when these lines heal they will be grey, so considerably lighter than the main pieces that I have currently. I’m already in love. I see tattooing in a completely different light today, to what I did when I first started getting tattooed and even tattooing myself. I never fully understood the power before. It’s a truly beautiful and humbling thing. @inspiredtattooportraits described getting tattooed as primitive and instinctive, which I have to agree with completely

Guy Le Tatooer unprofessional mess

So I was suppose to get a tattoo on Friday the 7th of June. Guy would be here in Holland for a week. He has a fine schedule so I knew, from the first time I contacted him, I needed to be very early to get this appointment done. He was here in Februari also and by the time I called the shop, were he would appear as a guest tattooer, they told me I was to late. So this time I was really pumped to hear he was coming back to Holland, and e-mailed him the 23TH OF APRIL. A month and two weeks before the appointment. That must be early enough right? So i’ve waited weeks before I got an e-mail back from Guy. Which I don’t mind because he’s on the road I get it. Always on his way and no time to check his mail. I decided to mail a copy of my first mail. And on the 16th of May he responded with only: Yes. Send me your project. So I was so siked to finally got a sort of confirm he wanted to do this. So I shared my thoughts and some photo’s, to give him the idea I wanted for my tattoo. But he NEVER answered back… Weeks pasted and that day was coming up. So in the week of my appointment I mailed again asking whats going on and if this was still up, because I had no information at all. Not even the time of our appointment. He, again, never answered. And I was slightly getting irritated because I really wanted to know if this was happening or not. I already gave my hopes up when I decided to call the shop a day before my appointment would be. The person I talked to was someone from the tattooshop, and asked Guy if I was in his agenda. And he said no sorry there must gone something wrong. Really? Of course Guy. The problem is you should check you mail more often… I was so disappointed. I was really looking forward to this. Waited so long for the tattoo I only wanted to get done by him. I find this very unprofessional. This really pisses me off, thinking he can brush this off like it’s nothing. Here on tumblr he’s been treated like a tattoo hero, he was mine till now. Things I see often with tattooers like this is that they get so many e-mails, so many requests that they pick out the projects they feel like doing. And easly leave the other ones just unreplied. Well I don’t like tattooers with attitude and i’m basically done with Guy Le. I hope people who are trying to get in touch with him, get more luck then me! If you got problems with contacting him. I suggest sending copies of the original mail over and over again. Succes!

Milowa M~


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