guy on beach

Rock On

Dean and Cas take a much-needed beach break. set in canon ‘verse, can slot in wherever you like, really…

The thing about the sea, Cas thought, was that it was, in some indefinable way, the same everywhere.

He’d seen waters lap the baked Egyptian sands, and he’d seen the shape of the brine that stretched from iceberg to colossal iceberg in the coldest Northern straits - and, now, he’d seen the cool smooth American tide giving this pebbled beach a desultory washing.

“I was picturing more of a sand, sun, sit and drink beer kind of beach,” said a gruff voice that drew nearer as its owner came to stand beside Cas. Dean had his hands in the pockets of his jacket, and a slight frown between his eyes. Castiel watched him in silence for a moment, feeling the slight smile curving over his mouth. He didn’t bother to hide it; Dean wasn’t watching him.

“What’s wrong with this place?” Castiel said, narrowing his eyes slightly against a strengthening breeze, which brought with it the strong scent of brine and seaweed.

“Oh, nothing,” Dean said. “I asked you to zap me to a beach, and you pick this one, is all. You know I don’t like taking the goddamn Angel highway. I wanted the beach to be worth it. I wanted sun.

Castiel considered him. This was not a beach that he had picked at random, but he wasn’t going to share his reasons for choosing it with Dean - not while he was in a mood like this.

“We can go home,” Castiel said, raising two fingertips towards Dean’s forehead - but Dean stopped him with a sharp look. Or rather, Castiel thought, a blunt look, that Dean just swung very hard.

“It’s fine,” Dean said tersely. He took in a deep breath, and then puffed it out, quickly. “It’s bracing.”

Castiel watched him for a moment longer - and then turned back to face the sea, quickly, when Dean flicked a glance his way.

“It’s good of you to be so forgiving,” Castiel said dryly, just in case Dean had caught the tail ends of his warm expression and was thinking about that too hard. The distraction worked.

“Yeah, well, I’m a paragon of virtue like that,” Dean said, kicking at a large pebble underfoot.

“Oh? Which virtue would that be, specifically? “

“Well,” Dean said, pausing for thought. “Forgiveness, obviously. Honesty, diplomacy… uh - geology… all your favourites.”

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