My bestfriend

He has been there through thick and thin

He Knows me better than any one

He can tell by the tone of my voice what kind of mood im in

He can make me laugh, cry, smile, giggle,

He lets me be my self

He doesnt understand how much he means to me

He frustrates me but i can help but love him

He can make me feel like no matter what everything will be okay

He knows just what to say

He is perfect in my eyes

He is one person i know will catch me when i fall

He is the most important person in my life

I miss...

I miss all those old times we had. Those late night conversations that neither of us wanted to end. Those usless conversations. The conversations were you would give me advice. Those venting sessions were i told you everything. The “I love you more conversations, Late night webcaming. Movies together. Talking to you instantly made my mood from bad to good, or good to great. I miss my best friend. The only guy friend i ever truly trusted.

It feels great to have a guy best friend. It’s like having a brother and father at the same time. Making memories together, spending time together. People think like you’re both dating because of your closeness when you’re both are actually not. It all just gets ruined when you start to develop feelings for him. When you actually start to like him more than a best friend.. It all just gets worst when he only thinks of you as a best friend and nothing more. And you’re just, shattered, broken..
—  my own experience.