Hidekane - Headcanon

When Kaneki went missing during his torture, the only way Hide could sleep was by wearing one of the sweaters Kaneki once left behind at his apartment. It still smelled like a mixture of Kaneki’s cologne and a little of sweat, but that didn’t bother Hide. Even after so long it still brought Hide some kind of comfort and made him feel like he was close to Kaneki.

Although sometimes the sweater wasn’t enough for him, he would wear it some nights and curl up in bed, but he would feel nothing… no sense of comfort or closeness to Kaneki. When this was the case, he would wrap his arms around himself and sink further under the covers, willing himself not to cry, instead… he would just pray that one day Kaneki would come back to him.

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what are some good blogs (like yours) to follow?

Here are a few off the top of my head:

(ps this is a list of blogs “like mine”, but there are so many amazing blogs in our community that different from my setup. But really, any blog you see me reblogging from is great and you should check them out.)

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If I were to start reading some Mavin fanfic, where would you suggest I start?


These are fics I really enjoyed personally.


Audeamus (Let Us Dare) by guyi

Summary: Michael, Gavin, and the mercenary group known as the Achievement Hunters went on a recent adventure to slay a dragon. Afterwards, Michael and Gavin decided to try and write their story down.

“We met, and we travelled; we saw life and we saw death. We fought many battles and we held the torch high in the face of evil. We lived, we loved, and at the end of the day, we slew the dragon.”

WC: 68,012 - Complete

An Old-Fashioned Notion by callmearcturus

Summary: “There was an idea called the Hunters Initiative. The idea was to bring together a group of remarkable individuals… See if they could become something more.”

“We’re not a team, we’re a goddamn clusterfuck.”

WC: 47,728- Complete

Fires Of The Mind by teumessian

Summary: Michael’s always had a bit of sixth sense, but a fever triggers a change and suddenly Michael can hear a lot more than he ever wanted to. It would have been fine… you know, if Gavin Free wasn’t such a horny bastard.

WC: 21,700 - Complete

and basically anything by hashtagmavin



Hope this gives you a good start. :)


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Guyi Rirrkiyan Minitji (Fish in Rock Pool)

Guyi Rirrkiyan Minitji (Fish in Rock Pool)

Lin Onus played a pivotal role in the recognition of Aboriginal art as an expression of a contemporary and dynamic living culture. Prior to his premature death at just 47 years of age he was a prominent, strident, yet non-confrontational agent in renegotiating the history of colonial and Aboriginal Australia. His father, Bill Onus, was the founder of the Aboriginal Advancement League in Victoria…

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Name? Grace

When’s your birthday? March 12th

Where are you from? Tennessee

Have a crush? 
Nope, not at the moment

What’s your favorite color? Pink and blue!

Write something in all caps: IM REALLY STRESSED

Got a favorite band/artist? Lots! Daughter, Lady Antebellum, Panic at the Disco

Favorite number? 16

Favorite drink? Sweet tea of diet coke

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