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The Restless Coven Introductory Post

So Pinelle is this town set in a deep pinewood forest, with pretty depressive weather (fog, thunderstorms, clouds, all that jazz) and all sorts of pretty scenery. In this town, lives one of the many main characters, Margo Rivermoore. Our lovely little MC here lives in the suburbs of this big-ish town, in a pretty normal house with a pretty normal family (the coolest dad ever, a chill-but-can-also-be-really-stubborn-or-uptight mom, and a gnarly cat named Echo). Seems normal, right?

Oh ho ho, are you wrong.

Margo is an insomniac. She’s had issues ever since she started going to middle school, and it seemed to casually get worse overtime. But thanks to various types of tea, some medication, and motivation to succeed in her classes, she’s been able to pull through just fine.

Her aunt, however, thinks otherwise.

And that’s when things start to get a bit more.. interesting.

You see, her aunt is a witch.

Aunty Iris (which is her name) owns a wicked shop in town known as The Witch’s Brewery, full of various crystals, candles, spell/potion ingredients, and so much more. Margo has worked there since she was younger, helping her aunt out with organizing things, coming up with sale ideas, explaining various items to curious customers, and quite a lot more. When Rivermoore isn’t studying for her numerous classes, drawing, or taking Polaroid pictures, she’s learning more and more about Witchcraft, hoping to match up to her aunt’s expertise. To the townsfolk, they see the shop as a unique little place for witchy decor, ornaments, or toys. However, her aunt runs it as a serious business for those who wish to become invested and successful in the art of Witchcraft.

Anyways, her aunt becomes increasingly curious about Margo’s no-longer-that-serious insomnia, constantly questioning her about it. When they finally discuss her methods of gaining more sleep, Aunty Iris is eager to suggest more “witch-like” remedies to assist her: shrines, rituals, potions, spells..

But therein lies ANOTHER problem.

Anne (the mother), really doesn’t like her sister’s way of living life, nor her daughter’s participation in it. Margo always asks why she doesn’t like it, and Anne’s usual response is something along the lines of “It’s just so.. strange. I don’t know why Iris believes in all that fairy tale magic crap, but I mean, whatever floats her boat. As long as it doesn’t end up in my household and your paycheck is as good as it is, we’re fine.” If people didn’t think it was a neat little shop with cool trinkets and decor, her mother would pull her out of that job immediately. “I don’t want people to think you actually believe in that stuff. You already have enough social anxiety just being normal. The last thing I need is for people to think you’re a witch.”

.. oh yeah, and there’s that.

Margo has a TON of social anxiety.

She often keeps to herself, always focused on hobbies, schoolwork, or making sure her rascal-cat Echo doesn’t get into any more trouble. Margo uses the excuse of “I have so much I want to do, and a lot of it doesn’t have to do with people anyway, so what’s the point of socializing if it only serves as a distraction?”


After a few days of hearing “I know you’re probably sick of hearing me jabber about this, but I really think you should try this out..” from her aunt while working at her shop, Margo finally agrees to try out one of her remedies. However, she only has one requirement: “We need to make sure my mom doesn’t know it’s a part of Witchcraft. If she does, she’ll flip out on me and you.”

So they agree to make a small shrine for sleep, decorated with various crystals, herbs, and a few candles, and Margo brings all the materials home and sets it up and does everything she was supposed to in order to have the shrine work properly. Her mom sees her with this new stuff after it’s all set up and says “.. neat decorations.” Margo has a millisecond heart attack before smiling and saying “Thanks.” and then rambles on about why she had it set up the way she had it set up and that it as totally not a weird witch thing her aunt suggested or anything and her mom buys it and goes along with it.

And at first she feels a little funky the first few nights but she starts falling asleep earlier and earlier.. and then it works.

But.. some crazy stuff happens too.

And I’m not gonna tell you what happens.. ;)

I felt like I’ve revealed too much already anyway so we’re gonna stop right there.


Margo Rivermoore

  • Aesthetic Queen
  • Introverted Insomniac
  • Socializing is the opposite of “her thing”
  • Crazy Intelligent Academically and In-General
  • Creative Bean
  • Dorky Nerd
  • Overthinking is her specialty


  • Typical black cat
  • But not so typical because he has Heterochromia
  • One eye’s yellow, the other’s sky blue
  • Troublemaker
  • Leaves random things on windowsill
  • Somehow these things relate to ingredients for Witchcraft
  • He’s actually really important guys
  • You’ll see ;)

Bradley Rivermoore

  • Brad’s a Rad Dad
  • I only named him Brad so I could call him that
  • And so Margo can call him that
  • So everyone can call him that
  • BUT ANYWAYS he’s actually super cool
  • Buys random gifts for his daughter
  • Good with archery
  • Skillful carpenter
  • He will kick your ass at Monopoly

Anne Rivermoore

  • Low-key strict
  • Gives high-quality advice
  • Has frenemy relationship with Echo
  • Wins every argument with anyone ever
  • Pro gardener
  • Her casseroles are the best
  • Loves her sister, just hates the Witchcraft part

“Aunty” Iris Blackwell

  • Hardcore Witch
  • Ridiculously intelligent
  • Kinda like a grandma
  • Awesome baker
  • Has a lot of interesting pets
  • Best. Storyteller. Ever.
  • A bit of a space cadet
  • Loves to ramble


  • Witchcraft! (Duh)
  • Adventure!
  • Magic!
  • Awesome characters!
  • Seemingly inevitable doom!
  • Meme references!
  • So may plots and sub-plots it’ll make your head spin!

So prepare yourselves, for this story that’s way more than you think it is because I’m actually hiding the primary plot whoops.


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I appreciate the sarcastic footnote and i have to assume Laos is lying through his teeth and just wants to try the food no matter the risk because how can he be such a foodie and monster junkie and not know things don’t always advertise their poison, like that’s a basic rule of life that a lot of unexpected things are poisonous, get your shit together Laos.

Not to get on a soap box or anything but the amount of straight guys that have told me that they’re secretly bi illustrates how weird our society is.

Like it demonstrates that having homoerotic thoughts is completely normal, yet these men can’t express these thoughts openly. Either because they fear that society will treat them differently or because they themselves suffer from internalized homophobia and don’t want to be associated with anything queer.

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List 5 facts about your most favorite sim of yours and send this to 10 simblrs whose sims you adore ♥♥♥

Thank you!! n.n 

5 Facts about Hana Grant 
Time for some new facts hmmmm

1. She used to love taking pictures, but then everyone got a simstagram and she saw how much she sucked so she dropped the hobby. 
2. She loves to sing, when no one is looking of course lol
3. She has a lot of weird characteristics about herself, or things she does. 
4. Too many to list tbh. 

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Hey there uwu just wanted to let you know that I am really hooked on the kinktober writing you post! I keep refreshing to see if a new one is up already, because your writing is just so good. I hope you’re taking enough time to relax as well, though. Keep up the good work! 💕

THANK YOU SO MUCH omg~ I’m so glad you guys are enjoying the kinktober stuff I’ve been putting out. 

I actually had one written for yesterday but I forgot to post it lmao. That one will be up soon. :)

Tips for Pre-T Trans Guys

Wanna grow some facial hair? Get you some Jojoba oil or castor oil and put it above your upper lip, on your jawline, and on your eyebrows. Give it a few days and you’ll start seeing a difference!

Wanna get buff? PROTEIN. And a lot of weight lifting. Less cardio and more strength training.

Want a firmer chest? Put collagen on your chest every day to tighten and firm the skin. I got mine at Vitamin Shoppe. This will make your Top Surgery a lot easier and will cause you to heal faster/better.

Want a flatter chest? Bench it. All the time. Don’t have a gym membership or barbells? Lay on your back on the floor and lift weights above your chest.

Want more testosterone? Take zinc!

Wanna deepen your voice? Download a voice range app. They tell you how masculine or feminine your voice sounds to others and help you practice deepening your voice.

Have a small chest and no binder? KT tape will do the trick! Put tissue over your nipples or it will hurt like hell when you take it off.

Hope this helps :)

Achievement Hunter Members as John Mulaney quotes

Geoff Ramsey: 

Jack Patillo:

Ryan Haywood:

Michael Jones:  

Jeremy Dooley: 

Gavin Free:

Trevor Collins:


Lindsay Jones:

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Matt Bragg:


Ray Narvez Jr.: 

So Bucky can sneak up on basically anyone because he was, you know, an assassin, and sneaking tends to be a skill assassins need. But for some reason, Steve always knows he’s there, and it drives him absolutely insane. 

On more than one occasion, Steve’s been sitting at his desk drawing or writing emails or whatever for a while, and Bucky thinks, okay, this is my chance. So he opens the door and eases into the room. Silently. He stands there for a while, and Steve doesn’t say anything. And just as he’s starting to thing that this is it, it’s been fifteen minutes and Steve clearly has no idea, Steve will say something like “I was thinking of ordering in for dinner today, what do you think?” and Bucky wants to hit something.