guy with a mullet


Lance: Do I look like a normal person to you?
Keith: To me, you just look like a gross guy who’s into mullets.

i make a kyoukai no kanata au for everything i love it doesn’t even have to make sense i’ll just draw it

Summary of episode two (what a wild ride)

  • the colors….lance and allura… uncomfortable
  • allura found dead in miami
  • battle of the mullets
  • the entire fight scene between hair guy and larry
    • oh his name is bokar
    • even better
  • d r a m a t i c  z o o m i n g
  • you just fought my paladin and hurt him but hey lets have dinner
  • rip larry
    • “hAIIILLP”
  • keith in blue jammies n i c e
  • cOOOOran
  • keith is a karate ninja hI YAH
  • “fly in the ointment” 
  • video game sound effects
  • keith: *narrates everything he does*
  • pidge is Shook
  • “planet doom”
  • allura……can sparkle
  • *its around Halloween time on the ship*
  • *Everyone but Keith are sitting in a circle*
  • Lance: Let me tell you this scary story it's all true and all tragic...
  • Lance: *builds up the whole story*
  • Lance: And the guy... had a MULLET!
  • Everyone:
  • *Keith walks in*
  • Keith: What are you guys doi-
  • *Everyone loses their shit screaming and running away*

I’M BACK!!!!

Finally Thanks to @cosmicglitteredpumpkin we finally finished my part in @gfdeepwoods -project!!! NOW I’M FREE!!!! I can come back (you were gone?) and draw what ever I want!!!!

You have no idea how much I missed Mullet Stan~ But now I’m back and I’ll be more active~

Not mention that I get cold and I’m still a little bit sick so I had to draw a little animation about Mullet Stan a little cold but still reading journal. I think he looks good with glasses <3

stanley is probably thinking: “i can’t see a thing but i know that my bro has a smile on his face”

i love them ft. sideburns and the great mullet

Voltron Sexuality Headcannons

KeithHomosexual–Keith is angry and emo and gay. Being gay makes him more angry and emo. Which makes him more gay. Also, notice how he only ever insults Lance

LanceBisexual–Yes we know Lance loves the ladies. But “I’d know that mullet anywhere”. Come on you guys. (Some people say he’s pansexual but I personally believe that Lance is attracted to people because of their gender. He like da dick and da vajajay)

HunkPansexual–Hunk is really nice and really sweet and he doesn’t care what you are he just loves you.

PidgeAsexual–Pidge would much rather be on the computer than be in somebody’s pants. In fact, Pidge would always rather be with technology.

ShiroDemisexual–Like Hunk, Shiro loves everybody. But he has to really get to know somebody before being sexually attracted to them. Yes he’s a romantic. But sex without romance makes space dad confused.

AlluraQuestioning–Allura really thought she was heterosexual until she ended up living with all of these dumbass boys and she’s wondering if being a lesbian would be a lot better. Honestly, there’s a war going on, she has other stuff to think about rn.

CoranHomosexual–Coran is fabulous with his mustache and his jokes and he totes had a thing with King Alfor. He is gay space uncle.

Ok so something weird happened to me a while ago and i feel like someone should write a klance au for it

Picture this, it’s early December in Canada (so, cold as FUCK) and me and my family are at this small pub/restaurant in a small town. We’re waiting for the waitress to bring back our bill so I’m kind of chilling, looking around at the other people at the pub ya know. 

All of a sudden this guy walks in and I honestly couldn’t believe my eyes. This dude walks in wearing, a muscle t shirt, cowboy boots, boot cut jeans tucked into said cowboy boots (gotta show those bad boys off) a guitar slung onto his back, and to finish off the look this guy had a full out mullet like, I’m talking Billy Ray Cyrus circa Achy Breaky Heart. It’s fucking snowing out and the dude just walks in like that and sits down at the bar area. It’s also important to note that this town is only like an hour and a half from Toronto, so it’s not like it’s in the middle of butt fuck no where or in the country.

Idk who that man was or where he came from but I’m convinced he’s a time traveler who just came from 1981, there is simply no other explanation.


Vincent: Come on. Help a blind man find out what you look like. Let me feel you up. <3



Okay ignoring all the sad stuff, Blind! Vincent would have some quirky ways to deal with his loss of sight.

More “It’s All Scripted AU” to make you laugh guys.


Lance showing Demi-Keith online dating.
  • Lance: So here's a nice guy. He's from around here! He seems to like the shit You're into.
  • Keith: R..Really?
  • Lance: Oh wait.. There's a dick pic. * closes profile *
  • Lance: * scrolling through the dicks * there's a dick... There's a dick..
  • Keith: Why can't there be guys out there who don't look for sex...? * mumbles *
  • Lance: Well, Mullet. If you want to find some quality guys, you got to wade through the dicks first.
  • Lance/Keith: *arguing*
  • Pidge: Shiro they're at it again.
  • Hunk: Make it stop.
  • Lance: Your mullet is out of style!
  • Shiro: You guys-
  • Keith: Your combat skills are weak!
  • Shiro: -can you just calm down for a-
  • Lance: Yeah, well you snore!
  • Keith: I do not! And you kick in your sleep!
  • Pidge: Wait a second, how do you two know that?
  • Shiro:
  • Hunk:
  • Pidge:
  • Allura:
  • Coran:
  • The Mice:
  • Lance:
  • Keith:
  • Lance/Keith: I blame you for this.

anonymous asked:

what makes me laugh the most about purple guy is that fnaf fangirls draw him all emo, long haired and attractive, but it doesn't make damn sense, since he's from the 80's, and it's more likely for him to look like your regular, good-ol 40 year old uncle with a mullet. (And also, it was shown once that he was seen to go from normal to purple possibly due to livor mortis) Do the fangirls think that all murderers have to be "sexy enigmas"? Let's be real here

I need all works of purple guy with the uncle mullet now, for science

Do fangirls need to have the hots for a murderer is the true question here tho.

~Mod Wolfrun