guy rhodes

Op Number Two!! First things first, this op has some backstory: 1. I’ve been in love with Kim Rhodes for the better part of a decade and 2. I asked her and Bri a question about how they got to be who they are during their panel. So I get up for the op after spending the entire op line dancing the anxiety away (it didn’t work) and when she sees me she says “hi cutie!” and hugs me so tight for a good 30 seconds before the op was actually taken. I buried my head in her neck and smiled (and might have refused to let go for a few seconds) and as I’m walking away I said “thank you, just for your existence” and she said “thank you for your question and for being here”. I left the room and immediately started crying into @zeppelininanimpala’s shoulder (and might have inhaled some of her hair oops).


I really need to know what this was all about. Why was everyone so interested in Misha’s nipples? Not that that isn’t a valid interest but just… why on stage at the SNS at SPNPitt. And look how proud he is of himself. Fuck, I love him!