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Guys today I found the perfect animal for my Fursona.

I guess I’d be a smol, chubby Otter.

They’ve been one of my fav animals for a long time now (besides Manatees, Bats and Corgis Dogs). Since I don’t have one true favourite animal it was always pretty hard for me to find a fitting fursona but today I made up my mind. I guess I already decided it yesterday when I drew an otter lD but well… I just love their cute faces and how they hold hands while sleeping in a river and how they got a fav stone and all the other cute stuff they do ;3;

The design will probably change a bit more the next time but for now I’m at least sure that it’s an otter lD

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I need more Zen!Dad oneshots! That's like my 'perfect guy' quality, or however it goes. Just a sucker for a guy who likes kids xD OMG, but seriously you are such an amazing writer and artist. Seeing an update for a fic, at school nonetheless, is like the best thing ever. (And Zen is just too perfect tbh)

YES! Father-son/daughter-quality-time shenanigans are just so cute, I can’t even– LIKE– Just imagine Zen chasing his child(ren) around his small apartment, laughing, and then capturing them from behind before literally sweeping them off their feet and into his arms and showering them with smooches on the cheek. Or his child(ren) telling him that they want to be just as cool as him when they grow up and he replies with “you already are” in that really sweet and loving voice. Or learning how to bake together. Or all cuddled up on the couch with a blanket around them, having fallen asleep while watching Disney movies–!! Whoops, I’m getting too excited there.

Ahem, yeah. Thank you very much! It makes me really happy that you look forward to my fics! <3

How men think kapag ayaw na nilang bumalik sayo kase may nilalandi silang bago.

Walang lalake na aamining gago at malandi sila, alam mo kung bakit? Kase wala silang magiging “girlfriend” in the next future.

Alam mo yun? Dapat ikaw lang ang may kasalanan, hindi siya. Nagkulang ka kase sakanya at marami kang nagawang kasalanan kaya nagsawa siya eh. The more na itetext at tatawagan mo siya, the more lang na sasabihin niyang “Pinahihirapan mo lang ang sarili mo.” Bakit daw may mga lalakeng gago na hindi umaaming gago sila? Kase nga mawawalan sila ng kalandian at girlfriend, ano ka ba? Bungol ka ba? Dapat ikaw lang ang may kasalanan, hindi siya, kase perfect boyfriend siya. Tandaan mo yan. Isa siya sa mga rare and perfect guys pero sinayang at pinakawalan mo lang. Kaya ayan, naghanap tuloy siya ng iba, kulang ka kase sa effort eh. Nakakasawa na daw yung paulit ulit niyong away, (na siya talaga ang dahilan).

Syempre hindi niya aamining gago, ugok at tarantado siya kase baka walang pumatol sakanya, sisirain mo record ng kapogian niya eh. Wag ganoon, ate.

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todd howard, watching hentai for the first time while working on a dlc for skyrim: guys listen i have the perfect idea for this dlc

they abandoned the claws and went full on mass of tentacles

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Can I please get a ship? Im 5'3. I have reddish-brown hair that goes to my lower back. I have brown/black eyes. I love reading and drawing. Im really quiet around people i dont know but im really talkative around people im comfortable with. I also get anxious in large crowds/ around a lot of people i dont know. Thnx in advance.

I would ship you with Jeff. I feel like you guys would have the perfect couple dynamic, starting out as friends and slowly falling in love with each other. Jeff would make sure you’re comfortable at all times, especially knowing you get anxious in crowds. He would be able to sense your anxiety, he’d be very attentive to your little tells when you get nervous. He would grab your hand and stroke the back of it with his thumb, wrap his arm around your shoulder, around your waist, or he would somehow find a way to avoid the crowd all together. His number one priority is to make you feel safe. He would be absolutely in awe over the fact of you can draw. He LOVES to just watch you do your thing, and would adore your face of concentration. He also loves the fact that around everyone else you’re soft and reserved, but around him he gets to see the side that not many people do. The Wild, loud, and giggly side of you(meaning you’re more susceptible to laughing at his stupid jokes). His favorite moments with you are the ones spent alone, where you can truly be yourself. And can I just mention how cuddly he would be. Like literally cuddles at night, cuddles during the day, cuddles during every moment he can scrounge up. He just loves to be able to touch you and feel that you’re really there, he would be the ultimate hopeless romantic around you.


Stydia AU: MIT and George Washington finally shuts down classes for Spring Break. After nearly a month of not seeing Lydia, Stiles wants to photograph every moment.