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‘I get a kick out of playing really rich characters. In Dallas Buyers Club I played, in my opinion, someone who is an angel. You know, with a heart of gold. You know, people are misunderstood. I don’t think, very few people really feel like they’re the bad guy. They probably have justifications, rationalizations for their behavior. And I don’t think Niander is that bad of a guy. I didn’t think the Joker was that bad of a guy. I mean, what would you do for your girl?’ - Jared Leto (x)


All-around legend Laurie Anderson stepped into the Criterion closet after a screening of her dreamy new film, HEART OF A DOG… see what she took home!

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Pssst, Gary, I heard on the new island they replaced you with another Gary. And boy hIS VOICE MAKES ME SO UNCOMFTORABLE, GARY YOU GOTTA HAVR A DUEL WITH YOUR REPLACEMENT, I CAN'T STAND HIS VOICE ANYMORE

I am not fighting myself.

By the time Cait Sith entered the party for good, it had become a tradition that every person who enters and stays with the group will try to impart at least one useful skill to everyone else.

  • Tifa taught everyone basic grapples and self-defense techniques as well as basic business skills and haggling. (She didn’t become the owner of a successful bar with just her good looks)
  • Barret attempted to teach geography and cooking. Turns out that he’s actually very handy a preparing certain meals and his history with living in a mining town gave him a unique perspective on how to read the surrounding area (if there was water nearby, if a bit of stone was in danger of falling, what kind of minerals were prevalent, etc.)
  • Cloud was able to pass along important wilderness survival skills… And sewing… (His mother taught it to him after he came home one too many times with rips and tears in his pants and shirt.)
  • Aeris taught everyone how to identify helpful herbs that could be used in cooking, medicine and even how to use them to suppliment the group’s potion/ether supplies. It’s saved them loads of gil in hard times.
  • Red XIII passed on hunting and meditation. The parts of monsters they didn’t eat were sold at markets for extra gil. Aeris, Tifa, Vincent, Reeve and surprisingly Yuffie took to meditation relatively easily. Cloud took a lot effort to get it right and was only able to master it after the Geostigma outbreak. Both Barret and Cid struggled with traditional methods, so Red suggested substituting routine actions.
  • Yuffie naturally tried to pass on some of the more widely known secrets of being a ninja and a thief, but settled for teaching the others Wutaian and pickpocketing.
  • Vincent was insistent that everyone learn how to fire a gun, how to read Turk hand signals and cyphers and how to tail someone without being spotted. If Shinra was their enemy, then it paid to know what their agents were going to do.
  • Cid gave the others a crash course in the basics of flying an airship and tried to teach them how to use a pole weapon (Cloud and Aeris stayed with it for more than the first few lessons, but only Aeris really benefited).
  • Cait Sith ultimately passed on some of Reeve’s skills as an engineer (Cloud eventually uses them to build Fenrir and Cid used them to help construct the Shera).