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  ˪ none of us is innocent.”


Happy Pan Awareness Day! I’m pansexual and panromantic and kinda trying to figure out the whole gender thing but still using she/her because whatever I’m still comfortable with that. Anyway I walked around my house with all of my pan pride colour stuff (aka queer gear) and took selfies because I’m cute and the world should know 💗💛💙

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from what i saw, it sounds like crowley is back to being 100% pure no-good evilpuss who’s turning down the big throne and leaving everything to chaos and not caring for the winchesters any longer

so they won’t get in rowena’s way or change crowley’s judgment anymore


I hate myself I’m wearing wedges for like once bc I wanted to look “mature” at my friends grad party and I was climbing out of her jeep with all her brothers cute friends there and I tripped fell face first out of the jeep and into the pavement like I ate shit you guys I didn’t even get to stop my fall ugh this is my sad clumsy life

How a Libra sees the signs

Aries: you’re hilarious dude. You are made of complete bff material.
Taurus: legit love you. Your intensity is incredible and I feel so at home around you.
Gemini: I get on so well with you and I admire your confidence and way of speech.
Cancer: you’re literally so sweet I love you bruh. You always listen to everything and are so observant.
Leo: stop drop and roll on over here I fucking love you. I love your confidence and I low key want to be you.
Virgo: you always know the drill. You seem to have the best taste in films and give the best advice. Well done homie
Libra: dude you’re just like me. I like your social side and ability to talk to and get on with anyone.
Scorpio: I love you guys so much holy shit. I love how intense you are and the mystery behind you guys.
Sagittarius: you’re always down to do whatever whenever and I can always count on you to cheer me up and have a good time with
Capricorn: I admire your intelligence and wit. I like how secretive you guys are too.
Aquarius: bro I can never stop talking to you, you’re literally so enticing and hilarious omg. You seem to understand me
Pisces: you’re SO frickin adorable but hilarious at the same time. You always manage to boost self esteem of others.

oh wow our fandom is fucked up. like seriously i can’t stand basically anyone’s (th related) tumblr because your opinions are so ughh. i don’t know. maybe i’ve just grown over the whole “omfg what’s bill’s sexuality” “omfg is ria fake does tom rly luv her” “omfg who did gustav marry” “omfg what dus georg’s gf look like” “omfg the prices r so high” like literally shut up already. i’m more than fine with everything they give us; thtv is enough knowledge for me and u guys should be fucking thankful that they play in your countries and not bitch about the prices! geez. where are your manners? and really, is there a topic that’s more worn out than bill’s sexuality? doubt that. who the fuck cares anyway.

Unpopular opinion. I give it now.. and I'm done with all this.

I still love Grant Gustin. And I don’t think he’s racist — I mean, nothing proved he was racist to me..
Actually I think I love him more now after all this drama. Yeah he overreacted. But you know what kind of people overreact over something as insignificant and petty as a “delete it”? REAL PEOPLE! With real character flaws, who make real mistake. The kind of mistake anyone can do, including those who are bullying him right now.. or me — I would’ve definitely done the same!
You guys want a perfect white knight who does nothing wrong? GO WATCH A DISNEY MOVIE!
He’s real, he won’t try to conceal his imperfections just so ppl can love him. I wish more people were like him, stop their fake smiles just so fans can kiss their ass..

Also.. although I understand the frustration over “how he never defends Candice against racist slurs” — I mean, that would be great if he did — that’s not his job and Candice doesn’t need anyone to defend herself, does she?

But anyway, really.. Who does defend her? Don’t tell me anyone else in the cast, or producers, or any staff member, actually never saw those comments? They all found some time to praise Candice as an actress on social media or interviews - including Grant! - sending some love to her on twitter, asserting their affection for her.. But has anyone really responded to the racist comments, directly, for real? Has Candice ever done that herself? It seems to me, they all seem to ignore it.. Has anyone stopped to think that maybe, just maybe, they were told to ignore them?
It’s just an assumption, but I’m surprised everyone jumped on Grant for defending himself (HE DEFENDED HIMSELF!!), and never considered that possibility..

And that seems so weird to me that, this guy, who has no problem losing his sh*t online once in a while, could’ve been so fake about supporting Candice + our ship! He could’ve gone for the “all-white” ship, especially when all the social media was all about SB, acting like Candice was not the leading-lady. He could have. It’s not like he needed us to be popular — no offense. It’s not like the producers forced him to retweet anti-SB stuff for the sake of the show, that seems pretty unlikely.. If he was such a disgusting racist bastard, he could’ve just ditched us from the start and only stick with “his people”. But he didn’t… So yeah, I find it very hard to believe he’s a racist. I might be wrong, but nothing here proved me wrong. Plus, he and Candice seem to get along well enough, or at least respect each other. Or maybe, he and Candice might not be close friends, and therefore he might not have the basic instinct of defending her like he defends himself.. but hey, I’m not close with my white housemate girl, that doesn’t mean I hate all the white people!
And again, even if I’d love to see him go after the racist, it’s not his job. I see lots of people getting daily hate online, and they have friends who NEVER defend them..
But you, here this is Grant Gustin. And you know, it’s Candice. So he can’t allow himself that kind of behavior, like 90% of the global population.

What pisses me off here is not that some hate him. It’s just the bullying, the constant criticism towards him since yesterday.. which leads me to 3 points:

1- Coming from a fanbase who always fought against the endless hate towards a cast member, I find that both odd and funny
2- The whole thing happened yesterday.. Why is the tag still filled with that sh*t? Don’t you guys have a life, outside this drama? Go back to that, why can’t you just move on? Ok you hate him, shut up now!
3- What does it have to do with WA and why are all those posts on the WA tag? Double standard, again.. Still here, since day 1..

Anyway, Candice and Grant are still my faves on the cast, both as actors and people. I still love WestAllen like crazy. I will keep vidding them because I’ve got no reason to stop. I’ve got a few friends in this fandom, I will always care for them. And, if we forget about all the mess you’re making, I’ll always respect what you guys are fighting for and against.

But other than that, I AM DONE WITH THIS FANDOM. For real, this time. The tag no longer exists for me. You may unfollow me now, I don’t care. I’m tired of the endless drama with this fandom. I’m 25, real life stuff going on. I’m too old for that kind of crap. And I see it EVERYWHERE I GO. Plus, bullying a real person like most of you are doing right now, without any tangible proof.. Definitely not for me!

Take care.

Wise Words From A Smart Girl.

Because guys are fucking pussys. They tell you whatever you want to hear to get what they want. Then they hide behind this stupid fucking phone, texting you, to tell you the truth. So they don’t have to see that look on your face when they break your fucking heart…but I do. And I’m tired of seeing you this way. You deserve so much more.
-My Best Friend

Hello! I just wanted to say that you are all so lovely and have brightened an otherwise shitty weekend (week, month, year) and I couldn’t be more grateful. I’ve been having a pretty rough time lately and I couldn’t ask for a more lovely bunch of people to be a part of this community.
Anyway before I get to soppy, also I’m fifty followers away from four THOUSAND and that’s crazy I mean seriously you guys are the best ever ❤️