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my husband wanted me to ask you about NJPW if thats okay lol. hes trying to get into it but its huge and we don't speak the language so hes started by searching for specific wrestlers to look up. Wanted to know if you have any fav wrasslers we should look into? He likes high fliers, and the guy who won Wrestle Kingdom 9 whose name I forgot but he did a lot of frog splashes.

That’s Hiroshi Tanahashi, aka “The 1 in 100 Ace”, aka “Air Guitar Master”, aka “A Literal Child”

here’s tana doing what he does best

here he is wrestling in Kamen Rider Wizard because he’s a big Kamen Rider fanboy nerdlord

He’s undeniably the most popular wrestler in Japan right now. Almost all of the big matches at the end of the card are him, he’s a very likable nerdy dad, and it doesn’t hurt that resembles a shiba inu w/the faces he makes.

Tanahashi’s big move is the High Fly Flo! It’s that frogsplash that can wreck almost everyone who gets hit by it—-

—almost everyone except this guy. Okada “Rainmaker” Kazuchika is probably the youngest guy NJPW has on their main roster, but he’s got a huge attitude and a massive dropkick and I love this little shit, I love him so much. Look at this piece of shit.

his entrance includes MONEY RAINING FROM THE DAMN SKY and he really, really wants to fight Tanahashi and beat his ass in a Tokyo Dome match. Real bad. His “Hype Man”, Gedo (who is a solid wrestler himself) carries around a briefcase filled with money and we’re all waiting for the day when Okada just up and hits Tana with it. He also likes cake and sweets a lot and his twitter is filled with almost nothing but pictures of cake. What a nerd.

Both Okada and Gedo are from the heel stable CHAOS, which happens to be my favorite because Shinsuke Nakamura is in it

YEAOHH!!  I’ll leave this picture of him just to explain why he’s great

he’s also trained in like three different kinds of martial arts and used to be an mma fighter

CHAOS also has “Stone Pitbull” Ishii, “I have a stick I guess” YOSHI-HASHI, and “Drunkass Uncle Who Wandered Onto The Ring, NO PUT DOWN THAT CHAIR” Yano. Gbless CHAOS.

As for High Fliers, there’s several!

Arguably the most popular right now is “Stardust Genius” (no I don’t know what that means either) Tetsuya Naito.

he always does this eyeball thing

Naito is tiny and compact and that allows him to fly all over the damn place. I actually haven’t watched many Naito matches, but he’s really really popular, especially with female fans!

I actually kinda had to look hard for a gif where he isn’t getting fucking owned by a BOMA-YE knee or Styles Clash because oh dear does he get bodied a lot

My favorite, because I’m damn shallow, is mr. GOLDEN STAR himself, Kota Ibushi


Ibushi is both in NJPW (the main league) and DDT (which is very special, god bless DDT).  He can and will flip off of anything and everything, and despite the fact that he looks like a teen boyband member, he’s a foulmouthed 30ish guy with a strong sense of humor. He also once made out with his former tag team partner, Kenny Omega during a match.

Ibushi once suffered a massive concussion that nearly lead to him leaving wrassle for good, but he’s back now and casually slugging it out with heavyweights like Nakamura.

Aside from NJPW’s main roster and CHAOS, there’s also two other factions:

Suzuki-Gun, a heel stable run by “I will kill you for real” Minoru Suzuki. He sounds like a damn videogame boss whenever he talks, is trained in MMA, and will not stand for prowrestle style shenanigans. 

and then there’s Bullet Club, the all-gaijin heel stable who came across the pond to bring WWE style shenanigans to NJPW. If you’re familiar with TNA, you’ll recognize a few faces. AJ Styles is cute but a huge fucking asshole, Kenny Omega is great (he used to wrestle in DDT and tag team with Ibushi as a face before he went ridiculous heel), and them there’s the Young Bucks, a tag team who are superkicky and flippy as heck and precious redneck garbage.

Aside from WK9, AXS TV is running a sort of greatest hits of NJPW show that introduces the storylines, main wrestlers, etc with new English Commentary! It’s p fun! If you don’t mind JPN announcers, there’s NJPW World, NJPW’s official stream site (and there’s other places I could point you to as well).

If you like Luchadores, NJPW did a crossover event with CMLL, Fantasticamania! It’s a lot of fun. The prelims for The New Beginning In Osaka, the next major tournament, have just started up as well. I think New Beginning might be in late Feb? I’ll have to double check.