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For some reason I had never seen this gem before I started reading the manga in book form but yeah! It’s on the back of volume 8 and I feel like more people should be talking about this because it’s absolutely perfect. I tried to color it but meh

YouFood Roulette

Title: YouFood Roulette
Authors: @copperbadge and @scifigrl47
Rating: General Audiences
Summary: Steve and Tony get trapped in a foodie YouTube hole, but not before arguing about Tony’s definition of “medical attention”.
Notes: Set in Sam’s foodieverse with a cameo by DJ of Sci’s Botverse.
Warnings: Lots of talk of food, some of it kind of gross. 


“I’m Sam Wilson,” Sam said, beaming at the camera.

“And I’m Bucky Barnes,” Bucky added, not quite as naturally cheerful, but Steve could tell he always made an effort.

“And this,” Sam said, as if he was about to say the usual is Cheap Eats, but instead Bucky reached under the counter in front of them and lifted a laughing, squirming DJ up to shoulder-height.

“Is DJ’s Cheap Eats!” they chorused in unison.

“Yay!” DJ added, throwing his arms in the air.

“You realize we sent DJ out with two babysitters tonight, and we’re sitting home watching him on YouTube,” Tony said, curled up under Steve’s arm on the sofa.

Steve, a bowl of green-onion popcorn in his lap, turned his head to kiss Tony’s temple as the video played. “We hadn’t seen his video with Sam yet. Anyway, you miss him when he’s not around.”

“I won’t admit it.”

“He’s having a good time out with Sam and Bucky, just like he did for the video,” Steve pointed out.

“Thank God,” Tony said. “Where did they say they were going, anyway?”

“It’s a secret,” Steve told him, as the Cheap Eats opening animation ended.

“DJ is on loan to us from his dad, who’s a friend of the show,” Sam said. Bucky propped DJ on his hip, and DJ gave the camera an especially cute smile. “Because we know that often the people who need cheap, easy eats the most are the ones who are worried about providing healthy meals their kids will actually eat. So today DJ’s gonna help us make some really easy meals your kids will love.”

“Milk and anything in milk,” Tony sighed.

“Hey, I was a picky eater too, and I turned out okay,” Steve reminded him.

“You’re a supertaster.”

“And you know DJ has some sensory stuff going on.”

“Yeah, yeah.” Tony rubbed his face as Sam, in the video, started talking about how to select good breads from the grocery store and what to look for in a cold cut. “It’s not his problem, it’s mine.”

“It doesn’t have to be a problem at all.”

“I just hate that I can’t feed him better.”

Steve rested his chin on the top of Tony’s head. “You feed him fine. Look at him, he’s adorable.”

“The camera adds ten pounds.”

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you guys are damn fools if you think kevin is an idiot for putting up THE STRONGEST FUCKING POWER DUO IN THE HOUSE.

I realize that Ika is your queen but come on, its a smart move to put her on the damn block. It’s ridiculous that no one has nominated that duo yet. Even if one goes, the other will STILL be a target and a “shield”. But at this point Kevin will be a target anyways. 

Plus are you forgetting that Dem put up Kevin and Bruno?!?!??! Come on, stop acting like he’s making a bad gave move just because you are salty about the nominations. It makes sense Kevin would put up the people that put him up and not make enemies of the other houseguests, lets be real.

ANDDDDD Kevin will be able to beat anyone in that house, he would NOT be able to beat Ika, imo, and maybe not even Dem… so its a smart move. 

Doctor Yellowface And The Bullshit Machine - Quill’s Scribbles

Doctor Strange. It feels like a lifetime ago since this whole debacle began. So with the movie coming out on the 25th October here in the UK, and on the 4th November in the US, I thought I would hold a little refresher course. Going over all the controversies, lies and general bullshit that have come out of this frankly deplorable piece of cinema.

Of course the first controversial thing about Doctor Strange is the fact that it exists in the first place. Created in the late 60s/early 70s by Steve Ditko (and Stan Lee, but mostly Steve Ditko), while the Doctor Strange comics were surreal, intelligent, philosophical and imaginative, they were also racially insensitive due to the time they were written. Often using racial stereotypes as well as incorporating the mighty whitey trope, where the white lead immerses themselves in another culture and not only learns their ways but becomes their greatest representative. Great care would have to be taken in adapting Doctor Strange because it could become very problematic if handled incorrectly.

More controversy emerged when Marvel announced that Benedict Cumberbatch would be playing the title character. This casting choice was something I actually supported, although I did sympathise with others’ concerns. Aside from some of the stupid shit Cumberbatch has said over the years about autism, mislabeling POCs as ‘coloured people’ and the fact that he played the whitewashed Khan in Star Trek Into Darkness, he is also a white man. Some believe that it would have been more appropriate to cast an Asian actor in the role, and I do agree to a certain extent. It would certainly have been a way to combat some of the problems with the original source material as well as a great way of diversifying the MCU, which has been repeatedly criticised for its lack of POC representation. However a white Doctor Strange isn’t necessarily a deal breaker. The original comics, particularly the origin story, was very much a criticism of certain aspects of Western culture, including white privilege, materialism and capitalism. With that in mind, Marvel could justify the casting if the film were to specifically address those points whilst also ironing out the more problematic elements of the story. Writing Asian characters that are three dimensional and that don’t conform to stereotypes, and making sure that Doctor Strange doesn’t effectively turn into white Jesus at the end.

But then the shit really hit the fan when Tilda Swinton, a white woman… as in a woman who is not Asian, was cast as the Ancient One. Doctor Strange’s mentor and an Asian character. Yes. Like Batman Begins, Pan and many other movies that came before, Doctor Strange became the victim of whitewashing. A reprehensible and unforgivable practice that erases cultural depictions on film as well as significant job opportunities for POC performers. Whitewashing is wrong. Plain and simple. And yet Marvel, even now, are still trying to defend the casting choice for multiple, ludicrous reasons.

First they tried to deflect the criticism, claiming that people were attacking them for casting a woman in the role as opposed to a man. Kevin Fiege even gave a statement saying that they chose Tilda Swinton because they wanted someone who was ambiguous in terms of gender (whatever the fuck that was supposed to mean). This was bullshit. Not a single person had a problem with a female Ancient One. The problem was the Ancient One was being played by a white woman. If they wanted to gender swap the Ancient One, there are many Asian women they could have picked for the role. Michelle Yeoh would be my pick.

Next they went for the ‘colourblind’ defence, where Marvel said they chose Tilda Swinton because she was the best person for the role and that her character transcended race. This was also bullshit. The Ancient One was written as an Asian character. His culture permeates throughout the entire story. I don’t care how good an actor Tilda Swinton is. She’s white. Casting her automatically erases the culture the character is supposed to be representing. Plus, crucially, the colourblind defence only really works if you’ve cast a person of colour. Because being colourblind should surely give you all the more reason to look outside of traditional casting channels and not cast a white person in a role.

Then came the defence of social progress. That we really should be thanking Marvel because the Asian characters in the Doctor Strange comics were racist stereotypes and therefore casting white people in the roles solves the problem and now everything is hunky dory.


Whitewashing doesn’t solve the problem. It just makes it worse. See while most of the Asian characters in the original comics were racist stereotypes, at least they were Asian. What Marvel are doing is removing the culture from the story entirely rather than putting effort into writing a version of it that is not racist or stereotypical. This isn’t a creative solution. This is a lazy out. If Marvel genuinely think that a bald white woman in a bathrobe is somehow a better solution than writing a three dimensional and respectful Asian character, then the art of storytelling is officially dead.

And then along came C Robert Cargill. Doctor Strange’s screenwriter and all round douchebag. Describing the role of the Ancient One as being a ‘cultural landmine’ in a podcast he said this:

“[The Ancient One is] a racist stereotype who comes from a region of the world that is in [a] very weird political place. He originates from Tibet, so if you acknowledge that Tibet is a place and that he’s Tibetan, you risk alienating one billion people who think that that’s bullshit and risk the Chinese government going, ‘Hey, you know one of the biggest film-watching countries in the world? We’re not going to show your movie because you decided to get political.’”

Oh boy! Where do I start with this?

Well for starters the film doesn’t have to be set in Tibet (and it isn’t as far as I’m aware. From what I’ve heard, the Ancient One is going to be based in Nepal in the movie) and you don’t even have to acknowledge the fact that the Ancient One comes from Tibet. As actor George Takei said in response:

“It wouldn’t have mattered to the Chinese government by that point whether the character was white or Asian, as it was already in another country. So this is a red herring, and it’s insulting that they expect us to buy their explanation.”

So what Cargill just said was a blatant lie. And if Marvel were that bothered by it, have the Ancient One come from K’un L’un. You know? The fictional city from Iron Fist? Yeah! That’s part of the Marvel Cinematic Universe too! Easy to forget I know considering Marvel have made little to no attempt to bridge the gap between the movies and the TV shows. Second, Cargill talks as though the Chinese market will make or break the movie, which is total bullshit as demonstrated by movies like Deadpool and Suicide Squad. Both were banned from China and both went onto to break loads of box office records and make over $700 million at the box office (which is even more remarkable considering that Deadpool was R rated and Suicide Squad was absolute shit). Third, if this statement was true, which it isn’t, it doesn’t exactly reflect well on Marvel does it? ‘Oh no! We’re not really racist! We’re just pretending to be racist because we want your money!’ And fourth, if a Doctor Strange movie really was this politically charged, which it isn’t, and could have sparked outrage internationally, which it wouldn’t, WHY ARE YOU MAKING THE MOVIE IN THE FIRST PLACE?! MAKE SOMETHING ELSE!

This, for me, was when the production of Doctor Strange went from being clueless to being downright insidious. This was further supported by the statements issued by Tilda Swinton and the film’s director Scott Derrickson. In response to the backlash, Swinton voiced her support for the Asian community, saying that they deserve representation, right before eating her own words and stating that she’s playing a white character as opposed to an Asian one, as though that somehow makes it okay. And then Derrickson, on his Twitter account, said this:

“Raw anger/hurt from Asian-Americans over Hollywood whitewashing, stereotyping & erasure of Asians in cInema. I am listening and learning.”

Nice sentiment, but it doesn’t excuse the fact that he himself is contributing to that same raw anger and hurt that he and Swinton are crying crocodile tears over. In that context, his tweet reads more like ‘Yeah I know I’ve done something wrong… but I don’t care. I’m still going to do it anyway. Fuck you Asians.’ What I would really like at this point (because it’s far too late to pull the film sadly) is for someone at Marvel to grow a pair, admit what they’ve done is wrong and apologise. But that’s never going to happen. Instead all we get is more lies. More excuses. More bullshit. The plain fact of the matter is this. Marvel know what they’re doing is racist, and they don’t care.

Now I’ve been very vocal about my distaste for what Marvel have been doing with this movie, and that has attracted a number of criticisms from some of the MCU’s more braindead fans and Doctor Strange apologists (a few of which, to my alarm, are actually my own followers. I’m not going to name them on here because I don’t want them to be unnecessarily harassed. But they know who they are and they’d better be reading this and taking notes). The most common criticism being ‘But Quill! Doctor Strange isn’t racist! They’ve got a black guy as Baron Mordo and an Asian guy as Wong! What’s the big deal?!’ Do you know what my response to that is? So what?

Yes it’s nice that Chiwetel Ejiofer and Benedict Wong are in the movie, but it doesn’t change the fact that the Ancient One is still being whitewashed and that the film’s Asian culture is still being homogenised. A child killer doesn’t get let out of prison just because the mother got pregnant again. Not to mention the fact that the casting of Ejiofer and Wong brings its own share of controversies. In the comics, Baron Mordo was a rival wizard that wanted to usurp the Ancient One. In the movie, Kaecilius (played by Mads Mikkelsen, another white actor) takes that role while Mordo gets to trail along behind Doctor Strange, following the footsteps of other black sidekicks to the white lead, such as Falcon and War Machine. And Wong initially wasn’t going to be in the movie at all, until Derrickson decided to whitewash the Ancient One, at which point he suddenly felt a desire to bring the character back in order to defy the stereotypes. Funny how he didn’t have that same desire with the Ancient One, huh? Which suggests that it’s okay to put in that kind of effort when the Asian person is just the manservant to the white lead, but when it’s a prominent leading character like the Ancient One, suddenly it becomes ‘too hard’.

At this point it’s perfectly natural to ask why I’m making such a big deal out of this. Well two things. One, this is a big deal for a lot of Asian people who feel as though this film basically serves as one giant middle finger up at their race and culture, and second, Doctor Strange just so happens to be a comic book series I really, really like. Sure it’s problematic, but it was written in the 60s and 70s at a time when people didn’t know better. It doesn’t excuse it obviously, but I’m prepared to overlook it because I feel the story’s central message is a good one. The idea of cultural equality through spiritual unity. That we all have a small, but integral part to play in the lives of others. And that we’re all cogs in an intricate and complex universe. Imagine that in a modern adaptation of Doctor Strange. One that’s politically correct. One that respectfully depicts Asian culture. Combine that with its unique visual style, that could be a powerful movie serving as a perfect antidote for the more chaotic times we currently live in.

This is NOT that movie.

This movie cannot use the same defence of ignorance that Ditko can. The filmmakers should know better than this. There’s simply no excuse for it. Not only is the film’s whitewashing downright offensive, it also completely goes against everything the original story was about. How can there be cultural equality when said cultures are depicted almost exclusively by white people? All that stuff I mentioned before about criticising white privilege and capitalism, you can forget that. Not only will this film not criticise that, it will practically celebrate it. This to me suggests that the filmmakers don’t fully understand or appreciate the comics they’re adapting. And if you require further proof of that, when asked once again to justify the casting of Tilda Swinton, Kevin Fiege said that the Ancient One was a title that was passed down. It’s not. The Sorcerer Supreme is. The Ancient One is the character’s actual fucking name. How can you be confident in an adaptation when the filmmakers can’t get even get the basics of its lore right?

This movie is undeniably more racist than its source material, and it staggers me that people aren’t making a big deal out of this (especially after Cargill’s most recent comments saying that Swinton should be exempt from criticism and that she can play whatever role she wants. He’s clearly unapologetic about how blatantly racist this casting choice is and to that I say that Cargill can officially go and fuck himself). When Suicide Squad came out, there was article after article criticising the movie for being sexist due to its problematic portrayal of its female characters and while the Doctor Strange controversy has been receiving some media attention, it’s nowhere near at the same scale. Why is this? Is it the Marvel Bias? I highly doubt it considering that that’s total bollocks. No, I think @thenameisgul has the right idea. In response to one of my random posts, they hit the nail right on the head. Most of the people who are going to watch this movie aren’t Asian. This doesn’t affect them. And if it doesn’t affect them, why should they care?

Well here’s the thing. I care.

I refuse to watch this movie nor any potential sequels that could come from it. I feel it would be wrong of me to do so both from a moral standpoint and an artistic standpoint, and I encourage you to do the same. Whitewashing is an absolutely disgusting practice that needs to be stamped out. Luckily there’s a precedent for films with whitewashed characters failing at the box office. Avatar: The Last Airbender, Aloha, Pan and so on. But this is Marvel. Populist entertainment. We need to send the message that what they’re doing is absolutely unacceptable in this day and age. And already people are coming up with excuses. It might be good. The visual effects look great. It might be well written. It doesn’t matter. No script or visual effect can solve what is fundamentally wrong with the movie. That is just a band aid over the cancer. If you watch this movie, you have to accept two things:

  1. The movie is more racist than the comics its based off of.
  2. Marvel knows this and have been blatantly lying to you in an attempt to cover their own arses.

Unless someone like you cares a whole awful lot, nothing is ever going to get better. If this movie is successful, it’ll just give Marvel permission to keep doing what they’re doing and it sends a message to the rest of the industry that this is okay. I implore you to save your money and spend it on something worthwhile. Wait until Disney’s Moana comes out and watch that instead. Save up for that video game you’ve been wanting to get. Stay in and binge watch that TV show you’ve been meaning to watch. Just do anything other than watch Doctor Strange. Let it fade away and be quietly forgotten about, as it should be. Otherwise, fuck it. We might as well just bring this back:

EDIT: Some interesting news has come to my attention (thanks to @captainivyb for bringing said information to my attention and @lyrafay for posting said information in the first place). Turns out Doctor Strange wasn’t always white.

See I started reading the comics from Strange’s origin story onwards, but that wasn’t the first Doctor Strange story. The first was Issue 110 of the paranormal anthology series Strange Tales. In these early Doctor Strange stories, Steve Ditko actually drew the character as Asian:

An Asian caricature, but Asian nonetheless. It was only when the character gained popularity that Ditko decided to make him white. Yes. Doctor Yellowface really is Doctor Yellowface. Initially content with having him be a racist stereotype, Ditko then whitewashed him the moment the character was required to be a three dimensional character. Now I legitimately didn’t know this and I’m quite shocked to say the least. A problematic comic book series that’s even more problematic than I first thought.

What does this have to do with the movie, you might ask? Well here’s the thing. If Marvel are as respectful and knowledgable of the source material as they claim to be, they should already know this. The movie would have been the perfect opportunity to make up for mistakes past. Dare I say they were even obligated to reverse this whitewashing and turn Doctor Strange back into an Asian character (one that wasn’t a racist stereotype of course). They did not. Instead they cast Benadryl Cluttercrotch in the role and thus chose to perpetuate this racist erasure into the 21st century.

Well i don’t know about you, but I think that proves Marvel’s inbred racism quite conclusively, don’t you? Don’t watch this movie.


There’s hardly enough love for Matt Groening’s masterpiece Futurama as it is, but there’s even less on Tumblr. So I thought I would dedicate a week to appreciating this beautiful show! The appreciation week will be from Monday, November 7th to Sunday, November 13th. Please tag your works as #futuramaedit and #futuramaaw so everyone can see your posts! You can make gifsets, edits, videos or even just text posts! This isn’t meant to be taken seriously - just to appreciate a great show!

day one: favorite character

day two: favorite episode

day three: favorite otp

day four: planet express crew appreciation 

day five: favorite happy moment(s)

day six: favorite sad/heartbreaking moment(s)

day seven: free choice (favorite quote, favorite music moment, etc)

  • Robert Patrick: My life is boring.
  • Robert Patrick: I was born in Marietta, Georgia.
  • Katharine McPhee: BREAKFAST!
  • Robert Patrick: I played football in High School.
  • Riley B. Smith: POKEMON!
  • Robert Patrick: I was Peter Pan in a third grade production of Peter Pan... I refused to wear the tights....
  • Robert Patrick: Graduated in the class of 1977, and yes, I was the homecoming king.
  • Elyes Gabel: *just being Elyes Gabel*
  • Robert Patrack: Hmmmmm.... What other fun facts?