guy spills water

Missing you,
It comes in waves and they push me deeper out into a sea of my thoughts.
As I struggle to keep my head above water,
Pictures of me and you wash up upon the shores of my imagination, as if you didn’t ruin me, as if you didn’t take my heart and beat it within an inch of its life.
Missing you,
It comes in waves.
And dear, tonight: I’m afraid I might drown
—  Bri Rudge

Title: The Hunters’ Little Mermaid

Words: 433

Request: Could you do a dean on samxreader where the reader is a mermaid when touched by water and one of the guys somehow spills water on her and they find out?

Written in Second Person Format


Y/N and Sam sat together on the coach, channel surfing. On the coffee table in front of them, there was a glass of water, which was Sam’s and a bowl of potato chips to snack on. Y/N reached for some chips just as Sam knocked over his glass, the water soaking Y/N’s hand. Y/N gasped.

“Ugh, sorry.” Sam said.

Y/N stood, leaping over Sam’s long legs, sprinting down the hall, clutching her hand. 

“Where are you going?” Sam yelled after her. It was just a little water…

“I’m going to the bathroom!” She shouted hall.

She was half way to the bathroom and already her skin on her legs were turning to scales. 

“No. No. No.” She whispered to herself.

Sam followed the patting of feet on the tiled floor. Passing Dean’s door, he pounded on it. “Dean!”

Dean mumbled unhappily, making his way to the door. His hair was tussled from his nap.


“It’s Y/N. I think something’s wrong.”

“Is it really that hard keep your girlfriend from screaming while I’m sleeping? Where is she?” Dean asked sleepily.

“The bathroom.”

Dean rolled his eyes. Sam seriously woke him up for this? Dean stepped out into the hallway, walking with Sam to the bathroom. Farther down the hall the boys discovered Y/N’s pants on the ground. 

“Y/N?” Sam shouted. No response.

Sam and Dean jogged to the bathroom door, practically ripping it off it’s hinges. Y/N screamed in terror. The boys stopped in the doorway, unable to fathom what they were seeing. Y/N sat in the tub, her hair covering her breasts. But she wasn’t exactly herself though. A long, red tail stretched over the side of the tube. 

“You wanna explain yourself?” Dean asked, studying her scaly tail. 

Y/N played with her hair, nervously. “Uh.. well I kinda didn’t tell you something. I’m a mermaid.”

“You don’t say?” Dean asked sarcastically. 

Sam was overwhelmed, to say the least. His girlfriend was a mermaid. 

“Yup.” Y/N gauged Sam’s reaction. “Are you mad Sam?”

Sam knelt down, staring at her tail. 

“No.” he was lost for words. “I’m just shocked. That’s all.”

Y/N nodded, satisfied with that response. 

“Can I touch it?” Dean asked, eyeing her tail.

Sam rolled his eyes, glaring up at his brother, giving Dean his signature “I’m so done with your shit” face. 

Y/N smiled. “Sure.”

Dean was in awe. He’d never met a mermaid before. He laid his hand carefully on Y/N fin, stroking back and forth. Her scales were smooth under his skin, not slimy like he’d imagined. 

“You done?” Sam asked. 

Dean chuckled. “Dude. That’s so weird.”