Hey friends!

So I just went through and unfollowed like 60 (yikes) inactive blogs and I’ve noticed lately that my dash is a bit empty. I have a lot more time to be on Tumblr now that it’s summer, and I’d love to follow some new blogs! 

Please reblog if you post mostly or completely:

  • Marvel - i.e. The Avengers, GOTG, MCU in general. Comics are great too, but no Hydra Cap, please.
  • Steve Rogers
  • Bucky Barnes
  • Peggy Carter
  • Stucky (especially if you’re a big Stucky blog, I’m always looking for good Stucky centric blogs to follow)
  • Chris Evans
  • Sebastian Stan
  • Any other Marvel cast members (Hayley Atwell, Anthony Mackie, Elizabeth Olsen, etc.)

These are the things I mostly post, so I’d love to follow some new blogs consisting of that which are also generally active. So like I stated above, please reblog and I’ll be happy to check out your blog in the next day or two. :)

Thanks! -Katie

Just a question, do you guys think that my blog would be better just with my art on it or you enjoy me reblogging another art and stuff? Im thinking about creating a blog to reblog stuff and leave this one just for my art…

Hey guys, this blog will be locked and deleted soon because running it is too dang stressful. I’ve been taking time away from discourse and tumblr in general, and feeling a lot better for it, and I’d prefer not to relapse into feeling anxious every time I log in to this site.

Thank you so much to everyone who submitted posts, and I’m sorry I didn’t get to all of them. I appreciated your support a lot.

Be safe and watch out for yourselves. Block harassers, blacklist discourse, do what you gotta do. I’ve learned now that you can’t fight battles if you’re too badly hurt yourself. Look for people who uplift, reach out, and listen instead. 

Take care. Lots of love, esp to fellow aces and aros.

cisgender gay guy blog:

  • *picture of a topless white cis man with unrealistic body standards*
  • *ass-eating gif*
  • “this is a selfie of me in the gym, i go to the gym, guys i’m at the gym, i work out, i lift weights, guys, i go to the gym, look, look i’m at the gym, the gym is a SWEATY PALACE OF EMPTY MASCULINE VANITY, where am i? of course the answer is the gym, i am at the gym”
  • *another picture of a topless white cis man with unrealistic body standards* #goals
  • *7 consecutive anonymous asks about power topping and creampies*
  • *ass-eating gif*
  • *picture of a topless white cis man who very obviously abuses steroids*
  • *5-piece gif set of a dick slapping against a gaping ass*
  • “just a casual reminder that i go to the gym, here is what i did today at the gym because i go to the gym, listen to my story it’s about the gym”
  • *picture of a dog* #see, i told you my blog wasn’t one-dimensional
  • *arrested development gif about drinking neat vodka at 9am*
  • *ass-eating gif*
  • #instagay #homo #BROmo #gaybro
  • *picture of a topless white cis man with unrealistic body standards* 
  • “insecure? me? listen buddy, just because i spend 90% of my waking life trying to prove to others that i am 1) not emotionally vulnerable in any way whatsoever and 2) have never acted feminine in my entire life, does NOT make me insecure, you campy twink bottom cunt” #tea

trans* gay guy blog:

  • “hey guys, here is a post about my personal interests”
  • *tries to raise awareness of trans erasure in gay male spaces but only other trans people reblog it so minimal awareness is raised*
  • *post addressing the negative impact of toxic masculinity*
  • *picture of man with realistic body standards* “you’re cute! yes you! i’m addressing the person in the picture directly to show support and appreciation because they are a human being!”
  • *a meme*
  • *7 consecutive anonymous asks about personal interests*
  • *post about own experiences of being trans* “i’m aware that sharing my story could help others!”
  • “here’s some more personal interests - does anybody else share these interests? let’s be friends!”
  • “i want/have a boyfriend and i realize there’s no weakness in admitting that! i would love to/am proud to have a multi-faceted relationship with somebody!”
  • *picture of something that relates to personal interests*
  • *post acknowledging and directly addressing the issue of mental illness in gay men*
  • *post about the influence of western politics on systematic racism*
  • “even though i’m a man who likes men, i not only acknowledge the existence of, but publically support, women’s rights!”
  • “i may have been discriminated against for being LGBT+, but i’m still able to express myself! i can recognize and communicate my own insecurities without surrendering to the fear of not fitting in! i’m comfortable enough with my masculinity not to hide behind an oversexualized and defensive projected self!” #tea

@writing-prompt-s - Voila! Another birthday cake to add to your collection. ;)

Prompt Guy opened up his Tumblr, but – even after scrolling through his dash –there wasn’t a cake to be seen. He was disappointed; after all, he had been holding high expectations of this day (mainly, of finally getting his much-deserved cake).

Not a minute later, however, a knock came at his door. Insistent, as if they had something to share - and urgent! Then the doorbell rang. Confused, Prompt Guy got up from his rather comfortable seat and made his way towards the door. He had not anticipated company today. During the time it took to get to the exit, more knocks came upon the wooden door and more rings from the doorbell sounded throughout the house. Eventually, Prompt Guy reached the door, unlocked it, and pulled it swiftly open.

There, as if a parade’s final destination was his doorstep and each member had been carrying baked goods before taking off, was a long line of cakes – tall cakes, short cakes, round cakes, cupcakes, good cakes, bad cakes, but cakes nonetheless. No one was there waiting with all the caked, but it was clear what just happened nonetheless:


anonymous asked:

Hi Sandsverse, are you guys winding down? These blogs have been my favorite thing to happen on Tumblr since I joined in 2010/2011. Please consider sticking around for a few more years! I'm sure it's a lot of hard work but it helps me through the rough times I'm going through and I appreciate Seymour, Elmer, and Horace so much. You're a force for good on this internet, and I don't know how I'll make it through four years of Trump without you all.

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