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In the past few days, I’ve been animating a bit in my free time~ What better way than to try and animate some scenes from Chapter 179! XD

Just did this for fun and for practice! I haven’t animate anything properly for a few years, which is pretty bad lol… ^_^;

Edit: Hmm… Apparently, the one in the middle didn’t show up properly– I think it should be working now!

Buchanannn asked for Nico Di Angelo in #13

13’s been used (see Tharja!) so I chose palette 8 instead! Hope that’s ok, they’re similar palettes in terms of mood. Also 8’s a lucky number while 13’s an unlucky number haha i’m so clever

Anyway here’s Ghost whisperer Di Angelo in #8

A Day in The Life of My ADHD Brain

LOL. J/K Let me tell you one thing about having a non-linear neuro-type. Every day is different. Some days, you’re on top of the world, ma! You have superpowers! Legit. And other days those same functions that made you feel so AMAZING yesterday, have turned on you and you feel so incapacitated you might as well be hooked up to a ventilator. My brain moves hella fast so sometimes I seem like I’m rambling, but truth is I’ve skipped a few steps in the physical world, so bear with me. You’ll probably notice this post jumps around- and I’ve left it a bit like that to show you what my brain is like. Enjoy. (I have edited it to make it slightly more readable.)

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munday tag thing

Tagged by @ask-mr-biscuit this amazing cosplayer!!!

a- age; 15 le gasp so young!

b- birthplace; England is my city

c- current time; 21:39

d- drink you had last; capri-sun orange, I’m drinking it now 

e- easiest person to talk to; depends?

f- favorite song; uhhh everything I listen to? this probably at the moment.

g- grossest memory; We were in a bus going from the airport to our hotel in Turkey and it was late at night so most people were sleeping except for me, my sister and this random guy near to the front of the bus… my sister was watching a film and I was reading yaoi and I look up to see the guy picking his nose and wiping it on his girlfriends hair, who was sleeping on his lap. I gagged and looked up again to see him pick his ear wax out, pick his nose with the same finger then eat it. I almost vomited on my sister.

h- horror yes or no?; NO

i- in love?; YES

j- jealous of people?; Always.

k- killed someone?; Yes no

l- love at first sight or should I walk past again?; Walk past again and this time build up the courage to talk to them instead of admiring from afar. 

m- middle name; I don’t have one

n- number of siblings?;three an older sister, a younger brother and younger sister.

o- one wish; world peace go to space

p- person I called last; uhm someone on discord in a group call thing. there were like a few of us.

q- question you’re always asked; Why are you still alive? other stuff like that. Why are you so weird, why aren’t you normal like the rest of us? is whatever stupid disease that makes you ugly and weird contagious? okay I’ll stop now… 

r- reasons to smile; you guys, my friends and family… being able to pass my exams with really high grades that I want.

s- song you sang last; this 

t- time you woke up; 4:00 am I watched a really good Chinese drama before crying because I had school.

u- universal constant; Uh what?

v- vacation; Space, or the world… Everywhere!

w- worst habit; One of the worst habits I have, is scratching at my arms or digging my nails into my skin, I have super long nails too so i usually end up drawing blood… when I’m nervous or stuff.

x- x-rays; my last x-ray was this year, when I tore my ligament.

y- your favorite food; rice and lentils or fish and chips or anything my mum makes. 

z- zodiac; Capricorn… My birthday is in January. It’s the 13th… If you forgot? I just don’t want to spend it alone again.

The Things We Do for A Friend (Part 1 & 2)

Can internet dating lead to finding your soul mate? Mary Margaret and David believe that is the case but it turns out they’ve both been burned in that arena before. They enlist their cynical friends Emma and Killian as back up for them just in case they get stuck. What happens when they all meet?

This is complete - both parts are together. (Rated M) FF

“Mary Margaret do I have to?”

“Please Emma, I really like him but I’m nervous to go alone. I promise just this one time.”

“That’s what you always say and then I end up finding a way to sneak you out of the restaurant when the guy turns out to be a creep.”

“Well, if all goes well with this one, and I have a good feeling about him, then this will be the last time.”

“Fine, I really hope he is. Honestly Mary Margaret I’m not sure how you can keep online dating. So far all the guys you’ve met have been creepy. Remember that guy that picked his nose when he thought you weren’t looking.”

“Ugh, don’t remind me about him. Thank god I had you watching from the bar. It’s a shame because he was actually cute. “

“Imagine kissing booger mouth at the end of the night.”

“That’s disgusting.”

“Oh, and what about that guy who picked food off of other people’s plates at the hibachi when he thought no one was looking.”

“I know they can’t all be winners but at least I’m putting myself out there. When was the last time you had a date?”

She frowned and chewed her bottom lip.” I don’t know, six months ago.”

“Exactly Emma. One guy breaks your heart and you become a cynic for the rest of your life? Not all guys are like him.”

“I know. Maybe booger eater is available.”

Mary Margaret swatted her on the arm.”Not funny!”

“Come on, it’s a little funny.”

She watched as her friend walked back to her office in a huff.

“Meet you at 7!”she called out.

She thought she caught the tail end of a rude gesture from her before she disappeared. She never ceased to be surprised by her.

Maybe Mary Margaret was right. She had been single and celibate for awhile now. She wasn’t about to step into the online dating pool like her but maybe she could make an effort to hang out with friends a little more. She had been head strong into her career for the last year and that one date she had, he was just ok, not anyone special that she would make an effort for.

She decided that she’d be a little more open to the possibility if something presented itself. She just had to get through babysitting Mary Margaret through another dating fiasco. She really did hope that this guy was decent for her sake. If she had to watch her beautiful friend sit across from one more bottom feeder she was going to lose it. Mary Margaret deserved someone kind, caring and decent like she was.

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I found Adam on putlocker! And got to watch it again and having seen Charlie Countryman as well, I can now contribute sensibly to the spacedogs subfandom!

America was not perhaps the most sensible place in the world to run to. He didn’t have a ready made foothold in the political system since he didn’t know anyone there. And starting a new crime syndicate would be difficult with so much territory already occupied. He could join, but at his age, with his expertise? No, no. He wouldn’t stand the disrespect. Maybe a new line of work then, if one could be had…

The good news about America though was it was densely populated. And people always needed little jobs done that they didn’t want on the books. Nigel was good for that. So maybe, America was not such a terrible place to go after the hot water with Gabi and Darko.

He’d managed to obtain a work visa for 6 months, legal and all. He figured that would give him enough time to get his foot in the door somewhere. After that… who knows.

He’d found a little flat in New York, quiet, clean. It was nothing like home. No broken bottles and piss on the front step. There were still sirens every night, sometimes he’d wake up in a cold sweat hearing one close by and couldn’t go back to sleep. But there were far fewer gun shots. Less crying in the night. He supposed this was what people called ‘the good life’.

Nigel walked back to his apartment building one autumn morning. The weather was good and transport was so fucking expensive here, better to walk. He stood outside, leaning against the quaint little gate outside and lit a cigarette. He wasn’t alone, a young man was sitting on the steps up to the front door, taking no notice of him, but intently watching the street.

Nigel looked at him curiously, following his eyes, wondering why he focused so hard on the people going by. No spy or assassin ever looked like that, it was a dead giveaway. And this boy didn’t look like he could handle killing a mouse much less anything else. What could possibly interest him so much?

“Hey,” he called out.

The young man’s head shifted in his direction but he didn’t make eye contact.

“Hey, you on the steps,” Nigel tried again.

“Hmm-mmm?” he looked up, genuinely surprised, as if he really hadn’t heard him the first time.

“What are you looking at that captures your interest so completely?” Nigel leaned over the fence, folding his arms.

“Oh, um, people,” the man nodded, eyes darting around, then shifting back to his primary focus.

“People, huh? You like people watching?” Nigel invited himself over, sitting down next to him.

“Y-Yes, I do,” the young man returned hesitantly, again, not looking at Nigel.

Nigel took a long drag from his cigarette and looked at the young man carefully. Up close he could see the intensity was brought on by an overall nervous disposition rather than an inherent passion for his activity. He had no aim in watching these people other than to watch them.

“Mind if I sit here and watch people with you?” Nigel asked, eyes on him rather than the people.

He shook his head, “No, no. That’s okay.” There was a brief smile. So the man did have emotions, he just didn’t understand them very well. His smile though encouraged Nigel that conversation might be possible.

Nigel at last turned his attention from the man to the people walking past. They were mostly boring, unattractive, nothing unusual. One guy picking his nose. Another clearly hungover. Two men offered a surreptitious look at a third lady’s ass when she walked by. Nigel chuckled.

“What are you laughing at?” his companion asked, turning to look at him for the first time.

Nigel sat up and scooted closer, “Well, did you see those two men who just walked by?” He pointed to them lazily.

The man nodded, “Did they do something funny?”

“Well, they thought that redhead with the cherry-shaped ass was very attractive, so when she walked passed them, they looked back at her over their shoulder to check her out. They thought they were being sneaky, but we saw, didn’t we, hey?” Nigel grinned, tapping his shoulder, “That’s why I laughed.”

The man frowned, squinting, “Why is that funny?”

Nigel looked up, surprised, then furrowed his eyebrows, trying to think how to explain. “Mmm… it’s funny because it was predictable. Well, for me it was predictable that they would check her out. And it was predictable that they would try to be sneaky about it, but that failed.”

The man thought about it carefully, “I’m confused, was it that they were predictable or their failure that was funny?”

“Both,” Nigel took another drag, “I would never be so obvious.” He grinned to himself.

“Oh,” the man sounded disheartened and looked away, tightening his arms around his knees, “I’m always obvious.”

Nigel blinked and cocked his head, “Are you?”

The man shifted uncomfortably, his whole body tightening. Nigel frowned.

“I uh, I h-have Asperger’s syndrome. I don’t… communicate feelings the way NTs, neurotypicals, do. I can only say what I feel, exactly what I feel. I- I don’t say things I don’t mean or use metaphors or things like that. So what I s-say is always just… what is,” the man swallowed and kept licking and chewing his lips as he spoke.

Nigel nodded, “I heard of that. You seem alright though. And not funny.”

The man looked up, “I wasn’t trying to be funny.”

Nigel smiled, “I know. I mean, you seemed worried that I would laugh at you because I thought you were obvious. I’m not laughing at you.”

“Oh. Okay,” the man relaxed a little again, sitting more upright.

Nigel stuck his cigarette between his lips and held his hand out, “I’m Nigel, I live downstairs, in 1B.”

The man took it, grasping his hand firmly and shaking it once, “I’m Adam. I live upstairs, in 2A.”

Nigel smiled, “Good.”

Adam frowned, “Why is that good?”

“Because now that we’ve been introduced we can see more-” Nigel paused and rephrased, “see each other more often and watch people together. Would you like that?”

Adam smiled, briefly, but it was a smile, “Okay.”

"It was a normal day in the tower..."

Recently, I’ve been on a hunting expedition for new fic to read in the Teen Titans fandom, and it’s been an interesting experience. I’ve learned a lot about our writers and about what they choose to write about. Mostly, I’m impressed with the skill and detail of most of the stories I’ve read, however, out of the fifteen or so fics I started, at least ten of them started with this line. 

I am so, so sorry friends, but this is quite possibly the worst line ever. It really is. And let me explain just a few reasons on why this is a terrible opener:

  • Normal is a default setting. When we open a book or a story, our lives are already normal, and we are living it. No one wants to read about normal experiences, that’s why we pick up a book.
  • It’s absolutely unnecessary. Even if you immediately follow this phrase with another kick, the damage has already been done. You’ve just started the story out on a “normal” step, and that’s not where we want things to be. The damage is worse when you write “it was a normal day” and then follow it with additional information concerning the “normal” things each of the Titans are doing (ex: walking silkie, watching tv, working on a car, etc.) Remember, “normal” is already a default setting in the readers’ mind. 
  • It’s a very, very overdone opener. As I said, ten out of the fifteen stories I invested my time in started this way, so the originality is lost.

I’ve committed this crime as well, so don’t think for a single instant that I’m turning a blind eye to my own faults. However, it’s very easy to fix and avoid this all together. Starting with action is not difficult, in fact, it’s probably the easiest way to spice up your story and pull readers in right off the get-go. Your first paragraph is your first time to introduce your story and your skills. Don’t waste it by starting off with “it was a normal day in the tower…”.

But, if you still find yourself tripping up and trying to start a story without falling back on old habits, here are starters and things you can describe instead:

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I just saw a guy picking his nose in traffic and we’re both passengers in two different cars and we made eye contact while he was doing it and then he stopped bc I saw and our cars are driving directly next to each other like level with each other and it’s so awkward