guy the crossroads demon

Crowley’s little girl. Part III.

Characters: Demon!Reader, Crowley, Dean Winchester, Sam Winchester, Claire Novak (mentioned), Jody Mills (mentioned)

Parings: Demon!Reader x Crowley (Daughter and Father), eventually Demon!Reader x Dean/Sam Winchester (I think there is going to be a Sam x Reader angsty fluff at some point in a further part)

You are one of Crowley’s crossroad demons, but not any demon, no.. you are his daughter. A so called Cambion. Half demon, half human. When a girl named Claire summoned you, everything changed.


You popped up at the same crossroad that Claire has summoned you before. The sun was set and a slight breeze of wind was running through your hair, ruffling it up. There was a little farm house in the distance and a little forest on the other side. You stood there in silence and for the very first time in your life you realized how beautiful earth was. A strange noise coming from your pocket tore you out of your wandering gaze. The phone your father gave you a while ago rang loudly.

„Father.“ you answered the phone.

„Just a quick update, my dear. Their home is warded against any kind of evil. You won‘t find them as long as they stay there.“ Crowley explained. „Oh.. and by the way.. the Winchesters are quite shirty, be careful and don‘t draw to much attention to you.“

„But how am I supposed to find them then?“ you asked confused, just as the king of hell hung up on you, without any further information.

„Great…“ putting your phone back in your pocket, you tried to figure out how to start your manhunt. You remembered that the Winchesters came from the small forest when they wanted to stop the deal. You decided to take the little road that was guiding you towards the woods.

Some leafs were laying on the ground, crackling from your steps, while some where hanging on the trees rustling in the wind. You enjoyed your walk on this little gravel path, but soon the way branched-off. Taking the left branch you ended up on a road. A few street lights standing on each side. Indecisive you decided to follow the long road which seemed like forever, when suddenly a glare dazzled your view. A long black car passed your way and your senses told you exactly who sat behind the steering wheel. You stepped out to stand in the middle of the street holding out your right arm. The car lights started to flicker until they went out completely and the car broke down. You stared directly into the drivers eyes who sat there throwing an angry look your way, recognizing you again. You lifted one eyebrow and smirked at him before you disappeared with a flick of your fingers.

Dean got off the car and looked around, his hands on his gun, which was tucked in his pants. It took him a few minutes to make sure you were really gone. When he continued driving you appeared without a sound in the backseat „Hello, handsome.“

He hit the brake in shock, when he saw you in the driving mirror, almost causing an accident with one of the street lights. The car stopped and he turned around, pointing his gun at you, just as he realized that you were gone again. „Son of a bitch!“

„Why so naughty, Dean?“ you popped up at the passenger seat, smirking at him.

He quickly pointed the gun towards you. „It’s you!“

„If you try to kill me, I‘m gonna shorten the deal“ you said, using your abillity of telekinesis to turn the gun around pointing it at Deans forehead.

„You can not shorten the deal if I kill you first“ he said, with a face expressed in fury.

„Are you sure about that, Winchester?“ you asked amused.

„Oh, I am damn sure about that.“ Dean replied, quickly pulling out his knife, leaping at you, but you disappeared the moment he grazed you.

Dean crawled out of his car, when you popped up behind him. „By the way, it is not my decision to withdraw a deal, just FYI.“ you said, just as he stormed towards you, trying to stab you again.

You stood there not moving a muscle. When he got closer you lifted your arm, tossing Dean against one of the trees.

„You listen to me…“ you started lifting Dean up, choking him. „I will tell you this one last time.. you can not kill me.“ you told him enraged, watching him as he grasped for air.

You stepped closer to him, moving him down to the ground again. „I will end you.“ you whispered in his ear as you vanished again.


P.O.V. Winchesters/Bunker

Sam stood in the kitchen, making some food for Claire and Jody, when a loud bang of the heavy bunker door made him spill his ingredients in shock. He bowed down to clean the floor when his brother stomped into the room.

„What is it, Dean?“ Sam stood up, giving him an exasperated look.

„Here“ he threw some sort of device into Sams hands, who unintented dropped the ingredients, which he just cleaned up, to catch it.

„Really?“ Sam said annoyed as he looked into his hands. „Is that a tracking device?“

„I had a little conversation with Crowley‘s little princess and slipped that into her pocket.“ Dean said, grabbing a beer from the fridge. „Hurry up, Sammy. We‘ve got a job do to.“


P.O.V you

After your little discussion with the older Winchester brother, you popped up at a bar not far away, settling yourself down and getting a few drinks. Half-drunk you headed back out to find a place to stay, Demon or not, you were half human too and needed some sleep. It took you about one hour to find a place. You finally got keys to a little room and when you wanted to open the door you suddenly heard the click of a gun right behind you.

„You again?“ you turned around, facing Dean.

„Well, this time I am not alone.“ he shrugged, when all of a sudden you got hit in the head from a blunt object. Everything around you turned black as you fainted to the ground.

A massive headache woke you up. You looked up, your view was blurred. It took you a few moments to get clear again, when you wanted to lift your hand to rub your eyes, you felt something tight holding your arm down. As your view got clearer you saw that you were tied up to a chair. A table in front of you. Your ankles were fixed against the chair with some kind of belts, your wrists tied up with ropes and a heavy chain, connected to kind of a collar, was wrapped around your neck. A big demon trap was drawn on the ground around your chair. You tried to release yourself, but nothing worked. Suddenly the metal shelves, that were standing in front of you, opened up side to side with a loud creaking sound. The bright artificial light blinded your view. With squeezed eyes you tried to figure out what happened.

„Did you sleep well, sweetheart?“ Deans voice appeared in front of you.

The next thing you felt was a wet burning ache on your face. You shrieked out in pain „what was that?!“

„Holy water.“ Sams voice rang threw the room, as he stepped closer to you. „You have to undo the deal.“

Dean stepped right in front of you, bracing himself on the table, flinging out the demon blade, attaching it to your neck. „Cancel.. the deal..“ he yelled at you as he carved a little cut down your neck, which made you scream in eternal pain.

„I can‘t! My Da..“ you couldn’t even finish your sentence as Sam splashed the next round of holy water at you. The pain was so intense that it almost brought tears to your eyes, as you screamed out again. You started to breath heavily, grasping for air.

„Exorcizamus te, omnis immundus spiritus,“ Sam started.
„omnis satanica potestas, omnis incursio infernalis adversarii,“ he continued as you could tell he got nervous, „omnis legio, omnis congregatio et secta diabolica.“. But then he stopped.

„What are you waiting for, Sam!?“ Dean asked furiously.

„It is not working“ Sam tried to justify himself.

„What?“ his big brother asked doubtfully.

„It is not working, Dean“ he reassured him.

You looked up to Sam, he was staring straight into your eyes with a concerned look. „What are you?“ he asked calmly.

„Does that matter, Sam? We ..“ Dean started, as you cut him off

„A cambion.“ you stuttered.

„A what?“ Dean asked curiously.

Just as you wanted to explain your situation, Sam stopped you. „A cambion, Dean. She is half demon, half human.“

„Oh, great. Isn‘t that thing the most powerful kind of demon?!“ Dean questioned irritated.

„I could be“ you interrupted the discussion, both of the boys stared at you now. „My Dad.. well, Crowley as you call him, took most of my abilities. He thinks I am not trained enough. Right now I am just his stupid little crossroad demon until you guys showed up.“

„On which side are you? I don‘t mean to offend you, but to me you don‘t seem like a dangerous demon.“ Sam asked you and you could tell you could feel something you never did before. Sorrow.

„I grew up in hell, no one ever really cared or respected my human needs. I was born as Dad‘s weapon. I was born to destroy. He wants me to kill you two.“

„Like I said before, not if I kill you first!“ Dean lunged out to stab you with the knife, just as Sam held him back.

„DEAN! She is human too! We do not kill human beings!“ Sam tighten the grip around Deans arm, who was clearly pissed. „let her explain first.“ Dean wrested himself out of Sams grip.

“My Dad knew that I didn’t really wanted to lay a finger on somebody. I‘m just doing what I get told. Otherwise I‘ll get punished. I have to be tough in front of him and do what he wants me to do. You two are the first people I can tell about this. He watches every step I make and can hear every word I say, but now, that I am in your warded bunker, he can‘t.“ you explained.

„Give us a few minutes, I have to discuss something with my brother.“ Dean pushed Sam out of the little room, where you were held in and closed the shelves behind him.

You could hear them talk about how Dean still wants to kill you and how he didn’t believe a word you said. You started to get scared that they can actually kill you now. Maybe Sam just wanted information and that‘s the reason why he was so nice and calm. None of them released you off the chair, which gave you every right to think, that you‘ll either rot in here or die. An idea popped up in your mind, you might can‘t get rid of this chair by your own and can‘t call for help, because no demon would hear you down here, but you still had Diwo. The bond between the two of you was bigger than the bond between you and your Dad, and your hellhound had quite a few stronger abilities than normal hellhounds do. Diwo was created to keep you safe and help you in every situation, which made you believe that this warded bunker, won‘t stop him from making his way in there. You focused every last power you had to call him for help. Not a minute later he appeared through a drain, which was hanging on the wall.

„Good boy, can you get mommy out of here“ you asked him quietly, so the Winchesters couldn‘t hear you.

Diwo started to scratch the demon trap a tiny bit so its effect would vanish. After he could get himself entrance into the trap he broke the chains and the ropes by biting them in two. The chains fell to the ground with a loud jangle.

„Did you hear that?“ you could hear Dean from outside the room

You disappeared before they could see what was going on. Popping up in hell again, you found your father standing in your room, giving you an angry, blaming look. „Are you out of your mind?“ he asked you with a disgruntled voice.

„I.. I don‘t know what you mean, father.“ you stuttered.

He stepped forward to you, letting his right hand resting on your cheek. „Do you think I am foolish?“ he gave you a warm smile which soon turned to a vicious look, when he suddenly raised his hand and slapped your face. You fell to the ground trying to hold back your tears.

„I‘m sorry, dad! I was scared!“ you cried out.

„You are sorry? You fooled me all the time. You never wanted to kill. You just wanted to get out of here. I gave you everything, Y/N and all I get in return is disobedience?“ Crowley snapped his fingers, and you could feel your abillities dissolving. „You wanna get out of here? Let me tell you something”, he insisted.

„Get the hell out of hell.“ he flicked his fingers once again, sending you back to the crossroad.


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why is the gulf between official art Red and the fandom’s perception of Red so wide??

I’ve been aware of this for years but never properly talked about it, but it just seems like the pokémon fandom has this collective idea about what red looks like despite the fact that he’s never once looked like that in any official art

official Red:

the very first. look at this dork. does he look cool to you?? I think not

but then:

what about this guy?? this brooding, pensive man with his red eyes and swoopy hair. surely it’s just one artist exercising their right to age up game protagonists and make them badass?

or is it? let’s do another comparison

manga red. it’s not canon canon exactly, but it still counts as an official incarnation. but this red is a go-get-em chap. he’s pumped. he’s smiling.

this guy is NOT smiling. he’s looking into your god damn soul. he is not a man to be trifled with. 

origins red. an awkward kid with short arms and a wide mouth. not your typical bamf

this guy looks like the sexy crossroads demon from an ancient episode of supernatural. he’s got eyes that stare into your soul. they’re so powerful that they can see through the giant wisps of hair hanging in his face. fear him

it says a lot that leaf green red probably looks closest to what we see in fan art. he’s not smiling. he’s got a somewhat badass pose going on. but his eyes and hair are brown and he’s not rocking the lank emo fringe that we’ve come to expect

again. the boy is caught in a permanent wind tunnel. he needs a haircut. someone help him.

sun and moon red. he’s older, he’s not smiling, so that ticks two boxes. but he hasn’t got a fringe, he hasn’t got red eyes, he hasn’t got black hair, and it’s too fluffy in any case. he is A Different Red.

he’s back again. who is he?? not official red, that’s for sure

but here’s the thing: I’m not surprised that people are adapting characters from the official art. people do that with all pokémon characters, in varying ways. what I find so bizarre is that the pokémon fandom has converged on a shared perception of what Red looks like, and a lot of his traits can’t be traced back to anything official. sure, the brooding look goes with his silent game personality and reputation as a powerhouse trainer, but very little official art shows him with red eyes - it’s only in the manga that he has them, and I don’t think that could account for such a strong trend. and whilst the black hair is understandable (nobody ever accepted brown haired Red, myself included) the style is not - he’s never had the flat emo hairdo except in fan art.

I have no answers for it. but I think about it a lot  

Revival (Part 2 of Alive)

I’m really glad people liked this! So here’s part 2 of “Alive”. Plenty of Gabriel in this one. Couldn’t think of a good title.

Words: 1380

Warnings: Nothing really.

“You’re dead.” Dean glared at the archangel.

“Well, so was she until today.” Gabriel gestured to you.

“Can someone tell me who he is?” You asked.

“You abandoned us.” Sam growled.

“No, I stood up to the Devil and I sacrificed myself for you. By the way, who gave you the instructions on the key to Lucifer’s cage? Oh yeah, I did.”  Gabriel spat.

“Guys? Is someone going to explain-”

“Why didn’t you return to help? We needed you!” Castiel interrupted you.

 "If I returned, Lucifer would have killed me for real, then Raphael, then you, then the leviathans, then Naomi, then Abadon, then Metatron. Need I continue? So I’ve been hiding. Big whoop. Not like you cared.“ Gabriel said, glaring at the Winchesters.

"HEY!” Everyone went quiet and turned to look at you. “If all of you could  stop bickering for a minute and explain to me what’s going on, that would be great!” Everyone sat back down. “You. Start.” You pointed at the stranger.

“Hi there, I’m Gabriel the archangel, aka The Trickster, aka Loki, aka The Dude Who Rescued You From Hell.” Gabriel winked. “I enjoy long walks on the beach-”

“Oh yeah, Gabriel. Sam and Dean mentioned you a couple times.” You said.

“All good things I hope?” Gabriel grinned.

“Well, they told me that you posed as a trickster for a while, killed Dean a hundred times and trapped them in a TV land. Want me to continue?” You asked.

“So I haven’t been the greatest guy in the universe. But as someone who just saved you from Hell, I deserve a little respect.” Gabriel demanded.

“Okay, so I’m alive and not in Hell. Thank you. But why’d you rescue me anyway?” You asked.

He merely chuckled and winked. “That’s classified, sweetheart.”

You sighed. “Well in that case, you can go now. You came, you saw, you were a complete dickbag. We have some work to do.” You said as you pulled out your laptop.

“Aw, come on. I saved your life! Can’t I at least stay for a little bit?” Gabriel whined.

You ignored him. “Alright Sam, what’s new?”

“Local small shop owner’s business suddenly goes viral. It was failing for the past couple years, and all of a sudden, he’s got chains popping up all over the state.” Sam said.

You pulled up the article. “Gotcha. Also, ‘At local school talent show, 16 year old Cindy Michaels is picked up by big time talent scouts.’ Sounds like someone wanted to make the big leagues.” You said, showing the brothers the article. “Same town, two weeks later.”

“So a crossroads demon?” Dean asked.

“Looks like it. I’ll take care of it.” You shrugged.

The brothers looked at each other before turning to you. “You sure you can handle it?” Dean asked.

“Come on, she’s fine! Just needs to get back in the game.” Gabriel argued.

“Come on guys, just let me handle this one case. It’s just a crossroads demon. A simple fake deal and a knife will do the trick.” You pleaded.

The boys looked at each other again. “She is perfectly healthy.” Cas stated.

“Fine. But you don’t take Baby, you check in every couple of hours and don’t you dare get hurt.” Dean frowned.

You snorted. “Thanks Mom.” And headed to the garage.

You pulled open the large door and headed inside. Your eyes scanned over the vehicles for a minute before you decided on the Harley Davidson motorcycle. It was one of your favorites and doing a solo hunt, a car wasn’t needed.

“Alright, when do we leave?” The voice behind you made you jump.

I'm leaving as soon as I get the bike started. You are going to go do whatever it was you were doing while you were 'dead’.” You spat.

“Cm'on, there’s no reason to act like that.” Gabriel said.

“Really? All I wanted to know is why you rescued me from Hell, but you can’t give me a straight answer. So excuse me if I’m surprised that you think we’re now besties.” You said sarcastically and slung your hunting bag over your shoulder. “Just let me do my job. I’m pretty sure that you have more important things to do than tag along.”

“I’ll give you a ride.” He snapped his fingers and in an instant you were at a crossroads, a couple towns over.

“Why are you helping me?” You asked.

“Fine. I give up. The reason I pulled your ass out of Hell is because it’s my job.” He answered.

You raised your eyebrow. “Your job?”

“I’m your guardian angel.”

You were shocked. Before today Gabriel had never shown his face to you. And now he was claiming that he was your guardian angel. To say the least, you were pissed. “Where were you?”

Gabriel looked confused. “That’s not the usual reaction. Where was I when?” He asked.

“When my life went downhill. When I was attacked by demons? When my house burnt to the ground? When I was forced to give up my normal life for a life of fear and hunting? Where were you when my whole life went to hell?!” You screamed. He looked shocked. “Why don’t you just go? It’s not like you’d care if you abandoned me again!”

Gabriel looked hurt. He didn’t say a word. He turned around and disappeared.

You didn’t want to care, but he was the only thing that you could think of while preparing to summon the demon. Soon enough, the box was in the ground and you began to chant. The smell of sulfur soon notified you that the crossroads demon had arrived.

“Alright, what d'ya want?” The demon asked, it’s meatsuit’s eyes flashing a deep shade of red.

“To make a deal, obviously!” You stated. “What I want is for you to leave. Never make a deal in this town again. In return, I’ll let you live.”

“Never.” The demon snarled.

“So we’ll do it the hard way.” You pulled out your knife and charged at the demon.

It was much faster than you and being dead, you sure hadn’t had any training lately. It grabbed your arm and pushed you to the ground. Your vision went blurry. The demon grabbed you by the throat and held you against a tree.

“A friend of the Winchesters? Oh I’m gonna get a great promotion!” The demon smirked. “You just couldn’t stay dead, could you? Don’t worry this time is permanent!”

As you struggled for breath, a scream rang through your ears. In a flash of white light, the demon collapsed, it’s eyes burnt husks. Gabriel stood behind it and helped you to your feet.

“I had that.” You coughed and rubbed your neck.

“No you didn’t.  I come to apologize and you almost get yourself killed. Again.” He touched your arm. All of your cuts and bruises faded. “So I haven’t always been there, but I did all I could to keep you safe. But sometimes you can’t change fate.  I know it sounds cliche but you were destined to become a hunter. I never showed myself to you because I was a coward. I was afraid of getting killed or putting you in danger. And then I…” His voice trailed off.

“You what?” You asked.

“I fell in love.” He smiled. “I thought that if I told you who I was, you’d hate me. I thought that, maybe loving you was forbidden. So I thought that if I stayed away, the feeling would fade. ”

“So why are you telling me now?” You asked. “Why’d you finally show up?”

“Because it didn’t. Because I decided it was time to tell you. I decided that I didn’t care if it was forbidden. All I knew was that I love you.” He told you.

For a moment, you couldn’t speak. It seemed impossible, it felt like a trick. But he was telling the truth. “You- you love…me?” You stuttered. You felt your cheeks flush red. 

Gabriel smiled and nodded. “Do you want to head back to the bunker?”

 "Not just yet. We should spend a bit of time together. Y'know, get to know each other better?“ You suggested.

"How about coffee? My treat.” Was Gabriel…blushing?

You smiled and hugged Gabriel. “Of course. It’s a date.”

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hey, I'd like to hear ur thoughts on sam and potential canon queer moments. please?


so let’s begin with demisexual sam because as far as i’m concerned that actually IS canon. for anyone who doesn’t know, a demisexual person is a person who does not experience sexual attraction unless they form a strong emotional connection with someone.” and that’s… that’s just canon. if anything, sam gets uncomfortable when strangers flirt with him, and even though he does have one night stands and hook ups, he always forms some kind of connection with the person before he shows any interest. even with madison, who he was definitely attracted to in the end, he didn’t seem to enjoy her advances at all in the beginning - not until they talked and formed a meaningful connection. the only time sam had random hook ups with people he really didn’t care about was when he was soulless, which, well, makes the whole thing even more obvious.


i’m glad we cleared that up

then, of course, there’s queer sam as in sam being attracted to more than one gender, which isn’t really canon bUT imo canon can be interpreted that way because he’s never once said that he’s straight. at the very least, it’s really easy to find things in canon that could indicate that sam’s bi/pan/not 100% exclusively attracted to women - even though i don’t think any of that was deliberate on the writers’ part, sadly. (although i’m pretty sure jared once said sam might have ~experimented~ in college so idk maybe they could see him being “open” but still see him as straight?? idk idk but anyway i doubt they ever thought of sam as anything but straight when it comes to a definite orientation)

anYWAY so yeah that’s the first thing - sam NEVER SAID HE’S STRAIGHT. never. not oNCE. and he’s not bothered when people assume he’s queer or joke about it. whenever someone assumed or joked about him and dean being together, he only ever said “we’re just brothers”, whereas dean was the one who said “we don’t swing that way” or whatever. when balthazar called cas his boyfriend, he didn’t acknowledge it. and so on.

that is really important bc uNLIKE DEAN, SAM’S SEXUALITY ACTUALLY ISN’T CANON. (AND I’M TRYING REALL HARD NOT TO MAKE THIS ABOUT DEAN’S POTENTIAL QUEERNESS BC WE ALL KNOW WHAT I THINK ABOUT THAT SO I’M JUST GONNA STOP MENTIONING IT NOW.) the two things that make a character’s sexual orientation canon, in my opinion, are that character’s own statements, and their actions. since sam never said anything about it we can only look at his actions, so all we know is that he’s attracted to women bc we’ve seen him have sex with them (and enjoy it). what we don’t know is if he’s attracted to other genders as well. we can assume, sure - we can assume he would have hooked up with a guy at some point if he was attracted to them, we can assume that the spn writers would never make a main character queer, whatever - but we can’t say for sure that it’s canon. 




now that we’ve established that there’s nothing in canon that definitely speaks against queer sam, let’s look at the things that could potentially speak for queer sam.

first, crossroads demons. you know, crossroads demons, who try to get you to make a deal with them and kiss them to seal it, and therefore usually choose a vessel that looks attractive to whoever summoned them? crossroads demons, who appeared in a male vessel two out of the three times sam summoned one? yeAH. twice. yeah. (4.09 and 8.19). i mean i’m not saying that’s proof or anything but just keep that in mind. most crossroads demons appear as a pretty women in a revealing dress when a man summons them. sam’s crossroads demon appeared as a hot guy in a suit and tie. aLRIGHT THEN. OKAY. COOL.

sam’s (and dean’s) siren in 4.14 was a guy too, but i don’t really count that as a queer sam moment because it was clearly about the brothers, and as much as i love wincest i know they did NOT write that as anything even remotely sexual.

brady though. bRADY. we know for sure that sam and brady used to be close at stanford, they said as much and sam’s reaction was clearly very emotional. but what really hints towards there being more to it than friendship is the way crowley treats the whole thing. all through 5.20 (and 5.21), he refers to brady as sam’s “demon lover” and similar things. which, granted, could just be him joking around and making it into something sexual as usual, but it’s more than that. he refers to him like that even when he’s being serious. he’s really concerned about sam fucking the whole thing up because he’s unable to control his emotions. when he describes their relationship to dean, he says “they have history”. and we know that crowley doesn’t give a shit about sexual orientation, and we know that sam’s not really bothered by people joking about his, so the continuous joking doesn’t make all that much sense - unless, of course, it’s not a joke, but simply the truth. brady and sam had some kind of friends with benefit thing going on don’t even try to fight me on that just don’t

then there’s that moment in 3.10 where sam dreams about sleeping with bela and dean asks if he dreamed about angelina jolie - or brad pitt. and he says it completely serious. like, i’m really not convinced that was a joke. even if IS straight, that was dean honestly considering sam might be into guys. just saying.

also dean’s “could you be more gay?” and sam’s complete silence for an answer in 3.05 i mean this is p much what i think about that

also sam referring to his past sexual partners with gender neutral pronouns

for example in 9.13 where he says “you aren’t the only one who’s ever dated someone bendy” which gives me some interesting headcanons about sam taking a yoga class at stanford and dating the super cute guy who teaches it and gives him private lessons where he learns some rather interesting positions but. moving on.

when bobby makes a deal with crowley and sOLD HIS SOUL the first thing sam asks is if they kissed??? i’m just saying, guys kissing guys must be kind of important for sam, if his mind is so occupied with it that it’s the first question he thinks of. the possibility that someone so close to him might not have a problem with guys kissing guys must be kind of important to sam. and tbh, at least in my experience, other people potentially being queer is something on your mind a lot when you are, especially when you’re not out yet. YOU CAN MAYBE TELL FROM THIS META THAT THE POSSIBILITY OF MY FAVE BEING QUEER IS ON MY MIND A LOT

i also think sam might have had a cute little high school crush on his teacher when he was a teenager, judging from the way he acted in 4.13 and what we see in the flashbacks.

and the most recent thing was, of course, when his issue with “destiel” was “but what do they call me and cas though”

conclusion: sam could very well be queer, there’s tons of potential queer sam canon moments, in fact there are so many that i’m having trouble posting this bc i just keep thinking of more things to add. there is so much.


Queer Sam Week Day 1: Favorite (potentially) Queer!Sam Moments

In general, the fandom seems to focus much more on Dean’s instances of questionable heterosexuality than Sam’s, as, admittedly, they’re often a little more blatant. However, that doesn’t mean that there’s nothing in the canon pointing to Sam being anything other than straight. Since I have no skills with video or photo editing, however, I’ll just be describing my three favorite scenes.

#1 Sam Not Giving A Fuck

One of this show’s favorite running gags is having characters suggest that Sam and Dean aren’t quite as macho and heterosexual as they appear. This ranges from honest misinterpretations (see every realtor who mistakes them for a couple) to blatant jabs at their sexualities (see half the stuff that comes out of Crowley’s mouth). But while these are usually effective in getting a rise out of Dean, Sam doesn’t seem to react that much most of the time. I think it’s pretty well summed up in this line:

Dean: ‘Course, the most troubling question is why do these people assume we’re gay?

Sam: Well, you are kinda butch. Probably think you’re overcompensating.

Typically in these kinds of situations, Dean’s the one who feels the need to defend his heterosexuality (quite vocally, I might add), whereas Sam just kind of takes it in stride. The only time he seems legitimately bothered is when someone knowingly implies that he’s in a sexual/romantic relationship with his brother (apologies to any Wincest fans; I’m not undermining your ship, I’m just giving my interpretation). 

Dean: There’s Sam!girls and Dean!girls, and…what’s a slash fan?

Sam: As in Sam-slash-Dean. Together.

Dean: Like… together together?

Sam: Yeah.

Dean: They do know we’re brothers, right?

Sam: Doesn’t seem to matter.

Again, it’s the fact that Dean’s he’s brother that seems to get to him, not the fact that he’s being shipped with another guy. Obviously, there are different ways to interpret this behavior, but I think it’s clear that whatever Sam’s sexuality is, he’s secure enough in it that these kinds of situations don’t really phase him. However you read it, though, Sam’s lack of reaction in counterpoint with Dean’s overreactions is pretty entertaining. ^-^

#2 Sam’s Crossroads Demons

This is probably the strongest canon evidence that Sam may not be entirely straight. As we all know, crossroads demons use vessels that their summoners will find attractive, and deals made with them are traditionally sealed with a kiss. That said, it’s worth pointing out that of the three times in the series Sam has summoned a crossroads demon, only one of them used a female vessel. This means the majority of Sam’s crossroads demons have guys, and although none of these encounters ended in a deal actually being made, it’s probably safe to say there would’ve been some lip-locking involved. Either the writers decided to play fast and loose with continuity (which, unfortunately, does happen), or there’s at least some part of Sam that would have no qualms about playing tonsil hockey with an attractive male vessel. And just to add to that, go back to Taxi Driver and look at Sam’s face when the crossroads demon shows up. I’m not gonna lie, it’s pretty terrific.

#3 Sam and the Trickster

In all honesty, I may have a biased opinion on this last one, given that I ship Sabriel. Regardless, I’m putting it here because even if it’s not the most concrete queer!Sam moment, it is one of my favorites. In Tall Tales, when they’re talking to the janitor/Trickster/Gabriel, Sam almost seems a little too enthusiastic during the conversation. Maybe even a bit…flirtatious? I’ll admit, I might be reading signals wrong, but I don’t think Sam’s usually this smiley and open when talking to witnesses; turning on the charm is more Dean’s strategy. Of course, this episode is a study in unreliable narrators, seeing as both brothers are giving their renditions of what happened in the episode, so not everything can be taken at face value. In this particular scene, though, Sam’s the one telling the story. We know for a fact, then, that this isn’t Dean trying to embarrass his little brother; we’re seeing Sam’s perception of how things went down, including his interactions with Gabriel. To me, that’s enough to give the idea a little validation. Too bad the flirting’s cut short when the monster of the week is revealed. :P

I am so sick of people treating Demons like terrible monsters that needs to be completely exterminated. Grow the fuck up. Supernatural is not a black and white world. Not every Angel is good. Not every Demon is bad. What people don’t seem to realize is that Hell is incredibly militaristic/totalitarian and loyalty is of utmost importance. 

In seasons 1-5, Hell was led by Lucifer. Azazel, Alistair, Lilith, Meg, Ruby, all of the big bads, they all worked for Lucifer. Lucifer wrongfully blamed humanity for imprisoning him and wanted to punish them. And he did, by unleashing all kinds of shit onto them. Everything the majority of Demons did in those seasons was either to help free Lucifer, or to help unleash Lucifer’s wrath upon the world. Considering the fact that Lucifer is basically their god, it’s pretty understandable that they would follow him. Hell under Lucifer’s rule was pretty fucking terrible, because Lucifer is a terrible fucking Angel.

After that, Crowley took over. Hell mainly dealt in crossroads deals. Why? Because Crowley is a crossroads Demon. That’s his thing. So when he took over, he created Hell after his own image. When the crossroads Demon Guy was cheating his clients out of their 10 years, Crowley considered it to be bad for business. He stated that he was going to make an example out of him, presumably killing him. Crowley understands that in a business, both sides need to keep their end of the bargain or else nothing would get done. He understands that because he’s a businessmen. So under his leadership, Hell became a business.

Throughout Supernatural, Hell and its Demons was always an extension of the person who was leading it. They often used lethal force to enforce their own set of rules and commandments. As seen by Guy, if you aren’t loyal, you die. If you don’t follow orders, you die. Demons aren’t just bad because they’re Demons. They’re usually bad because their leader is bad, and they want to avoid dieing. That’s pretty understandable. Also, every Demon (with the exception of Dean), became a Demon because of thousands of years of torture. That can make for a very unstable personality. I’m not excusing the sadistic shit they do, but you don’t kill people who are mentally ill, you rehabilitate them. Which is proven to be quite possible. Meg was a Demon and she did some pretty terrible stuff. But most people seem to forget that when she pledged herself to the Winchester’s cause, she was extremely loyal. She gave her life for the Winchesters to escape, and it can be argued that she genuinely cared for Cas. Crowley obviously loves his son. He spared him from death.

Demons do have the capacity to be human, just as much as Angels do. It’s just that Demons have been subjected to thousands of years of torture and incredibly oppressive and totalitarian regimes, so it’s understandable that they find it very hard to be optimistic and kind.

So is it so fucking bad that Dean is a Demon? Think about it. Dean didn’t become a Demon through torture. His sanity is intact. Not only that, Dean has the Mark of Cain and the First Blade. He’s not just a Demon, he’s the most powerful Demon. He doesn’t answer to anyone in hell because no Demon is capable of killing him. With Dean making the rules and the half-human Crowley handling the business end, Hell has the capacity to be a pretty nice fucking place.