with my daughter’s glower. She stood in the doorway to the house, her arms crossed, and her lips drawn into a tight line. 

“I swear, if he doesn’t call me back dad, I’m blaming you.” 

“I hope he doesn’t call back.”

“Why would you say that, I LIKE HIM!”

“No daughter of mine is going to date a boy who doesn’t know how to start the cycle he built and has supposedly been riding for years.” 

Inside, I could hear Mare howling with laughter. 

AWWWWWWW, some cute fluff. I like to think that if they were to get married, eventually Mare and Cal would be able to joke about everything that happened. Also, if you maybe missed the joke because I didn’t clarify it, Colton had almost no idea how to ride a cycle. The joke being that he did it to try and impress their daughter (who I dont want to name cause ugh names are hard), and absolutely did not count on the fact that Cal would know how to ride one. XD Anyway, terrible dad meeting boyfriend for the first time jokes aside, i found this one super fun. Keep the prompts coming!!!!! (((: 

fragile  ||  taeyong

in which you come into conflict with the neighboring fraternity

word count: 1094

As your dog Pepper stopped to sniff some flowers by the sidewalk, you couldn’t help but admire the neighborhood. You had lucked out; your house was located in a nice suburb not far from your university, and you had great roommates who were friendly and cleaned up after themselves. Too bad your home was across the street from such a rowdy frat house.

You passed by the Sigma Mu driveway, where two boys were unloading packs of soda and beer from the trunk of an SUV. While you were preoccupied with trying to remember names (finally coming up with Jaehyun and Yuta), Pepper had bounded over to inspect one of the boys’ shoes.

“Cute dog.”

“Thanks,” you deadpanned, silently cursing said dog for forcing you to make an interaction. You took note of the mountains of snacks and beverages in the trunk of the car. “Another party tonight?”

“Yeah,” said Yuta, a six-pack of beer in each hand. “You’re welcome to come,” he added with a wink.

Not buying into his charms, you crinkled your nose at the thought of blaring music, sweaty bodies, and the smell of cheap alcohol.

“I’ll pass. Just try to keep it down this time, okay?”

You pulled on Pepper’s leash, hearing them snicker at your sass as you turned your back and walked to your front door across the street. It wasn’t the first time you had an unfavorable interaction with the boys of Sigma Mu. By now you were pretty sure they considered you an uptight, grouchy prude, but it was also a not-so-little known fact that you weren’t a fan of them either. You doubted that the frat boys would heed your request but at least you had made it clear that you were unhappy with their noisy late night antics.

You woke up the next day and made yourself a cup of coffee. Sure enough, the blaring party music last night had kept you awake until the wee hours of the morning. You decided to head to the gym.

You were already in a rather bitter mood thanks to the lack of sleep, but that was nothing compared to what you felt when you saw your car in front of the house, littered with broken eggs. Shells were scattered across your windshield and on the ground nearby, and the proteins had developed a sour odor in the heat of the morning sun. You immediately knew who the culprits were.

Furious, you got in the car and drove until you reached the driveway of the neighbors across the street, eggshells and all. You stomped up to the front door and rapped on the wooden surface.

The door opened and you stood face to face with a sleepy looking Lee Taeyong, president of Sigma Mu.

“Can I help you?” He said with a confused expression and a slow blink. Any other time you would have been flustered by how good-looking he was despite being slightly hungover, sporting disheveled hair, and wearing slept-in clothes, but now you experienced nothing but anger.

“Are Jaehyun and Yuta home?”

“I’m not sure,” he furrowed his brow, “Why do you ask?”

You huffed and crossed your arms.

“Tell them they need to come out here and wash my car.”

His eyes widened in surprise, and you leaned to the side a bit, exposing view of the driveway. Once he caught sight of your vandalized car, he sighed, running a hand through his pink locks of hair.

He muttered something under his breath—you could’ve sworn you heard those idiots—before he stepped out of the house, giving you only a split second to move to the side as he slipped by. You watched as he picked up a garden hose from beside the bushes in the front lawn. Following him towards the car, you stood with your arms crossed as he hosed down the back window. He walked around the car, washing the sides and spraying down the front windshield, until finally the car was sparkling and eggshell-free. He switched off the hose and turned towards you.


“Yes. Thank you.” you said, mustering up a more appreciative tone of voice.

With that, Taeyong gave you a nod before heading back into the house, and you got in your car and drove away.

You thought that had been the end of the egging incident, so you were surprised when later that day you answered the door to find Taeyong smiling brightly at you, standing on his tippy toes in order to keep his arms wrapped around a sheepish-looking Yuta and Jaehyun.

“These guys have something they want to say to you.”

Only when you accepted their apologies for egging your car did Taeyong release the two boys, sending them off with a playful okay, you guys can go home now. You were left with only Taeyong on your doorstep, rubbing the back of his neck.

“Sorry again about your car.”

You leaned against the door frame and shook your head.

“Thanks for cleaning it up.”

“It’s no problem. They’re good guys, really, it’s just sometimes they do stupid things when there’s alcohol involved.”

“I didn’t expect you to bring them here to apologize, so thank you for that as well.”

“Let me make it up to you,” he started. You opened your mouth to protest, thinking that, given the car wash and apologies, you two were already even. But the rest of his statement catches you off guard.

“…by taking you out on a date.”

You freeze.

“Oh. Um. I mean if it’s just because of the egg thing, don’t feel obligated to…”

“It’s not. I think you’re pretty cute, and I’ve been meaning to ask you out for a long time.”

You can’t help but smile.

“In that case, I guess it’s a date.”

“Cool. I’ll pick you up at eight tomorrow?”

“Yeah, that works for me,” you confirmed with a nod.

“Awesome.” He leaned forward and planted a chaste kiss on your cheek. It was so quick that you wouldn’t have been sure the kiss was real if not for the lingering warmth where his lips had touched your cheek. By the time you realized what had happened, he was already jogging away from your front door. Once he reached halfway between your stoop and the sidewalk, he whirled around to face you again.

“By the way,” he shouted, walking backwards, “my name’s Taeyong.”

You laugh, yelling your name back. He shot you one final grin, making your heart skip a beat, before crossing the street and disappearing into his own house.

why the ppl on here be like…. ‘you cant like [this thing i dont like] because its racist! anyone who likes it is morally irredeemable and a bad person!’ but then turn around nd be like ‘oh… [this thing i do like]? well it may have all the same racist tropes as [the thing i dont like] but it has [some form of superficial representation] so anyone who criticizes it at all is morally irredeemable and a bad person!’

Supergirl episode 2x13 was a very weird episode, to say the least. What’s even weirder is that Mxyzptlk (I totally copied and pasted his name) wasn’t the strangest thing that happened during the ep. I mean, skipping the whole shooting at Supergirl scene, where you can clearly see the people behind her that didn’t give a shit about the gunshots - which, I mean, I know America has a huge gun problem, but I don’t think that’s quite how it works -, or the flying car that went on fire immediately after hitting the ground (my friend has been in a car accident where the car ended up upside down, and she would be dead if cars were so easy to explode)… Leaving all of these things behind… what the fuck was that?
Don’t get me wrong, good for Winn who now has a girlfriend (#winnforthewin!)(<– yeah, don’t comment that), although she seems fled from Buffy: The Vampire Slayer and her whole entrance and then their relationship development was freaking rushed (they might as well proposed to each other in perfect Mr. Mxyzptlk style at that point), and awesome for Sanvers, even though they hadn’t so much screentime this time either (which they kinda promised to us, but I guess Mon’Ew closeups were somehow more important…), but the whole episode felt like a patchwork thing to me.

I have to say that Kara’s happiness is my happiness (and damn, how incredibly gorgeous she was in this episode), so I’ve sadly accepted that is extremely unlikely that she’s gonna end up with Lena (what a waste of chemistry, though… ugh, it pains me), but that said, Flann’El is really such a poor choice. In this episode in particular he behaved like a total douche, all testosterone a no synapses, just straight up trying to punch the guy, practically demanding his execution and then challenging him to a duel for what? Kara’s hand? In which century does he think they are??
I didn’t like that he was completely ignoring the fact that Kara is a strong woman - like… super strong -, perfectly capable of handling a random idiot - although provided with insane powers -, and he kept whining about this guy, while doing and saying such stupid things, only because he felt threatened. This is such typical of straight man, the pulling up a chaos because their pride is hurt or threatened and they have to show to the girl that they’re strong and bla bla bla. This is so wrong in any scenario, but in this one? In this one it’s nuts. That’s Supergirl, you idiot! She stops planes and missiles! She’s bulletproof! She flies, for Rao’s sake, she ain’t a damsel in distress and she told you! You can fill me with all the reasons why he behaved like that, like that he cares so much to Kara that he lost it, but that’s still incredibly immature and he ain’t a teenager: he’s supposed to be an adult.
I just hate to see women having to keep the men on the right path ‘cause they can’t keep their shit together by themselves and they have to be schooled all the time.

Anyway, zero Lena’s mentions in this Valentine’s episode. We had Luthors for the real Valentine’s Day, so I’ll pretend that’s enough…

Ok but my absolute FAVORITE baseball thing? When the guys get bored in the dugout and start doing stupid things (whether it’s little pranks on each other or messing with gum,cups,etc)
Bonus points: when the commentators notice and start laughing so hard they cant string sentences together

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Hello again, my lovely patrons of the Jaa’m! It is my regret to inform you that Jaa’m requires another brief break in order to sort some things out. More info in the tags

I came across @wistfullwishing‘s post and I couldn’t resist, so here is some Faerie!Jehan meeting a mortal Montparnasse in a little urban fantasy:

On the whole, faerie heritage was quite easy to hide. Most people nowadays tried to pretend they had died out anyway. That was advantageous. It’s much easier to hide in plain sight if the people looking don’t really want to see you.

Jehan knows the average customer would rather not believe in fae and they take full advantage of that. Their little café is as popular as it is tiny and most of the regulars have no idea that it’s the magic in the food and drink that keeps them coming back. Not that Jehan actually makes them come back. They don’t lay spells on people, they pride themselves in that. All they use is a little glamour…and a little glamour goes a long way. Some of the customers do actually taste the burst of happiness Jehan bakes into their pastries, but that doesn’t mean that they can tell the difference between faerie magic and the other glimpses of power that some people are still born with. Which is good, because when they do believe in it, faerie magic freaks people out. Jehan doesn’t resent this, but it does make them smile sometimes. The days of faerie rings are long gone and they don’t live in a grassy mound with a hawthorn growing on its top. They live in a little apartment above their café. They like the city and they love their shop.

Because faeries make deals, that’s what they’re all about, and Jehan makes a deal with every customer that walks through their door. 

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What kind of girl would be suitable for Hidan?

I try to keep these in character as possible, so be warned. I hope you like it

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  • Hidan needs someone who can keep him in line. He’s an impulsive guy who’s doing stupid things all the time without thinking too much about it. It would be best for him to a partner who can have fun with him without holding him back but also have a sly manipulative side that will make sure he doesn’t get into too much shit.
  • Someone who nags him isn’t really cool for him. It would have no effect on him, in fact he will want to do the thing you’re nagging about even more, just to show you that you can’t control him.  Annoying him like that is always a bad idea. Someone who’s more sly about getting him to do things would be more effective.
  • Hidan is quick to temper, and will try to start arguments (sometimes playful arguments) about anything and everything. Being with a person who’s also quick to temper would not be good for him and being with someone who shies away from confrontation would also bother him. He needs a person who can take most of his temperamental moods and play it off. They shouldn’t take what he says too seriously but also be able to respond to him in a witty way to keep him entertained.
  • Speaking of him being temperamental and fiery he definitely would not go well with someone with a shy and timid personality. He would walk all over them. He needs someone who can hold their own against him, but not necessarily in an explosive way. Like if they have arguments, while he yells, this person can make a witty or sarcastic remark and have their say as well.
  • Hidan gets bored easily, and is getting himself into deep shit all the time. He would need a girl that can keep up with his insane lifestyle without restricting him too much but also be a background force that can slyly provide his life with more stability without actually restricting him in any way.
  • Lastly he wouldn’t do well with someone too emotional or someone romantic. He’s just not that kinda guy. He can be very observant and perceptive about emotions but he wouldn’t want to deal with someone else’s crap. If you’re upset and it shows he would expect you to deal with it if he thinks it’s something dumb. But if he thinks it’s important he may help and support you through negative emotions.


  • He needs to be someone open. With his belief system, someone stuck in their own ways is just not gonna cut it. They have to be accepting of all the weird crap he’s into or else it’s just not gonna work. In a more intimate relationship he needs someone willing to try all the kinky crap he would probably want to do.
aight so my Izuocha hc goes like this

Uraraka works in a coffee shop and by chance Deku becomes a regular customer there and, having feelings for her, he always comes to visit her when he gets off work just for the sake of seeing her, and she’s always happy to see him too of course

(Uraraka: You’re here so often, are the pastries here really that good?

Deku: Hahahaa y ea h… I like how sweet they are *spoilers in reality the sweetest thing in that coffee shop to him is Uraraka* )

He finds out that she’s very fond of sweet and pretty things, especially strawberries and strawberry cheesecake and around the time that Valentine’s day is coming up he spends all his time trying to bake and make the prettiest and tastiest strawberry cheesecake for her and it’s perfect, wow get u a man who can bake

(And, imagine her complaining to him about how Valentine’s Day is such a dumb holiday and how annoyed she is by all the couples that hang around the shop during the day and how cliche and stupid all the things that guys do for their gfs and he just blushes and gets all sweaty and doesn’t say anything cause he likes her and wants to do something for her)

And then when Valentine’s Day comes he like sneaks into the shop and makes sure that she doesn’t spot him when he really quick gives the cake to her coworker with a note For: Uraraka Ochako and he ZOOMS away and hides so she doesn’t see him

Uraraka is so puzzled when she gets the cake, like ???? who would do this? she’s looking around the shop scanning for people she might know or would think to get a cake for her, but it gets so busy she doesn’t have time to think, just sticks it in the fridge in the breakroom so she can take it home later

When Deku comes to see her later and she gets off of her shift, she brings the pretty cake with her and is like 

“Oh, Deku! I got this cake today from a mysterious person. Uh I don’t know who got it for me but since we’re both meeting up would you like to share it with me?”

and Deku is like internally keysmashing like alksdjfajdfa but he just says “Sure thing :)”

And Uraraka: “Isn’t it so pretty? Go on, have a bite!”

Deku: “hah a ha I think you should try it first since it’s your cake” oh god I hope she likes it

and then Uraraka takes a bite out of a slice of Deku’s strawberry cheesecake and oh boy it’s the best thing she’s ever tasted and she’s almost in tears like “Deku you have to try this, this is so good and sweet and I have to find out who gave this to me”

(Deku is so happy that she likes the cake but he’s so nervous he hopes she doesn’t find out that it’s from him)

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Tropetastic Tuesday prompt #11, for which I am terribly late to the game: Amnesia. This was partially inspired by A Beautiful Mind, and also partially by a story I wrote on another blog (not Rhink related). This was really a challenge for me to write, and I really hope it paid off. Feedback welcome. 

Warnings: Violence, Death.

Read on AO3. 

April 3rd, 1996.

Hi guys. Is this how you say hi to the internet? Wow. Crazy. Anyway. I’m on here, starting this web page, hoping that someone will stumble across it and be able to answer some questions that I can’t quite answer. I don’t know if it’s a last ditch attempt or what it is, really. I just don’t really have anywhere else to turn, you know? And whatever this internet thing is, it seems to have a lot of information. I guess I’m just adding to it.

Allow me to introduce myself. My name is Charles Lincoln Neal III, but honestly most people just call me Link. I’m seventeen so I don’t really know a lot about this internet thing. I figured out how to make a web page, but beyond what I’m writing now, I don’t know really what’s on here and so if I get something wrong, I’m sorry. I like long walks on the beach and pina coladas, whatever. I’m not here to talk about me. I’m here because I’m looking for my friend, Rhett McLaughlin. He’s really tall, very easy to spot in a crowd, with spiky blond hair and a beard. Well most the time he has a beard. I don’t know, I don’t see him anymore. 

You see, Rhett’s my best friend. But I don’t know where he is. Recently police told me that no one has heard from him in like a month, but I used to talk to him? All the time? Up to like last week. I don’t really know what’s going on. So now the police are asking me all these questions and I don’t have any answers and it’s really intense and I don’t know what to do.

I’ll post updates when I get them, but from what I’ve gathered Rhett is missing, and if anyone has any information about him we’d appreciate it a whole lot. I didn’t know I was the only person he was talking to or seeing. I figured he was just skipping school to be rebellious, because he wasn’t showing up there, but now I have no idea what’s going on or what happened to him. 

Thanks guys. Email me if you have any updates. I’ll keep up on the webpage later.

April 15th, 1996.

Everyone keeps emailing me asking to know more about this guy and who he was and stories and what not and I’m tired of answering you all individually so here. 

Rhett’s a really neat guy. I’ve known him since first grade. We even had the same first girlfriend - at different times of course. He’s like, crazy tall. I’m 6 feet tall and he’s a lot taller than me. It’s funny to see him on dates because the girl is always like 5 feet tall and I think it hurts his neck to look down and try and see what she even looks like. He’s really funny and he gets really passionate about things sometimes and just rants and it’s just, it’s just him. He’s like a brother to me.

What else is there to say about Rhett? I mean I don’t know what to say here. None of you seem to know who he is from my description, and I’m not sure how else to describe him. His eyes are like… green and grey? Trust me, you’d know him if you saw him, it’s the height thing. 

The police keep bringing me in for questioning but I’m just not sure what to tell them. I don’t see him around any more but that’s not really news for them, nothing they can go on, and I don’t know what else to say about it. One officer today told me that it might be a good idea to go to all the places we used to hang out, to jog my memory, so I did. First the arcade, then the park, then the lake, then his house, but his mom seemed really hesitant about letting me in his room. I went up there and sat on his bed while his mom stood in the doorway until she finally left me alone and it was just… weird. All his stuff was still there, just like he was about to come home from a basketball game. It felt like being in a dead person’s room. I wasn’t a fan and didn’t stay very long. I remember thinking that I couldn’t find the camera we used to use to record our videos, and that was kind of weird. I’ve been looking for it all day, but no luck. Hopefully I can find it soon. Maybe it’ll tell me where he is. 

May 1st, 1996. 

Hey guys. Is anyone still following this blog? You’re all still emailing me asking if I’ve found Rhett, so I guess you are. The answer is no, I haven’t found him. But I had a really weird conversation with a friend today that I felt like I had to write down before I forgot it. But then I don’t really think I could forget it.

There’s this dude, Marcus, who Rhett and I used to hang out with. I say used to because ever since the cops have been hanging around no one really hangs out with me any more. I bet they’re even reading this, if they know how to use the internet yet. Anyway, Marcus used to be the guy who would film Rhett and I doing stupid things, so I figured maybe he had the camera. Earlier today I went over to his house to try and find out what might be going on and where the camera is. So I went up and knocked on his door, and there was no answer, but I knew he was home because his car was in the driveway. I went around to the backyard and saw Marcus sitting on the steps with a beer. 

I told him it was early to be drinking and he kind of laughed it off, said he needed to take some things off his mind. I asked him what was wrong and he kind of just shrugged, so I asked again but he wouldn’t tell me. Then I asked him where the camera we used to use was because I wanted to have something to give the cops that might help them find Rhett. Marcus got really angry at that point, and he’s usually a really chill guy. He started cussing at me to get out of his back yard and threatened to call the cops. When I asked him what was wrong again he started to go into the house to call so I ran. 

Marcus is a nice guy. He’s never been that way with me. I’ve also never seen him drink beer so early in the day like that. It was really weird, him flipping a switch like that. I know he doesn’t have the best parents so I’m thinking maybe something happened and he just wasn’t in the mood to talk to me about it but then I don’t know. Beer can make some people angry, but it’s never made him mad before that I can remember. I think he’s hiding something from me. I’m planning to go back to Rhett’s house tomorrow and look for the camera. If I can’t look for it at Marcus’s house maybe I can look for it at Rhett’s house.

May 10th, 1996.

Sorry I’m so late in updating this guys. I meant to do it days ago but with the police and everything it’s just hard. I don’t know what they think I did but it can’t be good. I don’t really ever do anything besides drink beer sometimes, and that’s bad because I’m only 17, but that’s not really that bad. These cops are acting like I’m hiding something from them and I’m not, I’m honestly not. Are you reading this, cops? If you are you should know you’re really being assholes and I want Rhett back just as much as you do. 

You guys remember how I said I was going to go to Rhett’s to look for the video camera? Well weird thing is that I went over and asked if I could look around Rhett’s room and Rhett’s mom was like “Oh Marcus just did that earlier today.” What the fuck? It’s not just me that’s super weird right, that he would do it right after telling me to get off his lawn when I asked about the camera. Anyway I went up to Rhett’s room and I dug around in some drawers and stuff while his mom stood there in the doorway just like last time. This time I asked her if I could have some privacy, and she said sure but she didn’t look happy about it. Then I pried up this floorboard that we used to keep secret stuff under. I found a tape down there. It had Marcus’s handwriting on it, like usual, but the film itself was crumpled in places. I’m going to have to take it to a repair shop and have it looked at. It was hard to hide from Rhett’s mom on the way out the door. She asked me if I’d found anything but I told her no, I couldn’t hide it from her. The weird thing is the date on the film, like Marcus always writes, is from just before the cops told me Rhett was missing, right when he stopped talking to me.

Where are you, Rhett?

May 15th, 1996. 

Okay this just keeps getting more fucked up.

I don’t know where Rhett is and I’m not sure I’m going to like the answer when I find out honestly. 

I found a place to repair the tape, but it’s still wonky and fuzzy in parts. I’m just going to tell you guys what’s on it.

First there’s a lot of Rhett and I trying to put on shitty skits and screwing around. Marcus is in it some, too, but he always prefers to be behind the camera anyway. 

In the first bit of the tape Rhett and I are trying to be salesmen where we sell someone a rubber duck. I remember making that and laughed at how ridiculous we are. Then it gets fuzzy and the next thing is us all in Rhett’s truck going to get McFlurry’s or something. I don’t know. It’s just us screwing around. Then there’s another skit where Rhett and I pelt water balloons at each other. I don’t really know what the point of that skit is. The tape is a lot of stuff like this, just Rhett and I messing around while Marcus laughs at us, just us being normal, right?

Well then it got really weird. Like I need to go talk to Marcus about this but I have no idea what I’m going to say kind of weird shit. Like… I’m angry and I’m confused and I’m hurt and just… what the fuck?

There are these segments where I’m sitting there, by myself, in the park, and I’m talking like Rhett’s there, but no one’s there with me. Or then I’m in the arcade playing a two player game and letting the player two just die and then laughing. And then it was confirmed at another part, by the lake, where I started yelling “RHETT I’M GONNA JUMP” and then I run up to the lake and down the dock and I just stop there, and then laugh and run off.

It’s fucking weird. And they were all filmed from a distance, and there’s so much of it. Like weeks worth of just me sitting there, I don’t know, pretending Rhett’s there? Who would do that? Is something wrong with me? 

I went down and asked my mom after watching it if I’d been acting weird before the cops showed up, and she just said that I kept saying I had to see Rhett and that I was running off to meet up with him, but - here’s where it gets really fucked up - Rhett was already missing at that point? I just thought he was skipping school. And I was hanging out with him that whole time! Why didn’t anyone tell me that Rhett was missing? Who the hell was I talking to? What the fuck is going on? Where are you Rhett? Why is Marcus filming me? What the fuck? Just.. I need a beer.

June 1st, 1996.

Hey everyone. I’m sorry I’ve taken so long to update this. Ever since my last update you guys have been emailing me like crazy. 

I don’t know how to say what happened after that. I’m not really sure. Everything’s really hazy, you know? And the cops are hounding me and now I understand why. I mean after all, I was acting like Rhett was totally fine and he wasn’t. I don’t know why my parents would keep from me that Rhett was missing for a longer time than I knew about it. I guess they wanted to protect me, but from what? And it’s not like it’s their right anyway. I deserved to know. 

I went up to Marcus’s house a few days after I wrote the last post. I kind of went on a bender first, drinking myself sick, trying to figure out what was going on. Again, Marcus wouldn't’ talk to me. He cussed me out as soon as I asked about the tape but I didn’t leave this time, so he called the cops, like the asshole stalker he apparently is. I didn’t feel like I could tell the cops what was going on so I just kind of kept my mouth shut about it, said Marcus and I were having a fight. The cop said he would still have to escort me off the property, and I said that was fine. I don’t think Marcus and I are friends any more. 

I feel sick all the time. I keep rewatching the tape and trying to figure out why it was even in Rhett’s floorboards, why there’s so much of me acting like Rhett’s there when no one’s around. I don’t even like being alone that much. I didn’t used to like it. Lately it’s like I don’t want to be around anyone honestly. 

I’m thinking I need to break into Marcus’s house and find out what he’s hiding. I think he knows where Rhett is. 

June 1st, Later.

Whoever the fuck is sending me emails as Rhett needs to stop it. This isn’t funny. He didn’t have an email account. It’s not fucking funny. You’re obviously pulling a prank and you think you’re oh so smart but you’re not, you’re a dick, and you need to stop. 

June 4th, 1996.

Seriously whoever is sending these emails from rhettmc needs to stop. This is painful enough, what the fuck is wrong with you? 

If you’re wondering, no I haven’t broken into Marcus’s house yet. I’m waiting for a time when I know he won’t be home, but that’s harder in the summer. I know he works a summer job at McDonald’s but I don’t know his hours and the manager won’t give them to me because he’s just a fry cook. I keep riding my bike by the house hoping that he doesn’t see me and that his car is gone, along with his parent’s car, but someone’s always there. 

Seriously if I get one more email from rhettmc, I’m going to lose it.

June 10th, 1996.

I finally got into Marcus’s house! 

I found a tape dated for March 1st. It was under Marcus’s secret floorboard. I wonder how many floorboards have been pried up to put secret tapes in them at this point. I haven’t watched it yet but I’m planning to write what happens as I’m watching it, later, or maybe tomorrow when my mom’s at the store. I feel like I need to watch it alone, like with no one in the house kind of alone. I feel kind of dirty breaking into his house like that but he was such a dick to me that I also don’t feel bad. Whatever is on this tape, I just feel like it has the answer I need. 

June 13th, 1996.

Okay so I’m going to write to you guys what happens on this tape as it happens because so many of you have asked about it.

I’m hitting play… now.

Okay… we’re at the lake. It’s night time. Rhett is laughing at the camera. He said something about skinny dipping, which I said was stupid. 

I just took off my shirt to swim with him. We’re asking Marcus if he wants to come, Marcus is saying no.. makes sense he hates water

Okay now Rhett is running down the dock

Oh no oh God oh my God he slipped and hit his head on the dock

I’m running after him


The camera hits the ground, I must have also hit because I can hear myself breathing

I can still see down the docks, it’s still recording, I can hear myself breathing, there’s blood on the lense, oh my fucking god jesus Christ

Okay he’s checking on Rhett maybe Rhett’s-




June 30th, 1996.

….rhettmc, are you still out there?



Downtown Throw II

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Author’s note: the more I write, the more I’m sure I don’t know how to do fluffy.

It’s not PG. This part.

Part I

Bell is your savior. It became awkward, since you all have fallen silent, sitting stiffly on the couch – you even pushed yourself flat against the armrest to avoid touching Juhyuk. It isn’t that conscious, but you do know what you are doing, no reason for you to deny. But pizza is there and the thought of mouth-watering cheesy goodness makes you all excited. Boy jumps to his feet and Yangju spins in her seat, coiling herself as if she was a snake, instructing her brother where money left by their mother is. You can tell that Juhyuk knows it just as well as Yangju does, but he says nothing, and you have to admit – you are impressed. If it was you and Jaehyun, bickering would never end.

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Title: Would You Mind

Warnings: None

Author’s Note:  Malkin imagine will be up tomorrow. Bonus Auston Matthews smut up on Saturday. Feedback is appreciated.

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The bottled crashed to the ground, shattering into thousands of pieces, the dark liquid washing across the floor. You groaned, grabbing the pan and broom off the wall behind you; the bar filling with a chorus of drunken “oooohhhh!”s as the late night crowd got rowdier. 

“You alright?” he asked from his seat at the bar, taking a sip from his own glass, watching intently as you swept the broken pieces off the ground. 

“Um, yeah. I’m fine.” you responded: your face flush with embarrassment as you took the glass shards out to the alley and emptying the pan into the dumpster. You looked up the sky, the stars dim under the bright lights of the city. 

Of course, you were bound to drop a bottle when he was sitting there, always doing stupid things in front of cute guys. Niklas, after every home loss he seemed to make his way to the same seat at the bar, facing the TV, watching highlights from the game. He would order the same drink, leave a much bigger tip than you deserved for serving one drink, and would leave. 

You hadn’t known who he was when he came in the first time, your coworker explaining in a hushed whisper as you poured drinks. He came in fairly often and started talking with you, staying longer than usual to keep you company during your long shifts.

You shook it off, walking slowly back into the bar, your coworker already wiping up the spilled alcohol from the floor. “Thank you.” you said as she stood up, nodding as she took the dirty rags into the kitchen. 

“I hope you never played baseball.” he said with a smirk. “Or basketball.” he added thoughtfully, swirling the straw in his drink. “You seem to have a pretty severe case of butter fingers.”

“Stop.” you said, laughing. “I’m exhausted; my hand-eye coordination is failing me today.”   

“Did you work late again yesterday?”

“I did. Then today my car broke down, so I’m working a double so I can catch a ride home with a someone who has equally crazy hours.” you said, leaning on the bar in front of him; having a few extra moments, the bar emptier than usual. 

“So, another loss tonight?” you said frowning, knowing his usual routine.

“Nah, we actually won tonight.” he said, sipping from his glass.

“A win? That’s great!” you enthused. “And yet you still come out to a bar and drink alone?”

“I’m not alone, you’re here.” he said with a shrug. 

Your boss appeared from behind the stainless steel kitchen door, his large frame filling the doorway. “(Y/L/N), you’re done. Crowd seems to be clearing out early tonight.”

“Could I stay til the end of my shift? I still have 20 minutes until my ride can pick me up.”

“I like you kid, but I like my profits more. Clock out. I’ll see  you tomorrow, alright?” he said, disappearing behind the door. You sighed, saying goodbye to Niklas you made your way to the employee room, clocking out and grabbing your belongings. You had just settled onto the bench outside the restaurant when a familiar form sat down next to you. 

“What are you doing out here?” 

“It’s late, you shouldn’t be waiting outside alone.” he said. You shivered, the late night air chilling you to the bone. He pulled off his jacket, ignoring your protests as he draped it over your shoulders; scooting closer to you on the bench. 

“Thanks.” you said, pulling the collar tighter around your neck. “For the jacket and for waiting with me. That’s really sweet of you.”

“So I never asked, who’s picking you up?”

“A friend.”

“Not a boyfriend?”

“No.” you said with a laugh. 

“So no one would mind if I told you how beautiful you look tonight?” he asked.

“Nope, no one would mind.” you said softly, turning to look over at Niklas. 

“That’s good, that’s good.” he said, slipping his arm around your shoulders. “Because you do look beautiful tonight. Well, you look beautiful every night.” he said genuinely. “Especially in the glow of this streetlamp.” he said, a smile cracking his serious facade.

You laughed, relaxing into his side. “Thanks.”

“I guess if no one minded that I called you beautiful, I guess no one would mind if I do this…” 

Your breath hitched in your throat as he leaned his, your eyes fluttering shut as he pressed his lips to yours, the taste of his drink still stuck to his tongue. He pulled away slowly, gauging your reaction. “Maybe, if you’re free, you’d want to go out with me sometime?” he asked hopefully.

A car pulled up in front of the curb, the window rolling down. “You ready, (Y/N)?” your friend called from the driver’s seat.

Standing up, you turned to face Niklas, unwrapping yourself from his coat and handing it back to him. “I would love to.”

“We can make plans when I stop in after our game on Friday?” he questioned, watching as you slid into the passenger seat.

“Sounds like a plan.”

“See you then, butter fingers.” 

Request: Can you write me a Niklas Kronwall request where they kiss for the first time?

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Headcanon that Clint 100% has had multiple ear piercings. Let's discuss

Most of them were done with safety pins, too, or needles, and a couple were done purely on a bet. Clint was always that guy that’d do stupid-ass things to get people to grin at him, and sometimes that was trick shots and gymnastics, and sometimes it was drinking the weird brownish concoction that was the dregs of everyone’s drinks, and sometimes it was biting his lip through an ice-cube being pressed against his ear too briefly before the biting needle pain scored through. 

Some of the later ones are mostly ‘cos he found he kinda liked the throbbing heat of it, though. Liked the way it pulsed and stung. 

Keith relationship headcannons

  • He was probably pretty hesitant about starting a relationship and was super nervous about asking you out.
    • He finally did ask you out after Coran hyped him up(I’m totally up for Coran being a the hype man for the Team).
  • Keith was really uncomfortable with his feelings for you at first and he just pushed it away as a health condition.
    • He even went to Shiro and a few of the others before he asked you out because he so worried he was dying(imagine that conversation).
  • He’s quite private when it comes to PDA, and sometimes he gets all blushy when you kiss him in front of the other guys.
    • Lance always hoots when that happens and Shiro has to elbow him to shut up.
  • He lets you play with his hair all the time(because wouldn’t we all like to braid that mullet?).
    • Sometimes he’ll sit in the same position for hours because you’re trying a really complicated hairstyle.
    • Hunk has walked in on this and he’s asked you to do his hair after
    • BRAID TRAIN!!!
  • You’ve probably jokingly spared with him before on the training deck.
    • You’ve kicked his butt quite a few times and he always just kind of ~stares~ at you.
  • Whenever you both meet new people he presents you like Will Smith presenting his wife on the red carpet.
  • You both really enjoy learning about all the other planets that the team may go to.
  • You and Allura are probably best friends and always talk trash about the Paladins.
    • You always tell each other about what stupid things the guys do(I just really love Allura + Paladin s/o friendships).
  • When you’re alone with Keith, he can be a very physical.
    • He loves cuddling with you after particularly hard missions because it’s so relaxing.
    • Keith also really loves your legs, he traces little designs into your legs when he’s with you.
  • He can be a really sloppy kisser when he’s tired but when he’s awake he loves giving you little kisses all over your face.
    • Keith does this so he can hear you giggle because he absolutely loves hearing you laugh.
  • Keith also really enjoys taking long, luxurious baths with his s/o
    • You always get him really nice herbs from whatever planets you get to visit and he spends hours in the tub with you reading, talking, and washing each other(wash that mullet, boy).

It is always the same scenario.

Me: mom do you want to go on a walk with me?
Mom: no
Me: mom go with me…
Mom: no.
Me: why not?
Mom: because I said so.
Me: please?
Mom: no.

It is always the same. Every single time. I am not worth it?
I don’t know.
Even when I was little. “Go with grandma. Go with dad. Go for your own.”

It hurts.

*sigh* Sometimes I feel really lonely.