guy solomon

🥃Charlie Hunnam as Daniel Solomons.🥃

Younger brother of Alfie Solomons.
Educated,well mannered. Slightly more easy going than his brother.
Anger management issues - rarely looses control but when he does…it’s very bloody…and he enjoys it.
Weaknesses - Family, books, cigarettes

My baby going to her safe place, and it just happens to be Daryl's camp.  My heart.

The fact that EZ knew exactly where to find her says so much about the dude and his knowledge about Carol’s feelings for Daryl.  At least to me.  I mean, I don’t know quite how to say this, so I’ll just say it straight up.

The man has eyes and ears, but he chose to bury his head in the sand as long as they had Henry to co-parent because he recognized a need of Carol’s that he could fill. He plugged his ears to any talk about Daryl and any stirring thoughts of him being the most important person to Carol because he had the only card that could possibly trump those feelings of hers in Henry.  So basically, he was content to settle for a shadow of the person Carol was/is as long as he actually got to keep her and personally?  I find that sad.  Not in a poor EZ, he deserves better kind of way.  Even though I feel that, at heart, he’s not a bad guy.  No.  It’s more of a damn, man, it’s a little selfish to recognize these feelings these two have for each other that are bigger than they can even put into words–hell, they haven’t–and then want so badly to cling to the lie when you knew from the very beginning Carol was running from love.

He’s known all along.  And maybe at first it was just a sneaking suspicion, but by the time Henry met his tragic end and the whole charade was falling completely apart? His gut was speaking to him loud and clear then.  Because why else would he ask Daryl to give them space to work things out when he knew Daryl made Carol happy and was a source of comfort?  Why else would he be given Carol and Daryl such pained looks?

I don’t know.  I’m not saying he’s evil.  Far from it.  But he’s definitely not the bigger man here.  Not by a longshot. 

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Okay so we know how the brothers feels about MC but what do they think of Solomon ? Do they like him ? Is he nice to them ? Does Solomon have a favorite among the boys ? (And also what about Luke ?) Also please give a lot of pats on the heads and candies to them from me they have been really good boys until now so they deserve them !


Solomon: Lucy think’s I’m a shady guy.

Solomon: Also my favourite? I like Beel ^^

Luke: He likes to bully Beel.

Obey Me as Tumblr 13#


*God - I regret creating you*

*User13592 - Then get rid of me pussy*

Asmodeus: I don’t know if this is funnier with or without the context of this being a comment on a gnomeo and Juliet vore fic

Satan: A fucking what

Levi: The f in lgbt stands for fortnite

Belphegor: Fornite isn’t valid

Mammon: Nice gamerphobia lmao

Beelzebub: There’s an f in lgbt?

MC: Yeah it stands for fortnite

Solomon: Hey guys did I mention I live on a fucking weird island and sometimes land crabs with 8 inch claws try to get into my house

Diavolo: Cute puppy what breed is he

Solomon: Sideways

Asmodeus: It’s a good day to remember that I had a triceratops plushie for the majority of my childhood named horny and my parents did nothing

Asmodeus: Fuck a double texts I’ll quad text you, think I care buzz buzz it’s me again hoe

Belphegor: I’m in no position to have high standards but it doesn’t stop me

Belphegor: Nothing is more satisfying than someone walking right past your hiding spot in hide and seek

Simeon: How old are you

Luke: “You’re too young to be in love” let me just remind you that when Romeo and Juliet met, Romeo was 16 and Juliet was 13

Satan: Bro. Six people died and it lasted three days

Levi: Getting annoyed after illegally downloading music when it turns out to be bad quality

Mammon: This isn’t what I didn’t pay for

Simeon: Just remember the reason you’re born is because your parents are both straight

Solomon: My parents were both bisexual try again

Satan: I was raised by rocks with googly eyes stuck on them


Me: *feels good all day*

*clock hits 10:30pm*

Me: Life is hell and I was born to suffer

Mammon: What are the negative effects of pulling your dick out in space?

Satan: Your dick would explode because of the lack of pressure in space. The blood in our dick would push out with a ton of force. Yeah not fun.

Asmodeus: The ultimate nut

Mammon: Do you think that mosquitos dare their friends to bite somebody with bug spray on

Lucifer: No, because mosquitos don’t have the mind to be able to communicate in such complex ways

Mammon: Oh I’m sorry I didn’t know you were the world’s top mosquito expert excuse me

Levi: I enjoy video games because they let me live out my wildest fantasies, like being assigned a task and then completing that task




Mammon: I just threw up

Levi: Nothing is awkward or cheesy if you don’t give a fuck. I’m on this earth to have a good time not to be seen as cool

Beelzebub: My mentality switched to this halfway through Highschool and life went from being bad to being fucking awesome really quickly

Mammon: I just figured out the perfect murder

Kill someone and bury them in their own garden that way if the police find them they’ll think it was a suicide

Diavolo: Welp looks like the victim committed suicide and promptly buried themselves in their garden. How considerate of them

Beelzebub: I have a bathbomb from lush but no tub so I guess I’ll just have to eat it

Satan: Kill yourself

Lucifer: Kill me yourself you fucking pussy

Belphegor: Being a pessimist is great, I’m always either right or pleasantly surprised

Barbatos: That’s a very optimistic way of looking at pessimism

Mammon: “Money can’t buy happiness” is such a boomer concept like…I don’t want excessive wealth to buy a gold plated toilet seat Karen, I just wish I wasn’t crying because I can’t afford both spaghetti and rent after working 40 hours a week

Levi: Help I’m broke I spent all my money on coffee

Levi: Jk I have 5 more dollars just enough for another coffee

Levi: Help I’m broke I spent all my money on coffee

Beelzebub: They should make a season 4 of the simpsons

Barbatos: I have good news for you

Beelzebub: What is it?

MC: Dominos pizza has discounts on Tuesdays

Beelzebub: Ah! Aah! Yummy!

Mammon: Nothing wrong with being a dumbass and owning a small cottage

Mammon: Don’t let anyone tell you that picking wildflowers and having a small stream run through your property isn’t a career

… because Solomon deserves some LOVE and RESPECT.

C’mon, who wouldn’t admire a guy who’s a magician with 72 demon pacts!?

I’ve had this idea since this morning

It’s so stupid

Welcome to the Obey Me bois but they’re from Danganronpa! A thread



Lucifer is Byakuya fight me I’m right and you know it as well.

Yeah okay he helps and stuff but that doesn’t stop me wanting to deck him in the nose while also kissing him


Of course my stupid babies are the sa m e! Kaito is all about believing in people and all that is good and is a good bab and you know what? So is Mammon.




I don’t have anything else other to say then

The amount of times Miu makes me uncomfortable with the numerous times she orgasmed was very obviously turned on by the insults and I-


Yeah I’m biased

Satan deserves to live out his detective drea m s

MC and Solomon introduce Levi to Overwatch

Levi, trying to pick: Maybe I’ll be Tracer?

MC: I’m already Tracer

Levi: No y-

Solomon: What about Widowmaker?

MC: I’m already Widowmaker

Levi: How can-?

Solomon: I’ll be Bastion

MC: Nerf Bastion

Solomon: You’re right, so Winston?

MC: I wanna be Winston

Levi: Guys? What?

Solomon: I guess I’ll be Genji

MC: I’m already Genji

Solomon: Then I’ll be McCree

MC: I already chose McCree

Levi: Please, let’s just play the game

Solomon: I have an idea

MC: What’s your idea?

Solomon: You should be-

MC: I’m not gonna be Mercy


Levi: *falls out of his chair*

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Recent events are now why I now stan Solomon. Bye guys, my MC is now moving to Purgatory hall.

Well, I dont think I would trust Solomon not fucking shit up again, tbh. 
Also, for the people that are kinda wow with the whole Belphie killing mc, lets all remember that the boys been doing some shit against the mc: Lucifer tried to kill them a good amount of times, Mammon literally tried to steal shit from mc’s room and involved them in stealing Beel’s food that lead to them almost dying by Beel’s anger, Satan tries to kill them because they didnt accept the pact, Levi tries too because he is a fucking sore loser and Asmodeus is incredibly possessive, borderline yandere sometimes. We all playing with fire.