some tips on reading xmen comics
  • if scott is in a helmet it means it’s all gone to shit
  • magneto is a good guy actually except for when he’s a bad guy except for when he’s a good guy
  • if u see a character that u think might be jean grey it actually might be madelynne pryor. the way to know who it is is: check the clothes. terrible sweater? jean. cute dress? maddy
  • illyana can be any age at any time 
  • if you can’t understand rogue or kurt’s accents written out just assume they’re saying, respectively: “i’m gonna kick some ass [random overly southern idiom],” or “gosh i love pirates”
  • sometimes betsy braddock can teleport and sometimes she can’t it’s honestly up to you
  • artie changes color. no one knows why.
Yuta As An Older Brother

Taeil  -  Taeyong  -  Yuta  -  Doyoung  -  Jaehyun

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  • As kids, he’d actually be very close to you
  • He’d treat you like his best friend, even if you’re 5 and he’s 9
  • He’d invite you to play with him and his friends a lot and as a result you’d sort of grow up as a tomboy
  • With time tho, you’d make your own friends and get your own interests, ones that didn’t include video games and role-playing pirates in the basement
  • He’d be a bit sad, but you’d both grow into yourselves with time
  • He’d for sure be a nosy brother, wanting to know all the gossip between your friends, who you thought was cute, what you’re into these days
  • You’d probably get sick of him always loitering around and being nosy
  • LOL
  • You’re friends wouldn’t understand why you were annoyed by him, mainly because they’re obsessed with him
  • He knows he’s hot shit, don’t worry, he’d use that to his advantage; being greasy and trying to charm you with his looks
    “There’s only one protein bar left-”
    “I need it, I’m going to soccer practice.”
    “I love you.”
    “Get away from me-”

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  • Even tho you push him away a lot, he’d be a trustworthy person to confide in when you have issues or need advice
  • He’d look out for you, wanting nothing but the best for you
  • I feel he’d be the type to do your homework for you on occasion when you’re too lazy to do it or refuse to do it, solely because he wants you to get a good grade
  • He’s also a bit of a physical brother, tickling your neck from behind the sofa until you yell at him, dancing up on you when he’s being silly
  • He just finds comfort in contact
  • He’s a bit of a pervert on occasion, making you grimace- if you were to make a suggestive remark he’d probably scold you and tell you to you’re too young
  • For sure he’d brag about you a lot, to his friends, to your parents, to everyone
  • Regarding dating, he’d be a real baby about letting you date
  • He’d get why you’d want to, but he’d be terrified if you were to get hurt- he knows how guys are and what they want
  • He’d be very picky before he’d 100% approve of a guy
  • If you dated a guy he didn’t approve of he’d probably give you the cold shoulder after arguing
  • Since we’re on the topic of arguments, he gets upset a bit frequently
  • He usually just raises his voice and roasts you
  • It can be painful, but within the next day he always apologizes
  • Likewise, if he began dating, even tho you wouldn’t admit it to him, you’d be a bit sad
  • It’d be a lil lonely, him giving his attention to another girl
  • With time, you’d both grow to be adults
  • He’d still be a nosy brother, more nosy now that he doesn’t live with you
  • He’d be really sweet and the two of you would become good friends actually

Texting Older Brother NCT To Kill A Spider
Texting Older Brother NCT For Money
Finding Out You’re Dating Jaemin
By: @textingnct

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Hi, I was wondering of you could rec some five where Derek and Stiles are soulmates, but Derek rejects Stiles. I was also wondering if you could rec some virgin Derek, but still dominates virgin Stiles? Thank you so much 😊!

We just did a list where Derek rejects his mate Stiles a couple weeks ago, which you can find here.  Found a few first times for both Derek and Stiles which all should have top!Derek (if that’s what you meant by dominated).  Enjoy!  -Emmy

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Fallin’ for You by Stereksale7 

(6,762 I Explicit I Complete)

A little college au ficlet where Stiles and Derek figure out the ins and outs of sex

Technically a sequel to “I Keep on Fallin’” but can be read as a stand alone

Why Stand it if You Can Fix It by eric_idle_rules 

(8,017 I Mature I Complete)   *ranch au

Derek and Stiles are young ranch hands who go to find work for Adrian Harris herding sheep up on Brokeback Mountain.

Faux Pas and Fumbles by Stereksale7 

(19,444 I Explicit I Complete)  *boypussy

But, even if Derek grew some balls and finally made a move, and him and Stiles actually got together, Derek wouldn’t be fucking Stiles up the ass.

He means he could if Stiles really wanted him to, but Derek doubts it would be all that pleasurable for him.

Because Stiles might be a boy from the torso up.

But downwards he’s female.


Also known as the friends to lovers high school au that features Stiles magically having female reproductive organs due to Spark Magic, yet still being a guy

If You Wanna Be My Roomie (Lover) by Stereksale7 

(66,694 I Explicit I Complete)  *college au, jock!derek, nerd!stiles, past rape/noncon (not between sterek)

Realistically, Stiles knew that the local University’s popularity and commonality meant that many members of his graduating high school class would be starting the Fall 2016 semester alongside him, but he never expected his longtime crush to be one of them. Even more so, he never expected said crush to be assigned as his roommate…oh boy.

This Quiet Torment by oblivions172 

(79,093 I Explicit I Complete)   *omega!stiles, high school!Derek, high school au, attempted rape/noncon (not sterek)

Derek has had a crush on Stiles, a young omega who goes to his school since he first laid eyes on him. He has watched him continually come to school with bruises and flesh wounds delivered by his abusive father and all he’s ever wanted to do was help but Stiles never let him get close enough. Until, one night, Stiles ends up at Derek’s house, with more than a flesh wound and Derek will do everything in his power to protect him.

happy pride i’m a trans, demiromantic, homosexual, guy

if you don’t know what you are that’s a’okay, if you are still in the closet, that’s okay take as long as you need until you are somewhere safe, if you’re not where you want to be right now that’s okay, you’re gonna make it

MCL Boyfriend Headcanons: When they’re jealous


  • He trusts you enough to know you wouldn’t be flirting with anyone else
  • But if he sees someone flirting with you, he kind of just strides up next to you to “join the conversation”
  • Keeps this really passive aggressive smile on his face that screams “I will cut you.”
  • He never really gets jealous, just territorial
  • But when he does get jealous he’s very annoyed
  • Will show more PDA if it means keeping other guys away
  • If the guy is going a little too far he’d kindly tell them to stop. “I appreciate that you find her so attractive, but she also happens to be my girlfriend.”
  • If that doesn’t work he gets super irritated and does that hand-to-forehead thing and sighs. “I’m going to ask you one more time to back off…” (don’t test him after this, he’ll murder the guy in his sleep later)
  • Will pull you away from the guy with a tight grip on your hand, he might even put his hand on your waist to make it more clear
  • If you have guy friends, he’ll understand but he will most definitely be keeping his eye on every single one of them. Gets pouty because he knows he can’t exactly tell you to stop talking to them
  • When you’re finally alone he’ll unexpectedly take you into his arms and kiss you very passionately, just to reassure himself that no one else can take you from him


  • Castiel doesn’t get jealous, he actually finds it pretty funny and it honestly gives him pride knowing that his girlfriend is just that attractive
  • If guys come up to you flirting while he’s with you, he’ll kind of just watch for a minute or so. Then he’ll pull you in by the waist and kiss you so hard that you’ll be seeing stars. This usually scares the guy away, and leaves him with his signature smirk
  • If he isn’t already at your side and he sees some guy hitting on you he’ll casually come up behind you, grab your butt and kiss your neck. “Sorry I’m late babe. Who’s this?”
  • He does get jealous if it’s you who approached the guy. He’ll silently stand there as you two converse. When you introduce him to your friend he’ll just kind of grunt back in response.
  • He’ll later ask, “So, who was that guy?”
  • Even when you explain that he’s just an old friend he’s still bothered. “You two seem awfully close…”
  • If you accuse him of being jealous he’ll completely deny it, while blushing
  • Gets really cocky to hide his jealousy. “I have nothing to worry about. Why would you leave someone as sexy as me for that?”
  • Is secretly very afraid to lose you so when he gets jealous, there’s a short period of time afterwards that he becomes more affectionate and loving and kind of cools it with the teasing. Seeing another guy show you that kind of attention reminds him to show you that he appreciates you more often.
  • After you’re gone he’ll find the guy and threaten him. “Flirt with my girl again and I’ll snap your neck.”


  • Gets possessive more than he gets jealous.
  • VERY passive aggressive. Is subtly threatening the guy with his laser eyes
  • Might place his hand on your lower back to throw the guy a little hint
  • If the guy doesn’t catch on or leave, he’ll say something. “I know she’s very lovely so I understand your attraction, but she’s my girlfriend and I’d appreciate it if you’d stop.”
  • If the guy keeps making moves he’ll subconsciously give him a slightly dirty look and just walk away. He thinks the guy is absolute trash but he won’t say that out loud
  • If he isn’t already with you and he sees that a guy is clearly making you uncomfortable he will walk over, step in front of you and look the guy up and down. “I don’t think my girlfriend appreciates your advances, sir.”
  • With your guy friends, he does get a bit jealous because he can’t tell them to go away. Will stand very closely behind you.
  • He’s very possessive because he doesn’t want to lose you like he lost Rosa. He’s definitely over her but he doesn’t want to feel that pain in his stomach ever again.
  • When you’re alone he’ll gently press you up against a wall and kiss you, deeply and passionately but also very sweet and slow.
  • Will press his forehead to yours and whisper, “You’re mine…”


  • Threatens the guy with a smile on his face, but he knows he has nothing to worry about
  • Will sling an arm around you and pull you into his side. If he feels like that isn’t enough he’ll kiss your cheek and say, “So, BABE, this guy’s a real creep huh?”
  • If a guy goes too far with you he gets very upset and pulls you closer to him. Unintentionally raises his voice at the guy.
  • “Dude, seriously? Take a f***ing hint!”
  • Mumbles to himself about how he could totally beat that guy’s ass if you’d let him
  • With guy friends, he’s very iffy about it. He doesn’t necessarily like it but he understands. He’ll question you a lot though. “So who was he?” “How did you meet?” “How long have you known him?”
  • He can get kind of irritable when it comes to guy friends, if he feels like you guys are close. You’ll ask him what’s wrong, he might say “I don’t know, ask your friend.”
  • You can usually fix his attitude with hugs from behind and a kiss on his cheek.
  • Will tackle you onto his bed and start playfully kissing all over your face, saying “Mine! Mine! Mine!” (in the voice of the birds from ‘Finding Nemo’)
  • It’s creepy but he somehow manages to find the guy on Facebook and will harass the hell out of him for like a week


  • Forget the passive, the boy is just plain aggressive
  • Shamelessly glares at and threatens the guy
  • If a guy touches your shoulder or something? Oh hell no. The guy might end up in a hospital. As I said in a previous headcanon, very protective
  • Very quick to start yelling, if it weren’t for you standing there he’d throw a punch.
  • Is somewhat insecure so that’s why he gets so emotional when other guys flirt with you. He doesn’t want you to see him as the ‘old dorky Ken’ and leave him for someone better.
  • You constantly have to reassure him that you never saw him as ‘dorky’ in the first place and that you aren’t going to leave him
  • Will wrap you tightly in his arms and silently hold you for the longest time ever
  • When you’re alone he’ll bury his head in your neck and ask “You’re mine, right?”
  • Has the saddest puppy dog eyes when he asks you that question
  • With guy friends he’s such a crybaby if you don’t show him attention while talking to them. You aren’t holding his hand? He’s gonna complain until you do. You aren’t sitting on his lap? He’s gonna pull you down.
  • When he’s done being upset he’ll gently kiss your eyelids and the back of your hand, and apologize for getting so angry. Turns into a cuddle bear.
You're Going Down (Unplugged)
Sick Puppies
You're Going Down (Unplugged)

Sick Puppies - You’re Going Down (Unplugged)

define your meaning of war
to me it’s what we do when we’re bored
i feel the heat coming off of the blacktop
and it makes me want it more

because i’m hyped up out of control
if it’s a fight i’m ready to go
i wouldn’t put my money on the other guy
if you know what i know that i know

Wait a Minute...

Oumagadoki Zoo and My Hero Academia are from the same guy, right? And he likes to pull in a lot of Oumagadoki references into MHA, so

father and son duo in Oumagadoki Zoo

This is the initial design for our favorite hero in training, Izuku….

who turned into this cutie in the final and confirmed design but also looks like

this dude from Oumagadoki whose father is

that guy

If the father of the most adorable Izuku looks anything like that guy I’m going to bury myself in fanfiction until I can’t remember canon

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Headcanons for being one of Doctor McCoy's patients?

I didn’t know if you wanted something romantic or not so this is a little bit of both

  • It’s canon that Leonard has horrible bedside manner
  • He literally does not care how uncomfortable you are, he’s going to do what it takes to save you
  • That doesn’t mean that he won’t try to make you comfortable, but he’s a very practical guy
  • If his patient is someone he cares about, he does try to put up a front to comfort them
  • That being said, he doesn’t have a good poker face, so you know if he’s lying
  • Leonard cares about each and every member of the crew, and only wants to help them all
  • So he takes it very personally when someone gets injured which is why he puts up the front
  • He has lost too many people to try and soothe everybody and get to know and care for them
  • If his patient was someone he loved, he would be a wreck
  • Most likely he would need to resign himself from taking care of them, but that doesn’t mean he wouldn’t continue to bark out orders
  • Leonard is the type of person who never stops working
  • He’ll go days without sleep, just running on coffee to make sure that his patients get the best care possible
  • Having him as a doctor is kind of a win-lose situation because he is one of the greatest doctors in Starfleet, but he is known for his tough love

This is a sequel for this drabble, also by our Guest Writer @makemeamilkshake :)

Prompt by @the-element-siren​ and @jennymorales48​ @klvroline: Tristan finds out about Caroline and attempts to seduce her to spite Klaus. Background Rebenzo with small mentions of Kennett.

Jealous Guy

If you happened to walk into the Four Seasons in New York City that night, you’d see a stunning, yet angry blonde in the bar area, nursing a martini.

She and Klaus had found their way to New York to visit Rebekah and Enzo, who had decided to make the city their home, at least for the time being.

Klaus’ willingness to visit was a pretty big deal, seeing as it had taken him a considerable amount of time to get used to the idea of his sister dating Enzo – the idea of his sister dating anyone, for that matter.

Caroline had been privy to the relationship long before Klaus. She had, in fact, become aware of it before the couple had disclosed the big secret to her. A thousand years of being under her brother’s thumb may have made Rebekah sly and skilled at concealing her affairs, but cunning and wily as he was, Enzo had never been able to hide anything from Caroline. There were always the telltale signs that he was lying, and besides, the not-so-subtle glances the pair always exchanged whenever they were in each other’s company gave it  away.

Upon finally discovering their secret, Klaus had reacted in a completely normal and irrational fashion, threatening to relieve Enzo’s body of its need to hold his limbs together before burying them individually in different corners of the earth.

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lucaya girl meets texas 1 (and campfire scene thankyou to the uploaders for that)


she doesnt want lucas to do this

she’ll never speak to him again if he does this

they both like the same boy….. awks - riley going to say he’s a brother now and push them together


by the fire looking at each other

finally getting into it, shes saying all his nicknames

to make her stop look at his face, then tension and chemistry i mean….

he backs out, “please dont tell my sister”- omg…. *sigh*

she admits she likes him , hes a good guy

if he got hurt she doesnt know what she would do 

time for a small talk 

cutthroat kitchen au: porridge time (pt. 3)

pre-game | round one auction

  • if any of them thought that the normal kitchen experience came anywhere close to the cutthroat one
  • well they’d never had one of their arms tied to a woman half (or twice) their height
  • or their stoves replaced with a bunch of wood in a pot
  • chef carter tries not to let it get to her but at least they could have given her two campfires
  • this is just inefficient
  • or just had to work in the same kitchen as shaw i mean even that is a stressor in itself
  • shes like a tiny angry lintball
  • chef reese doesnt know whether to worry about stepping or her or being bitten on the calf
  • not to mention the way that harold finch is wandering around the kitchen
  • finch is enjoying the way that he can make chef reese freeze in place just by looking at him
  • no one’s ever had a crush on him before
  • at least, no one that he knows of (but then again he’s never seen the html shrines devoted to him on the cutthroat kitchen fan forums)
  • (which is probably for the better)
  • chef reese’s only sabotage is the camp stove, and his own failure to pick the right ingredients
  • (and his aching, burning crush on harold finch)
  • (loser)
  • originally he was going to do a coffee oatmeal with a bruléed banana topping and whipped cream
  • unfortunately his bananas are currently tumbling through the cutthroat kitchen laundry service
  • the oatmeal will still work on the camp stove, though. he just needs to figure out a topping
  • and to stop getting distracted by harold’s eyes
  • they’re so blue
  • why did he think this was a good idea
  • chef carter is making a polenta
  • and its going to be the best damn polenta that the judge has ever eaten in their life
  • shaw really wasnt thinking when she gave the military cook the ability to make a campfire i mean that IS part of training, shaw!! what were you thinking!!
  • she can’t help but brag
  • “good thing i spent all that time in basic training, right, chef shaw?”
  • her voice is like when you suck on a hard candy for too long and it cuts your tongue open
  • sweet. but sharp
  • shaw looks over
  • carters campfire is roaring in a cartoonish way
  • like she literally just breathed on it and it erupted into magnificent flames
  • what the fuck
  • shes like a dragon
  • an absolutely gorgeous, talented, dragon chef
  • put the feelings away, shaw. its time to cook
  • “i was hoping all that time in your state of the art kitchen made you forget your roots.”
  • that’s a lie and everyone knows it
  • “forgetting my roots isn’t in my nature, shaw”
  • “isn’t in mine, either”chef root throws in
  • reese and carter snort
  • shaw is speechless
  • if theres one thing more confusing than someone with a crush on her its someone with a crush on her who makes puns
  • she does the best she can to ignore root while literally tied to the woman
  • carter is making a ham and cheese polenta with a herb garnish
  • and shes not going to make a single mistake, mark her words
  • okay except when she just used paprika instead of red pepper flakes
  • it was red ok
  • she wasnt paying attention
  • no one needs to know
  • good thing harold is too busy staring at reeses ass when he bends over to notice
  • she has her shit together
  • and despite his near-constant blush, so does chef reese
  • which is in stark contrast to chef shaw and chef root
  • first off, the closer shaw gets a look at root’s basket, the more it becomes clear that the woman has no fucking plan
  • there’s oats. there’s definitely oats
  • a lot of chocolate. some fruits
  • there’s also.. tilapia?
  • and are those… quail eggs?
  • root’s dragging her over to the sink for water before she can look any closer
  • “i guess i can’t just stick the taser in here, can i?”
  • a metal pot of water
  • on a metal table
  • on a metal floor
  • this isn’t how shaw wanted to die
  • “don’t you dare, root.”
  • “have it your way, sweetie”
  • shaw wishes she’d stop batting her eyelashes
  • especially when they’re so pretty
  • it’s hard to remember she’s competition
  • she drags root over to her side of the station so she can start preparing her own shit while root tries to figure out how to warm her food
  • (she ends up burning a loaf of bread in a pot, and holding her other pot on top. finch lets it happen)
  • (probably because he hadn’t thought about that whole “electrocution” thing before filming)
  • (even geniuses have their off moments)
  • shaw was GOING to make a cream of wheat-fresh fruit reduction swirl
  • but lucky charms =/= cream of wheat
  • she throws the cereal in the food processor, loads it up with whole milk, vanilla, and melon chunks, and hopes for the best
  • there are no words to describe the dish that root is making because it doesn’t fit with any idea of a porridge that shaw’s heard of
  • the girl can chop, though. even with one hand
  • root’s technique is good
  • but everyone has to wonder if she has a little help behind the scenes with the concepts usually
  • after the 20 minute mark, even root and carter are too focused to make comments
  • 30 minutes is over too soon
  • except for shaw, for whom 30 minutes could not have come faster
  • she was seriously considering gnawing off her own arm just to have a free range of motion again
  • she thinks she probably could have finished the next two rounds before bleeding out
  • probably
  • “chefs? i believe your cooking time is over. if you could just step away from your stations…”
  • finch gets a good look at the food before the judge comes down
  • he’s actually… impressed
  • chef root’s bowl may look a little like a baked bowel movement, but everyone else has actually done quite a good job with what he gave them
  • he smiles a little, to himself, when he looks at chef reese’s dish
  • (that smile makes reese feels like he just won all 25k)
  • finch tries to convince himself not to favour the man too strongly just because he has such beautiful cheekbones
  • and such rugged hands
  • and such a pleasant disposition
  • and- well. finch tries to keep his thoughts civil
  • the judge comes down from the tower- lionel fusco, world renowned cookbook author/food critic. finch smiles when he sees him, and hopes that he’ll be able to catch a longing look from chef reese in the final cut of the episode
  • “what do you got for me today, glasses?” fusco says, clapping finch on the shoulder
  • fusco is a large man
  • finch is not
  • if he werent steeled for it the shoulder clap might have just sent him face first into a bowl of oats
  • reese doesnt notice, though, of course he doesnt, hes too busy watching the way that finchs fingers are tapping gently on podium in front of him
  • “hello chef fusco. i was thinking, if you were amenable, we might record an episode of cutthroat kitchen?”
  • carter snorts. she thinks she might get along with this guy
  • if it werent for the whole “food preperation based torture” thing
  • though she could probably get over that too.
  • carter can get over a lot of things
  • “yeah, very funny, big guy. what am i tasting today?”
  • finch chuckles. “porridge, chef fusco. after you.”
  • “chef carter, please tell chef fusco what you made.”
  • she has a bowl of yellow, creamy polenta. a smaller bowl than she anticipated, though- most of it got burnt to the pot
  • don’t tell chef shaw
  • it’s garnished with some fresh, green herbs, and paper-thin tomato slices
  • “what i made for you today was a smoky, cheesy fresh summer morning polenta, topped with a tomato salad”
  • fusco smiles back at her. she likes this lady  
  • he grabs a tomato slice with his fingers, pops it in his mouth. takes a spoonful of the polenta
  • he nods and sticks out his bottom lip in acknowledgement
  • “i like whatcha did here, carter-”
  • he says her name like “cah-ta”
  • it reminds her of her childhood. she likes it
  • “polenta? really good. tomato salad? really good.”
  • she beams
  • “the aftertaste, though? sorry to say, but it crosses over from “smoky” to “burnt”. overall, good dish. just be careful with that seasoning”
  • “yes, chef”
  • that isn’t a bad start at all
  • especially not compared to
  • “chef root, tell us about your.. creation”
  • it really does look like a turd in there
  • nestled in the plate like… in a toilet
  • “hey, lionel,” shes smiling with all her teeth
  • like she knows something he doesnt
  • “this is a chocolate-starfruit, um, fried oatmeal? it has a side of fresh cream, too.”
  • reese snickers. who the hell puts chocolate with starfruit?
  • fusco tries to break off a part with the spoon
  • its rock hard.
  • he keeps trying for a comically long time
  • ends up picking it up and taking a bite out
  • anyone whos seen the show knows that face
  • “chef root. you trying to poison me?”
  • for a second everyone worries that she actually is
  • “if i was, lionel, you’d know.”
  • finch frowns at the same time that chef shaw smiles
  • “this thing’s like tropical fruit hardtack. couldn’t eat another bite of it if i tried. and the presentation….”
  • “plus- that ain’t porridge”
  • cut to interview with root
  • “maybe lionel didn’t like my oatmeal biscuit. but sameen still had that cereal. i wasn’t worried”
  • when chef shaw describes her dish as a “marshmallow melon cream of wheat,” every muscle in finch’s body twitches
  • “unique. i like it”
  • fusco takes a dainty sip out of his spoon
  • “marshmallow, you said?”
  • “yes chef” shaw grimaces. she hates it when people question her
  • even celebrity chef lionel fusco
  • “yeah, i’m not tasting marshmallow. the melon ain’t bad, though. and you don’t see a warm melon dish that often- and you got me wondering why, now. it’s good”
  • holy shit. thats high praise
  • he takes a second spoonful and shaw feels like flipping off the rest of the contestants
  • “easy on the sugar next time, tiger”
  • “thanks, chef.”
  • “what do you have for chef fusco, chef reese?”
  • he’s served his coffee oatmeal in a parfait glass, swirled together with whipped cream
  • topped with a couple of espresso beans
  • he thinks it looks classy, at least
  • “this is a coffee & cream oatmeal parfait. thank you.”
  • hes such a quiet person compared to the other three
  • fusco dunks the spoon in, takes a bite
  • his eyes widen
  • reese looks at the other contestants for support
  • two -_-s and a ovo
  • thats not support
  • “ya weren’t kidding when you said coffee, were you?”
  • chef fusco regains his composure
  • well, what composure he usually has
  • “not bad, don’t get me wrong- it’s just strong. lemme take it with some of the cream”
  • he takes another bite. his expression is less dire this time
  • “great flavour development, though” hes nodding as he says it “definitely warn a guy next time, starbucks. all in all, it ain’t that bad”
  • “thank you, chef.”
  • director zoe speaks up from the sidelines
  • “reese. you have to stop whispering”
  • “thank you, chef” he says a little louder
  • its weird to hear him speaking at a regular volume
  • she gives him a thumbs up
  • the cameras stop rolling for a moment while harold and lionel eat some more of each dish, walk behind their podiums, chat a little
  • zoe counts them in
  • “so, chef fusco. the time has come for you to eliminate one of our contestant, here. sad as it may be.”
  • “yeah, glasses, i’m weeping over here. for my teeth, at least- chef root, i’m sorry to say, but the crispy fruit cacao puffs just aren’t doing it for me.”
  • close up on roots face
  • she doesnt even look disappointed
  • shes just.. there
  • its obviously unsettling finch. he clears his throat
  • “i’m going to need that 22,000$ back, chef root. i hope that your purchase was well worth the price.”
  • root walks up with her cash, turns around and makes sure her hair flips over her shoulder as she does
  • “wouldn’t change it for the world, harry”
  • shaw
  • shaw has no idea what to say
  • root winks
  • “see you in the green room, sameen”

markiplier is a supernaturally nice guy

if everyone was more like him, the world would be a nicer place and the world economy would be in shambles because we can’t have 7 billion people playing five nights at freddys and happy wheels that would just be too damn much

anonymous asked:

What's funny is Thomas' response to that post will probably be a smile and understanding or to shrug it off like "fairs fair I understand" I'm a fan and his low key perfectness bugs me lmao


if he responds he better say something like “if you kick me in the teeth, i get to kick you in the teeth” and that would put us on good (or more accurately, neutral) terms.