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TAZ means a lot to me, and im still in shambles over the end ;w; I imagine after everything, Lucretia will have a new portrait to hang in her office! 

Thanks for the adventure, Tres Horny Boys! I look forward to the next amazing story! 

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Since you did it for Death, do you have anything for some fluff between s/o and war's Chaos form?

!!!!! :D !!!!!!!

You’re scared, to be perfectly honest. The hulking behemoth that looms above you is more than imposing enough to render you shaking and speechless. Granted, he had just come careening to your defence as you were cornered by a frightful pair of Flamecallers. 

And he had technically stood over you with a ferocious snarl and bellowed them into retreat, huffing with satisfaction as the two of them fled, tails between their legs. 

But to have that much raw power, brute strength and wild ferocity standing above your head had triggered a little something called ‘common sense’ in your head. Eyeing the belly of the snorting demon, you start to scoot backwards, feet scraping the loose gravel as you edge yourself out from underneath it’s bulk, on your backside. 

Distantly, you wonder why it had just supposedly rescued you from the smaller demons. ‘Probably so it can eat me whole without having to share,’ you think to yourself with a scoff. 

He notices that you’re moving mere seconds too late when his ears prick up at the sound of tiny feet hitting the pavement, sprinting down the decrepit street and away from him. You don’t allow yourself time to ponder as to why the demon’s short, sharp bark of surprise sounds more anxious than angry as you bolt into a maintenance room at the side of a tunnel. Behind you, you can hear the thundering footsteps and snorting breaths of the beast that’s far too close on your heels. As you throw yourself through the doorless doorway, you’re horrified to feel the hot breath of it chase after you and licking up the back of your neck. With a scream, you swivel around to face the beast and fall backwards, clear off your feet when you come face to face with three enormous, black claws. 

The air before you shifts as the points thud to the dirt between your legs, just millimetres from where you’d fallen before you shoved yourself backwards into the far wall. You press hard into the concrete behind you whilst tears stream relentlessly down your cheeks and drip into the dust below. Sucking in a deep breath and finding your voice, you aim a harsh shriek at the creature whose claws are searching, probing around the cramped space in pursuit of their target. 


Your terrified shout rends the air and the giant hand pauses, then withdraws, dragging dirt and rubble with it as it bumps backwards out of the maintenance room, only to be replaced by a huge, dazzlingly bright yellow eye. It narrows and something akin to a whine rumbles from the beast’s throat and rattles your bones. 

Trembling, you heave out a wet sob and draw your knees against your chest, looping both arms around them and burying your face into the fabric of your trousers. “Please,” you beg, “just leave me alone….” 

On the other side of the door, the demon starts to growl incessantly, pressing it’s head into the gap and thumping its horns against the concrete, trying to push it’s way through to you. 

Lifting your head from your knees, you fix the golden eye with a dark scowl of your own. “I said GO AWAY!” you shout. In response, the beast shakes it’s head side to side rapidly and roars fiercely through the small gap. Spittle and hot sparks of fire escape its maw and pepper your face. The creature closes it’s mouth and you find yourself trapped by it’s hypnotic glare once more. But something’s off

 It’s then that you realise the pale pinprick of white that serves as a pupil isn’t actually focused on you, but rather at a point a few feet above your head. 

Something wet, cold and stinking drops heavily onto your right shoulder. With a deep gulp, you turn your head to look at the substance and watch it slide down the sleeve of your hoodie and run onto the ground. Dimly, you become aware that the large hand has pushed back through the doorway and is reaching out for you, doubtless hungry and not wanting to lose the only decent meal it’s had in days. 

Your head tilts upwards towards the ceiling slowly, finally taking notice of the large, gaping maw that hangs from the ceiling. ‘A Goremaw’, you realise, heart thudding down into your stomach like a stone. 

Three things happen in that moment. 

The demon hanging above you suddenly screeches, stretching it’s jaw wide and hurtling downwards. 

The demon outside releases an almighty cry of rage. 

And you plant your hands against the wall behind you, tensing before launching off it and throwing yourself forwards without a thought. The Goremaw’s teeth snap shut barely half a second after you jump out of reach, screaming when it realises it’s lost it’s prey. 

With a hiss of pain, you curl your hands into fists to try and quell the stinging of the nasty graze you’d just given yourself by crashing to the ground in such a manner. You barely have time to feel it though as you push your face off the ground and get to your hands and knees, spitting out some gravel that you’d damn near swallowed when you face planted the earth. Before you have time to realise your mistake, something big slams to the ground behind you and without pause, you find yourself being nudged forwards. With a startled cry, you throw yourself back, only to slam into the gigantic palm of the first demon. He’s staring at you avidly whilst slowly dragging his cupped hand out from the maintenance tunnel, with you pushing futilely back against his claws. 

It’s a losing battle.

In no time, you’re suddenly out in the open, exposed and vulnerable and completely at the mercy of the enormous, red demon with glowing eyes and cragged horns. Like a shot, you burst up onto your feet and make to dash between his legs but before you can, the giant’s face looms into view, taking up your entire field of vision. 

You’re frozen in fear, locked in place by his fearsome gaze. The beast bares his fangs at you, letting you catch a glimpse into his too-wide mouth and peer down his gaping throat. Shuddering and sobbing, you feel yourself go limp against the claws that have curled loosely around you and are now the only things holding you upright. Your arms drape over the large thumb which raises a little to keep you standing, but you barely notice, too busy thinking about how much this is going to hurt. 

You do notice, however, when a stiflingly hot breath suddenly washes over you and without warning, the creature pushes it’s nose into your belly with a grunt. You balk and squawk at the unexpected intrusion, lifting a hand to push weakly against the twitching nose as it starts to sniff

Emboldened by the fact that you haven’t immediately been tossed between it’s jaws, you place both hands against the demon’s face and try to shove its attentive snout away from your stomach. “What th- Hey!” you shout in protest as the he uses a claw on his other hand to spin you around so that you’re faced away from him. You shudder when the nose returns and presses against the fabric of your hoodie, once again drawing in a deep breath and rumbling out a deep sigh. Had you not been so flustered, you might have noticed that it almost sounded relived. As it so happens, you were still reeling from recent events and the fact that this thing now seemed to be toying with you. 

“Get…off!” you grumble, turning yourself back around forcefully and sending the giant demon a furious glare. Tired, frightened and hurt are a dangerous combination, illustrated when you find your last lick of courage and swat at the demon’s face. Your hand connects with thick, rocky skin as you land a slap against the tip of his nose. The demon freezes, staring down at you with wide, bewildered eyes. You on the other hand, suddenly cower in fear of retaliation. You raise both arms above your head, palms facing upwards and wait for the inevitable bite. 

It never comes.

Instead, you gasp when you feel the hard tip of his nose nudge the palm of your left hand and a hum rolls out of him like thunder. Cracking open an eyelid, you peer up at the demon who withdraws from your hand and scowls down at them. Confused beyond measure, you flip it around and inspect the harsh grazes on the soft skin of your palm. As you stare down at the tiny droplets of blood that ooze from the wounds, the creature rumbles above you, sounding suspiciously concerned. 

Realisation slams into you like a freight train and had the whole scenario not been so downright horrifying, you might have found it quite funny

“….You were just trying to see if I was hurt….” you whisper, tearing your eyes from your hands to meet the golden gaze of the beast. His own eyes rove up to the sky and he huffs out a hot breath as if to say, ‘Duh!’. Despite the situation, you let out an exhausted laugh at the expression on his face. The demon, who you’re honestly starting to suspect isn’t actually a demon at all, turns his yellow stare on you once more, frown softening slightly when he sees you smiling. 

Soooo….” you pout, stumbling out of his hold and back onto solid ground, “I take it this means you’re not going to eat me?” The beast pulls a face, twisting his lip over long fangs in a grimace and he snorts warm air down over your body.”That’s a ‘no’ then,” you grin.

A low howl echoes from somewhere deep within the city and your giant, mysterious rescuer draws himself up to his full height and turns his head in the direction of the noise, ears flat against his skull and growling lowly. You take a few tentative steps back as he rises, nerves quivering again at his suddenly defensive stance. Deciding that now is as good a time as any to make your exit, you throw up an awkward wave, wincing when his head snaps to look down at you. 

“Welp,” you exclaim, “Thanks for the save, I uh….” Trailing off, you throw a thumb over your shoulder and take a few more hesitant steps back, “I’m just gonna go then. It was nice to meet you.” 

Clapping your hands together, you spin around and stiffly start to head in the direction you sincerely hope you might find signs of human life. It actually comes as little surprise when you suddenly feel something hook the scruff of your hoodie and lift you high into the air. Even so, you can’t quite stop the squeak that tumbles from your mouth when it happens. Craning your neck up and back, you realise that you’re dangling from the mighty jaw of your newfound ‘friend’ who’s teeth are a little too close for comfort at this point. But there’s very little you can do about it, you concede.

With a quivering sigh, you allow yourself to be carried, in a mortifyingly similar fashion to a newborn kitten, deeper into the ruined city, completely at the mercy of your self-appointed guard. 

  1. Anonymous said to ask-a-ravager:The tooth fairy is just a weird alien that likes to collect Terran teeth to make jewellery and other such items, you have to be asleep for them to come with the teeth under pillows. Mind you…. Rumour is that he pays double for fresh teeth. Or…. Did you mean the small nightmarish monsters that go by the same name that eat bone and teeth, even if they are still in a living subject? Either way…. Something creepy will break into the ship with all those teeth lying about….
  2. tmntturtle said to ask-a-ravager:Yondu I am sorry to tell you this but the tooth fairy does not deal with stolen goods.




friendly reminder that reblogs are best

I ran into some art block lately and decided to branch out and draw a different Pokémon for once. This isn’t related to @dailyshinyampharos in any way, (but their art is amazing check em out!)

But don’t fear, weavile posts will resume normally! I just wanted to show you guys a colored pencil drawing and not something that’s only pencil like I usually do. :)

My blog is one year old!

Tumbler let me know recently that my blog is a year old!  I wish I could say something snarky about this blue hole of procrastination, but I’m just really thankful for this awesome fandom and all the wonderful people who make it happen!  So here’s a little something fluffy to celebrate:

Sansa eyed Jon over the top of her wine glass.  He was always a wonderful boyfriend but tonight he’d really outdone himself.  Their one year anniversary had started with flowers, then tickets to the symphony–even though she knew he hated it–and now an incredible dinner.  It was a restaurant she’d been dying to try but could never get a table.  Everything had been amazing, from the food to the wine, of which Sansa had several glasses.  Then there was Jon himself.  He was decked out in a suit and tie.  She couldn’t help but think about pulling his tie down to get at the skin below it.  

“You know Jon, the bathrooms here are like, individual bathrooms.  They’re really private,” she said, finishing her glass and placing it on the table.

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smolgay-bean  asked:

WOW ok so this Lance request has been on my mind. Can y'all do a scenario where Lance's 5'3 strong gf picks him up bridal style while saying happy birthday and all that but Lance is so perplexed like "she's so strong??????" but is also so happy and falls in love all over again (and may or may not be turned on a lil ;))




Bwahagabgagagabgaga short ass bitch wanna do this req ananannanan ~Mod saf

Listen bitch say good bye to your kneecaps ~Mod Awkward

It had been an amazing morning, albeit a little weird, but nonetheless one of the most memorable birthdays Lance has had in years.

The madness had started at the crack of dawn, with you barging into his room exclaiming that daylight was a-wastin’ and there was no time for him to sleep in. The abrupt exposure to light and sound caused Lance to moan in displeasure as he pulled the covers over him and sighed in content at his new found haven. 

“Come on, sleepy head! Get up!” You laughed, throwing a pillow at him “It’s your birthday and we’re going to make every second count!”

“Well, this birthday boy needs his beauty sleep. And whatever the birthday boy says, goes.” He mumbled into his blankets with a smirk.

“But Lance,” you whine, “If you get anymore beauty sleep I’m afraid you’ll become too handsome for mere mortal eyes to comprehend! For the sake everyone else in the castle, you have to get up before it’s too late!”

“Oh no, it seems my mission to defeat the paladins of Voltron with my unparalleled good looks and charm has been foiled! Curses!” He shook his fist in the air, feigning defeat.

You gasped, “So my suspicions were correct!” With each line threatening to send you into a fit of giggles, it was becoming increasingly hard to stay in character. If anyone else were listening in on this conversation you were sure they’d think the both of you were insane, but you didn’t care, this was fun. “It was you all along! I knew something was off the moment I saw you and felt myself grow weak in the knees! You fiend, you threw me off with your perfect smile and flirtatious winks!”

Folding his arms over his head and leaning back into his pillow, Lance shrugged smugly, “Guilty.”

At this point, he couldn’t even bring himself to be mad at you for waking him up, even if it was an ungodly hour for role-playing and witty banter.

“For stealing my heart, I shall, in turn, steal your precious blankets!”

Say what now?

A small yelp escaped his lips at the sudden lack of warmth as chills traveled down his back. “The birthday boy commands you return his blankets at once!”


“Then you force me to unleash my secret weapon! Prepare to be absolutely smitten with me!”

Lance held his breath in anticipation for your response, only to be surprised at the silence that fell over the room. He was about to voice his concerns for you when he suddenly felt two arms hook under his knees and upper back. He was expecting the tickling of his lifetime, maybe even a pinching or two, but what he most certainly did not expect was for his girlfriend to quite literally lift him off of the bed.

Holy shit.

His eyes flew open in awe. Lance knew he was gaping up at you like a dumbstruck fool, but he couldn’t bring himself to close his mouth nor form any coherent words. You were smiling sweetly down at him and he could feel his heart pounding almost painfully in his chest. 

“You silly paladin, I already am.”

You crashed your lips onto his, craning your head to convey as much passion into the kiss as you could. Was it possible to be this confused and aroused at the same time? Not now Lance Jr. 

His girlfriend, was holding him up bridal style and kissing him. His girlfriend, who needs help reaching objects in high places and has to stand on her toes to reach up to give him a peck on the cheek, was this beautiful and strong warrior goddess who could lift him up without so much as breaking a sweat. Quiznak, and he thought it wasn’t possible to love you any more than he already did.

With new resolve to prove his adoration for you, he kissed back with twice the fervor. You hummed against lips in response, sending tingles down his arms. You were steadfast and warm against him, your mouth molding with his in perfect unison. Lance gripped at the collar of your shirt to pull you closer, desperate to feel more of you.

He felt weightless, like he was floating, it was dizzying and electrifying. He was glad he was in your arms, for he was sure that his legs wouldn’t be able to support him if he tried to stand. Any desire to crawl back into his bed was long gone, his sole attention on you, and only you. The smell of your hair, the feel of your hands, the beating of your heart. He wanted all of you, to taste you, touch you, he never wanted the blissful moment to end, but with a parting nibble on his lower lip, you broke the kiss and brought your forehead to meet his.

“Happy birthday, Lance.”

Little Things

…I must be very sick, cause I wrote fluff. It’s just fluff guys.

Warnings: None, except tooth destroying sweetness. Heeerrrreee @prinxietyhell

Pranks didn’t always do large elaborate pranks, sometimes, the smaller ones work better. They may not even count as pranks. He likes to think they are. Small sweet things.

Hiding a book from Logan, so he has to leave his room and get food. Making sure the logical side takes a break. Remembers to relax and breath.

He sometimes will leave a trail of stuffed animals for Morality to his room, where is is everything possibly fluffy on his bed. Reminding Dad to enjoy the soft things, and, to let himself take a break.

For Roman it was usually the offer of a huge adventure, only for the quest to lead to the tv in the common room. Usually Imag is there too. It lets Roman think in a peaceful environment. Letting him remember not every adventure needs to be fantastical.

All Missy needed sometimes was one of their walls to be plastered with compliments, and a fresh flower crown on their bed. To remind them that they’re amazing too. Pranks on Imag always gives the kid new drawing supplies, and a relaxed Roman to watch Steven Universe with.

Anxiety was harder, but Pranks took special scare to make him included. Like leaving Anx’s door open just a crack, to get him up and out of bed. Only to find a new set of makeup or a cup of hot chocolate in front of the door.

These are the type of jokes that Pranks loves. Little things that help his family relax. He never expects anything back. He hides his own insecurities, his own little thoughts of doubt. This is a full time job. Planing pranks for thomas to do and pranks to help his family relax.

Sometimes he forgets to relax himself. Isn’t that funny? He tries to make everyone else relaxed, and stresses over that. Pranks doesn’t want to do the same prank twice.

He often finds himself like he is now. Sitting crosslegged on his bed, notebooks filled with ideas spread in front of him. Messy writing and crosses out words. The tiny letters blurring. He needs to sleep, but, he needs to figure it a new way to help Logan. He is catching onto the other pranks.

A knock at his door sends him quickly hiding everything under his bed. Then he opens his door, only to be greeted by Imag.

“Imag, what’s wrong?” Pranks asks and kneels down to the child’s height.

Imag shakes his head and tugs on Pranks’ hand, not saying anything. Panic grips Pranks’ chest. What is..did something bad happened?! If Imag is getting him then it must be desperate. Are the others okay?!

“Imag, Imag what happened?” He asks as they walk quickly down the hallway.

The lights are dim and he swears he can smell candles. Wait, candles? Pranks’ eyes widen when he sees the living room. There are small candles everywhere, and a tent made out of blankets and pillows.

He hears voices bickering lightly. The others. What is going on?

“Guuuuyysss,” Imag calls out, giggling.

There is a flurry of people and Pranks is suddenly in a tight group hug. Everyone is hugging him. Even Anxiety. Why is everyone hugging him?

“We love you Pranks.”

“Thank you, Pranks.”

“You’re just so awesome big bro!”

Pranks hugs them back, any stress he was feeling fading. He feels himself being moved. He’s sat down on pillows, still being hugged. Cartoons are on the tv, and he is relaxing against someone. It might be Logan, he can feel a loose tie.

It’s always good to help others, but, Pranks is glad his family reminded him that he can relax too. They love him, no matter what.

Champagne- William Nylander

Originally posted by marntthews

(I felt this one was appropriate)

Omg I watched the game again and I still got goosebumps. The Leafs. My Leafy Boys did this! AHHHH!!! Anyway ok enjoy guys!

Warning: mentions of drinking

Anon Request: Hey! Can I request a willy nylander where ur at the game when they make the playoffs with like steph(Mitch’s gf) , lex and Sydney (matts gf) and then just being super cute after the game . Maybe you play for the Toronto furies too?


              You cheered with the others as Connor deflected the puck past Fleury for the go ahead goal.

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Zelda’s Log #6.5: Domesticity

A/N: I love to call this ‘Sugar-induced Domestic Porn’. I quoted @gathoscorner strip on a scene because cake for breakfast is GLORIOUS. You seriously feel like royalty.

Happy reading!


Days like this start more or less the same:

A good morning kiss (or two, or more, or something more, depending on the mood); a drowsy ‘can we stay in bed a little longer? It’s still early in the morning’.

We’re so cozy and comfortable, I just answer 'Sure, why not?’

Later, a good, abundant breakfast, although a certain Princess would rather eat cake all day.

'This is how freedom tastes like!’, she says delighted, savoring her piece of cake. I only indulge her because the kisses I get later taste of raspberries and cane sugar. I am not a guy with a sweet tooth, but this is a treat I can’t pass up.

We divide the chores: I go gather food, wood, and water, cook for lunch, and wash the dishes. Zelda takes care of the horses, makes the bed, cleans up if needed, and lays the table. She also takes care of the yard (now filled with a patch of Silent Princesses).

Have I mentioned she looks so cute with her apron? I love when her nose wrinkles a little when she sees a rebel stain on the window.

I thought she would dislike domestic chores, but she enjoys it.

'I love taking care of our house!’, she says in a singsong voice when she finishes, and the words of the Great Deku Tree echo in my head.

Her smile is brighter the summer sun.

'Don’t you get bored with this?’, I ask her during lunchtime. She is savoring the curry I made.

Her head tilts to the side. 'Absolutely not. Why do you ask?’, and she sips her glass of water.

‘It came to my mind you might miss castle life’, I commented.

'No way!’, she chuckled, waving her hands. ‘You, and this place, have given me the freedom to be myself’. She took a deep breath. 'See this dress?’, Zelda stood up.

A flowy, simple, cream-colored dress with ribbon trim at the hem. She looks pretty.

‘I would have never been allowed to wear something like this, because it’s not how a Princess looks like’, she pointed out, balancing her weight from one leg to another, the dress flowing softly with her moves, 'no petticoats or corsets, and thin, plain fabric - scandalous!’ - she made a over-dramatic shocked face.

We both laughed hard at her observations, because, a hundred years ago, they would have been absolutely true.

Goddesses, that dress truly shows all the contours of her body when she steps against the light… Link, save those thoughts for later.

After lunch, she reads a little, and goes to the Lab to chat sciency things with Purah. I rather stay home and keep doing chores, for those two and Symin talk a language I just don’t understand, although I am always more than willing to help her in all her research - only Goddesses know on how many of her experiments I’ll be the test subject. I remember being it in the past, running away from her, avoiding to getting a hot-footed frog stuffed on my mouth.

Once all clothes are clean and hung (Bolson made a very practical clothes line behind the house), I take a nap under the front yard tree.

The snap of a Sheikah slate awakes me.

'You will get a sunburn if you stay like that’.

I only see the outline of her body against the afternoon sun. Dang. Then my eyes go upwards to meet hers, full of mirth.

'You’ve been there for quite a while, your cheeks are so red!’.

It’s not the sun, you know? It’s just you, and your gorgeous body.

Once in the house, she narrates Purah’s shenanigans with tea and more cake, and the idea of dismantling the remaining guardians.

'Castletown is full of them’, I remind her, 'maybe we should go there, and check the castle…’

Her sunshine smile gets clouded by a bitter rictus at my idea.

‘I…’- she paused- 'don’t think I’m ready to go back there yet’. And she sips her tea in silence.

She is so reluctant on returning to the ruins that were her home. Whenever I’ve tried to put up the issue, she either dodged it or made the same upset expression. Zelda needs closure on that matter. Although she has made peace with herself, and working on closure about her failures, there is only one thing she is avoiding - I suspect her absolute silence is related to it:

Her father.

I guess I’ll have to wait until she chooses to.

The sunset puts her back in her usual mood, all smiley and carefree, after some alone time studying.

We have a light supper, and after some table talk, she makes the most interesting proposal of the day.

‘Do you want to take a bath with me?’

The small room attached to the house is a full bathroom, with a latrine, and a tub big enough for two, with a boiler to heat the water - those rupees were so worth it - I just wish we had an inner door for it. Maybe I’ll ask Bolson to make some changes later.

Once in the warm water, the sweat, grime, and the ache in the muscles vanish, and I melt in the hands of the naked woman washing my hair - I become as docile as the pooches from the stables.

'I never stopped before to think about the little ways you have changed’, Zelda’s right index poked between my shoulder blades once she rinsed my hair. 'Your body is more muscular, and your voice has changed. It used to have a higher pitch, and cracked a lot’.

'I guess it wasn’t too noticeable’, I affirmed.

I did notice’, she hugged me from behind. 'Just as I have been noticing other things about you… like how you were checking me out in my dress today’.

I turn to face her, eyes full of the same lusty gleam she had in the forest the other day, on our way to Gerudo Town.

I cannot think of a better way to end the day.

I love days like this.

  • Baekhyun (to sekai): I dont care how close you guys are, sharing a tooth brush is just weird.
  • Suho: No, the weird thing is that they keep it in Kai's room.
  • Kai: No we don't. It's in the bathroom by your guys' bedroom.
  • Suho: No, because there is only one toothbrush in that bathroom and that one's mine.
  • Kai:
  • Sehun:
  • Suho: Wait a second-
  • Baekhyun : Oh my fucking god *starts laughing*
no pets allowed, but i won’t tell

My remix for @thinkoutsidethelovesquare! This is a remix of the fic No Pets Allowed by @kiwikwami.

Summary: Against the rules of his apartment complex, Nino brings a kitten home. When his neighbor Adrien finds out, he strikes a deal to make sure he won’t get turned in. An Adrinino remix.


Nino knew that he was breaking the rules as he brought a tiny bundle of fur into his apartment building. There were weekly newsletters and posters hung just about everywhere denouncing the ownership of animals that weren’t fish, so it was kind of impossible to not understand that getting kicked out was a horribly real possibility.

Nevertheless, he calmed and quieted the kitten hidden in his jacket as he took the steps instead of elevator, and the back door instead of the front. It was a lot more effort than normally going to his room, but looking down at the cat’s sweet expression, he knew it was worth it. With a smile, he made it to his floor and, after a minute of searching for his keys, unlocked his room and stepped inside, letting the door swing shut by itself.

“Alright, little buddy,” Nino said, “I’m gonna give you a bath ‘cause you’re crazy dirty. After that, I’ll go buy some cat food. Sound like a deal?”

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sohanaa04  asked:

Heyo I was wondering if you could do a RFA+V and Saeren going out to eat really spicy food with Mc and well it's clear that they can't take it but they don't stop, have fun with it 😂😋

Alright - No idea how you came up with it, but I hope you like it!

Okay, this is the story - The whole RFA, with saeran were at a Mexican restaurant! Good idea! Until they ask saeyoung and/or MC to order the food for them without specifying what they want. AKA They’re all gonna get the spiciest of the spiciest shit. Yay.


  • Once he took a bite, he froze
  • Why is it so hot?!
  • saeyoung urges him to finish it, since he’s the one who didn’t specify what he wanted
  • He refuses immediately
  • But…the rest of the RFA actually agreed with saeyoung
  • He swallowed thickly before downing the whole plate almost at once, causing you to burst out laughing
  • “Oh my god, honey~ I’m proud of you!” You said
  • When you kissed his cheek his face flushed even redder than it was from the spicy food
  • Then you gave him a glass of milk with a snort


  • I feel like Zen would be really good at dealing with this for some reason
  • But let’s pretend he’s not
  • When he takes a bite he immediately spits it out onto a napkin
  • Why is it so spicy? Goddamn
  • sucks it up and continues eating cause he’s hungry asf
  • You encourage him to continue, which helps a lot, yes
  • He is so embarrassed that the RFA saw him that red and flushed over some spicy food
  • Ends up complaining that spicy foods are bad for his fair skin
  • “Never going to do that again. Gotta stay beautiful!”
  • “sure, babe, sure” smooch


  • Very embarrassed
  • Will probably curse saeyoung with witchcraft when you two get home
  • Wants to look good for you so she eats it silently
  • But on the inside she’s firing up
  • Will casually order a glass of milk and gulps it down within seconds
  • You just giggle, knowing how spicy it is
  • “It’s alright, Jaehee! You don’t have to finish it!”
  • “Mm, no, it’s really..*Cough* great!”
  • sure it is hun


  • He was already grumpy because
  • What is this commoner place? Do commoners eat this gross stuff?
  • Oh god what have you people been eating all your life instead of the amazing steak that I got?!
  • You had to urge him to try the food that seven had ordered
  • He hesistantly ate it and when he did, his eyes turned sooo wide
  • You snorted which caused him to be even more embarrassed
  • He actually refused to eat it, even when you asked him nicely
  • Didn’t eat anything else for the rest of the evening


  • You had gotten you all food this time
  • He knew from your smirk that you had something planned, but he’d thought it was just an ingredient he didn’t like
  • not that the whole meal had extra pepper in it, making it super spicy!?
  • He actually challenged himself  to eat the whole meal
  • Regrets it
  • But is not going to go down in front of you
  • Will eat it
  • And then come 3 glasses of milk


  • He couldn’t see very well, ya know?
  • so when you gave him his plate he didn’t know that it was their spiciest chilli
  • When he took a bite, he burst into a coughing fit
  • You and seven laughed your asses off
  • “Come on, Dear, if you really refuse to eat it, I won’t force you!”
  • “No, Love, I’ll eat it. You gave me it, so it’s delicious to me.”
  • Cue aww’s from RFA and gagging from saeran lolol
  • He actually ate the whole thing
  • And regret it in the morning that’s for sure
  • But you gave him a kiss when he was done so it was worth the fire on his tongue


  • We all know that this guy has a sweet tooth and is a bit soft fluff ball right?
  • so he didn’t expect you give him something so spicy
  • He had purposely asked you to order for him instead of his brother because he knew he was gonna get pranked
  • But by you?
  • He didn’t expect it at all
  • He actually left early, grumpy, after taking his first bite
  • You had to catch up to him and shower him with snuggles and kisses back home to make up for it

(This is actually really hard lolol, anyways, it’s done Cutie~ Hope you liked it!^^)