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When was it when you KNEW that you've fallen for Jungkook really hard??

lmao probably subconsciously when i first saw him when i first got into bts!! but, during one of my weaker moments when i was still pretending that i didn’t bias him (lmao @ past me), and got hit with a ton of feels, this vine kind of, for some reason, made me snap and all i could think was wow i love him and it’s just been an endless spiral into the void from there!!

Did I ever tell you guys about the time I was taking Prussia cosplay pics in Leavenworth and my father (knowing I am rusprus trash but also completely ignoring my social anxiety) went up to a random buff stranger (and when I say buff I mean bodybuilder) with a big nose who he assumed was Russian (and his girlfriend might I add) and asked him to take pics with me?

Interest check...

Would any transgender individuals be interested in getting free feminine clothing from me?

Basically everyone knows I’m a trans guy now so it’s stupid for me to have clothes I don’t want to wear in my closest, so I’m planning on giving them away. I was just gonna donate to a local secondhand store that gives its funds to an LGBT organization, but I honestly I don’t trust big organizations and I’d be happier to see my clothes go directly to a trans/genderqueer/nb individual :)

So yeah just like this post if you’d be interested in some free clothes!! And feel free to reblog to get the word out, cuz I don’t have many followers

I have a range of sizes but:

my shirts are mainly womens M (which would be like a men’s small usually?), I have some larger unisex Ms and some smaller women’s S as well.

My pants will be between the women’s sizes 6-9 whatever that means. I have a size 28-30 waist in men’s if ya want a better idea.

My women’s shoe size is 9 - 9.5 too! I think that’s like a 7 in men’s. I might have a few shoes that my family members don’t want lol

I have a few dresses n stuff too basically all size medium women’s. I’m 5'8" and 125 lb if that matters in sizing?? But I do have lots of bigger clothes cuz I like big stuff

ANYWAYS last thing: I know there is a transgender clothing swap organization/site and I’d want to donate but the site seems kinda inactive? It’s called .. Are they legit? Please let me know!

Thanks you guys!!