guyfriend blog

So I stayed the night at the boyfriends house last night,

He just had to see me when I got back from Florida so he invited me to stay the night on a week night! It was great, and then this morning he had to leave for work at like 7AM and I got to sleep in. When I got dressed and was about to leave, I found a note on the counter with a key on it. It read:


Thank you for an amazing evening! I’m so happy that you stayed. Make yourself at home today. Here is your very own key, to keep if you’d like. I hope that it isn’t weird for you to accept, because I would like for you to have it. Mi casa, su casa! Please come over whenever you’d like, preferably as often as possible.

Your Boyfriend,

Sorry I haven't been on all weekend.

I was busy getting food cooked for me and watching movies and making out. He is so great and I spent most of my weekend at his house. I left once to go to the casino with a friend of mine but ended up going right back to his house. It’s gross how awesome he is, and I probably like him more than I should. But this week will be a good simmer down since I won’t see him again until Saturday and then next week he is going to visit family in Lexington. It will be good for us, even though I do just want to spend every moment with him, or thinking of him, or talking about him. sdklfjskladjf.

seeing the boyfriend tonight.

Man oh man, am I in trouble. I can’t ever stop thinking about him. I have a non-stop smile on my face because of it. He’s just so amazing and makes me so crazy happy. And hot damn is he just too gorgeous. I don’t think I’ve ever fantasized about my actual boyfriend before, but dayumz. He’s making me a “special” dinner tonight and we’re watching Psych! I’m so excited to just be near him again. I’M SO CRAY-CRAY.