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Eyes Closed- William Nylander

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This gif of Willie is so cute omg but this is the second part to my series that I’m doing in honor of Halsey’s new album since I’m in love with it. So each boy that I pick is getting a song, Eyes closed is Willie’s song I feel for some reason so I hope you guys enjoy!

Nadia was annoyed, at least that’s how she would describe it.

“You’re doing great” said Nadia to the guy in her bed, currently Nadia was trying to hook up with a new guy since she’s gotten to Toronto. Yet a certain blonde haired blue eyed monster (he was actually considerably nice but Nadia decided to name him that to make it easier to separate herself from him) kept popping up in her head when she looked at him. She didn’t know what to do after their last encounter that ended in Nadia being heartbroken, something she was used to but not from him.

“I know” The guy who’s name she forgot said to her, he was cocky and way too annoying for Nadia’s taste, she was definitely going to kick him out right after this. As soon as she said that she closed her eyes as he finished and rolled over beside Nadia. “Get out please” Nadia said to the guy next to her, causing him to just shrug his shoulders and put on his clothes. 

The blonde haired blue eyed monster wouldn’t have done that, he would have argued with her but at least he would’ve stayed. 

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Some sticker preview to desucon 11 ! 

 I have about 10 more sticker designs of Haikyuu and boku no hero but I need more to draw. So feel free to suggest from other series and/or shows! (Also charas from HQ and bnha too) 

 Sticker thoughts so far:::
- Osomatsu-san
- space patrol luluco
- Gintama
- kyoukai no kanata

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ok but imagine Pidge lands on earth and something happens to Green so she goes looking for parts to fix them and she realizes she's near the gg so she's like "maybe I can see if I can sneak in and find any spare parts" and like she gets there and the guy who's name I forgot (I'm sorry) tries to arrest her and. Pidge just panics and starts grappling hooking everyone and they knock her out and she wakes up detained by the gg and she's all scared and alone and I'm sorry I'm mean to Pidge

Oh my poor baby Pidge. Imagine she screams for help on the broken comms, desperately hoping someone will save her, desperately searching for a way out….

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Heya, I just am such a huge fan of your work/style and I was wondering, would it be okay if I drew nsfw of some of your characters? I'm trying to get out of my comfort zone, and I thought yours would be p cool to work with. Are there any in particular that are dirty minded? ;) thanks for answering my question even if you say no <333

omg, that would be awesome! and yeah, i think i got a few.. but I can’t remember them at all. All I could remember is Lance the TV Head, Ray the Octopus and Slime guy who I forgot the name was.

(old art of slime guy)

(old art of Ray)

(sketch i just drew of Lance)

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my husband wanted me to ask you about NJPW if thats okay lol. hes trying to get into it but its huge and we don't speak the language so hes started by searching for specific wrestlers to look up. Wanted to know if you have any fav wrasslers we should look into? He likes high fliers, and the guy who won Wrestle Kingdom 9 whose name I forgot but he did a lot of frog splashes.

That’s Hiroshi Tanahashi, aka “The 1 in 100 Ace”, aka “Air Guitar Master”, aka “A Literal Child”

here’s tana doing what he does best

here he is wrestling in Kamen Rider Wizard because he’s a big Kamen Rider fanboy nerdlord

He’s undeniably the most popular wrestler in Japan right now. Almost all of the big matches at the end of the card are him, he’s a very likable nerdy dad, and it doesn’t hurt that resembles a shiba inu w/the faces he makes.

Tanahashi’s big move is the High Fly Flo! It’s that frogsplash that can wreck almost everyone who gets hit by it—-

—almost everyone except this guy. Okada “Rainmaker” Kazuchika is probably the youngest guy NJPW has on their main roster, but he’s got a huge attitude and a massive dropkick and I love this little shit, I love him so much. Look at this piece of shit.

his entrance includes MONEY RAINING FROM THE DAMN SKY and he really, really wants to fight Tanahashi and beat his ass in a Tokyo Dome match. Real bad. His “Hype Man”, Gedo (who is a solid wrestler himself) carries around a briefcase filled with money and we’re all waiting for the day when Okada just up and hits Tana with it. He also likes cake and sweets a lot and his twitter is filled with almost nothing but pictures of cake. What a nerd.

Both Okada and Gedo are from the heel stable CHAOS, which happens to be my favorite because Shinsuke Nakamura is in it

YEAOHH!!  I’ll leave this picture of him just to explain why he’s great

he’s also trained in like three different kinds of martial arts and used to be an mma fighter

CHAOS also has “Stone Pitbull” Ishii, “I have a stick I guess” YOSHI-HASHI, and “Drunkass Uncle Who Wandered Onto The Ring, NO PUT DOWN THAT CHAIR” Yano. Gbless CHAOS.

As for High Fliers, there’s several!

Arguably the most popular right now is “Stardust Genius” (no I don’t know what that means either) Tetsuya Naito.

he always does this eyeball thing

Naito is tiny and compact and that allows him to fly all over the damn place. I actually haven’t watched many Naito matches, but he’s really really popular, especially with female fans!

I actually kinda had to look hard for a gif where he isn’t getting fucking owned by a BOMA-YE knee or Styles Clash because oh dear does he get bodied a lot

My favorite, because I’m damn shallow, is mr. GOLDEN STAR himself, Kota Ibushi


Ibushi is both in NJPW (the main league) and DDT (which is very special, god bless DDT).  He can and will flip off of anything and everything, and despite the fact that he looks like a teen boyband member, he’s a foulmouthed 30ish guy with a strong sense of humor. He also once made out with his former tag team partner, Kenny Omega during a match.

Ibushi once suffered a massive concussion that nearly lead to him leaving wrassle for good, but he’s back now and casually slugging it out with heavyweights like Nakamura.

Aside from NJPW’s main roster and CHAOS, there’s also two other factions:

Suzuki-Gun, a heel stable run by “I will kill you for real” Minoru Suzuki. He sounds like a damn videogame boss whenever he talks, is trained in MMA, and will not stand for prowrestle style shenanigans. 

and then there’s Bullet Club, the all-gaijin heel stable who came across the pond to bring WWE style shenanigans to NJPW. If you’re familiar with TNA, you’ll recognize a few faces. AJ Styles is cute but a huge fucking asshole, Kenny Omega is great (he used to wrestle in DDT and tag team with Ibushi as a face before he went ridiculous heel), and them there’s the Young Bucks, a tag team who are superkicky and flippy as heck and precious redneck garbage.

Aside from WK9, AXS TV is running a sort of greatest hits of NJPW show that introduces the storylines, main wrestlers, etc with new English Commentary! It’s p fun! If you don’t mind JPN announcers, there’s NJPW World, NJPW’s official stream site (and there’s other places I could point you to as well).

If you like Luchadores, NJPW did a crossover event with CMLL, Fantasticamania! It’s a lot of fun. The prelims for The New Beginning In Osaka, the next major tournament, have just started up as well. I think New Beginning might be in late Feb? I’ll have to double check.

Analysis time:
you see what she said here? That’s it. That’s her magic.
I think that her magic is to take time on her hands and make it slow or fast. As we’ve seen, she is not fighting seriously at all, so she just plays around taking the clothes of her female opponents.

How does she do that? With her magic she makes her personal time go faster than others.

Do you remember that guy from Oracion Seis (who’s name I forgot) who could make time Around people seem slower so that they thought he was fast? I think Dimaria’s magic is similar, but more powerful because she controls the time of Everyhting, not only the surrounding’s.


New interview in Cosmopolitan Germany, October 2015.

Honestly Robert Pattinson, do fame and success drive you crazy sometimes?

Robert Pattinson ate a ‘curry wurst’ for lunch. That is the first thing he tells me after our 'hello’ during our interview in Berlin. He pronounces it adorably 'Denglish Corrywuscht.’ “I had French fries with it, but only five,” he tells me. grinning. “I’m trying to eat more healthy.”

He doesn’t need it though: slightly tanned, the biggest thing about him is his beard, which, like his messy gelled hair, is very groomed. Ever since he played vampire Edward Cullen in the Twilight franchise, he is the most sought after blood sucker in the world. The tabloids like to describe him as shy, but here he is smiling non-stop, like a rascal planning his next prank.

Maybe he is happy that the 'blockbuster’ times are over. Ever since the fifth and last Twilight movie came out three years ago he isn’t part of huge commercial Hollywood productions. Independent movies are now his thing. Like the ingenious biopic, Life. in which he plays the photographer Dennis Stock. Stock took pictures of James Dean for the US magazine ‘Life’ in 1955, shortly before Dean died and made him immortal with his pictures. Fame and immortality are not strange concepts for Robert Pattinson, right?

Mr. Pattinson when was the first time you felt you were famous?
Six months before the second Twilight movie came out. A PR guy invites me to a hip party at a club in LA. When I was standing at the door, waiting to be let in, I forgot the name of the guy who had invited me. The doorman just looked at me and said: “It’s okay, you can go in.” I was like “what?” Until then I never got into the clubs that easily. Shortly after that came the hot dog incident.

Tell me about that.
Well, I was eating a hot dog and dropped mustard on my shirt. Usually that would have made me uncomfortable, but everyone around me said “hey, that’s totally okay,” it was like I did something amazing. That’s when I knew:  I can do whatever I want.

Being famous can be confusing then?
Yes, but only in one aspect: I don’t like to draw attention to myself, but I can’t walk around without being recognized. If people would say a quick “hello,” it would be fine, but every second person wants to do a selfie. That means I always have to be in a good mood.

Is there a question apart from the picture question, you can’t stand to hear anymore?

“I know you will hate it, but………. ”

Who says something like that?
Everyone. Especially back then. During Twilight a lot of people were pulling me aside and telling me who I am. I didn’t know who I was myself and honestly I still don’t know who I am. But I wanted to have the chance to find that out for myself.

How did you not go crazy with the huge hysteria that came with Twilight?
Maybe because I never wanted to become famous. I’m satisfied with small things. The more famous I got, the more I wanted to hide. I was irritated by the hype. The climax of that was in the Munich Olympia Halle: 3,000 fans were cheering when I was answering a question. It’s much better now. The Twilight fans got older and it’s a lot more relaxed now.

Does an ex-vampire go into the sun?
Yes. But I’m one of those idiots that puts on sunscreen with SPF factor 50 on the first day and then on the second day wonders “hey, I didn’t get a tan. Let’s take SPF 5.” That means on every single holiday I get sunburn. It’s good that I stayed in London for a while. It can’t happen here.

Is London a save haven for you like Marion, Indiana was for James Dean?
London is home for me. I have been living in LA for six years and didn’t go to Great Britain for some time. During my last stay in London I realized how much I missed it. But it’s more the people that give me the feeling of home and not really the places.

In Life you play the photographer that made James Dean a legend. James Dean died when he was 24 years old so you survived him by five years….
You won’t believe how many of my friends wrote this message to me on my 28th birthday: “Happy birthday. You are still alive.” Me: “Did you think I would be dead by now?” Them: “Yes.” Kurt Cobain, Jimmy Hendrix and Amy Winehouse, they all died when they were 27.

Do you go to celebrity doctors for your check ups?
No. I went to a dentist in LA who was well know in celebrity circles. There was a techno music playing in the practise. He was telling me about all the people that come to him. The weirdest thing was: he wasn’t wearing gloves for the treatment. I was laying there shocked thinking “do you think you are so cool that you don’t need gloves?” Nasty. I didn’t go there again.

Did you become weird?
I have always been weird. As soon as I have to talk to more than one person, it gets difficult. Having to do small talk at an event is hell for me. The crazy thing is that most people think that the more famous you get the more confident you are. I learned something about that playing a photographer: a camera around your neck will give you security. With it you get a reason to go to certain places or talk to people. I think I will carry a camera around with me from now on.

This is a reader’s question: What is the best part about being a celebrity?
That I can choose my roles and that I can go around the queue at the airport. That is the best by far and I don’t want to miss it. 

Thanks to Dee, @Inthejungle83 for the translation.