guys are super hot when they get all protective

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What do you think the "Queer Squad" would do at the beach?

yeees okay so (slightly au considering Helen’s exile?)

  • Helen is a total beach bum, which isn’t really a surprise at all considering she lives in Los Angeles, so she’s always dragging everyone to the beach whenever she can. Alec isn’t really a huge fan but he goes along anyway because, as Helen often points out, Magnus looks “super hot” in swim trunks beneath the hot glow of the summer sun - because let’s be real Helen is malec trash? - so that’s always enough for him.
  • And besides Alec doesn’t admit it often but he really does like hanging out with all of them together.
  • Aline’s pretty protective so her jealousy is at an all time high when she’s at the beach. She’s always glaring daggers at the guys who ogle at Helen, or trying to cover her up or make it extremely obvious that Helen was spoken for. Alec understands, because people always stare at Magnus and he gets plenty of that with his sister, and Magnus finds it kind of funny. Helen often just rolls her eyes at how ridiculous Aline is, but it secretly turns her on a little bit.
  • Magnus doesn’t go out into the ocean much. He much prefers to bathe out in the sun and watch Alec swim, because there’s something beautiful and graceful about the way he moves with the waves of the sea; the way the sun hits the beads of water on his skin, wet hair clinging to his face, and Magnus finds it all very captivating. So he sits out with Aline while their significant others go out to swim and make bets on who could go the farthest out (which Aline finds kind of scary, because they both go pretty far) or sometimes they’ll wade waist deep in the water and Magnus will just watch Alec because he can’t get enough.
  • And it’s hard to catch him off guard but then Magnus will get pummeled by a huge wave because he wasn’t paying attention and yep, that’s enough time in the water for him
  • Helen makes sure Aline stays hydrated periodically and is always lathering her with sunscreen. Like, constantly, because if she doesn’t Aline will forget and won’t put on enough by herself and always ends up looking like a smol miserable tomato by the end of the day.
  • Sometimes they’ll bring a volleyball around and play a couple of games. They’ll usually do a couple-against-couple kind of thing but they’ll switch it up on the occasion to make it a little more interesting. Like, Helen and Magnus against Alec and Aline (which is a disaster 99% of the time, because both Alec and Aline are super competitive and are always trying to one-up the other and it doesn’t help them win at all, so they’re both better off on separate teams); or Alec and Helen against Magnus and Aline.
  • Aline loves to collect shells. She spends a lot of time walking the shore looking for them and putting them in little plastic baggies. Helen, Magnus and Alec often gather some for her whenever they see one; and if one of them is really pretty Aline will get crazy excited. She’ll come home with tons of them, so she’ll fill up water bottles with sand and decorate her and Helen’s room with mason jars of sand and shells.
  • Helen will bring along her surf board and try to teach Aline how to surf the really small waves, but Aline just eventually ends up losing her balance and falling into water a ton of times or tumbling beneath the bigger waves. Alec gives it a shot too - he’s really humble and nervous about it, but he ends up getting the hang of it fairly quickly. Aline stubbornly keeps trying after that.
  • Magnus and Aline take a bunch of pictures. Aline likes to take pictures of the beach or the interesting shells that she found and share them on social media websites she recently discovered, like Instagram. Magnus more so takes nice and sometimes silly selfies with everybody, or sometimes videos which Helen enjoys, or sneaks pictures of Alec when he’s not paying attention - the types that are natural and beautiful. When Alec sees them he gets flustered and bashfully tries to get Magnus to delete them with flushed cheeks.
  • Of course Magnus sends them to everybody in his contact list: he just can’t get enough of showing off his boyfriend at every chance that he gets, because Alec deserves more attention than he gets sometimes.
  • Alec gets pinched by a crab once after accidentally stepping on it and he’s this big great demon hunter but he refuses to go in the water again at least the next two times he goes to the beach because he’s scared that it’ll happen again and he’ll lose one of his toes. Helen and Aline are obnoxious about it and will never let him live it down: they tell like, everyone, so Jace has a field day poking fun at him afterwards.
  • They’re all those gross typical couples on a double date that you see having picnics on the beach, too. Each time they go they’ll take turns bringing the food and the blanket. (”Helen! Will you stop throwing grapes at me?” / “Oh, don’t wine about it Alec.” / “Oh my god.”)
  • They’ll stay there until sunset and then spend the rest of the night playing games on the boardwalk. Aline wins Helen a giant stuffed bear and Aline and Alec compete against each other in arcade games until they run out of spare change or get kicked out for disturbing the kids with inappropriate language. Magnus likes to drag them all into those overbearingly crowded gift shops and laugh at ridiculous merchandise and, once, impulsively buys a turtle that he ends up giving to Catarina after a few weeks.
  • Alec ends up really liking going to the beach after the first few times he goes with them and has a lot of fun. It surprises everyone, especially Isabelle and Jace. 
  • Queer squad beach days are so important.

It is so hot when the guy you love gets super fucking protective over you. Like just the thought of someone mistreating me gets him all riled up.
He almost got in a full on fight with some asshole for calling me a whore yesterday and made me switch seats with him so he would between me and the ass.

I think more people deserve to have a partner as wonderful and caring as I do. The world would be a much better place.

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Tanaka getting jealous and protective when another guy starts flirting with Enno

ofc guys flirt with enno all the time, he look fucking hot all the time. you have seen the way he defends kiyoko all the time, now imagine that but five times worse. that’s how he acts when guys flirt with enno. he gets all super alpha male shit, trying to scare this guy off, and it work but it also really just annoys enno until tanaka later admits he was super jealous

then enno gives him lots of kisses and reminds tanaka that he’s his and that wont change, especially not for some random stranger coming up and hitting on him


 visiting bestfriend!ash on tour after forever of begging

  • making luke stand on a chair because he is the tallest to try and spot you in the airport
  • “IT’S HER” he yells in the middle of a crowded airport turning the heads of everyone
  • he runs over and hugs you spinning you around making you drop your bags and giggle
  • twitter being flooded with cute selfies together
  • “ash stop taking videos of me”
  • “why you look very cute sleeping y/n”
  • taking you adventuring in whatever city you are in and taking cute candids of you
  • giving you sweaty hugs backstage
  • his heart speeding up and his pants tightening when he sees you dressed up for the club
  • “fuck y/n, you look hot as fuck” 
  • “shut up mike” whacking mike at the back of his head
  • wrapping his arms tightly around your waist protectively in the club
  • giving death glares to all the guys eyeing you up
  • giving you his shoes so you won’t have to walk back in heels
  • “you’re not walking back in heels, not under my watch”
  • ash getting super clingy right before you leave
  • “ash we need to stop cuddling you have promo”
  • “shhhh” he tightens his arm and pulls you in closer
  • flipping the paps off as you walk into the airport to stop them from selling the pics of the both of you teary eyed
  • “ash i’m going to board now. yes i already miss you too. i’ll call when i land yes i love you. yes you are my favourite. they are THEY ARE CALLING ME BYE ”

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i really want to date a hot guy who’s all protective and can pick me up and sing duets with me and gets boners when we make out

but like I also want to date a cute squishy girl who wears red lipstick and we do each other’s hair and makeup and we cuddle a lot and also boobs

but then I want to date a super androgynous genderfluid person because like wow they are so majestic and we can crush the shit out of the gender/sexuality stereotypes and take over the world

and just


being pan is exhausting.