Exhibit 46: Guyce

I leap from a shuttle just barely inside the Earth’s orbit, landing squarely on the wing of Air Force One. I climb to the window, make my way inside despite the suction, and neutralize every Secret Service agent in the immediate area with a wave of my hand. I approach the President of the United States and whisper into his ear, “Guyce”. Then, just as quickly as I arrived, I’m gone.

Hi, guyce! Starting on 4-20, Chronic Gamer Girl will return to complete Season Deux. So fucking stoked. Then after that, it’ll resume on good ol CGG-Tuesdays.

Please enjoy this promo. You gonna see one a day till we releeeaase. Created with Alex Charak, shot by Greg Murtha, art directed by Adil Dara Kim, and promos styled by Ashley Gardner. Yay! Really, really talented people are inspiring!