guy's swimsuit


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(July 26, 1990)

anonymous asked:

If they had been a part of the whole beach getaway (oh lord that would have been.. interesting), what swimsuits do you think the HT and SF bros would have chosen for the main character?


Much like Stretch, Mutt happens to like the fascination humans have with skeleton-print, and the idea of seeing it on you is something he can’t resist.  He doesn’t go with one that shows a lot of skin because he’d rather see that part of you privately.


He’s fine with you showing skin, as long as he’s by your side to slip an arm around you.  He likes the many straps on this one; they make his imagination run wild.


You stare at the swimsuit, and then to Axe.

It’s a cheeseburger.

“Seriously?”  Your mouth twitches; you can’t tell if he’s serious or joking.  

He shrugs.  “you already look good enough to eat, so why not?”


Crooks like this one because it’s blue–like the ocean!–but still leaves so much to the imagination.  The peek of the skin of your sides, visible beneath the mesh stretched across it, is something he can’t resist. 
Beware his love bites, or he may devour you.