guy whos name i forgot


FINALLY I’M DONE!!!! Thanks guys so much for requesting these faces and characters, it was super fun! This is my first time drawing rainbow dash and - I forgot his name… That guy who’s from south park so yeah it was really hard but still, I enjoyed it!

I have a little challenge; Try to find what faces I drew from that chart.

Some sticker preview to desucon 11 ! 

 I have about 10 more sticker designs of Haikyuu and boku no hero but I need more to draw. So feel free to suggest from other series and/or shows! (Also charas from HQ and bnha too) 

 Sticker thoughts so far:::
- Osomatsu-san
- space patrol luluco
- Gintama
- kyoukai no kanata

Analysis time:
you see what she said here? That’s it. That’s her magic.
I think that her magic is to take time on her hands and make it slow or fast. As we’ve seen, she is not fighting seriously at all, so she just plays around taking the clothes of her female opponents.

How does she do that? With her magic she makes her personal time go faster than others.

Do you remember that guy from Oracion Seis (who’s name I forgot) who could make time Around people seem slower so that they thought he was fast? I think Dimaria’s magic is similar, but more powerful because she controls the time of Everyhting, not only the surrounding’s.