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You know what we need? More fluff! May I request some headcanons for the following: Ace, Sabo, Law, and Zoro's reactions when their s/o sleepily admits they slept well because the sound of each guy's heartbeat lulled them during the night? (◡‿◡✿)


Reaction to S/O saying they slept well because of them:

Ace and Sabo:

  • HELL YEA, they would be ALL OVER this. LOL
  • Though at first, they would be SO FLUSTERED. Most likely catch on fire, too. May need an emergency bucket of water for these dorks.
  • They would be so touched, and mentally squealing, if not actually squealing at how adorable/sweet they think it is.
  • May try to hide their smiling face in their shoulder or something. Awwwww~
  • C U D D L E S
  • CUDDLES 24/7 for the next year. LMAO

Law and Zoro:

  • PFFT, these two dweebs would probably be even more flustered than the fire bros above.
  • May not be able to look them in the eye, but OMG, THEY’RE S/O IS FREAKING ADORABLE.
  • Also hiding their face into their s/o’s shoulder, but most likely pouting. LMAO
  • “Why do you have to be cute NOW?”
  • Once they finally manage to calm down, instant teasing. Law more so than Zoro.

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Cheeky Affairs

Notes: This doodle was so adorable the words just flew out, I couldn’t help it x)

Warning: word vomit, FLUFF 

“You guys lost,” smirked Gray.

Knowing exactly what that’d do to Natsu.

“You don’t have to keep repeating that ice-face!” he yelled snappily at the smug mage.

“Gray is correct,” Erza said sagely, from where she was perched next to Gray on the hotel bed, though it wasn’t hard to notice how she was gloating as well. “And so you have to face punishment set by us!”

“N-now now,” said Lucy, seated on the floor next to Natsu, holding up her palms in a placating manner, “we don’t have to get too excited over the punishment.”

“Yeah, but we still are,” said Gray, not taking his amused eyes off Nastu’s huge pout. “You didn’t reach the mayor’s office first, we did. And the spoils of war go to us.”

“What war? It was just a race!

“Spoils of the race, then!”

“I don’t think that - ”

“Would you just tell us what it is already?!” yelled Natsu, unable to stand another second of Gray being any kind of winner.

Gray and Erza exchanged a not so subtle glance at each other before nodding.

“Well this is gonna be exciting,” muttered a very excited Happy from behind his paws.

“You two,” said Erza grandly, “have to be close!”

“Well that’s stupid. We already are, she’s my beat friend,” said Natsu, missing Lucy’s flushed, but pleased smiled.

“What she means to say is, you’ll have to be physically close,” said Gray.

“What!?” yelled a now very obviously flustered Lucy. “That’s - no - you can’t - I’m not - this - rude - ”

“Woah, woah! Lucy, why’d you head go straight to the gutter?” teased Gray.

Lucy stilled and took on an even brighter hue. “W-well you said…”

“Sit on his lap,” commanded Erza. And no one refused an Erza command.

Sighing deeply and wondering why such things only happened to her, Lucy gingerly got off the floor, turning towards Natsu. It really didn’t help her situation when he only leaned back, smiling, resting his weight on his palms as if offering his lap saying - ‘Come here, it’s all yours.’

Somehow she managed to sit daintily, doing her best to not put too much of her weight on him. The only positive she could find was that with her back facing him, Natsu couldn’t see her expressions.

“That looks really awkward,” Gray commented, titling his head to one side, as if judging a painting.

Erza and Happy nodded their agreement with equal seriousness, heads titling as well.

Lucy was about to made a snide remark at them when she felt her entire seated self being lifted into the air.

Natsu, in an act of weirdly good non-combat coordination, turned her around to face him, before placing her back onto his lap.

Much to Lucy’s only growing embarrassment.

“That’s much better!” Natsu declared cheerfully.

In the background now, Erza, Gray and Happy were all exhibiting varying levels of interest at the scene before them.

“N-no it’s not!” argued Lucy in a soft voice.

“How come? You’re sitting more comfortably now and I can see you!”

“Don’t you see how close this is? How inti - oh, never mind,” she gave up, rolling her eyes before dropping her face into her palms.

“Hey now,” he said softly, “don’t be like that.” He drew her hands away from her face and held her chin, titling her head towards his own.

Lucy flushed.

Erza was scarlet.

Even Gray turned slightly pink - 

Happy wondered where he could get fish flavoured pop-corn for this.

And Natsu simply pulled Lucy’s cheeks. Wide.

“Hahahahahahaahahahahahaha! Oh man, Lucy you look so funny!”

And everyone deflated, hopes of anything fluffy happening to their secret ship now leaving them. Except a now pissed Lucy.

“Oh yeah? Let’s see how you like it!” she challenged, pulling at his cheeks while he was still laughing.

With his moving and her practically leaping at his face, her hand happened to misfire, and ended up hooking a cheek.

Not one to go down over a blooper, she dug her other thumb into his mouth as well, before quite genuinely laughing at what she had made of Natsu’s face.

“T-that’s even funnier!”

“Wha the he’ Luhee, wea sahosed ta be a ‘eam!”

“Well you did it fir-”

Natsu took his chance to hook her cheeks as well, thus beginning a tug of (cheeks) war between the two.

Meanwhile, the rest of their team were looking on in quiet disappointment laced with a smidgen of disbelief at the two, and how they chose to respond to sitting so intimately together.

“Well what did you expect,” Gray finally said to Erza. “They’re as daft as they come.”

Erza was now in the very depths of self-battering hell. “It was because I didn’t try hard enough. I should have committed fully to the endeavour. Should I asked them to have taken their clothes off? Set a part of Lucy on fire for the appeal? Maybe - ”

Gray, horrified with where Erza was going with this, decided that she needed to get away from her match-making efforts.

Match-making? Mira. Another bet maybe? Oh jeez.

He nodded to Happy and they both gently lifted Erza off the bed and outside for a walk that they hoped would do her (and Natsu and Lucy’s chances at a long life) some good, leaving behind the two wrestling best friends, not bothering with notifying them.

“Le’ goh oh ma sheeks, Nahshu!”

“Nah unlil you do ferse!”

“You - ouch!”

And Natsu knew what had caused that yelp of pain. Immediately, he let go of her cheeks, and let her hastily withdraw her own hands as well.

He always forgot his fangs had potential to hurt. And now thanks to that Lucy had quite a nick on her palm.

Without much of a thought, he did what he always did - what came first to mind.

He licked it.

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How You Met (Teen Wolf Preference)

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Scott McCall:

You were freaking out. Was it necessary? Probably not. In fact, it definitely was not. Dr. Deaton assured you, Maxx was fine. Although, he was giving him a thorough once over just to ease your mind (he was looking over test results at the moment). You watched as the the 80lb ball of lovable mischief and fur happily let the vet tech pet him.

“If you don’t mind my asking… How did this happen exactly?”

“Well, I was planning on starting this diet, so I threw all my food away even though…” You stopped yourself for a moment, thinking maybe you shouldn’t go into details about your diet to the cute stranger that looked oddly familiar, “Anyways, I came home from school and this guy was in the trash with his stupid adorable face covered in chocolate…. He is lucky he’s so cute.”

“Hey, my mom says that… Not that I’m saying that I’m, well, I uh- Hi, I’m Scott.” He stuck his hand out to you with a goofy grin.

“(Y/N)… Wait, are you in my English class?”

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Things I learned from Yoi, ep. 5

- Yuuri is probably the kind of gamer that yells “GIT GUD” at 12 year olds

- Yuuri has a fanboy that sees through all of his flaws (fricken adorable)

- Victor “accept yourself, love yourself” Nikiforov, scolds boyfriend for being a sourpuss

- Public Victuuri hugs are so casual now and that’s beautiful

- Victor keeps his bae’s lips healthy and full :3

- Yuuri takes it on the face really well

- Victor WILL ruin the moment if there’s blood

- No seriously, I bet that leaping hug was Yuuri’s fantasy realized

- Victor gave him another warm (from behind) hug though ^^

- Pretty much everyone ships them?

- Except for Russian Yuri; he’s smol, gay and angry af

- Yuuri is the kind of guy that confesses on live television

- Still no word on if Victor found the posters (please do)

How They React To Thigh Riding (BTS)

Requested by a lovely anon <3

Feel free to send in requests guys! We do Reactions, Preferences, Fake Texts, and Scenarios! Just tell us who you want, what you want, and how you want it! <3  (MalexFemale, MalexMale, FemalexFemale)

*Don’t own the gifs yo*

Author: Taebaby

NAMJOON: Fuck. Yes. (I’m tempted to just leave it at that) He’d absolutely love watching you rub yourself on him, that you’d want him so badly. Really just the mere thought that you were so desperate for him that you’d ride his thigh would drive him through the roof

YOONGI: Highly into it (but low key though cause he’s yoongi). He’d fucking ador the way you let out small whimpers and twitch a little when you rode him. He’d have such a tight grip on your hips he’d leave bruises

HOSEOK: He’s the type of guy to get off on sounds and facial expressions so you riding his thigh face to face would be like 100% optimal for him. That way he can watch every emotion cross your face and hear every moan and cry leave your lips. The hardest part for him would be controlling himself

SEOKJIN: I feel like he’d really love the control over you it would give him. He’s always so gentle and nice, but I bet, deep down in that boy, theres a good mount of aggression and possessiveness that just waiting to bust out. You begging to ride his thigh would be a dream to him

JIMIN: This smug little bastard, he’d have no shame in enjoying the thigh riding. Like, super hyped chimchim comin yo way ok. Hands firmly on your waist with his leg bouncing occasionally, sending you into spasms,and all with a big stupid grin on his face

TAEHYUNG: Shameless. SHAMELESS. This boy would see nothing wrong with pulling you into his lap, wedging his thigh between your legs, breathing into your ear ‘ride daddy’ You wouldn’t even have to worry about initiating it, he would be on that shit like you wouldn’t believe

JUNGKOOK: This one would just be like fuckin amazed by how much pleasure he could give you without even doing a damn thing (not that he wouldn’t want to help out, he certainly would) Sometimes he’d just sit back and watch, thoroughly enjoying the show and wondering just how he got so lucky

iKON Reaction to -

You falling on top of them around the other members on accident


Can you do ikon reacting to you falling on top of them by accident in front of the other members.


He would be more quiet about it then the rest of the members. He’d help you up and then give you a slightly shy smile. Then he’d keep you close to him and continue talking to the guys. Later on, when the boys weren’t looking, he’d whisper sweetly in your ear.

“Be more careful jagi, i don’t want you getting hurt.”


He would swiftly hold you in his arm so you wouldn’t get hurt. Then he would flash his adorable cheesy smile that you loved. He would hold you there for a moment and ask you if you were okay. He would dramatically kiss your face telling you to take care of yourself. Winking at you he’d say-

“It’s okay though babe, you know i’m always here to catch you.”


He would be stunned. He would be confused as to why you were on top of him. He would gently push you off of him. He would ask what did you trip on, or how you fell. He would be dumbfounded when you told him that you tripped over your bag. When he heard the teasing coming from his other members he would become really shy. 

“Y-you need to be more careful (y/n).”


It would make him laugh. However at first it would startle him, since you did run into the room yelling. He wouldn’t notice June until after he kissed your forehead, which made you blush a little. He would hear June and Jinhwan laughing a little, and he would feel slightly embarrassed himself.

“Well they are my girlfriend/boyfriend, shouldn’t I be able to kiss them without being embarassed?”


He would start blushing cutely while helping you up. He’d peck you on the cheek and tell you how your clumsiness is so cute. Eventually you would start blushing. Then the guys would add on to it by saying how cute of a couple you guys make.

“Gosh you guys are so annoying!”


He would get embarrassed but he wouldn’t show it. He would gently push you off of him. June wouldn’t stop talking about how clumsy you are and he’d bring up so many other embarrassing stories about you. Then he’d start getting whiny after you exposed his stories.

“Listen! That only happened ONE time jagi!!”


He would find it funny as hell. Yunhyeong would laugh at you and say stuff like ha, you’re a klutz. He would tease you so much. Yunhyeong would see the others standing in the door way and would see them chuckling and be like, hey what are you guys laughing at?

“You’re such a klutz, I’m surprised you didn’t break anything lol.”

-Admins A & JC

Sweet boyfriend

Genre: Fluff, angst

Word count: 1,8k

Day 1

As soon as you saw him, you wanted to just walk up to him and say that he was the most beautiful man you have ever seen. That, of course, was way too much even for you. Your friends quickly informed you that that guy was shy and sweet Jeon Jungkook, a second year who was interested in dancing. That made you like him more, even though you have never talked to him. School corridor was very crowded, so soon you lost sight of his gentle, smiling face.

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Screenshots from THIS WAS A BAD IDEA | True Or False #4! :D

I learned one big thing about Sean in this video guys… His face is still super expressive even with 7 clothes pins on his face, WHAT THE FUCK?! xD 

Okay but in all seriousness though I had so much fun with this video. xD Yes I was having a semi sick enjoyment out of Sean causing himself pain with adorable tiny Santa clothes pins. :P 

This is my life right now guys! This is what I did with part of my day today is watch and screenshot some silly green haired potato stick clothes pins on his face! But you know what? I enjoyed every moment of it! ;D 
Like I said before I had so much with this video I loved it. Haha! :) 

Also thanks to this game and video I figured out that my eye color is the rarest eye color around the world. Which is pretty frigan cool! Yay for having green eyes! :D 

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I just found your blog AHAGWGWGWAAA YOU GOT A NEW FAN ✨I love your art style and by looking at all your drawn responses you sound so adorable and squishy ghwaaa ;;

YAYAYYAyay I’m happy you love my work! (*꒦ິ꒳꒦ີ)

Oh.. hahah I still dunno how to react when people call me adorable and cute cause IRL I’m so awkward ahahahha

I can confirm that I am squishy though xD Well, my stomach more likely. My cheeks aren’t super squishy.. I don’t think.. 

//massages face
Uhhhh… Maybe a lil lolol


Zelo is like TOP crossed with Baekhyun.

Taeyong is like Luhan crossed with Jongin crossed with Jaejoong crossed with Takeshi Kaneshiro.

Woozi is like a PG rated version of Yoongi.

Hoshi is like Zico’s face crossed with Dance Dance Revolution.

Jongin is the Boss Level of Dance Dance Revolution crossed with a puppy.

Leo is like they made Grumpy Cat sing and dance.

June is like Whitney Houston crossed with Taeyang crossed with shade.

Young K is Jongup 2.0.

Jae is tumblr.

Jackson is Facebook.

PCY is Myspace.

JB is Photoshop.

Youngjae is like Microsoft Word having a meeting with a peanut butter sandwich.

Mino is like a gummi bear having a meeting with both Snoop Dog and Snoopy.

Hanbin is like Hanbin having a meeting with Hanbin. 

Bobby is only made of grunting, sweat and disrespect.



Remember: PROTECTJEREMY When you have a bad Christmas, draw happy dorks and it might all just work out, if not then go to your close friends.

There is just so much that I can talk about these cause these turned out great ;u; Though I know Jeremy (the one with the questionmark on the face) is my favorite to look at atm. Though Vincent(purple guy) and Scott(phone guy) make me crack up.

so in the spirit of the holidays I drew these adorable littleshits peeps ouo

yeah so I drew all the security guards and Doll aaaand yeah..dunno what to say except that Vincent is wearing a purple version of my old jacket that I miss *floats off*

All character belong to rebornica I just dressed them up (also Jeremy is wearing his weeb shirt)

And so with this I’m thinking of having these as their casual winter outfits in the SecondChanceAU ouo (and doll does have an over coat I just didn’t draw it)

greed is so… affectionate but he rarely shows it. he wants to be physical with everyone but he doesnt for. personal reasons. so like imagine him just fucking LIFTING UP people in the air while he hugs them and smiling. kissing the hecc out of all his friends adorable faces. hand holding? yes. imagine someone doing this to him though because he must be so affection starved but you know he also has to be this cool guy™ so he asks for affection very casually. and by casually i mean “ GIVE ME A HUG PPL E ASE AND THANKS” and then automatically he hugs them and then cries on the inside when they hug back like. hug. achieved.

Alrighty ladies and gentlemen, story time. Specifically, PICTURE story time.

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My boyfriend is the most perfect person ever. Whenever I'm upset he calls me because he knows that he's voice helps me to calm down. We're in a ldr but he still means so much to me. He sings to me and his face is so cute and I'm so gayy. We like to do plans about what we're going to do when we meet even though we know that there's no chance because of my abusive parents and we're too young. But I just love him soooooo much

AWE i hope you guys can meet sOON i ship u guys this is adorable bless u both

tab time!!

Sakamaki: blind. Requested by Anon.

It was an accident, a guy fell asleep at the wheel and served driving into the cafe you were sitting at.
Glass shattered and blinded you. Now you were home, from the hospital and the boys were freaking out.
How could this happen to you? Their little princess, who they adored so much.

“Hey you can move in with me doll.” He smiled as he cupped your face and kissed your nose. “I won’t leave your side, so hold my hand always.”
He was a bit sweeter, though he missed the expressions in your eyes he adored how helpless you were. And how much you needed him.

He did a play in your sense of touch. Making sure that your other senses could make up for what you have lost.
Giving you objects to touch so that you can picture it.
“Laito? Is this a dildo?” You growled as you touched the most recent item he gave to you.

He held your hand always and would lead you to room to room, telling you where he was taking you.
Moving things out of the way, and just watching you.
Now he was able to watch you without knowing and would study everything you do. But he would still blush.

Hiya! It’s Admin Maple 🍁 from sweetlybakedkpop! I was wondering if I could have a private selca ship with ioi, aoa, twice, clc, and red velvet please? I hope we can become good friends!!!!

You’re so cute I’m DYING thank you for submitting!! We should totally talk more, for sure

IOI: Yeonjung

Originally posted by wjsn-girls

Can you make this happen? I want it to be real. She would adore you honestly like in my mind, you are Yeonjung’s ideal type. Because she can be serious and fun, I think she’ll make a great partner!

AOA: Chanmi

Originally posted by woorijadoo

Okay so truthfully I don’t have much to say but when I saw your face I legitimately though of this gal. She’s so gorgeous and you can definitely keep up with her visually. Plus I just want to see you guys become a power couple, or like the couple that everyone comes to for advice. You know?

Twice: Jeongyeon

Originally posted by jeongyeonoohahh

Oh. My. Gosh. I saw you wrote Twice and it took me less than a second to write down this girl’s name. You would be unbearably cute together, I know this for a fact. Beware, though. She’ll probably steal your glasses for kicks and giggles

CLC: Seunghee

Originally posted by fyeahohseunghee

I feel like she would just adore someone like you. Looks wise, you’re just her type for sure. She would probably put her arm around you a lot, but that’s just a theory

Red Velvet: Joy

Originally posted by fyeah-joy-blog

I feel like this would just be the cutest couple in history?? Like goodness so many fun memories to be made! If you’re ever feeling sad, this literal bundle of Joy (ahaha) will be sure to cheer you up.

That’s all, folks!

Thanks for submitting! These are just my opinions, but I feel very strongly about them. Hope you like them!~

I do not own these gifs, credit goes to the original creators~