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i’m writing an essay called “television history” about the most malicious queerbaiting effort in television, and possibly a second one about the inconsistencies in tfp and why it was horrible. if people could reblog this and just add things worthy to include in the essay(s) that would be amazing! i want it to be poignant.


Since I just hit 100 followers I decided to do a quick shout out post for all the amazing people following me. It’s just going to be in order of when you followed, earliest to most recent! 

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Special shout out to these porn blogs that are in the background silently boosting my number of followers!  

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AH! And so the wait is finally over! Here you go my Bruhs and Bruhettes and NBruhs! Epictale! Scene Two! @yugogeer12 thanks once again for permission to color your awesome comic. 

This scene is smaller than the last, because they are cut up based on content and not length. Next Scene is gonna be three pages long, and I’m already on it. 

Thanks everyone for being so patient(lol as if anyone was actually waiting to see more!) with me as I said this was coming a month back and it’s only now showing up.

Also, I do live art streams every Friday, so if you wanna watch me color these pages live, then come join me there. Hope the fandom enjoys!

lmaooo i’m crying at all these people who think the tjlc people are mad about this episode just because johnlock wasn’t made explicit like this episode literally threw all of molly’s character development out the window and defeated the main villain with a hug buddy, this isn’t only about bad representation - it’s about bad writing

I’ve reched 300 followers so here is my attempt at a follow forever with some of my favorite blogs!!

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I love all you guys on here and I’m sure I accientally might have missed a few of you because I dod this off the top of my head but all of you are amazing people!! 


(also I did’t even try to put these in alphabetical order sorry guys)