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Because I Love You | Theo Raeken x Y/n

episode : 6 , season 6 

prompt: Takes place when Liam ‘ressurects’ Theo with Kira’s sword.

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Liam, Hayden , Mason and you discuss about Liam’s plan of buying a lightning rod to catch ghost riders.

“A lightning rod costs 25 hundred dollars…” Mason trails off. Liam and you grimace, not knowing what else to do.

You guys were able to figure out that Mr.Douglas saw the ghost riders, asking him for help. Mr.Douglas explains how he can’t even build a conduit that could even absorb that much energy.

As you all walk out of his classroom in defeat, Liam speaks up.

“What if… we find someone that can absorb that much lightning?” Liam suggests, you and Hayden turn around to face him.

“ I don’t think even Kira can absorb that much energy” Hayden huffs at Liam’s bizarre idea.

“Josh did it, he ate electricity” Liam states; you raise your eyebrows.

“ Good job Liam. You did it. Now lets go resurrect the dead” you sarcastically say.

“ Josh may be dead but his powers aren’t” Liam says looking down. Your breath hitched.

What is this boy suggesting right now?

“Liam….” Hayden trails, looking at him suspiciously.

Hours later, Mason comes by to pick you up.

You bite your lip nervously, unsure of what Liam has in plan; hoping that it doesn’t involve who you think it involves.

You close your eyes drifting off as mason sped through the streets.

‘Hi, name’s Theo Raeken…..’


‘That’s a beautiful name for a beautiful girl’

‘Babe! Come take a picture with me ‘

‘You’re the most gorgeous girl I’ve ever met ‘

‘Shut up Raeken’

‘ I love you y/n’

‘…. I love you too’

Your eyes open as Mason abruptly stops the car. You rub your eyes vigorously; not believing you even bothered to think about him.

Every step you took leading to the tunnel got heavier, your heart pounding. You see Liam and Hayden eyeing you.

“You Okay y/n?” Hayden asks, placing her hand on your shoulder. You glance at Liam to see him looking away from you. Your heart gets heavier.

“I don’t know”

You guys start walking into the tunnels to be greeted by Mrs. Yukimura and Kira’s sword. She hands it to Liam telling him whatever happens, Liam will be at fault.

At this point you were shaking in fear, you already know what’s going to happen.

The last time you saw him he was dragged into the ground. You cried endlessly. Your love literally was dragged into hell.

You watch as Liam stabs the concrete with the sword; Hayden tried stopping him but was too late.

You watch as a familiar hand sticks out of the ground, you grab onto Hayden; not believing what’s actually happening.

He jumps out of the ground and grabs Liam by the collar.

Yelling and asking where is his sister; then continues to scream that he’s gonna kill us all.

Hayden quickly jumps in and pleads with Theo, explaining that they brought him back. You stand there heavily breathing, not knowing what to do.

Liam retaliates and grabs Theo, yelling that he’ll send him back. You look up to stare at Liam.

“No” you said lowly. Theo and Liam turn to you.

You watch as Theo’s eyes widen.

“Babe…” you heart jumps out of your body as those words left his lips. Your emotions overwhelm you.

So there’s only one solution.


You turn around and quickly ran out of the tunnel, seeing him after all he’s done, scared you.

You hear heavy footsteps gaining onto you, you push a little harder to run faster but to no avail. Strong arms wrap around you forcing you to stop.

You hadn’t noticed earlier, but tears were streaming down your face like waterfalls.

“y/n calm down” he whispers, holding onto you.

“ LET ME GO” you scream, thrashing around. All the things he’s done to your friends, the people he has killed, rushes through your head.

“ y/n its me” he says softly

“ yeah, a god fucking murderer let go of me!” you yell, thrashing around will only exhaust you, so you stopped, just silently cried.

Seeing you like this, pained Theo. He did what he had to do to survive with the dread doctors, to protect you. His heart aches seeing you sob so much over the fear of him. He listens to your heart beat, the one thing that calmed him, is now pounding out of control.

He closes his eyes, as he intakes your scent he has yearned for forever. He slowly lets you go, knowing that he has lost you forever.

You quickly made distance between the two of you, wiping your tears angrily.

“I’m sorry y/n” he says sadly, looking down.

“Fuck off” you growl.

“ Theo we brought you out so you could help us with the ghost riders, they took our friends and a whole lot of others” Liam interjects. you feel Theo’s eyes scanning you, so you walk towards Hayden.

“ I’ll do it, anything for y/n” he says staring at you.

“ what a dickwad” you whisper into Hayden’s back, currently hiding from him; like a small child.

Theo chuckles a little.

Good to know her personality hasn’t changed at all

“Just tell me what to do and I’ll do it” Theo huffs, glancing at Liam.

Don’t worry Y/n, I’m going to protect you whether you like it or not.

Because I love you.


Matt: You guys step back into the tunnel, all eventually squeezing through with the rest of your materials, heading further down. About fifteen minutes of travel go by, and the very air itself is becoming steadily warmer. The smell is this combination of a kind of still water, a ground water type of a scent mixed with an ever-growing kind of sulfur-type brimstone smell.
The Trick About Falling (Ep 5)


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Hi! This is TornThorn, the one who's writing The Tunnels. I'm not sure if tumblr destroys shared links the way a lot of social media sites do, but the story's up on ao3 and here's a link: archiveofourown (.) org / works / 9850499 / chapters / 22104161. Thank you for posting my submission and for creating this amazing universe to play in! My brain's been buzzing with a million ideas since I read the comic, and every post/q&a/shared submission since just gets the bees in my skull working overtime!

you guys check out The Tunnels (Cor the journalist and youngest of five sons of five sons! It’s so good!) if you haven’t yet and also holy motherfuck there’s an A03 tag

i don’t know why this is the most surreal part of this whole thing for me, but it 100% is

Civil War: Team Cap vs. Team Iron Man - a comparison of damage done (Pre-Siberia)

After reading some posts I probably shouldn’t have been reading - I decided to put together a little something - like a spreadsheet of sorts on damage and attacks done by each team. For the sake of accuracy, I am including everyone and EVERYTHING (pre-Siberia, which warrants a post of its own). Let me know if I missed anything. This was difficult – especially since the fight in Leipzig has so many people and everything was moving so quickly. It also doesn’t include Lagos (again, that warrants a separate analysis). I also attempted to keep the ethical debate out of it entirely and tried to stick to the actual facts.

Team Iron Man

Iron Man – fights WS during his rampage (sonic attack and hand to hand); Leipzig: blocks Clint and Wanda’s retreat with missiles (no damage done); fights Steve (hand to hand, why?); minor confrontation with Sam; minor confrontation with Clint; expels Ant-Man from armor; minor confrontation with Sam (repulsors, don’t seem to hit); brings Giant-Man down with War Machine and Spidey; shoots Sam with repulsor post-battle.

T’Challa - repeatedly attacks Bucky in Bucharest and Leipzig; fights Steve in Leipzig (both instances, vibranium claws and martial arts attack) – visibly more violent against Bucky (obviously); fight with Clint (martial arts and claws)

War Machine – not sure how I feel about the electric bat thing (not crazy about the “sorry, Cap, this won’t kill you but it won’t tickle either) – although in the end, it doesn’t hit Steve; apparent confrontation with Sam (not very clear); bullet bombardment against Giant-Man, sonic waves against Giant Man, more bombardment against Giant Man (bullets etc.); sonic waves against Wanda Maximoff, brings Giant-Man down with Iron Man and Spidey.

Vision - overpowers Clint in the Avengers compound (physical strength, next to no damage done); vibranium body attack against Giant Man; attempts to block Bucky and Steve’s escape by bringing down tower; shoots Rhodey out of the sky while attempting to down Sam Wilson (energy blast).

Spider-man: de-shielding Cap; fights Sam Wilson and Bucky Barnes in Leipzig (limited physical damage); throws item at Bucky (return throw), webbing (the Falcon jetpack – causes Falcon to crash – possible contusions, although none really show, the glass should have at least scratched him – comic fighting at its finest) and fall: both Falcon and Bucky; fights Steve (webbing up and some classical punching and kicking), fight with Giant-Man (webbing and kicking), brings Giant-Man down with War Machine and Iron Man.

Natasha Romanov: fights Bucky during his Winter Soldier rampage (hand to hand combat); fights Ant-Man in Leipzig (hand to hand and Widow Bites); fights Clint; Widow Bites against T'Challa.

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