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AoU headcanon - party scene
  • Tony: *looking at Steve* That ass sure puts the "edible" in incredible.
  • Rhodey: Aaaaaand I'm out.
  • Steve: *who has superhearing even if everybody keeps forgetting it* *blushes furiously*
  • Sam: You okay man?
Maurice at 30: the gay period drama the world wasn’t ready for
‘...we’ve been thrown a curveball. Maurice, undervalued in 1987 and underseen today, is getting the digital makeover, hitting cinema screens in time for its 30th anniversary. It’s a surprise, but a welcome one.’
By Guy Lodge

‘…It’s a film that exquisitely queers the stiff-upper-lip emotions so central to the Merchant Ivory oeuvre. … few films have expressed quite so sweetly and nakedly the challenges of simply being a gay man…’

Sweet and naked indeed. ;-)

More great coverage for Maurice’s 4K restoration and US cinema re-release (starting tonight at the newly restored Quad Cinema, NYC: release schedule here).

I needn’t add that there’s plenty to take issue with in Lodge’s piece – from the headline claim, to ‘a tame entry it may be in the LGBT canon’ – but people in the Guardian’s comments thread have already done some of that good work

In particular, the background to Maurice’s ‘undervaluing’ in 1987 is more complex than anyone will glean from Lodge’s explanations. We’ll be hearing more on that subject in the discourse to come – including from Jim Ivory himself. But it’s genuinely nice to see the Guardian making 30th-anniversary amends for its own role in reducing Maurice’s chances of ‘reaching the audience it deserves’. In July 1987, they hired top critic Richard Roud to throw cold water over Maurice before it had even premiered.


Okay so I might be the last person on earth who has seen this but damn that’s so very sad and entertaining at the same time. I mean look at them, doing their awesome acting (which I couldn’t but actually really want to after seeing stuff like this) while trying to stay serious. Those Deatheaters waving their wands, pretending to be fighting their greatest battle while it just looks like little kids having some fun with some sticks. I don’t know why I’ve never seen this before but it makes me so happy that I want it to play again and again and again. 

I know that filmmaking works like this.. it’s just so.. awesome seeing all this stuff from such a perspective. 


The plan was to share the most heartstoppingly beautiful moments from the new Maurice Blu-ray … and there are so many, but this batch are more like Maurice: The Blooper Reel.

Can you believe that we actually got that.
We never get happy endings. We’re so used to settling. To saying “well that was better then I thought it would be” but we actually got this. We didnt just get Thomas being his reason for everything hes done in the past 10yrs. But they got to reunite and NOT HIDE IT TO NOT BE ASHAMED AND THEY GET TO BE TOGETHER

I still can’t believe they did that ? Literally unburied their gay …. when will your fave ever ..!??!!!!