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Hollstein Fanfic Rec (Feb 22 - March 27, 2017)

*Listed chronologically by last updated


  • Distant Worlds - MMORPG AU.  Smut
  • The Mediator - Ghost Smut ayyyy.  Laura can see the dead.
  • Common Ground - Laura and Carmilla are assholes to each other upon meeting.  Hate/Love.  Smut.
  • August to November - Another hate at first sight.  
  • i know your face all too well (still i wake up alone) - Her AU with a promise of Hollstein end game.  Mild smut.
  • All Or Nothing - Carmilla and Laura are ex-wives who find themselves remarried after a wild night in Vegas.  Smut.
  • Night Out - One-Shot.  Hollstein are thirsty for each other while out for dinner with Laf and Perry.  Smut
  • hold me by the heart - One-shot.  Canon compliant for episode 3.22.  Smut.
  • In Every Universe - “After Carmilla dies unexpectedly, a distraught Laura receives help from the gods and goes on a mission to make sure that they meet and fall in love in every universe”
  • Tempest - One-shot.  Domestic married Hollstein.  Smut.

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I’m just gonna sit in my corner and enjoy Bendy and the Ink Machine for what it is and completely ignore the porn.

Just.  Don’t even bring it in my direction.  Let me have this one thing

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Sometimes I forget how lucky we are to have these amazing, talented fanvidders, fanfiction writers and photoshop magicians in the fandom. Thank you guys for watching the show, for creating this stuff, maybe sometimes we forget to appreciate your work properly, but you should know that you’re amazing!

tim riggins has such a good heart but literally no support system at home or anywhere he thought that jasons accident was his fault for weeks after it happened and just isolated himself and broke up with tyra and quit the team because he literally had zeRO people he could tell how he was feeling because if he did they would be like ‘tim thats ridiculous’ and he would get over it but he dOESNT so he just spirals until coach taylor sets him straight and for a while lyla becomes the person he needs but that relationship is so messed up it doesnt last and the show never puts tim in a relationship where he can learn to be a better person and live up to his poTENTIAL he is so good inside but he doesnt let anyone in and he has so much heart and so much love to give whY DID THE SHOW JUST SHOVE HIM AND TYRA TOGETHER AT THE END!!!!!!!! THEY NEVER EVER WORKED TOGETHER EXCEPT WHEN THEY WERE FRIENDS!!!!!!!! TIM RIGGINS DESERVES SO MUCH BETTER!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! 

aaa hello here’s a sketch of fusion