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@anon this is my other bebe 🤓🤓🤓

Her name is Snickers, mostly called Cub though. She’s a snotbag and hates EVERYBODY except me, my husband, and occasionally her big brother Bear 😻

She’s 7 and the smallest full grown cat I’ve ever seen, and she’s so fucking soft I sometimes just can’t stop petting her!

She also plays fetch and growls at the doorbell or when anybody walks up to the door.

​Can we talk about Caroline Forbes Salvatore…

She was finally “the one”. She finally had that wedding she always dreamed of. She was finally happy…

And now… She’s left with nothing but a broken heart for a whole eternity… And time will pass by. She’ll be alone. Long after they all died. Bonnie, Matt, Damon, Elena, Jeremy, Alaric, her girls… She will still be there. Alone. Forever. With her memories of Stefan… And the happiness she almost had…

The cinnamon roll headcanons,

this time with @treflev because our imagination is on a fucking spree and I need to share the goodness:

  • Emil’s student flat front door is always unlocked, anyone can come in and use the shelter
  • There’s a sign above the door saying “Neodejdeš s blbou náladou” (”No one’s leaving in a bad mood”) and Emil is especially strict about this, he becomes aggresively nice if he notices you feel like shit and want to leave
  • Emil finding his friends sleeping on his couch at 6am and not minding it a bit
  • Emil finding his friends making out with strangers on his couch at 3am and not minding it a bit (probably offering them a beer or something)
  • Emil finding someone’s gun under his couch and being extremely furious about it. Zero toleration of guns and drugs at his place.
  • Once he hears a girl say “No” and the guy touches her just once more, the boy’s probably dead by now.
  • If a girl abuses a boy like this, Emil calmly but firmly grabs the back of her collar like a kitten and throws her out.
  • Emil’s able to climb to a second floor and get to your flat through the window if he thinks something’s not right with you, especially if you don’t answer his calls for some time
  • One time he was trying to do this and the neighbours called police thinking he was a thief (no one can blame them lol) Emil spent a night at the police station before the friend he tried to “rob” explained everything
  • Another time he was scared about a friend, broke into their flat and found out they were just on vacation. 
  • Emil sending them pictures with their plants saying “I watered all your babies!” 
  • “How could you leave your children home alone? Bad parent!” was probably the next message
  • Emil taking one of the plants home with him to take care of it
  • Emil bringing the plant everywhere with him, sending his friend pictures of them doing various things together
  • “We had spaghetti for dinner, Pete liked it!” 
  • “Watching Toy Story right now! Pete the Plant approves!” 
  • “Pete’s skating for the first time!” 
  • Emil bringing Pete the Plant for a competition with him and makes all the famous skaters take a pic with the fucking plant 

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How would Ayato, Touka, and Yomo react if they saw their crush or s/o being hit on by someone else? Scenario or just headcanons is fine! Thanks~

Ahhhhhhh first touka request i love my baby bunny siblings so so so much~


She could only stare, her lips flat and eyes narrowed as she watched her s/o be flirted with by a guy from their school.

Her s/o was oblivious, as always, chatting away with a smile as the guy eyed them like a piece of meat, and Touka would know when someone was looking at a person with that look.

 Could he be any more obvious?

Touka nearly hissed to herself as he gave them a charming smile and continued talking.

People passed her by with odd looks in the hallway, probably wondering as to why she was hiding behind a corner and peaking around, stalking her s/o from afar.

No, she insisted to herself, stalking is too harsh of a word. I’m just protecting them.

The guy reached out to touch her s/o and enough was enough, Touka decided.

She was there in an instant, her hand wrapped around his wrist and her other hand holding her s/o’s bicep.

“It’s time to go.” Touka said abruptly, letting go of the guy and dragging her s/o away.

She was expecting them to argue, or at least say something, but they were absurdly quiet.

When they reached a secluded hall, they began giggling.

“You were jealous~!” they sang.

She didn’t respond, no, she couldn’t find it in her to respond, so instead, she just looked away, her face burning a brighter red than she would have liked.


They were here with him.

Why exactly couldn’t this stupid human see that?

Okay. Maybe they weren’t exactly together, per say, but they came on this mission as partners and to get it done as quickly and efficiently as possible. He didn’t come here with them so they could get hit on by some creeper that was probably twenty years older than them.

That was an exaggeration, he knew that, but still, who did he think he was?

Before he knew it, he was walking forward with fists clenched and emitting an aura of death that made all passbyers walk a little faster.

His hand gripped their shoulder in a painfully tight grip and his navy blue eyes fell on the man with unadulterated fury. 

The coward didn’t even say a word as he turned tail and fled.

“What the hell is the matter with you?” his partner asked, swatting his hand off their shoulder and giving him the darkest look he’d ever seen them put on.

Of course, he wouldn’t admit that he was jealous or anything. No, he wouldn’t even admit that to himself.

“We have a mission to do.” he said gruffly, “Quit lollygagging and let’s hurry the hell up and finish it.”

He had already turned around and walked away, so he didn’t see the knowing smirk that flashed on his partner’s face as they trailed after him.


Yomo trusted his s/o. He knew they would never betray him and he knew he didn’t have to worry when other people flirted with them.

That didn’t mean he liked it.

Especially, when he finally has free time and takes them out only for them to be sidetracked as they made their way to the bathroom.

He had to have been waiting for at least ten minutes before he decided he’d get up from where he was sitting by a fountain and look for them.

He nearly frowned as that as soon as he walked a good five feet away, another couple stole their table.

He shook his head and followed their unmistakable scent to where they were standing near three guys, looking desperate to get away.

He heard his s/o continuing to tell them that they had to go and they were with someone, but the three ignored them and continued with their lewd comments and snide remarks, keeping them more or less subtly trapped by the wall.

Yomo walked towards them and grabbed the guy that was making the most comments by the shoulder firmly. 

“Renji, thank god.” His s/o looked incredibly relieved at his sudden appearance, and the three guys shrunk back at the tall, imposing figure with an impassive face.

“Let’s go, s/o, we’ll continue our date somewhere else.” he said, grabbing his s/o’s hand and pulling them away gently and down the street.

“Thank you, Renji.” they murmured quietly.

The man only let a faint smile pull to his lips as he rubbed the back of their hand with his thumb.

Journey to the West


She was going to find those dragon balls. None of the boys at school were satisfactory; she needed the perfect boyfriend that would woo everyone. A total hottie. Someone that’d make the girls even more jealous of her than they already were. It was so easy to dream about it as she zoomed down the empty trail through the mountainous forest, her eyes occasionally glancing at her radar to see how close the nearest dragon ball was. She had three; four more to go.

She wondered what he’d look like. Would he be blonde? Hn… She liked darker hair better. Silky dark hair. And he’d better have mysterious dark eyes, too. Tan skin. It’d be preferable if he was tall, too! And to be so romantic–! And he could be a good kisser, and never demand to touch her butt or do puff-puffs like that one asshole she dated a year or two ago did. Hnf. Sure, she let guys touch her butt in order to get something she couldn’t otherwise get, but how often was that? She was the richest, smartest girl in West City! She only went to school for fun, it’s not like she actually needed to attend!

She was broken from her thoughts by– by the sound of things breaking, actually. She slowed her motorcycle to a stop when she heard the noise up ahead, and widened her eyes when she realized she could see trees being flung around and a forest fire nearby. Eep! She began backing her motorcycle up, but just as she did, a giant log landed right behind her, crushing the back of her motorcycle. Maybe she should have made a bodyguard before she went on this adventure.

She got off the motorcycle in a heartbeat and was thankful to see that the button to capsule it was still untouched, and swapped it out as quickly as she could for another vehicle in her case, a little car. She all but yelled when another tree landed in front of her, thankfully not destroying her car. She jumped inside the vehicle and started backing up as quickly as she could, wondering in the back of her head if there was another way of getting around this dumb mountain.


always a slut for natan and shirtless supernatural beings

[People are allowed to be upset that Vanitas took Jeanne’s powers and forced himself upon her. It was a horrible, unsettling thing to do (and] for those who think fans find Alice kissing Oz acceptable but not Vanitas, they don’t. [That was also wrong, but while Alice was force-feeding Oz blood (not kissing) to make a contract, Vanitas kissed Jeanne with full awareness and intent behind what he was doing.] Both are wrong, but in no way similar, and Vanitas’ actions are worse due to intentions)
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Are You Okay? - Fred Weasley Imagine

Could Ya do a Fred Weasley imagine where the girl is super close with Fred and they’re at a quidditch gryffindor common room party and some guy starts touching her and stuff and he starts beating him up so the girl tries to get in between them and Fred accidentally punched her??

“(Y/n)! (Y/n)!” You heard a familiar voice call from behind you, you turned around and saw one of your closest friends run towards you, Fred Weasley, “Hi Fred! Sorry I couldn’t make it to the game bloody Snape kept me for an extra hour! But, how did the game go?” You asked “We won!” He yelled grabbing your waist and spinning you around. “Oh I knew you guys would win Freddie!” You laughed wrapping your arms around his neck and hugging him tightly. “You are coming to the party tonight right?” He asked in your ear, You pulled back “I wouldn’t miss it for the world” you smiled brightly “Good” he smirked “I’ll see you then” he placed a kiss on your forehead and left you blushing madly in the empty corridor.

~Later That Night~

You sat on the cozy couch near the fire extremely tired from all of the dancing you did with your friends. You feet were killing you! But you still decided to stay because they would have cake soon. “Oh hi (Y/n)” you felt an arm go around your shoulders, you rolled your eyes knowing exactly who it was, Cormac Mclaggen, he’s been flirting with you for the past few months “What do you want?” You asked removing his arm from your shoulder “I just want to be with you” he said sadly putting a hand on your thigh. You swat it away and stood up trying to leave but, he grabbed your waist and pushed you down back onto the couch “come on (Y/n)!” He said grabbing your wrists “Stop it let go of me!” You screamed trying to loosen his rough grip on your wrists.

“Hey Mclaggen!” He turned around and was punched in the face so hard he fell off the couch. You looked at the puncher and saw that it was Fred, he came up to you “are you okay?” He asked worried checking your face for any damage. “Y-yeah behind you!” You screamed, Fred turned around but, not fast enough and was punched brutally in the face. Cormac went on the floor to continue to punch Fred but, Fred powerfully punched Cormac back.

It was a full on fist fight, you could see that both of them were getting badly hurt and everyone else could see that to “Stop it! Stop it!” You yelled trying to push them away from each other. You felt a sharp pain on your cheek and fell down onto the ground “Ow!” You groaned holding your cheek. “Oh no, (Y/n) I’m so sorry I didn’t mean too!” Fred said panting looking at your face. “It’s okay Fred” you assured him “No it’s not, hold on” Fred said annoyed that Mclaggen kept trying to keep the fight going. Fred stood up and punched him so hard that Cormac passed out and laid limp on the floor. Fred picked you up in his arms and carried you out of the common room.

“Fred where are we going?” You asked breaking the long silence “The room of requirements” he said still looking ahead “alright” you said awkwardly. We stood right in front of a blank wall until a door appeared and we entered the room. Fred gently placed you down onto a heap of bean bags that was left there from the last DADA Meeting. Fred walked across the room to grab a first aid-kit that was on top of a bookshelf. You looked around and laughed at the memory you had here “What are you laughing at?” He smiled sitting down next to you, to look at the bruise on your cheek. “Remember when Harry put us as partners in a duel and I stunned you because you weren’t paying attention, oh what a great day that was, even George payed me a Galleon” you laughed “oh yeah, that wasn’t a great day at all I had a broken arm!” He chuckled.

He opened a little bottle filled with yellow paste and gently put it on your cheek. You winced slightly at the pain “are you okay?” Fred asked again “yes I’m okay” you smiled. “Okay since I’m a horrible person, name anything that you would like and I’ll do it” Fred said seriously “Fred your not horrible, you were just trying to protect me plus, you don’t have to do anything for me” you implied “No (Y/n) please I have to do something” he begged “Fred…” You started but he didn’t let you finish “Please!” He whimpered “Fine! Fine! How about the Three Broomsticks this weekend, just you and me?” You asked, He smiled widely “Sounds like a plan!”


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A Night to Remember

Seth Rollins/OC. For @gelinas22:  Reader talks Seth in to going to a concert of their favorite band (let’s say A Day To Remember). He doesn’t want her to get hurt in the mosh pit but she takes off anyway and ends up pulling her weight in the pit, punching some guy that tried to touch her inappropriately before Seth gets there. He gets worked up and it just ends up in some smutty goodness.

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I hate venus retrograde, last night my ex aqua kissed his ex aries in front of me while I have actually looking for his ex aries to check if she wasn't being disturbed by the weird guy who tried to touch her during the beginning of the party, he knows I didn't get over him and we're suppose to be in good term because we have the same friends deh, I told him I needed time to get over him and he wasn't helping however I was happy for him cause she's his bestfriend so perfect match for an aqua...

You sound so kind…. honestly fuck him. 

I don’t care about terms, maybe you need to give space to yourself away from him. Venus retrograde is a blessing because it’s a time to self-reflect and see what you need. How your values are, etc. Maybe this is really symbolic that you need someone who can keep their word or won’t disrespect you or torture you like that, perhaps your values of old “playmates” are changing or making you realize how you need to value stuff. 

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AHhhhhhhhhh nooooo!!! Why do you feel bad?!! AHHH IM SO SCARED D: *blows more magic dust* LIVEEEE *much magic dust rains from sky* AHHHH ples don kill her she must have a happy lil life with Amelia and have lil babies and have lots of pets and go to parks and take walks with their lil pug named Jelly D:

 You guys are killing me! Or am I killing Wednesday??? x)

I am really touched you guys like her that much, I just do not want to give anything away but I am working on it right now! I promise! Your time will not be wasted!


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I hate venus retrograde, last night my ex aqua kissed his ex aries in front of me while I have actually looking for his ex aries to check if she wasn't being disturbed by the weird guy who tried to touch her during the beginning of the party, he knows I didn't get over him and we're suppose to be in good term because we have the same friends deh, I told him I needed time to get over him and he wasn't helping however I was happy for him cause she's his bestfriend so, perfect match for an aqua...

:\ you’ll find better

this venus rx has had a lot of ex-inception going on 

@russbusfuck based off their plot here

The last person to leave the party from the squad was Noora, she’d only stayed to make sure that Eva wouldn’t overdo it and that had failed miserably. She’d had just a little too much to drink and if Chris could flirt with every girl that was here? She was going to flirt with the guys. The touching made her a tad bit uncomfortable, her heart not really into it but playing along. Fight fire with fire. She was learning that about Chris. Pretending to be angry, the brunette stood and grabbed the bottle on the table, shoving past him. “I didn’t need your help.”

I'll leave this here

To all the Muslim guys that are virgins and waiting until marriage, may Allah reward you for your struggle. For not giving into society’s stereotype that you’re not a man if you haven’t had sex, or for not giving into your friends peer pressure just so you could fit in. Because you’re only cool if you talk about how it went last night. I don’t know how bad your struggle is but I know it’s hard living in such a hyper sexual society. Walk with your head high and have pride, for Allah has blessed you. Too many Muslim guys getting caught up, “having fun” before marriage and then want to go get a chaste wife. Heaven forbid a guy ever touched her.