ok everyone who isn’t a trans guy needs to listen up, stop fucking drawing fanart/writing fics sexualising pre-op trans men, it’s fetishistic and transphobic and it makes me and a lot of other trans guys very dysphoric and uncomfortable. I don’t want to see a single work that talks about “man boobs” or (the even more horribly fetishizing phrase like I wanna barf its so gross) “boy pussy” ever again do you fucking hear me.


After Pizza Belly Play

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I just have to ask this, why do you think it's okay for this kind of blog to be in existence? Why can't it be inclusive to just "date a guy" why just trans? I'm trans, and I dont want to be excluded from the rest of the male population. My wife doesn't have a trans husband, she just has a husband.

Great question! I shall answer your question with a question. Why date a guy instead of a date a person? Why date a person instead of date a sentient being? Why date a sentient being instead of…