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Snow Day

Trapped in a vehicle with Spencer Reid, a snowy case, and warm cuddles. What more could you want?

No warnings.


“Come on, Spencer. I happen to like my toes.”

“I happen to like my personal space.”

A glaring contest was taking place across the back seat of the stalled SUV where you and Spencer sat. Your legs claimed the majority of the cushion, pushing against his thighs on the other side. He shifted away yet again, opting for the comfort of the jacket Hotch left in here instead of the warm body offering heat just inches away from him. You didn’t blame the blizzard; North Dakota had sent out a warning over the radio after all. You didn’t even blame the SUV for wimping out; the wear and tear the team put on it was enough to make anyone want to give up.

Spencer you could blame, though. Him and his stubborn ass refused to surrender the dignity you two had left and just cuddle to conserve heat. Sure the team was in route, but the snow promised at least an hour’s delay and you were not willing to lose appendages because he could not remove the stick from his ass.

“You’re the doctor here. Our heater is broken, the whole damn car is. What’s worse, germs or frostbite?”

“Realistically, germs can have affect much faster than the cold can. They begin taking over the cells in your body within minutes. Meanwhile frostbite takes several hours to set in and we only have to wait one.”

You huffed, breath fogging up as you buried your stinging face into the wool scarf wrapped around your neck. Your jacket plus Morgan’s was not enough to block out the relentless cold. Something was clicking and it took you a few seconds to realize it was your teeth. A sigh was the next sound to fill the space, this one originating from the doctor when he heard it as well.

“Come on then.” He lifted the jacket from his side to make peace.

Defiance flared up for only the time it took for him to start shivering. You dove into his warmth, hugging every part of him your icicle fingers could reach. Your nose pressed to the heated nook of his neck and he hissed in complaint. The hair at the base of his neck tickled your forehead, reminding you just how much you appreciated the steadily growing hair.

With Hotch’s jacket draped over the both of you now and the community body temperature circulating, you relaxed against the new but not unwelcome touch of his arms encircling you. Your body ached as feeling returned to it; that could also be from the fact that your unrequited crush held you.

“This is how a lot of our cases start,” he mumbled into your hair. “Stranded, unfavorable conditions.”

“A loud mouth to draw in the killer.”

You felt the laugh more than heard it and it drew your curious gaze up to his fog stained glasses. “Can you even see through those?”

“Can’t really see far off without them.”

“I’ll keep an eye out for the unsub, or maybe our rescuers,” you promised, tugging them from his face and wiping them carefully against your shirt.

His protest was in the form of chasing the glasses with his head. This resulted in his nose crashing against yours and his frozen lips brushing your cheek. He jolted, brown eyes flaring like he might accuse you of bewitching him. With his form painted against the frost covered window, you could only touch the point on your skin that simply burned from the accident.

“I told you this was a bad idea,” he snapped.

“Terrible,” you deadpanned, reluctantly returning his now clean glasses and ducking into the safety of the jackets.

“Not you!” he blurted instantly, reading the rejection as easily as he might solve an elementary math equation. “Trust me, you’re fine. You’re more than fine, you’re stunning and confusing and almost on my lap which is definitely leaning towards the confusing bit because you barely talk to me at work. Meanwhile all I do is ramble, just like I’m doing now. I’ll help you file the HR report if you want.”

“Mind telling me exactly what I should put on there? That was hardly a kiss to complain about.”

“I am too cold to tell if you’re insulting my kissing abilities or deliberately trying to provoke me.”

“I just figure if I’m going to write a report on you, it should have something more interesting on it.”

You were edging closer, putting your latest profiling theory to the test. Spencer was scared to touch you but not because you revolted him; it was because he feared he might not stop. As he allowed your mouths meet, you prayed he would not.

Are… are you sure you want me to draw Sith!Qui with baby!Obi? Because I am literally a trash who has no control whatsoever over my feels and my hands and all the arts came out ridiculous like this one:

or this one:

(for anyone who doesn’t understand Vietnamese the line said: “give me back my Obi…”)

or even worse, this one:

(English subtitle: “what in Sith name is this little softie cutie thing…”)

*nervous laughters* Are you sure Anon? Because if you are I won’t guarantee for the poops that my brain spits out later. And I’m being dead serious here.

breaking dog blog news

recent vignettes from the life of Chalo and Priya:

  • Last night I couldn’t find Chalo, and then I did find him. Standing by a wall, gingerly licking the tapestry hanging from it.
  • Priya’s whirligig tail is nearly prehensile in its utility, and works beautifully as a built-in long line holder. Just hook the line into the tail, and it never gets tangled in her legs.
  • Chalo goes all wide-eyed with desire for injera.
  • During a recent tornado warning (yes, in March! wild), we hustled into a dark closet in the middle of the house. Both dogs considered it a wonderful party. All 50 lbs of Chalo curled up in my lap and fell asleep, while Priya leaned against me and batted her eyelashes against my forehead in the darkness. It was like a meditative field trip.

I’m back from vacation! Which means I can start trickling in all my comics/screenshot redraws from the bomb *-*

Types of BTS stans
  • Namjoon stans: fake deep but extremely aesthetic, the biggest perverts out of all ARMYs, would gladly drown themselves in namjoon's dimples, 50% secondhand embarrassment, 50% proud moms, wives and girlfriends
  • Seokjin stans: almost as fabulous as their bias and they know it, hella sassy, everyone wants to be friends with them, jin makes them either very emotional or very horny, there's no in between
  • Yoongi stans: sarcastic af but also very soft, they think they're savage but in reality they're sweet as sugar, actually really nice but they won't admit it, usually art hoes, yoongi spitting fire is their aesthetic
  • Hoseok stans: 150% chill, 100% sunshine and rainbows, spreading love all around the world, can watch hobi dance 25/8, in love with literally everything their bias does but tbh who can blame them, this guy poops glitter
  • Jimin stans: protection squad hoes even though they sin all day everyday, addicted to sexy/cute jimin videos, not even trying to pretend they're pure but somehow they're actual fluff balls, screamers
  • Taehyung stans: adorable little shits, they say inappropriate stuff without realizing, very friendly and loyal, like to talk a lot about things that make them happy, probably running a sideblog for taehyung's eyebrows
  • Jungkook stans: in constant denial that their bias is an adult now, most likely leather pants biggest fans, they want to fight kook pretty much all the time, legit memes, good puns, either 200% chill or -17462% chill

0.The fool- Edogawa Ranpo

for @miss-intention bsd tarot card project,

i did base it off of the rider-waite deck and while reading up on it, i saw that the little white dog is a guardian to the fool so i immediatly had the idea of also drawing a fukucat because u kno fukuzawa is kinda like ranpos guardian and it just made sense to me to draw fukuzawa as ranpos guardian cat

Oikawa Tooru appears in preview wearing glasses: HAIKYUU!! TRENDS ON TUMBLR

Ladies and gentlemen and other non-binary friends, this is the power of a gay volleyball anime