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I recently hit 500 followers (how???) so I decided I would do a follow forever bc I love you guys so much and wanted to thank you for all of the sweet messages and support you’ve shown me! Even if we don’t talk, I still see you guys on my dash and reblogging my posts, and it means a lot! I’ve only had this blog for a month, but I’ve already made so many great friends and I’ve honestly never been happier! Thank you so so much, I love you all ❤️

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Sorry if I forgot anyone, I love every single one of you!

When…“ I begin, shaking my head in disbelief.“… When did you stop loving me?”

He looks down at me and sighs. “Love, the real question is, ‘when did I ever start?’

—  He messed with my feelings and played me a mook,
If you ever come to search for me, you’ll find with him a part of me he took.

This adorable Scott Kolins-drawn picture of the Flash Rogues will never stop amusing me. I’m not sure what I love the most about it: Len’s grumpy “Fine, here’s a fucking toast” face, Mick apparently intending to drink that beer with his face mask on, Mark’s finger-in-an-electric-socket hairstyle, or the fact that despite being villains they still don’t let Axel drink alcohol (but to be fair, he’s annoying enough when he’s sober)?

I will never stop loving how they not only make headstones for all their fallen comrades (complete with lifelike statues, seriously, who made those?) but actually bother to drag out massive quantities of beer to the graveyard to make a toast to each and every one of them.

They are a bunch of messed up weirdos but the DCU would be so much more boring without them.

For some odd reason, I’ve been able to trick 100+ people into following my blog.


To make up for that, I’ve decided to do an art giveaway!  YAY!  °˖✧◝(⁰▿⁰)◜✧˖°

Three lucky followers will receive a fully colored illustration from me as both a digital copy and a physical print!

  • You can request up to 3 characters from any fandom.  (If I don’t know it, I’ll research on Google.)
  • *EDIT* I can also draw OCs or FCs!  I’d love to draw your characters!
  • I’m all for queer people.
  • I’m also good at the cute.
  • And, you can choose between the crisp look of cel-shading or the painterly aesthetic of digital watercolor.

I only ask that you not request NSFW content, animals, furries, and real people.  (As it either makes me uncomfortable or I can’t draw it at all.)

In order to qualify for this, you’ll have to reblog this post and be a follower.  (That way I can filter out spam accounts I haven’t blocked yet.)

Your username will be entered only once for the drawing and the winners will be announced on Feb 10th around 12:00 am (EST).  I live in ‘Murica btw.

Good luck to all! And…

*Also, please tag this as #almightygiveaway so that I can go over all the reblogs in case I accidentally miss someone!

Helloooo everybody,

Since i recently hit 500 followers i decided to make a follow forever  ♡ ♡ ♡
I would want to thank you guys for following this amazing trainwreck of a blog. Even if you just followed me for a week or have been here since the start i love you all!

you guys rock :D

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carrotquill asked:

I heard someone say they saw techtor in the shower, they said techtor was buff, that techtor was absolutely shredded.

OMG HOW DID YOU KNOW????!!???!!!


anonymous asked:

Hey, "why is god good" anon here again. I read the ask and while it did make a decent amount of sense and slightly blew my mind, your reasoning was quite anthropocentric. How do you marry that with the idea of there being other life forms out there? Who may or may not display something similar to human emotion/free will?

…………going to turn this one over to Guy Consolmagno

Send in ACE/ARO prompts!

But also remember that not every ace is aro, and not every aro is ace!

Also remember: demisexuals, demiromantics, grey-aces, grey-aros, sex-repulsed aces, romance-repulsed aros (but also people that are ace/aro but aren’t bothered by sex/romance - and might even enjoy it!), and all the other orientations along the spectrums!




I wasn’t expecting it to turn out this nicely! I was just kinda farting around with a pencil and a sketchbook.

That particular lyric speaks to me so hard for Qui-Gon because he gets painted as a villain by a lot of fans for the way he saddled Obi-Wan with Anakin.