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yo i just discovered sym bionic titan and soLOMON IS FINE AS HECC

isnt he thou oof? it’s been a while but hecc i love that edgy albino uncle

alucard but better (idk who alucard is but i heard and seen him) 

also, there is a comic series called ‘solomon kane’ which i think genndy t. also got inspo from.

Yugioh S2 Ep 19: Fishy Business

So my car got these great rust spots on it (he’s an old bear so it happens) which means that I get to spend the entirety of today at home next to my automobile to do different successive coats of sanding/paint to it, so it seems like it’s a good time to go over another surprisingly long episode that still is 20 minutes long.

Yugi, off to find his friends and family before they get possessed, runs into Yugioh equivalent of brothers Waluigi and Wario in some very futuristic alleyway.

Like can we talk about this alley for a second? Was this a left-over background from a cyberpunk show? Like I can get one walkway between buildings for a mall or an airport–but like two within 20 ft of each other?

I guess it looks neat.

And this alleyway is wide enough Yugi can just run by them. How fast can the small little fat one run, he’s like…3 ft tall? And it’s not like Yugi knows where his friends are–why does he have to run this particular direction anyway?

But, it turns out that these two stumble upon Pharaoh’s one big weakness

This is much like how vampire undead can be defeated by throwing down a bunch of rice at their feet, forcing them to count every single grain.

And it turns out that during this time, Kaiba decided to tail behind Yugi. He must have stopped somewhere for a bit to let Mokuba catch up with that oversize suitcase of cards that Kaiba’s never ever going to use, but he’s finally arrived and he’s also not feeling the ro-sham-bo.

So now there’s Three sure-fire ways to beat Yugi Muto, One: try to kill yourself. Two: Steal all of his stuff mid-game when he isn’t looking. Three: Rock Paper Scissors. Kind of a weird scale there.

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New acquaintances | Chapter 1

So, this is it. The first chapter of my very first story. I’m not sure how good or bad it is but if you guys have any tips - please let me know. I sort of know in what direction this story will go but please be patient with me, I still have a lot to learn. Also, I apologize for any mistakes - English isn’t my mother tongue but yea, I hope you enjoy ♥

Alfie Solomons x Reader

“Y/N”, Ollie shouted as you got off the train in London after travelling around Europe to get away from some trouble at home.

You’ve been best friends since you’ve been in primary school, but never more than that. You made that clear to him because you were sure it’d destroy your friendship.

It takes you a few seconds to spot him on the tracks but when you do, you notice that he looks more mature.

He started working for one of the local gangsters, Alfie Solomons, and you weren’t sure what to think about that.

“How are you!?” you ask while pulling him into a strong hug.

Ollie, being taken off guard by your rough hug, places a kiss on your cheek and tells you about his stressful daily routine at the ‘bakery’ while walking you to his apartment.

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Me and My OCs

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Which of your oc’s are you the most similar to?

Both of them are introverted, reserved bookworms with vision problems, specifically nearsightedness, which I also have. Physically, I’m closest to Ephraim Surana; we have the same height and build, along with hair and eye color.

How do you differ?

I don’t have albinism, like Solomon does. I’m not quite the firebrand that Ephraim can be, and I don’t think I’m as firmly set in the “ends justify the means” idea as he is. I like Alistair, Leliana and Wynne and think they shouldn’t have died but we know how that turned out. Both of them are bisexual men, while I’m a heterosexual woman.

Which of your oc’s is the type of person you aspire to be like?

Definitely not Ephraim.

Okay, I take that back, there are things I like about both of them and try to “emulate.” Ephraim is a stellar parent, and while I don’t ever want to be one myself, I respect people who are caring, good parents. Both of them have a certain inner fire that they don’t let their circumstances stamp out. They don’t give up easily, and I try to be just as determined to reach my goals. Solomon is, arguably, the more levelheaded of the two, who’s learned to control his temper and speaks with the confidence of a seasoned educator. He doesn’t get as nervous as Ephraim can, and if I had to pick an OC to be like in a stressful situation, it’d be him. Solomon might see the worst in people before he sees the good, but he never forgets that spark of goodness and doesn’t let his friends go without his support or not reminded that he believes in them (looking at you, Blackwall, who he sent to the Wardens because he felt like they needed someone who believed so strongly in their cause, even if Thom didn’t feel worthy. I’d thought he’d pardon him but nope); he’s kind in his judgments as Inquisitor, not executing anyone, and I think he sets a better example as a leader than he thinks he does. I also wish I had Ephraim’s boldness. He can down Avernus’ concoction and a goblet of dragon blood like they’re nothing. He’s able to look the Architect in the eyes as he listens to his plan, and then decides “hey, this might be worth it.” He’s braver than he thinks he is, and I wish I could be a go-getter like that.

Most importantly, both of them are defined by their capacity to love. Ephraim might not seem like it at first, but he loves his family, knowledge in general, and tries to make the world better so that others don’t suffer as he has (though he means well, a belief that he’ll be sabotaged or hurt if he reaches out keeps him from forming better connections *cough*withAlistairandLeliana*cough*), even if he takes very extreme, morally questionable measures in the name of his “greater good.” He works with a spirit of Love, after all, even if it doesn’t stay that way. Solomon also cares, not just for his students or the inner circle, but for all the lives under the Inquisition’s banners. He worries a lot about supporting them all, being the confident, morale-boosting leader they need when he’s an introvert and really would be better off in a library somewhere, or so he thinks. He has a very firm moral code and sticks to his principles. I’d say Ephraim does the same thing, even if his code gets a bit flexible over time; I hope that I could be as steadfast about my convictions, should any situations arise in which they’re thrown into question. They’re both internally stronger than they think they are, and I guess that’s a quality I’d like to possess as well.