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List of things I love about the HP fandom
  • not afraid to mess around with things that have been assumed canon for years 
    • like harry’s scar
    • or race
    • or hermione’s race
  • every character is bi as heck!!!
  • when one person makes a headcanon and then like 50 people latch onto it and there’s a tumblr fic and comics and even more headcanons like woah amazing
  • fixation on characters that are mentioned like twice
    • particularly in the marauders era
  • still finding new ways to break my heart
  • seriously the last book came out 10 years ago and you guys are still finding sad things and like I would hate that but it’s impressive and heart wrenching and i love it
  • house discourse
    • not like angry or anything, but like when you make assumptions about a house and then people come in like ‘thats good but WHAT IF’
    • I’m talking about that four horsemen post that is gOOD SHIT
  • the amazing fanart that’s still going round like you guys are so good!! I love it

I just love this fandom and all the work it does! Feel free to add your own, let’s get some fandom positivity up in here

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Hey, we could donate some $$ for that mod. It's no different than donating money on nexus. That modder would get their money either way~ but this time it's for a specific mod.

I mean on one hand that is extremely kind of you, but on the other…
I would have to find a modder who has the skills, who takes commissions and is easy to work with. Then I would have to work together with them to make sure that the mod is exactly like I imagined. (I’m pretty anal about this. I’m all for artistic freedom when it comes to fanart and commissions but a follower mod would be different.) If he’s a voiced companion, I’d have to find a good voice actor. All of this takes a huge amount of time and effort, even if I’m only surveying the process of making the mod.

Maybe I’ll offer it as a Patreon goal? Cam’s familiar with modding and he could learn to make a basic Buttons companion, we just need to allocate our resources :P That way if you wanted to make it happen, you could support the comics we make instead of the mod directly, and still get the companion mod.
idk, I’ll think about it because I would too kill for a Buttons follower for myself!

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Hey so like, this is starting to act like a personal tumblr and not an ask. Is it possible for the sake of your mobile followers to answer personal questions privately or on another tumblr? Like, I don't have blacklist on my phone but half of those weren't even tagged. Please I'm begging you. I stopped following several other askblogs that devolved into this. Now I just have you and one other left.

Not going to lie, this ask made me really sad. 

I am human, not a robot that cranks out imagines and writing all the time, I have to interact with others too, who often give me feedback and encouragement to keep writing.  I’m sorry, but I can’t control where my followers send in personal asks, and some even don’t know that I have a personal blog. Personal asks mean as much to me as headcanons because they’re a nice break and a great way for all of us to have a good time, which is what this blog is about. I know that I can’t make everyone happy, but shouldn’t I do what makes me happy too on my own blog? 

I do my best with tagging, but I’m on mobile half of the time and if you’ve ever answered an ask mobily, you would know that you can’t tag anything. If someone wants to start a discussion on my personal blog, then that’s fine, or if they want to start it on Skelltales, that’s fine with me too. I am not going to change that, and if you don’t like it, you can always unfollow. 

recently my blog (offentaed) has reached a very big milestone that I never in a million years thought I would achieve.  2000+ followers?!!  It’s insane to even think about-  that people actually like the content that I create and reblog.  I came to tumblr only about a year or so ago to vent my love for a seven member boy group and now I have amazing friends and followers (who I love love love so so much).  I want to show you all some love in return- so i’ve decided to write a few things about some of my favorite people on tumblr ( i want to do a new post weekly- just to show love for you all).  Some of them I have talked to and others their url or their tags have just made my day better (if you all remember correctly i am a url and tag whore)  

so really thank you, thank you, thank you

(i know for a fact i didn’t get all the people i wanted to, i had 20+ pages to look through and i didn’t make it through many (only 2 to be exact) .. so anticipate a new appreciation post next week!)

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Hi Pals!! Requests will be closing soon!!

Hi Pals!! I would like to thank each and everyone of you for sending in all of your requests!! I have had a blast working on them!!

But I have to close them down for a while because due to the overwhelming response, I can’t do them all and work on my novel series at the same time, I hope you all understand!!

The requests will open again one day!! But just for right now, I have to focus on myself, I hope you pals all understand!!

I’d like to thank you all so much for all the love and support!!

If I haven’t done your request, don’t be alarmed!! I will get done everything by tomorrow night!!

I will post when my requests will be officially down in a different post!! Once they are down, I will not be accepting any more for the time being, again I hope you all understand, and I hope you all have a wonderful day!!



Real talk: Duncan is still is the animal ICU. Fortunately his kidney function has returned to normal, and he’s eating and drinking again (his favorite activities), but it’s a new vet on today and his phone call was not super clear. Bladder is still distended, but that was the reason behind the foley, so not sure where the disconnect was.

I’m assuming now that they took the foley out but honestly who knows. Cats are way different than humans. 

I wish I had just taken him to the hospital instead of our regular vet last Wednesday. I spent a lot of money for them to irrigate his urethra and then send him home, without the problem being fixed. The original plan had been to keep him there and monitor ANYWAY, so I’m irritated that they sent him home right after.

The vet who called today mentioned ANOTHER ultrasound and possibly requiring surgery. 

Just signed up for 8 shifts at my per diem in May, on top of working full-time on stepdown. 

I have newfound empathy for my patient’s families, but now that I’m the “family”, I also see how easy it is to control myself and not be an asshole to the medical staff and constantly call them and ask questions. I’d rather they be working on my little guy, or another sick animal, than wasting their time on the phone with me saying “yeah, still peeing, no change”. 

No news = good news is a great concept.

Lol no offense i get making fun of homophobes even when they’re gay but yall mockingly spreading a guy’s personal posts abt crushing internalised homophobia isn’t like that and rly makes me wanna die

Hi guys it’s me again. Totally fucked up right now. I just want to write my thoughts down, if i don’t, my head would explode bc of overthinking. Shits happened once at a time and i can’t fucking stand it *sigh*
Maybe i could never ever play the sims or do some stuff i love from now on, even learn. All my plan for this summer, after I finish this god damn semester, has gone. I’ll tell you why. My parents couldn’t afford to buy me a laptop since i went to college so i had to share desktop computer with every one in my family. I’m an easy-going person so this is not a big deal for me. I truly aware that my parents don’t have much money and i can not ask them too much. Nothing happened until my younger brother messed everything up. He played video games too much and he didn’t focus on learning, which pissed my parents off. I had warned him that this day would come. And that day is today. My dad who is an extremely hot-headed person, was so angry that he broke the computer screen. Fuck! At least he didn’t try to break the case. But this shit still piss me off. How i feel right now is like when you try your best to get what you deserve but suddenly someone else fucking ruins it and you have to take the consequences even though you didn’t do anything wrong. Annoyed. Angry. Disappointed… I’m so fucked up!
There’s a very funny & ridiculous thing in almost Vietnamese family is that most parents (in my case is my dad) love their son more than their daughter because they think son will take care of them when he grows up and daughter, she gets married and live with her husbands, far from home, which means she cannot look after her parents anymore. Till now i really don’t know why this thought still exist (?!) That’s why my dad loves my younger brother more than my elder sister and me. He just simply thinks that breaking the computer so my brother won’t play games and focus on learning. This seems weird but i can’t live without a computer (such a geek). He even doesn’t care what i feel or what i’m suffering. I don’t hate him, i hate his violent temper and impatience. I just never get on well with my dad bc of them.
I guess from now on i have to borrow laptop from my friends -__- this is so damn inconvenient. I’m student, still depend on my parents, i’m not able to make enough money to buy what i want. At my age, they have done so much better than me, they keep moving forward meanwhile i just stand here, exactly where i was a year ago, doing nothing but crying. How useless i am! I suck at everything, i have no idea about my future, i’m always drowning in my own feelings. Maybe i only good at being pessimistic .___.
Like i said, I write this down so as not to make my head explode. I don’t try to be a drama queen or get attention. I didn’t mean to make everyone annoyed when you read this ;-;;;

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im joining in on this shit bc i just had a thought. do you think britt is dating dylan bc of who he is? like she talks about him bc of who he is, like if it was just some guy that wasn't famous, do you think she would be talking about that guy and sharing personal stuff as much as she does with dylan? -kenz🌹

Oh for sure! I think about that a lot! Just the way she talks about him and how she’s almost ALWAYS the one to bring him up interviews really makes it seem that way. It’s like she needs him and their relationship to make her relevant and to help promote her projects. It’s pathetic. I’m sure if she was dating some guy who wasn’t famous no one would even know who she was and no, she probably wouldn’t talk about them like she does Dylan.