guy wear

things that scare me: white boys walking behind me when it’s dark outside

things that do not scare me: women and men wearing any head cover or special clothing that corresponds to their religion


*80s synth music playing in the background*

The New Gods squad eating from/supporting their local corporate franchises! Starbucks for Media, Burger King for Technical Boy, and of course chips and salsa for Mr. World (Chipotle or Taco Bell). You bet your ass these guys can be cheap af when they wanna.

Edit: You can now get this as a print here!


Hairstyles and realizations

Outfit of the Day: Day 02 of Shiro and Keith’s fake dating from Temporary Fix. Matching shirts and overalls? Disgusting. ಠ_ಠ It’s finally updated after that cliffhanger. /o/ Day 01 outfit here. | Redbubble