guys calm down seriously

Little message from Otabek and Yurio to all Otayuri anties :P 

I mean, seriously guys, calm your utty-botty poo-poo factories down, it’s only three years! That’s age difference between my parents, so it’s not wierd at all. And we don’t know if we’ll have another canon ship, or just bromance, we have to wait for season 2 to find out (I need that in my life, it can’t be over ohmydear), right? So let’s all appreciate amazing artworks from those who obviously has more talent from me, instead of doing drama out of nothing, okay?  ^__^

Man idk what The Discourse is about. You know what I found out when I came out to my friends as bisexual? They told me they’d made a bet on when I would figure it out.

TBH it was one of the funniest reactions I got from anyone, only topped by my dear brother’s; “It’s okay. I like girls, too.”

And I’ve heard plenty of other, similar stories. This is like… kind of standard in Hella Close Friend Groups. It’s not meant to “profit off of queer relationships”. It’s pretty much chirping with really, really long payoff and possible loss of cash.

Plus, look how relieved Bitty is! They’re relieving the tension! It’s cute and funny, and just… fuck the discourse, honestly.

You know, watching you guys on Tumblr and possibly on Deviantart are too hilarious. Seriously Widowtracers, you guys need to calm down. Your shipping hasn’t sunk. And even if this ship was legit, it wouldn’t make any sense at all. I don’t care if Tracer is lesbian, and I don’t care if you guys love Widowtracer, but just remember that ships like this one is fan shipping.


*proceeds to wearing a battle armor and helmet for protection*

Everyone knows that Widowmaker’s heart belongs to the Spy. :3

Lily:I didn’t mean it as a dare.
James:Oh,Lily-flower when did I refused a dare?
Lily:It wasn’t a dare.
Rose:Seriously guys,don’t do this.
Hugo:Calm down sis everything is gonna be fine
Rose:You say this every time and every time something bad happens.
Albus:Do you trust us?
Lily and Rose:NO!
Albus:I’m hurt,truly.
Lily:I don’t want you brats to get hurt
Rose:Are you still doing this?
James,Hugo and Albus:Yep
Rose:At least wait for me to get the camera.

James, Hugo and Albus jumping backward in the Themes after Lily mentioned that they wouldn’t dare to jump.

Taken by Rose.summer 2021

So apparently

When someone has an opinion, it should be expected that there would be backlash. And my last two posts proved that some ships in this supercorp fandom can’t handle criticism of their ships. If I state an opinion, why is it hard for you to simply list reasons why your ship Karamel? Why choose to attack me when I opened the floor for other opinions? All y'all needed to do was simple, ignore the post or give me reasons why you ship think Mon-el and Kara are good for each other, hence the reason for your ship being tagged. If I offended anyone in my previous posts I’m sorry but you guys seriously need to calm the hell down wtf.

Guys wtf seriously.
People need to calm the fuck down around the girls.
They are people.
This is not fair.
Somebody literally grabbed Ally and pulled her !
These are our idols fucking treat them like that and let them at least walk in peace.
I know I get it “I got excited” “in the heat of the moment” but that’s not an excuse for upsetting them.
Treat them right.
You love them?
Fucking show them that.
Respect their space.
Respect the girls.

Dear people who make fun of the dialogue in Life is Strange.

Kids talk like fucking dweebs. I know, apparently YOU don’t. Because you’re cool and so intelligent and so articulate and you spend 90% of your free time on tumblr.

But trust me. When I was eighteen? I’d find every slang word I could get my dirty teenage hands on and somehow incorporate it into my sentences, until I forgot where myself ended and the slang began. As did pretty much all of my mates.

Teenagers are fucking dweebs, okay?

Once upon a time, we were all fucking dweebs.

Don’t kid yourselves into thinking you were/are any different.

Labour- Clint Barton

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You let out a loud scream as another contraction hit. The four men around you were completely flustered and lost as to what to do.

“Seriously guys, calm the fudging hell down. I am having a bloody baby, cool your tits, take a deep breath and we’ll all get along just fine,” you growled through gritted teeth.

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“she cooks too”

is not a sexist comment. he is simply saying “my girlfriend is an international artist who can sing hella great, puts on amazing performances, invites fans to her house, donates to charities, dances like a dork, and helps people out. oh, and she cooks too”. the tumblr fandom is too crazy and overreacts for everything.

Half of marks fans are oversensitive cucumbers with the expectation that Mark is a perfect fluff bun who hasn’t an ounce of sarcasm in his body.

Little do they know, Mark is a human being.

*gets on soap box*

Ok guys… I’m just as excited about Steven Moffat moving on from Doctor Who as the rest of us, but please PLEASE don’t hate on him like he totally ruined the show. He has brought us some of the best Doctor Who episodes ever made. He deserves better ok. Please stop the Moffat hate! SERIOUSLY.

*gets off soap box*

Listen I love ADC and think she’s a ray of sunshine who deserves nothing but good things, but can you guys calm down? I have seriously not seen one person blame/hate her for the Ricky situation??? All I have seen is people talking about the writing this season. Like where is this coming from? 

I swear every time there is a post about Bob or Ricky or someone else it somehow gets twisted around to include ADC in it and I just don’t understand? Can we please be allowed to talk about literally any other part of the show without ADC or L.exa being dragged into it? It’s like no one is allowed to talk about Ricky or Bob or whoever else and their issues with the show without someone coming in and saying “But L.exa is important too” or whatever when no one even mentioned/shaded ADC or L.exa to begin with. 

You guys are starting to sound a lot like the #AllLivesMatter crew so I’m gonna have to ask you guys to chill the fuck out and maybe allow other people to have a voice without speaking over them constantly. Everything in this show isn’t about ships and every post about The 100 doesn’t have to include L.exa or ADC.

Girl Meets Bear

Just. Watch. The. Episode. Before. You. Start. Passing. Judgment. About. The. Entire. Series.

The final run time on the episode is 24 minutes, so some things had to be edited down.  This time it was some Rucas stuff.  In the last episode, it was a clique six scene in the Matthews’ apartment.  Stuff has to get cut sometimes because of episode timing (which I suspect is the reason here) or the pacing of the episode–some scenes could slow down the flow of the episode.

This is the same team that CREATED this universe.  The ENTIRE story.  They don’t have a vendetta against shippers.

The message of the episode is still there.

I love you guys, but seriously…calm down and watch the episode.  It’s FANTASTIC and another episode that has me practically begging Disney Channel to renew the series.  EVERYONE blew me away in it.  

I know I’ll probably get hate for this, because apparently I’m the ONLY one who really, really enjoyed the episode, even with the scenes cut.  Am I disappointed? Obviously…and I have my own thoughts as to why they might have been cut other than the timing/pacing mentioned before, but I feel like at this point, it might be fueling the fire of some shippers who are ready to torch the studio down or something.

And I’m not here to fight.  I’m expressing my opinion just like the rest of you are.