some tips on reading xmen comics
  • if scott is in a helmet it means it’s all gone to shit
  • magneto is a good guy actually except for when he’s a bad guy except for when he’s a good guy
  • if u see a character that u think might be jean grey it actually might be madelynne pryor. the way to know who it is is: check the clothes. terrible sweater? jean. cute dress? maddy
  • illyana can be any age at any time 
  • if you can’t understand rogue or kurt’s accents written out just assume they’re saying, respectively: “i’m gonna kick some ass [random overly southern idiom],” or “gosh i love pirates”
  • sometimes betsy braddock can teleport and sometimes she can’t it’s honestly up to you
  • artie changes color. no one knows why.
Wait a Minute...

Oumagadoki Zoo and My Hero Academia are from the same guy, right? And he likes to pull in a lot of Oumagadoki references into MHA, so

father and son duo in Oumagadoki Zoo

This is the initial design for our favorite hero in training, Izuku….

who turned into this cutie in the final and confirmed design but also looks like

this dude from Oumagadoki whose father is

that guy

If the father of the most adorable Izuku looks anything like that guy I’m going to bury myself in fanfiction until I can’t remember canon

lucaya girl meets texas 1 (and campfire scene thankyou to the uploaders for that)


she doesnt want lucas to do this

she’ll never speak to him again if he does this

they both like the same boy….. awks - riley going to say he’s a brother now and push them together


by the fire looking at each other

finally getting into it, shes saying all his nicknames

to make her stop look at his face, then tension and chemistry i mean….

he backs out, “please dont tell my sister”- omg…. *sigh*

she admits she likes him , hes a good guy

if he got hurt she doesnt know what she would do 

time for a small talk 

This is a sequel for this drabble, also by our Guest Writer @makemeamilkshake :)

Prompt by @the-element-siren​ and @jennymorales48​ @klvroline: Tristan finds out about Caroline and attempts to seduce her to spite Klaus. Background Rebenzo with small mentions of Kennett.

Jealous Guy

If you happened to walk into the Four Seasons in New York City that night, you’d see a stunning, yet angry blonde in the bar area, nursing a martini.

She and Klaus had found their way to New York to visit Rebekah and Enzo, who had decided to make the city their home, at least for the time being.

Klaus’ willingness to visit was a pretty big deal, seeing as it had taken him a considerable amount of time to get used to the idea of his sister dating Enzo – the idea of his sister dating anyone, for that matter.

Caroline had been privy to the relationship long before Klaus. She had, in fact, become aware of it before the couple had disclosed the big secret to her. A thousand years of being under her brother’s thumb may have made Rebekah sly and skilled at concealing her affairs, but cunning and wily as he was, Enzo had never been able to hide anything from Caroline. There were always the telltale signs that he was lying, and besides, the not-so-subtle glances the pair always exchanged whenever they were in each other’s company gave it  away.

Upon finally discovering their secret, Klaus had reacted in a completely normal and irrational fashion, threatening to relieve Enzo’s body of its need to hold his limbs together before burying them individually in different corners of the earth.

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