guy looks tired of your smirk

Secret Feelings (Alec x Reader) Imagine

One hit, two hits, three hits. Alec just kept on hitting the punching bag.

“Just tell him how you feel already” a voice from behind me said. Turning around I see Jace with his arm cross and a smirk on his face.
“Like now because I’m getting tired of both of yours guys love sick attitude” you rolled your eyes,
“You’re one to talk, you follow Clary around like a love sick puppy these day” Jace stood there looking shocked.
“You and I both know that’s a completely different story” he said defending himself. “You keep telling yourself that” you answer back.
“Hey guys what are you two taking about?” Alec asked as he walk out of the training room taking a sip from his water bottle.“Nothing” you both quickly answer and left the room, leaving a very confused Alec behind.

  “Do you ever plan on telling my brother that you like him?” Izzy asked as she sat on your bed.
“Have you been talking to Jace lately? Because all you two do is ask me that same question every time we talk” You said as you lay down next to her on your bed. Izzy laugh then look at you with a smile.
“You know that’s means that more then one person can tell then right?” You went to answer back but then your bedroom door open to revealing Clary. “It’s time to go”

You three walk through the halls of the institute heading to the main area. Knowing that’s where the boys would be waiting to leave for your guys mission. Today mission was the same as always go out and kill a demon, then come back make a report about it then it would be done.
“You all ready?” Jace asked as you guys walked up to where him and Alec were standing.
“Let’s go!” Izzy said cheerfully as she grabbed yours and Clary arm and walked out of the institute.

“So Y/N you and Alec huh?” Clary said teasing you on your way back from the hunt.
“OH MY ANGEL” you yelled causing Jace and Alec to stop walking ahead of you and turn around to see what the matter was. You had enough, couldn’t they all see that you just wanted to keep it to yourself and not tell him.
“Could all three of you stop asking me that,I had enough” you shouted while looking from Clary to Jace to Isabella.
“Stop asking you what?” Alec asked standing there between all of you looking more confused then ever.
“It’s nothing so don’t worry about it” you said back.
“That’s a lie. It’s is something important dear brother so we will leave so the two of you alone so you can talk about it” Izzy said pulling Jace and Clary away with her. God damn Izzy you thought as she left, leave it to her to do something like this leaving you no choice but to face your fears.
“What’s so important? Alec asked. Isn’t he full of questions to day you thought but you knew if you were in his situation too you would be doing the same.
"Do you really want to hear something that would change our friendship forever? There’s no turning back after you hear what I have to say” you said looking him in the face staring at his eyes. His hair was a bit messy from fighting the demon earlier and he looked tried but he still smile at you.
“Go ahead, say it. You never know if I feel the same way. If you don’t ask.” he said as he walked closer to you.
“Well hear I go Alec I- wait what did you just say?” You ask looking dumbfounded. Did he really just say that he had feeling for me you wonder.
“Me and you both know what I said, Yes I have feeling for you Y/N. You and I both know you have them for me too. It doesn’t need to take a genius to figured that out.”
“But why haven’t you said anything before” you stated. Alec just shrugged “I guess every time I try I just chicken out of it” he said looking at you
“I always got nervous and back out, thinking that when everyone said you have feeling for me was just a lie”
“Oh Alec, I do like you” you said looking at him “A lot really”
“Good because I like you too and now I can do this” he while bending down to kiss you.
Your guys lips touch and it felt like home. Like this is what you always needed but never knew you did until now. It had so much passionate from all the years worth of feelings you had built up inside. You guys pulled away from the kiss and rested your forehead together. Finally this moment that you always dream of was here and it sure was hell worth the wait.
“Would you two hurry up sucking each other face off because it cold” Jace yelled. Causing you guys to stop kissing and laugh along with Izzy and Clary.
“Come lets go” Alec said as he pulled your hand making your way back to the others to head home.

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When you send a suggestive photo to Wonho and the members are around

It’s one of those nights where you are in need of Wonho. But of course, due to his busy schedule, it was impossible to meet him often. 

However that night you wanted to be a little tease to him. 

You pick up your phone and texts him with ‘what are you doing now?’. And as always, his texts would come a little later. You grow impatient, and a smirk appears on your face.

“He needs to know, now” You whisper to yourself as you sent the freshly taken suggestive picture to Wonho. It was you with a see-through night gown, with his favorite color on you, red.

You had put on a slight seductive look in the picture, so he would understand a little more. You sigh in delight as you sit back on your bed waiting for his reply.

Wonho is with the members, after having a tiring schedule. 

“Yah, stop messing around with those machine, you guys will ruin them” He warns the younger members as his fingers naturally slides his phone screen to see two messages from you.

He clicks on them, curious what picture you had sent after he had read the first message. His eyes widen in horror when he sees you almost naked, but his heart was about to drop when he realizes the members are around him.

“Damn it,” He cuss quietly, his eyes peek at the side to check if anyone is near him. “God,” He cuss again, looking at your picture again as he feels a growing buldge. 

“Oh no,” He senses someone is looking at him. He fake a cough, as he moves around to an empty side. 

“Hyung, what’s that?” He hears Kihyun following him, as he struggles to peek at Wonho’s phone.

“It’s n-nothing” Wonho stutters, exiting the message before shoving his phone back to his pocket.

“Guys, I don’t feel that good, I’m going to go home” He says loudly, earning a okay as the respond from everyone.

Wonho looks at the confuse Kihyun beside him, ignoring him when Kihyun’s lips turn into a knowing smile. 

Bus ride home (AU)

9.  “I fell asleep on your couch after a party but you didn’t complain and made breakfast for the both of us”

20.  “the bus driver made a sudden stop and i might have accidentally ended up in your lap and you’re terribly cute pls don’t kill me”

(Raphael x Reader)


You were one the bus home, from an especially tiring day at university. It was pretty late and you watched the streetlights passing by while groaning inwardly. You just wanted to go home, lay down and sleep.

The bus was almost empty except for a few people, who looked just as tired as you were. When you saw your stop coming up, you pressed the stop button and got up, walking over to the exit. The bus came to a sudden halt and you fell backwards, landing in the lap of the guy who was sitting there.

“Shouldn’t I buy you a drink first before we end up like this?” He says a little smirk on his face.

Your mouth drops open a bit and you quickly get up, very, very embarrassed, “I’m so sorry, oh my god I didn’t mean to.” You proceed to apologize a few times more and run outside in a hurry. Of course you had to make a fool out of yourself in front of the only cute guy on the bus. Hopefully you wouldn’t see him again, that would be too awkward.

You slept in late the next day because it was the weekend. Or at least you had planned to sleep in late but your friend Simon had other other things in mind. Your phone rang at 9 in the morning.

“What are you doing later?” You heard an overly excited voice on the other end of the line.

“Sleeping.” You say exhausted.

“I mean later, in the evening.”

“Yeah I mean that too.”

“You’re going to a party with me.”

“Noooo Simon, you always take me to that weird things.” One time he had thought it would be a totally cool idea to go to this party in an abandoned building, only to be arrasted 10 minutes after you arrived there because surprise, it actually wasn’t empty.

“It’s different this time. We’re just going to a friend of mine.”

“You have friends?”

“Haha, very funny. You’re coming. I get you at 9pm.”

You went with Simon, not that you had any choice on the matter. The party was actually quite normal for once and the people were nice. It was a bit crowded in the small apartment and you lost Simon, like 10 times but it still was fun. You probably had a bit too much to drink because at some point you just got really sleepy. You sat down in a chair away from most of the commotion. At first you tried to keep your eyes open but slowly drifted away into sleep.

When you woke up in the morning and looked around, you were pretty sure it wasn’t your room. A guy was leaning over you, shaking you awake. It was the one you met on the bus the other day. You thought you were still dreaming at first but your dreamy state didn’t last long. You took a pillow and through it at him.

“What the hell are you doing here?” You yell.

“I live here…”


“Sorry I scared you. I’m Raphael. You’re Simons friend right? You fell asleep last night. He actually wanted to carry you home but I thought that would have been a bit too much for him, so I offered to let you sleep here.”


“No problem, I made you breakfast.”

“You did?”

“Why so surprised?” He says with a smile, “We’re already pretty close.” He winks at you.

“Great…I thought you might have forgotten.”

“I don’t forget girls who fall for me at our first meeting.”

You roll your eyes, “I think I’m getting a headache from your arrogance.”

“That’s probably just the alcohol.” He offers you his hand, “Come on cutie, you need to eat something.”

Prince (Sam x Reader)

A/N: Hey guys!! So sorry for taking so long to reply again😅 This is a little short but yeah…okay, so I’ve been wondering, should I write a part 4 for the bite me series? You guys seem to be requesting it a lot haha so maybe I should…anways, enjoy!!!

Request: Hello love! Could you pretty please write an imagine about Lucifer taking interest in sams girl friend (the reader) and he kidnaps her and tortures her and sam finds out? Thanks love!

“Y’know I think I understand what Sam sees in you,” Lucifer said, twirling a blade in his hands as you took in shaky breaths, feeling pain all over. Lucifer looked at you with a smirk, placing his finger under your chin, tilting your chin up so you looked at him. “Getting tired already?”

You glared at him, not saying anything. You regretted not following Sam to buy dinner, if you did, you wouldn’t be in this situation right now.


“Hey, Y/N, you want to go grab some dinner?” Sam asked, standing up and stretching after spending almost the whole day doing research for the new case.

You continued looking at your laptop. “Can you buy back? I think I almost cracked it.”

Sam sighed as he walked over to stand behind you, placing his hands on your shoulder as you glanced up at him. He bent down and gave you a peck on the lips. “I’ll be back soon.”

You smiled at him, pulling him down for one more kiss before he straightened up. “Come back soon.”

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You yawned as you closed your book. You were currently sitting in the Great Hall of Hogwarts, which was almost empty aside from you, a few of your Gryffindor friends, a bunch of Ravenclaws and a few Slytherins. It was already pretty late and seeing as it had been a long day, you decided to call it a night.

‘‘Guys, I’m tired. I’m going to bed, alright?’‘

At your words, the heads of your friends looked up to you, saying things like:

‘‘Alright, sleep well.’‘

‘‘See you tomorrow.’‘

‘‘Don’t let the bed bugs bite!’’

You smiled at their words, but it was an awfully familiar voice that grabbed your attention and made you look up in surprise, your eyebrows raised.

‘‘Mind if I Slytherin?’‘

Your eyes shot up as you turned around, not being really surprised to find no one less than Draco Malfoy standing in front of you, his usual trademark smirk plastered on his face as he ran a hand through his blonde hair. You would have been surprised, if this hadn’t happened like twenty times before. For some reason, the Prince of Slytherin had set his grey eyes on you and had managed to make flirty remarks at least five times a day for the last week. You couldn’t help but feel slightly flattered, he was quite the looker to be honest, but now it was starting to bother you.

But before you could open up your mouth to make a witty remark, another voice coming from the Gryffindor tabel interrupted you, speaing up before you could even say ‘Listen up, malfoy’.

‘‘Oh shut up already, would you?’‘

Much to your surprise, it was Harry himself who had stood up for you, his blue eyes looking at Malfoy in an almost threatning way. You hadn’t seen your friend this angry in a while so to say you were taken back was a slight undertstatement.

‘‘Why, Potter? Jealous?’‘ Malfoy snapped back, his smirk not leaving his face as he answered his rival.

‘‘Me? Jealous? Not much to be jealous of, is there?’‘ Harry answered, causing Malfoy’s eyes to narrow and his mouth to open in order to snap back another comment.

Slowly but steady you started to back off, neither of them noticing the fact that you were leaving the Great Hall, before you sprinted away and hurried up to yur common room, a small smile on your lips.

Whatever it was that was going on, it surely was entertaining, but for now you were way too tired to worry about it. Deciding you would deal with it tomorrow, you went to bed, secretly dreaming about a silver haired boy with grey eyes and a dark haired one with a scar on his forehead…


Imagine being assigned to help Steve adjust to the modern age and taking him to a swing dancing class to cheer him up.

“Come on, we’re going to do something fun today,” you announced with a grin as you led Steve to the car.

Steve blinked at you, looking confused and tired more than anything. You gave his shoulder a light punch, “Come on, big guy, give me a smile. I’ve been planning today for a while and I’d hate for you not to have a good time.”

Steve offered a small smile that didn’t quite reach his eyes as he squeezed into the car. “So what’s on the docket?”

You put the key in the ignition, trying to contain your own excitement, “Well, it was going to be a surprise, but…” you flashed a slight smirk, “I think I can make an exception. First of all, I found a theatre that’s playing some classics that you might know. There’s a couple of options so you can choose. We’ve got Citizen Kane, Casablanca, that sort of thing. After that, there’s this great little diner that I thought you might like, but it’s what comes after that I think you’re really gonna love.”
Steve raised an eyebrow, “And what’s that?”

“I found a swing dancing class.”

Gif Credit: Steve

Valentines Day (Derek Luh Smut)

“I’m so tired.” Derek faked yawned. Collapsing on the couch next me. The guys had given us the whole RV to ourselves since it was Valentines Day.
“If you’re so tired I guess I can’t give you my Valentine’s Day present.” You smirked as you saw him looking up at you.
“I’m suddenly not so tired.” He laughed, sitting up and pulling you on top of him. You rested your forehead against his as you looked into each other’s eyes. “Happy Valentines Day, mami” he said kissing your nose.
“Happy Valentines Day, Derek.” You replied kissing him on the lips.

He took the opportunity to grab your hips, pulling you closer. As your hands trailed over his shirtless torso up to his neck where you tugged lightly, making him groan. You slid your tongue into his mouth exploring, and fighting for dominance. Derek won.

He grabbed your ass then your legs, wrapping them around his waist to what was Nate’s bed but he probably wouldn’t want it when he figured you two had gotten busy there.

You pulled away breathing heavily as he lied you down on the bed. You say up pulling off your shirt to reveal a bright red bra. He smirked as he climbed on top of you. He attached his lips to your neck, looking for your sweet spot. He knew he found it when you moaned put his name, your back arching off the bed. You felt him smile against your skin as he trailed kisses down your neck, collarbone, to your breasts. He unclasped your bra pulling it off you.

He took your left breast into his large hand, massaging it as he nibbled, sucked, and kissed your right one. “Derek, please” you begged.

He stopped what he was doing and kissed you before pulling your jeans off and tossing them. Shortly followed by your matching red lace panties. He blew air onto you as you arched your back moaning his name.

He flipped you over, so you were on top. You left a trail of kisses down his neck, collarbone, and v-line. Stopping at the hem of his khakis. You palmed him through his shorts. “Baby girl.” He moaned as you pulled down his shorts and boxers. Taking him into your mouth. You swirled your tongue around his tip as he became a moaning mess. You bobbed your head up and down slowly, picking up the pace every few seconds. “Ah fuck, Y/N” Derek moaned, tangling his fingers in your hair.

He didn’t last long as you felt him release in your mouth. You swallowed his cum. He pulled you on top of him before flipping you over once more.

He circled your entrance before slamming into you. Making you scream out in pleasure, “Derek! Oh, fuck.” You moaned. As he sped up digging your nails into his back. Raking them up and down.

“That’s it, mami. Scream my name.” He said, through gritted teeth as he pounded into you harder.
“Derek!” You screamed as he started sucking on the skin in between your boobs. Your hands went down to his butt where you grabbed it.
“Louder, mami. Make everyone passing by know my name.” He moaned as he grabbed your waist pulling you closer to him. Making him go deeper into you.

“Derek!” You shrieked as that familiar feeling started to build up in your stomach.
“Louder, Y/N” he groaned.
“Derek!” You felt Derek’s thrusts get sloppier as he came close to cumming.
“Derek, I’m close.”
“Me too, mami. On the count of three.”

“One, two, three.” He groaned as you both cummed. He pulled out of you before falling down beside you, then pulled the blanket over the both of you. “That’s the best Valentines Day sex we’ve ever had.” He commented after our breathing came back to normal.
“You say that every year.”

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First Night - Finn Bálor One-Shot

Request: You should write, their first night after being released from the hospital.

A/N: Idk why but I keep trying to write Ben Bálor but then I catch myself and I’m like, “it’S FINN, NOT BEN. GET YOUR ACT TOGETHER, LADY.” ok carry on! Thanks for the request, anon! ^.^ you guys keep in sending requests too!

Originally posted by finnbalcr

“Home sweet home!” You exclaimed, smiling widely at the sight of your own home again. You had grown tired of the hospital. Being stuck there for the last three days was awful. You held the door open as Finn carried the car seat which contained Ava who was fast asleep as usual. He brought her inside and placed her on the coffee table.

You made your way over to him, staring down at the peaceful look that was on her face. “She looks like you when she sleeps.” You chuckled, nudging Finn. He smirked, removing the blanket off of her. “Should we place her in the crib?” He questioned. You nodded your head. “I think the car seat may grow uncomfortable after a while.” You breathed out, bending down to unhook her straps.

She curled up her body as you slowly lifted her out of the carrie, cradling her in your arms. “It’s okay, sweetheart.” You smiled, making your way into the nursery. You laid her down in the crib, seeing how she stretched her small limbs outward, a whimper escaping. You shushed her and patted her on the back softly before slowly exiting the room.

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I'm Done!

You should be use to it by now, you looked over at Happy. He was handcuffed to the pipe next to you. Your opposite hand was handcuffed to the same pipe.

“I’m sorry baby girl, I’ll get us out of this.” His dark eyes were looking into yours. At this point you’d had enough, of the shit.

The door opened at the Asian guy that had been guarding you came into the room. You stood up, smiling at him. “Hey handsome. Why don’t you undo this handcuff, and I’ll go into the other room and tell you anything you want to know.”

You heard Happy growl out a warning. You glared at him. “I’m tired of this shit Happy. I’m done with you and your club!”

You watched as the man came towards you, unlocking your cuff. Happy swiped at you, smirking at him, you flipped him the bird.

Following the man out of the room, you here Happy yelling your name. Slamming the door shut behind you, ignoring him the best you could.

The sound of gunshots rang through the building.


Happy jerked his arm away from the pipe trying to break it away from the wall. He had to get in the other room and get to (Y/N).

He couldn’t believe she’d betray him or his club. Then he heard the gun go off, he was pulling harder trying to break the pipe, when he heard the door open.


You watched him struggle, trying to get away. “Hap!” He didn’t hear you, afraid he was going to hurt himself. “HAPPY LOWMAN!”

He looked up at you, smiling at him, walking across the room, you unlock his handcuff. He pulled you into his arms, kissing you.

“I swear to God, baby girl…”

“I didn’t tell him shit…I did it to get us out of here.”

“You could have been killed! How do you think I would have survived that?”

“I’m sorry…” He picked you up, holding you close.

“Let’s get out of here!”

“I’ll never be done with you Hap!”

calum’s the type of guy who will pretend to be asleep when u get up in the morning to go shower, and he’ll lazily have one eye open while he watches you climb out of bed, look @ urself in the mirror and hang ur towel by the shower. a little smirk coming across his lips because he knows how fucking gorgeous you look, y’know all tired and shit, so then you’ve already slipped out of your little pajama shorts, and your glorious ass is on full display to him, and he’s got all these thoughts bubbling around in his groggy brain like how much willpower it’s gonna take for him to roll out of bed and join you in there, but as he’s hungrily waiting for you to tug off his state champs tee that u used as a night shirt, you turn around closing the door, “i know you’re awake, you dipshit.” and he hears the water turn on so he shouts back, “so? it wasn’t stopping you before!” and then he’s barely able to hear you laugh, your head thrown back with humor, “yeah, nice try buddy.”

but imagine you’re in the hotel room waiting for Michael to get home. and he gets in and you see his shirt hanging loosely over his shoulders as he takes his puffy jacket off. you stayed back while he and the guys went to do some promo. his eyes fall onto you in bed, aimlessly scrolling through twitter in his black and white striped shirt. his lips curve into a smirk at the sight of you; hair fanned out around you, your comfiest pair of leggings on, looking like a big ball of cuddly goodness. “hiya” he says, his voice sounding tired and deeper than normal.
“hiii.” you say, exhausted from the day’s events. he comes toward you and you scoot down toward him, you stand up on your knees to reach his height and kiss his lips softly.
he was expecting you to kiss him and fall back into your comfy position, to cuddle him and maybe makeout for a little if he wanted; definitely not this.
you bite his lip and it elicits a moan from his lips, his eyes growing darker at the stinging of your teeth.
“woah.” he breathes out, smiling without detaching his lips from yours completely. “did ya miss me?” he whispers, deepening your kiss. you close your eyes and whimper lightly.
his heartbeat quickens and he can feel himself grow harder at the thought.
his hand moves to cup your bum, giving it a gentle squeeze.
you hated your bum but he loved it, and never let you forget just how much he did.
he pushes you back so that he’s in control. his hands slip under his shirt and grab at your boobs, his lips pushing into yours with passion.
“you’re wearing too many clothes.” you say, pulling away from him, and he cocks an eyebrow with a smirk. he goes to remove his shirt but you stop him, grabbing his wrist.
you push his shoulder so that he’s lying on his back now, and grab the hem of his shirt to pull it over his head. your initiation of control turns him on even more, his eyes nearly all black with lust.
you grind into him, black skinny jeans still tight around his waist. the friction of the denim against the cotton of your leggings becomes far too little for your liking all too quickly. “take these off.” he whines, pulling at the elastic of your pants.
before you can, his hands are on your waist, digging into your skin. the fabric is yanked away from your legs roughly, a low, grumbly “mmm” comes from the back of his throat as he traces his pointer finger from your ankle back up to your waist. “so soft.” he growls into your ear, and you push him back down.
you feel the skin of his shoulders under your fingers, erupting goosebumps on his pale skin.
his hands find their way back to your ass to aid you in grinding against him, your thoughts becoming hazy at the newfound touch of his jeans.
“kitten, ride my thigh.”
your eyes widen, the very thought making you grow significantly more aroused. he looks up at you, his eyes sunken in, tired from a day of hard work.
his pupils wider than ever as he gazes at you.
he guides the way, sitting up and holding your back upright. his hand slides up under your shirt so that it rests fondly on one of your boobs, massaging it.
your knees are on either side of his right thigh, your arms around his neck as he kisses yours, leaving open mouth kisses on your collarbone.
your heat starts on his thigh, rocking back and forth. the warmth he feels on his leg turns him on, squeezing your boob and biting into your neck as a response.
“oh kitten, you’re so good at this.” he whimpers into your ear, before kissing just behind it.
you’re edging closer and closer to the end, and you don’t think it could get any better until he decides to bounce his knee to match your rhythm.
“fuck.” you breathlessly mutter, and you rest your head on his shoulder.
“you’re so fucking hot.” he groans, his hand falling from your boob to trail down your torso.
“fuck, Michael, I-” your voice is high pitched, and his hand moves to slide your panties over.
his thumb finds the place you need him most and as you ride his thigh and he bounces his knee, he rubs figure 8s into your tiny bundle of nerves.
“oh, fuck, fuck, fuck-”
the sound of your moans pushes him to bring you there even more.
“come on kitten, come for me. come all over my thigh, I know you can do it.”
the sound of his inner thoughts and the feeling of his thumb matched with the friction you’re both working so hard for brings you to an orgasm that’s out of this world.
it feels like there are stars swirling around your head as he pulls you in closer, your chest against his, he pushes your hair behind your ear and kisses your cheek sweetly.
in his arms you feel like there is nothing else you could ever want, as he whispers sweet nothings into your ear.
“you did so good baby, I’m so proud of you.” he mutters, and kisses your temple.

"Let me out" Luke imagine

“Guys that’s not fucking fair you can’t do that!” You shout at Ashton, Calum and Michael through the locked door while Luke leans against the wall rolling his eyes at you. He hates you. You pretend to hate him.

“We’re not letting you guys out until you resolve this shit, we’re all tired of listening to you two bicker at each other and fight constantly.” You sigh at Ash’s words and lean your forehead against the door.

“Guys come onnnn.” Silence. Dead silence.

“Maybe if you weren’t always such a bitch we wouldn’t be in this situation.” Luke smirks as the words come out of his mouth and your eyebrows furrow in anger but you feel like you’ve been punched in the guts.

“A bitch? Well you’re a fucking pussy Hemmings. Constantly teasing me, being a prick. I never did anything to you. I tried so hard to be nice Lucas but I can’t do it anymore.”

Luke chuckles at your frustration and you throw a box of tissues at him, which he swats away before it can hit his face.

He stands up immediately and walks over to you, grabbing your wrists and backing you up against the wall. “Why don’t you try that again babe.”

“Don’t fucking call me that.” You try to pull out of his grasp but it’s practically impossible. “Yeah, or what?”

Before you have the chance to think of an answer, his lips are on yours. Without thinking about it you kiss him back, his hands letting go of your wrists to grip your waist and your hands tangling into his hair.

It’s minutes before you realize that what you’re doing is wrong. You might like him but he hates you and he’s using you right now. It’s wrong and disgusting.

You pull back and place your hands on his chest, shoving him backwards. “Do not touch me. Ever again.”

“Why?” He murmurs the word as he steps closer to you once again and you back up into the wall even more.

“I don’t want someone who hates me to touch me at all.” He lets out a loud sigh and moves some hair out of your face.

“I don’t hate you.” It comes out as a whisper, he won’t look you in the eyes and his cheeks are pink.

“That’s a fucking gross excuse to get off Hemmings. Yes you do.”

“I don’t fucking hate you Y/n! I don’t hate you.”

“Then why the fuck do you constantly treat me like shit. Since the day you met me, you’ve been nothing but cruel and I don’t get it.”

“I like you okay? I like you and I don’t know how to act. I don’t. It’s like I’m mentally stuck on grade school when it comes to you.”

Your cheeks get hot and you can feel your stomach erupt in butterflies. But he has to be lying right?

“Fucking finally.” The door swings open and Calum walks in along with the other boys.