guy looks tired of your smirk

jeon as your bf;
  • memes
  • cute nerd relationship tbh
  • but memes forever and always
  • video games
  • like during a lazy day off
  • you’d wake up and go sit on the couch
  • and play
  • and when you’d be tired of playing
  • there would be a short pause before you look at each other 
  • “okay just one more”
  • not much pda
  • because he’s a shy guy
  • but when he’d feel someone watching you intensely or being too close
  • he’d protectively hold your hand and bring you closer 
  • and you would look at him with a smirk
  • “you jealous kook ?”
  • and he’d just ignore you and smile as if nothing was wrong
  • okay so first of all when you’d sleep together
  • he’d be most likely shirtless with just some sweatpants on
  • and you would wear his t shirt
  • just because its comfy and smells good and everything
  • sometimes there will be pillowtalks
  • but most of the time he would just hold your hand and you’d both fall asleep soon after
  • when you can’t sleep or had a rough day he would sing or hum you something sweet and soothing to relax you
  • and damn right that would work just fine
  • he would most likely always wake up before you so
  • he would time to time take his time to look at your at peace/asleep form and smile to himself
  • and then a little peck on the forehead before going out and getting ready
  • he would so use nicknames
  • baby
  • love
  • sweetheart
  • his fave skinship would probably be back hugs, or hand holding
  • because it’s cute
  • IN BED
  • at the opposite of all the fics where he appears like a wild boy
  • I personally think it would most of the time be something really sweet and gentle with a lot of feelings and I love you’s
  • he’d be a sleeper tbh like right after he would put some boxers or a sweatpants and take you in his arms before falling asleep
  •  he’d so make you a special playlist
  • with all the songs that makes him think of you
  • his lockscreen would be a cute pic of the both of you holding hands or smth like this
  • and whenever you’d be around him he wouldn’t be able to stop smiling
  • which is one of tthe reason he would be teased by his hyungs
  • “Aigoooo Jungkookie is so in looooove~”
  • and he would just blush and bit his lip while smiling
  • because it’s true
  • he’’d be so in love with you
  • to conclude and kinda resume all this
  • jeon jungkook would be a cute ass boyfriend who would love you with all of is heart
  • even tho he ain’t the best to express his feelings, he would make you understand how much you mean to him
  • and he would do everything to make the relationship last even tho he’s always busy and traveling and stuff
  • because he would truly deeply love you

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ahem, anyway… 

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  • Imagine Yuta being that total asshole cocky kid that goes to your college 
  • don’t tell me I know thats the complete opposite of him okay
  • anyway, one day during the 3 hour break you have between your classes
  • you’re like sitting down in the courtyard
  • studying, being a gOOD CHILD 
  • and Winwin walks up to you like the little squish he is 
  • and he’s like “hey (Y/n), I brought a friend with me if you don’t mind” 
  • and you’re all smiles because “any friend of Sicheng’s is a friend of mine” 
  • lol hunnyyyy mistake   
  • Yuta plops down in across from you - adjacent from Winwin 
  • and you’re like “Hi, I’m (Y/n), I’m a (insert major) major. Nice to meet you,” and you’re all polite and everything 
  • and you lean over to Sicheng and you’re like “Is he always like this?” 
  • and the poor beb doesn’t know what’s wrong with his friend today. 
  • and he explains that he’s not normally like that,,, 
  • so being the nice person you are, you brush it off and assume he’s having a bad day 
  • and skip to another day you guys meet 
  • your friend is like a dance major or something 
  • and she always talks about Yuta and how he’s hot and a great dancer and actor and singer 
  • and just a great performer overall 
  • and one day while you’re strolling through the performing arts section of the uni
  • you see Yuta 
  • and he’s like dancing to this song 
  • and suddenly it’s very cliche in here you find yourself watching him from outside the door
  • he dances so gracefully and it’s honestly extremely pleasing to the eye 
  • and then the music stops and he turns around and for some reason 
  • you just duck, as if you were spying on him in secret
  • well technically you were spying on him, but you didn’t mean to do it in secret
  • it just happened
  • you were ducked on the lower non-glass part of the door 
  • and you thought you were good 
  • so you start crawling away for some reason 
  • and he comes out of the practice room and he’s like 
  • “uh…. (Y/n)? Why are you crawling on the floor?” 
  • and your face goes red as you stand back up and dust your clothes off and you’re like 
  • “why are you standing?” and as soon as you say it, you regret it 
  • And he’s like “because we normally stand on the floor, not crawl.” 
  • and you’re still embarrassed so you’re like “so why don’t you stand in the practice room and let me crawl out here!” 
  • and he just laughs harder and the further this conversation goes the more stupid you look 
  • when he’s done laughing, he looks at you and says “I saw you watching me dance from the mirror, so I wanted to invite you in.” 
  • and you go even more red (if thats even possible)
  • he steps out from underneath the door frame and goes to grab your hand
  • your obvious redness telling him that you’d probably enjoy the company seeming like you didn’t have anything to do anyway 
  • pulling you inside the room he gives a smile more of a smirk as he walks towards the radio
  • “You wanna dance with me?” He’d ask
  • “oh no I don-”
  • “Come on it’ll be fun! Loosen up a bit.” 
  • and without another word, he just pulls you over to the middle of the room 
  • and teaches you some moves 
  • and it’s honestly so tiring, yet so fun 
  • after an hour or so, you guys are both extremely tired 
  • and you’re leaning against the mirror 
  • and he looks over at your tired self and smiles as you give a smile back
  • “Stop staring,” you warn
  • “How could I stop staring at something so beautiful?”

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The One Who Makes Me Laugh (Jerome Valeska x reader) Smut

Jerome sees another guy make you laugh, which cause him to show you who you belong to.

Warning: Pretty heavy smut, dom!Jerome, sub!reader, and some cursing. Also kinda shy reader. Hope you enjoy:)

Originally posted by smooshywrites

Jerome had been watching you and some guy talking and laughing at the bar. Jerome was much more than mad and jealous. It took him weeks for you to open up to him and laugh at some of his jokes. This guy took 5 minutes. Sure you looked kind of uncomfortable but you were still laughing at his jokes non the less. Then he heard it your laugh. It wasn’t your usual small and quiet giggles, it was a loud laugh. You only made that laugh for him, no one else deserved to receive that laugh except him. You noticed Jerome looking at you, so you sent him a small wave. He just smirked back at you, while you excused yourself from the conversation with the guy  and went up to him.

“Hey Jerome.” You exclaimed

“Hey y/n,” he protectively rapped a arm around your waist, and fake yawned “doll I’m pretty tired how about we go hit the hay and head home?” You replied with a nod and left the club with Jerome. Boy you were in for a surprise when you got home Jerome thought.

The minute you got home Jerome dragged you into the your shared bedroom. One you reached the bedroom Jerome opened the door and pushed you inside.

Jerome quickly pushed you onto the bed and he got on top of you. He started roughly kissing you, while grinding into you. You whimpered slightly at the contact.

“You like that baby girl?” You nodded hastily. He started nipped your neck “well I didn’t really appreciate your behavior tonight,” you looked at him confused “I didn’t like you talking to that boy tonight, I think you need a punishment and if you are a good girl than you will get what you want. Ok?” he moved his face up so he could look at your face to make sure you were ok with the idea, your eyes were closed but you nodded hastily.

Jerome walked up to the closet and grabbed a couple of ties that were hanging. He walked back to the bed and took your shirt off, then unclasped your bra. You then put your hands over your breasts to cover them, insecure of them. Jerome noticed this “Hey come on doll you don’t have to be insecure, I love em’,” Jerome took your hands off of your breasts and kissed you. “Now hands up baby.” You obeyed, so then Jerome tied each of your wrists to the head board.

He soon unbuttoned your jeans and slid them down your legs. Soon followed by your panties which Jerome took and stuffed them in his pocket for later use. He got off the bed undressed starting with pulling his shirt over his head. Right before taking off his pants he noticed that your eyes were screwed shut overwhelmed by the pleasure you were about to experience. He found it absolutely adorable and took out his phone, snapping a quick photo he would use also for later use.

You were nervous about what was going to happen next but also really excited. You and Jerome had gotten intimate before but it was mainly sweet since Jerome knew that you were inexperienced. But you were excited to have some more fun during sex with Jerome.

“Okay baby if it get too much for you just tell me ok?” You nodded eyes still shut. Then you heard the sound of him unbuckling his belt and it dropping to the floor. You finally slightly opened your eyes seeing Jerome taking his boxers off. He then walked over to the bed and got on top of you again. Starting to slowly kiss you then becoming more rough. He also began to grind on you roughly.

“I didn’t like the way that guy was making you laugh. I think you need to learn who is yours.” He whispered in your ear as he began to nibble on it. He then moved down to where you wanted him most. “Mmmm y/n your so wet for me.” He parted your lips sticking his tongue inside you, which resulted in many moans from your end. He then started sucking on your clit, making you scream his name.

“Jerome i’m-m gonn-a,” He shushed you pulling away right before you were about to climax. You lightly groaned but remained silent not wanting Jerome to get mad at you.

“Not yet doll,” He then went back down to your cunt but before he fully reached it he started kissing the inside of your thigh slowly reaching your core, resulting in you making a low whimper, but then Jerome shushed you. He then reached your core and he inserted a finger into you without warning. He then stuck another finger in you pumping fast. You tried your best to contain your moans by biting on your lip. He curled his fingers very so slightly causing his finger to brush over your g-spot. Which caused you to moan but then he pulled his finger out of you.

He moved up to your face “I told you not to speak.”

“I’m-m sorry.”

“Mmmmm let’s have a deal y/n. If you can beg good enough I will fuck you, and if you don’t I will just leave you here all hot and bothered. You got a deal sweetheart?” You nodded. Jerome began to nibble and kiss at your neck, teasing your entrance with the tip of his dick.

“You want it baby don’t you?”

“Yes Jerome please. I need it. Jerome please.” Jerome frowned at your begging.

“Now sweetcheeks I know you can do better than that. Come on y/n talk dirty to me.” He said as he continued to tease your entrance.

“God Jerome please I need your big thick cock pounding into my tight little cunt. I want you to cum all over my fucking face. I want you to fuck me.” Jerome smirked and slightly shocked of what you said but he loved it “Please.” you said quietly after that. He released your hands from your restraints. He then quickly pounded into you causing you to rap your legs around his torso and bring your hand to his hair lightly pulling on it. “Thank you.” you lightly said.

Jerome began to grind heavily on you, making you scream his name.

“Yes baby say my name. Who’s are you y/n? Tell me.“ 

“I’m yours. I’m yours Jerome.”

“Yes y/n.” He continued to grind on you “No one is else is supposed to make you laugh except me right? Tell me y/n” You just lightly whimpered. "I said tell me y/n.“

“Your the only one who makes me laugh.” You screamed as yo almost reached your climax, “Im-m going-g to…”

“It’s ok me too baby come for me.” You reached your climax and Jerome quickly after too. He then pulled out of you and clasped next to you. He pulled you into his chest hugging you. “I’m sorry if I was rough on you sweets.” He pressed a kiss into your hair, “I just got jealous when I saw that guy was making you laugh.”

You ran your hand threw his hair. “It’s fine Jerome. Most of those laughs were fake anyway. You are the only one who makes me laugh. And don’t worry I enjoyed it.” Soon after you both feel asleep in each other loving embrace.

After you woke up the next morning you couldn’t walk for the whole day. And when Jerome saw you were struggling with walking , he just smirked to himself knowing he was the one who caused that.

Yoongi Scenario: Tainted Love - Part 8.

Request: Could you make one with Yoongi being some sort of demon/vampire boss that every one is super scared of but then there is Y/N, Yoongi is in love with her and everyone is always super impressed how Yoongi always surrenders and softens when something is about her? He’s super protective and wants to please her in his own way, thank you for doing this i love you

Summary: Demons are merciless, demons are ruthless, demons can’t hold nothing dear to them. Yoongi is the leader, the king of the demon world. He is feared as he is respected, no one expected him to bring a human girl as his lover, you. You fell in love and now you are in the midst of adjusting to the demon world, its custums, and its dangers. But everything is worth it if is for him, the demon king that lives between shadows and that would turn hell apart to protect you.

Demon AU. Featuring all BTS

Genre: Romance / Drama.

Part 1 / 2 / 3 / 4 / 5 / 6 / 7 / 9

It was obvious after that day that something had happened. At least to Yoongi’s inner circle it was, as some of them has already insinuated it and had made comments about it. You were having none of them which kind of confirmed it, and as for Yoongi, he was being himself, but worse.

You only had one week left until your vacations were over, and even thought you could go and just leave things as they were, you didn’t want that. You wanted an apology from Yoongi, you felt that after what he had said and the way he was being you deserved one. So you decided to stay in the manor for the little free time you got, Yoongi didn’t oppose of course, he just went on with his duties as normally as he would any other day, but you knew him, you could notice that he was going out of his way to be colder with you, to spend as much time as he could out doing who knew what since you wouldn’t be asking, why would you? You didn’t want to hear him saying that you should stick to your business, not saying anything since he was angry.

You frowned, well this was your business. If it was for you to stay put inside then it also was for you to know and be informed about what happened. Before Yoongi wouldn’t have a problem in telling whatever, but the last few days he was giving you as much insight as a rock would.

You rolled in bed seeing his bare back in front of you, the bed was big enough for you to sleep without touching, even still you always found yourself waking up closer than you had been before. In other circumstances you’d run the tip of your fingers down his spine, up and down until he woke up, he’d grumble and groan at first but then he’d turn around and put you to his chest, holding you tight enough for to not move away from him. You wanted that, but you didn’t move your hands to touch him. 

After you went to the bathroom you were surprised to find Yoongi still in bed, could demons be exhausted? You supposed they did, if they slept then that meant getting tired, maybe he was too tired lately. You wouldn’t find it odd with how busy he had been.

You crawled to bed once again and your eyes were drawn by the katanas on the wall, getting on your knees you took one, it surprised you how light it was, you had figured it would be heavier since it was after all a blade, but it wasn’t like you had held any other sword before so it was natural for you to be in awe. You looked at it, elegant, curved and slender, much different from Taehyung’s swords that looked sturdy and heavier. The scabbard was made in lacquered wood with flowing lines and spring flowers carved on it, the same lines showed in the handle as well, it was a true work of art and you wondered what the blade would actually look like.

-Put that down, you’re going to cut yourself-

Frowning you looked at Yoongi who was now turned to you, his lean body barely covered by the blankets, his hair was tousled but he still looked pretty hot like that. You huffed and kept looking at the sword.

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You’re mine, aren’t you?

Request:  Could u write an extremely dirty smut for carl. He’s like really jealous and hot and shows u that ur his and not rons or benjamins and when it’s over he holds u and calls u really really cute nicknames and is like your MY BABY no one else’s??oh and ours u fit a little bit of dirty talk in there😏😢😘thnx luv u and your writing

a/n: This is set around the time when they arrived I guess. When Ron was alive lol.  Oh and this is probably shit but I’m letting you know the next fic is bite me (Part 2) but for now enjoy this xo

Warnings: Smut, think there’s use of bad language but that was one time.

Maggie decided to throw a party of the Alexadrians. She wants everyone to get to know each other better and she thought it would help everyone become closer. Of course you were going. You were going to help Maggie and to see everyone. You look at yourself in the mirror and chuck your hair up into a pony tail before feeling arms snake around your waist and a pair of lips on your neck.

“Do we really have to go?” Carl whispers against your skin. Your eyes flutter shut as you lean into his touch and you sigh before turning around to face him and lacing your fingers in his hair. You place your lips upon his but he deepens it by placing his hands on your face and pushing you up against the wall. His tongue enters your mouth but you place you hands on his chest. He stops and you are both left breathing harshly.

“Yes. We really have to go, now get ready.” You say and quickly kiss him before heading downstairs.

You, Carl, Rick, Judith and Michonne walk through the door and everyone starts to mingle. Carl helps with food and you spot Ron and walk over to him. When he spots you he immediantly embraces you and invites you to sit with him.

“Hey (Y/n), how’ve you been?” He sits next to you and you guys get to talking. You talk about everything and you really enjoy yourself until he asks a question that makes you tense up. “So how come you came here with Carl Grimes?” You swallow hard. You and Carl haven’t told anyone that you’re in a relationship and you know thst Ron has a crush on you and you didn’t know how to react. You look up to see Carl talking to Spencer, or spencer talking to Carl, and Carl is looking at you both with raised eyebrows.

“Well, me and Carl are kind of a couple now I guess.” You sigh. You and Carl have been best friends since it all started really. As you both grew you sort of understood more about how things worked and sharing a room at the prison you both stayed at sort of led to things. Rick found out of course but it never really occured to you both to tell anyone.

“Wow, really, that’s great!” You nod at him and he continues. “So how long has this been going on for?”

“A while, nobody really knows about it though.” You answer him back and he nods. As you look over you realise Carl still has an intense gaze on you both.

“Why isn’t Enid here?” You ask and Ron shrugs.

“She’s probably in her room reading some comic.” Ron just smiles and you laugh a little and then you both talk some more before you feel a firm grip on your arm. You look up to see Carl looking down at you and he looks like he’s mad at you. He leans down so that his lips are close to your ear.

“We’re leaving.” He pulls you up but when you try to say goodbye to Ron he pulls you faster so that you’re not able to. You both go to leave but you hear the sound of Rick calling out to you both and asking you where you’re going. You’d also like to know the answer to that. “We’re going home dad, we’re tired.” Carl answers back and you look back at Rick to see a slight smirk on his face and befre you know it you are being dragged along again. As you guys walk home Carl still has his grip on you but he’s walking really fast.

“Okay, stop!” You shout as you pull your arm away from his grip and you are both stood in the middle of the street. “What the hell is wrong with you?”

“Me?” He looks at you and a smirk grows on his face. “Were you purposfully trying to turn me on like that?” You furrow your brows as you smile a little and cross your arms over your chest?

“And how did I do that exactly?” Carl raises an eyebrow and then walks closer to you.

“I never had to put up with it before.” He takes another step closer to you, “Because it’s never really been an issue.” another step, “But seeing you talk to other boys makes me realise that I need to show you, ” He takes one last step and now you can feel the heat radiating off of him, “That you. are. mine.” He says before placing his hands on your hips and kissing you shortly but roughly. He grabs hold of your hand again and you’re off. When you finally reach the house, waisting no time, Carl is dragging you up the stairs and into his room. His hands fly to your shirt and he lifts it over your head and your hands move to unbuckle his belt.

He picks you up slightly and moves you to the bed, lying you down and then his hands move to your jeans. He pulls them down quickly along with your underwear so that you’re left in nothing but a bra. He kisses your lips before moving down your body and then to your neck, then your collarbones, the vally of your breasts, then slowly down your stomach, and when he reaches your pussy and lays a soft kiss.

“You’re mine arent you?” He looks at you and you furrow your brows, surprised by his question.  You don’t even get to answer before his tongue delves inside of you and your back is arching away from the bed. He keeps going, his tongue flicking against your clit over and over and your moans fill the room. His tongue creates patterns against your clit which has you unravaling beneath him.

“Have I ever mentioned how much I love to watch you cum?” He smiles up at you before climbing up your body to connect his lips with yours again. You moan against them before pushing him down onto the bed so that you are above him. You move down his body and pull on his trousers and boxers. You take them off and throw them somewhere behind you and then you move to his length. You take a hold of him and pump a few times. He was already hard and had pre-cum leaking from the tip. You take your thumb and spread it, using it as a lubricant. You look up at him and smirk for a couple of seconds, teasing him.

“(Y/n) baby!” He warns, his eyebrows raising as he tilts his head. You pump a few more times before taking your tongue and licking a stripe up the underside of his cock.

“Fuck” Is all you hear from above you as he throws his head back and it hits the pillows as you bob your head on his cock. His hips start thrust upward as an instinct and you gag a little before Carl’s hands reach for you hair to move it out the way. He tugs slightly, moving your head along his cock. You take him deeper, hollowing your cheeks and sucking harder. You know it drives him mad. Anyone would know by the sound of his moans which vibrated off of the walls. You keep bobbing your head and you feel his legs go a little stiff before he pulls on your hair gently to bring you up to him.

He quickly flips you over so that your back is on the bed and he’s on top of you. He grabs a condom out of the draw and rolls it on fast, wasting no time. He looks down at you before positioning himself at your entrance and thrusting, a moan following the thrust and you gasp as you try to adjust to the feeling and he lowers his head to your neck.

“The best feeling in the world.” He pants out as his lips touch your neck. “Nothing will ever beat the feel or taste of you.” He smirks against your skins as you whimper.

“C-carl.” You make a feeble attempt to moan out his name but all that escapes your lips is a whisper of his name.

“You’re mine aren’t you?” He asks you but you are so lost in all the pleasure that you only nod.

“I need words baby.” He thrusts, over and over, your eyes rolling to the back of your head as you feel Carl’s breath against your neck. You revel in it. The feeling of Carl sliding in and out of you, your high approching. The feel of his breath, hot as it fans over your neck.

“Yes. Yes Carl I’m yours. No one else’s.” Carl’s head snaps up from your neck and he looks you in the eye before resting his forehead on yours.

“That’s what I like to hear.” He whispers. He continues to slam his hips against yours and he delivers one particularly deep thrust which sends you over the edge and the feel of you cumming around Carl has him cumming too. His body goes limp against yours, both of you hot and breathing like you’ve just ran a marathon. He slips out of you and disposes of the condom before crawling next to you and turning you so that your back is to his front. He laces his hands with yours and places a soft kiss to your forehead.

“You’re mine! You know that right?” He says and you nod slowly, feeling your eyes flutter as you drift off. “I love you, so much.” You turn within Carl’s arms to face him and you place a hand on his cheek.

“I love you too Carl. And only you. I don’t even remotely like Ron. It’s you. Always you.” You sigh out and Carl’s eyes shut, as if that’s all he waned to hear from you. All that he’s been waiting for.


Summary: You’re an old acquaintance of Barry Allen and The Flash’s enemy, but when you’re together you’re way more than that. You’re struggling with your evilness and Barry wants to help. Will you let him?

Requested by Anonymous: The reader is a metahuman and she meets The Flash and beats him up but he ends up falling in love with them and the reader is really someone he knows.

Requested by Anonymous: The reader is a villain and she and The Flash have history and they flirt with each other and make out whenever they meet.

Pairings: Barry Allen x reader

Warnings: Smut

Word count: 1967

A/N: My hand slipped and I went to a smutty side! It’s the first time I write something like this so is not too good. What do you think? I hope you enjoy it, let me know if you’d like more stories like this :) 

Part 2 | Part 3 | Part 4 | Part 5


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anonymous asked:

So idk how much longer your ask is gonna be open, but if you get around to it, I wanna see how the chocobros would react to their S/O calling them daddy accidentally. Thank you! I love your writing!

OMG! I was just thinking of writing a free form drabble on this! Can you read my mind! This is going to be so adorable it’s going to be horrible! Horra-adorble!  (I originally had another for Gladdy, but you’ll get that later. ;) )



“I’ll be back about 7, you sure you don’t wanna come?” You called to the couch of your lump of a boyfriend, already knowing the answer since it was raining.

“No thanks.” Noctis called, as you checked your belongings one more time. “Do you have your keys?”





You laughed as you walked over to the man, leaning forward as you pressed a kiss against his lips, hearing your phone jingling, seeing your Father calling you. Meaning he was downstairs to pick you up for your family dinner with your great aunt who was in town, when all you wanted to do was cuddle with your Prince.

“I do now.” You giggled, sliding your phone to silent, only to gasp as Noctis pulled a hand to the back of your neck.

“Just a few more to hold you over.” He replied, more kisses littering your red painted lips, as you phone buzzed again. “Better get going.”

You rolled your eyes playfully to your boyfriend, “Sure, Daddy.”

Both of you froze, it was a slip, you didn’t mean it, Hell! You couldn’t recover!

Noctis blinked those bright blue eyes in confusion, “I’m not a, Father.”

You petted his head, “Of course you aren’t sweetie, I’ll be back soon. Love you!” You yelled all but sprinting out the apartment door.



You bounced, all those days practicing with Prompto and you got your first bullseye! Plus the recoil damage no longer hurt, well not as bad.

“You did it!” “Prompto cheered, as you lowered your earmuffs.

“All thanks to you,” You smiled, as Prompto took his gun, magicking it away as he scooped you up in his arms for a spin.

“I think this calls for a celebration, take-out, King’s Knight and cuddles?” He smiled, twirling you.

You beamed, head still rushing with excitement, “Sure thing, Daddy.” Only as the words left your mouth, did you realized the stupid mistake you made, inwardly groaning.

Prompto smiled brightly, before tilting your head up to him, “I’d knew you’d agree, Mama.”



You gasped, at the large hand than barely missed your head, ducking out the way, as you rolled into a crouch.

A friendly sparring match between you and your boyfriend was always a good way for the two of you to release the week’s tension, and often how many of your arguments got solved. Both of you never went for a kill shot, but there were many close calls.

“Gotta be faster than that, babe!” Gladiolus called, throwing a left haymaker at you.

You squeaked, dodging out the way, wrapping both your arms around the man’s forearms, at the same time shifting all your weight, as you spun. Bending over, as you lifted the man over your head with a loud roar, before slamming him into the ground.

The two of you stood in shock, trying to process what happened, Gladiolus laying on his back, as you stared down at him. Only for the spell to break as you realized what happened

Panting heavily, you fucking did, you flipped your behemoth of a boyfriend over your shoulder, and now you didn’t have to do the dishes for a week!

“Ha ha I did it! Yes!” You yelled, before collapsing on the man, who knew that lifting the big guy would take every bit of energy you had in you.

“Nice job, babe.” Gladiolus chuckled, sitting up cradling you in his lap, as he pushed a kiss to you cheek.

You turned to the man, a huge smile on your face, “I kicked you ass big guy!”

“I know, I was there.”

“Fuck you, Daddy!”

Gladiolus smirked, “If you insist.”

You barely had time to react,  as you were tossed over a shoulder. “Wait, no Gladdy, I said Gladdy! Come on I’m tired.”

“That’s cool, I only need you to lay there.”

“Uh fuck me.” You groaned letting out a gasp, at the hand slapping your ass.

“That’s the plan.”



You felt like the living dead, shuffling into the kitchen, your hair looked like a Chocobo’s nest, your robe somehow on your body, possibly out of sheer will power at this point, one sock on, the other sock was who knows where. Two all nighters, led you to this pageant beauty of a morning.

When you had woken up, you had realized the bed was empty, as your arm was splayed across Ignis’ side, yourself face down,mouth open, obviously snoring throughout your first night asleep in 48 hours.  Only to smell breakfast floating through the apartment, meaning Ignis was being the perfect little dear, and making you something to help your fried body and mind. When all you really wanted was for the man to come back to bed.

“Good morning.” Ignis called.

You managed at what you hoped was a good morning, your blurry vision leading you hopefully to the table. Collapsing into a chair, as you held your head, it felt like you had a hangover. A work hangover!

“Here you are, my love.” Ignis called, placing a large mug of Ebony tea before you.

“Thanks, Daddy.” Your fried mind managed to get out, as you picked up the cup. You watched Ignis’s eyes widen slightly, before he chuckled, placing a kiss to your forehead.

“After breakfast, why don’t we retire back to bed.”

You sipped your tea, “Perfect.”


Damian Wayne x reader

Damian had invited you to study at his house and you thought that it was the perfect opportunity to finish a big task from school, but it turned out that he was finished and had different things in mind. And now he were starting to grow bored of sitting still and just watching you.

“TT,” Damian suddenly huffed making you jump. “Can’t you finish it now, you’ve gone through it at least ten times,” Damian groaned.

“No, I need to get a good grade on this one,” you answered with your nose hidden in your book.

“TT, why do you care about a letter so much?” Damian asked curiously.

“A letter that shows you how smart you are and how well you know the subject,” you answer still looking down in your book.

“TT, grades and intelligence is not the same, just think of Drake here,” Damian remarked pointing his thumb towards Tim sitting in the couch behind him.

“You know I can hear you right?” Tim said raising his gaze from his pc screen, to glare directly at Damian’s back.

“Yeah, yeah Drake, no one cares of what you have to say,” Damian answer waving his hand at Tim.

“Just so you know I am in..” but before Tim could finish the sentence Damian interrupts him “I don’t care about what’s on your stupid screen Drake.”

“Please be a little more quiet boys, I’m trying to write here,” you say and continue writing down more words. “I want to play this,” Damian says holding up a video game cover. “But I need to..” “No, I can make Drake do your assignment, you look tired and I bet he hasn’t slept in days.”

“I can still hear you guys, and not a chance.”

“Why Drake? Not smart enough? Just like expected,” Damian looked at you making you a little more nervous.

“It’s not that, but she has to do her assignment herself,” Tim said as he typed rapidly on his computer.

“Sorry I forgot that you have no IQ, so thank you for saving y/n here from a very bad grade,” Tim stopped typing. Damian smirked, looking at you knowing how to push the buttons of the very irritated Tim behind him.

Tim looked like he was ready to kill Damian, but took a deep breath in “No I am fully capable..”

“then prove it, because I don’t believe you,” you looked up at Damian and he was smiling at you.

“Oh I’ll show you an +A assignment,” he stood up from the sofa making his way towards you holding out a hand. “y/n give me your book,” you handed it to him and he jumped right back in the sofa, rapidly starting to write down the words you were supposed to make.

You and Damian used the rest of the night to play video games, and you might have earned a kiss or two for winning over him. And Tim? Let us just say he were right.

Bob Morley Imagine: Get To Know Me (Part 2)


Part 2

Summary: Reader goes with Bob on a dinner after filming and after getting though the awkward part they have good time. Slowly as the time passes they grow close and realise that maybe it was meant for them to meet again.

Word Count: 1405

Originally posted by ryanelizabethking

I nervously shifted in my seat watching the waitress leaving after we had ordered food. We had gone to some restaurant I had never been to before, but Bob had picked this one telling me that they had there the best food.
I didn’t even know properly what I had ordered because I was a little too nervous to think about what I was reading. But since I was starving I couldn’t care less.

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Together til' the End

Pairing: Poly!Hamilsquad x fem!reader

Request: (in pm)Can you do a poly!hamilsquad x fem!reader where you are dating hamilsquad and you’re all very close and something bad happens. Idk someone dies? Make it angsty!

AN: Modern AU and this will have more than 1 part!

Words: 1140

Warning: Death; some angst; little swearing, some fluff in the beginning


“Y/N can you grab me a beer since you’re in the kitchen?” Alexander asked you. Rolling your eyes, you opened the fridge to grab what one of your boyfriends had asked for but their wasn’t any. Sighing you stood to your full height and closed the fridge.

“Who drank the last beer?” You asked the guys as you walked back into the living room of the apartment. The guys looked at each other before all pointing at each other. You shook your head. “Really? Whatever but seriously whoever drank the last beer has to go on the beer run.” You stated as you sat down between Lafayette and John.

”I think someone forgot the popcorn.” Hercules teased. “I got it.” He stood up and left before you can throw a smart ass remark at him.

Alexander reached forward for the remote and pressing play to start the movie just as Hercules came back and set the popcorn on the coffee table. As the movie began you moved into a more comfortable position where your head rested on John’s shoulder with his arm wrapped around you, pulling you closer as you stretched your legs out having them lie across on Lafayette and Alexander’s laps.


By the end of the movie the guys aside from John was asleep. You giggle at the sight of them. The biggest surprise about this was that Alexander was asleep as well.

“Aw, they’re so cute.” John cooed, at the sight of them. You giggled, getting up and putting your camera on, on your phone and quickly took a pic.

“John pretend you’re sleeping!” You whisper. He nodded and sprawled out in the spot you and him preoccupied and looked like he was asleep as well. Lifting your phone up you took another picture. After that John stood up, wrapping his arms around you. You hugged him back smiling.

“Should we wake them up to get them to bed?” John asked you. Nodding you pulled apart. He took care of waking Alexander and Hercules while you got Lafayette.

“Laf wake up.” You gently shook his shoulder. His head shot up.

“What is it mon amour?” He asked, rubbing the sleep from his eyes. He was adorable when he wakes up.

“It’s time to go to bed. Up.” Saying this, you grabbed his hands and pulled him up and guided him to the shared room. Glancing over your shoulder Alex was following, dragging his against the floor as John tried keeping Hercules awake long enough to get him to bed.

Lafayette and Alexander didn’t bother getting changed as they took their spot on the king sized bed. Walking out you found John still struggling to get Hercules up.

“It’s been a long day for him, I’m not surprised he won’t get up.” You stated, picking up the blanket from the couch and draping it over Hercules and giving him a quick peck on the cheek.

“Yeah. I don’t even know why I try.” John stated with a shrug. He looked at the time. “It’s not too late. I’m going to run out real quick to buy more beer.” You gasped dramatically.

“So it was you! I thought it was Alex.” John chuckled, grabbing his car keys.

“Nah, it was me. You wanna come with?” He asked you as he put his sneakers on. You shook your head, declining.

“I’m heading to bed. But if you really want me to come I’ll go.” You offered but he only shook his head.

“No, go to bed. Well I’m off! Goodnight Y/N.” He said, throwing you a wink. You chuckled.

“Goodnight John.” With that John closed the door quietly behind him as you went off to your shared bedroom to get changed. Afterwards you crawled into bed, pulling the blanket up you snuggled into Lafayette’s side.


The clock ticked on the wall, it now marking 12:00am. Alexander’s phone went off incessantly.

“Turn it off.” You groaned softly into the pillow. Alex turned over and answered his phone.

“Hello?” His voice came out hard. That was to be expected, he was always grouchy when he first wakes up.” “What! Where?” HIs voice alarmed you and Lafayette.

“Alexander what happened?” Lafayette asked worriedly, sitting up in bed.

“It’s John.” Alex’s voice cracked.

“What the fuck is going on?” A new voice asked, stepping into the room.

“We need to leave, now!”



“Look a shooting star make a wish!” You exclaim pointing at the sky, clamping your eyes shut. It was quiet for a moment before Hercules asked,

“What did you wish for Y/N?” You grinned, sitting up looking at the guys.

“That nothing will break us apart.” The guys ‘awed’ at you causing you to blush.

“You’re too adorable mon amour.” Lafayette commented with a smirk on his face. You rolled your eyes shoving him playfully. He laughed. Arms wrapped around you…John.

“We’re not going anywhere, right guys?” The guys nodded.

“Together til the end?” You asked softly. They all smiled looking at one another.

“Together til the end.” Alex agreed.



Once the door slid open Alexander, Lafayette, Lafayette and you were running to the front all asking about John Laurens. The nurse told you to sit and wait for the doctor.

Everyone was tired, and restless, unable to keep still. Your knee’s were to your chest as you sat in your chair watching Alexander pace, Lafayette besides you, his knee bouncing and Hercules playing with his hands or tapping his foot impatiently.

“I’m going to see if they’ll tell me anything.” Alexander quickly tells us before stalking off for the front desk again.

“John Laurens?” Your head snapped up to a doctor. Scrambling up from your seat the others followed you as you went right up to the doctor.

“How is he? Fuck where is Alex?!” You asked the doctors before turning to the guys.

“I’ll go get him.” Lafayette stated but Alex was running down the hall towards us.

“How is John?” Alex asked, breathless. The look on the doctors face made you feel sick.

“He had a head on car collision, he was unconscious when he arrived and lost a lot of blood-”

“Can we see him, please?” Alex begged. The doctor nodded and led the way.

“But you must know, he’s in critical condition he may never wake up-”

“What do you mean not wake up!” You exclaim as you’ve stopped in front of the room where John is staying.

“He’s in a coma and seeing in his state he may never wake up.” He explained before opening the door.

One by one you all flooded the room, gathering around John’s bed. John was beaten up pretty badly. You pulled up a chair and sat next to him, the others did the same.

You all were by his side, when he died.


Pairing: Dean x Reader

Word Count: 1,292

Summary: Dean takes care of the reader’s daughter for a night and he quickly learns that it’s more exhausting than hunting. 

“Morning, sweetheart.” You hear Dean’s sexy voice say when he answers your call.

“Hey babe. I’m on my way home. How’d everything go?”

“Good. Everyone is still alive so I think it went ok.” He chuckles.

“Ok. See ya soon.”

You just finished a 24 hour shift at the hospital and you feel like you’re about to fucking fall over.

Dean finally decided he was ready to watch Grace overnight by himself. Even though you’ve been together for about seven months now, Dean was always nervous about watching her for long periods of time. Like he would break her or corrupt her. You’re not sure which.

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Jungkook Scenario; The boy at the coffee shop

Genre: Fluff
Word count: 1,552
Pairing: Jungkook x reader
Warning: Swearing but only a tiny bit though

It was currently 9:34pm as you were refilling one of the coffee machines with water. You had a part time job at a coffee shop near where you lived, which you worked at in your spare time. It was usually really quiet at this time of the day so there was currently nobody at the shop, except for you and your co-worker, Seulbi.

“Do you mind taking the trash out for me? I`m kinda busy at the moment” Seulbi said as she was writing something down on a piece of paper. “Yeah, sure!” You said tying the trash bags and carrying them outside and walking out the backdoor of the shop.

As you were entering the coffee shop you noticed a boy standing in front of the counter looking at the coffee menu. “Hey Y/N can you take this customer for me?” Seulbi asked still writing on the piece of paper. You nodded in response and walked behind the counter. “Hmmm…. I would like one americano” The boy said glancing at the menu with both of his hands in his pockets. You nodded and grabbed one of the cups to your left. “Your name?” You said looking up at him. Wow, this guy is tall. “Jungkook” He said with a sly smile facing you. You wrote his name down on the cup as he was paying for the coffee. He walked away and sat down on one of the seats by the window. To be honest, It was kinda pointless writing his name on it despite he was the only costumer at the shop. 

You walked over to the coffee machine to get his coffee ready. “Damn, he´s cute” Seulbie whispered from behind me referring to the boy. “Yah, shut up” You said trying to hide your laughter. You called out his name to let him know the coffee was ready. The boy turned his head in your direction and made his way up to the counter. He nodded as a thank you and grabbed the coffee, then went back to his seat.

“I´ll get going, bye Y/N!” Seulbi said as she grabbed her stuff and headed for the door. “Bye, see you!”. You has promised to be the one to close the store since she was the one that did it last time. You grabbed some wipes and started cleaning up the mess you had caused from the americano you made earlier. The thought of the coffee made you realize the boy was still sitting at the seat staring out of the window. Doesn´t he have anything better to do than sit in an empty store sipping on a cup of coffee? Apparently not.

You grabbed a mop and started wiping the dirt off the floor as a little clean up before you closed. Without even thinking of your little company you started humming and singing quietly to yourself like you used to do when cleaning. “Quite a nice voice you´ve got there” The boy suddenly said, turning his chair around while leaning against the back of it, facing you. You stopped what you were doing and looked up at him with a flustered expression realizing you weren´t alone. “Oh.. thank you but that´s not true” You said blushing a little, then looking down at the floor and started wiping it again. What the hell was this boy on about? You were absolutely shit at singing!

“I´m just being honest! You do have a beautiful voice.” You ignored his comment and continued doing your work. You noticed that the boy was still staring at you which made you even more uncomfortable. What the heck does he want!?

“When do you close?” He asked, not taking his eyes off of you. “In about an hour” You said trying to avoid getting eye contact with him. “I will leave in an hour then” He said. “Don´t you have anything better to do? I mean you´re the only person here and it´s getting late” You said starting to get annoyed by his presence. Now way were you gonna have some stranger staring at you for one more hour.

“Actually I don´t. I like it here. It´s quiet and relaxing, plus I get to hear you sing.” You decided not to answer and keep your mouth shut instead. “Do you have any problems with it? If you do I can just leave” He said. He could tell you weren´t too satisfied by his answer. You wanted to say yes so badly and yell in his face to leave so you could go home and take a warm relaxing shower. Despite for all that, you left it hanging. “No not at all.” You smiled and looked up at him, trying to convince him you were telling the truth even thought you weren´t. He wasn´t directly being rude and all he had been doing was complimenting your voice. If you had told him to get the f out of here you would´ve only be left with guilt.

“Good” The boy, or Jungkook if you should call him that instead, said happily while putting his hands behind his head. “I would like to order another americano then.” Oh my god. Could he get anymore irritating? But what was there to complain about. To serve your costumers was your job. You took a deep breath to calm yourself down and went over to the counter to make that goddamn americano. “Can you add some cream too?” Jungkook yelled from his seat. You looked up at him and gave him a glare. “Pretty please?”. The sweet sweet smell of his money was the only thing that didn´t make you completely lose it. “Of course” You said with a fake smile plastered on your lips.

“It´s done” You said as you finished adding the cream. Jungkook went up to the counter and handed you the money. “Keep the change” He said as he winked and grabbed his cup of coffee. “Thank you” You said flashing him a smile, this time a genuine one, as you grabbed the money and put it inside the cash register.

“Sooo.. do you work here often?” Jungkook asked leaning against the counter while taking a sip of his coffee. “Only when I have time really, like in weekends and holidays.” You answered. “Aah I see.” The shop went silent for a couple of minutes before he opened his mouth again. “I´m sorry if i´ve been a bother, it´s just that i´ve had a lot of things on my mind lately and just having someone to talk to is exactly what i need to get my thoughts to drift over to something else.” Why was he opening up to you like this? I mean, I barely know this guy. “Not at all, it´s just me who´s been a little grumpy. You know, periods and stuff” You said. Hold up. Did you just tell him you were on your period. What the heck Y/N!?. He noticed how flustered you became by your last sentence and let out a little laugh. Not gonna lie but his laugh was adorable.

“Just to let you know, you´re the first person that has made me laugh in long.” How the hell were you gonna answer him on that? You couldn´t really ask him what was bothering him, what if it was too personal? You didn´t even know the guy anyway. He took another sip of his americano. “You make really good coffee!” Jungkook said, cutting the awkward silence that had now filled the room. “Oh thank you” You said pushing a few strands of ear behind your ear. 

“So I guess Y/N is your name?” he said as he took a glance down at the name tag on your shirt. You nooded as you started playing with your fingers. Why was this guy making you so nervous? You weren´t usually like this, especially not around boys you didn´t have any feelings for. “You look tired, maybe I should get going” Jungkook said looking at the watch on his wrist. “No!” You immediately said making him jump a little. “Or I-I mean it´s okay. The shop doesn´t close yet anyway.” Jungkook turned around with an cocky smile leaning slightly closer to you. “You enjoy my company, don´t you huh?” He said with a smirk. “Well I wouldn´t say that I enjoy-” You tried to say but got interrupted. “Yes you do.” Jungkook winked at you as he placed the cup that was now empty down on the counter.

“Thank you for the coffee and for making me feel better” He said with a smile, this time a smile that looked more similar to when he laughed. “Oh it was nothing, I´m just doing my job.” Jungkook made his way over to the exit but stopped only a couple meters in front of the door, then turned around to face you. “You should eat a lot of dark chocolate, I heard it helps when you´re on your period.” And with that he turned around, walking out of the coffee shop and disappearing into the dark.

After that day Jungkook never stopped going to the coffee shop. If it was a good thing or not was up to you to decide, but there was never a day you weren´t looking forward to go to work.

I started writing this last summer but never got to finish it until now. I hope you enjoyed it chingus!!

-Admin Karoline

⌲ I love you, I hate you. [Dean Winchester x Reader]

A/N: Hiii there!! My first imagine here so bear with me! I will start doing multifandom one shots, since I did only gif imagines. Please request if you have any idea! Thank you!

Warning: just a little swearing. 

Enjoy! x

You loved Dean, but you also hated Dean. He was like a brother to you and you were like a sister to him. He always had your back. Always being overprotective, always looking out for you. Sometimes he is rude to you and that makes you sad because you’re a sensitive person. You knew each other for years, since you two were little. You are a good hunter but still Dean thinks that you need to learn more and that makes you angry. You would give your life for Dean, he knows that, sometimes you start to be annoying just to make fun but he hates that. You two would fight for hours, you know as friends do, but than you would cuddle in each other’s arms. You hated when Dean would flirt or hook up with other girls because you loved him, sometimes you want to grab his beautiful face and kiss those soft lips. You haven’t kiss Dean yet, sadly that day hasn’t come.

Now you’re sitting at the bunker reading a book, you’re alone because Sam and Dean have gone for a case in the town. You started to be bored, sighing you thought an idea. Years ago, your mother taught you how to cook, you’re good at cooking, the boys will be tired, and Dean hasn’t eat pie in a while. You ran to the kitchen and started to cook. You grabbed everything you needed, you were not going to make only the pie, but other things, like cake, chicken and what the boys like. You needed to be fast, they will come soon.

“Oh man, that was the most stupid and tiring case that we have ever had.” Dean sighed entering the bunker.

“I know, we shouldn’t go, let’s take some days off.” Sam said and his big brother nodded.

“Wait. What is this smell?” Dean asked smelling till he came in the kitchen where you were.

“Well hi there.” You smirked.

“Y/N, what is this?” Sam asked confused.

“Well I thought you guys would be hungry and tired so i made you lunch. You’re welcome by the way.” You chuckled at your own words. You looked at Dean which had kind of an angry face.

“Thanks Y/N, we appreciate it, I’m gonna take a shower, than I’m coming to eat, hey keep me some noodles!” After Sam said those words he went to his room, leaving you and Dean alone. He still hasn’t say anything. This dead silence was killing you.

“So… How was the case?” You broke the silence making Dean to look at you.

“Well it was a dumb case, nothing supernatural, we will take some days off because there’s nothing.” Dean spoke.

“Oh…” You said and grabbed the plate which had the pie and give it to Dean.

“You made this?” He asked and you nodded smiling.

“Hope it’s not with poison.” He chuckled and the smile you had leaved your face. Yes. That’s why you hated Dean, sometimes he thinks that he should joke all the time, but this made you sad. 

“No poison. Don’t worry.” You faked a smile and he nodded starting to eat.

“You know that you didn’t have to do this.”

“Yeah I know, but I wanted to.” You said with a weak voice, that’s why you hated him.

He looked at you and chuckled.

“What?” You asked.

“Y/N why are you doing this?”

“Doing what? You asked confused.

“This. Cooking, pretending like everything is okay when is not. Just tell me why are you doing this. You know that you don’t have to pretend that you are okay, you can talk to us, I know that you’re weak but…”

You couldn’t take it anymore, tears ran from your face. You ran away from the kitchen and the bunker.

“I hate you.” You whispered knowing that he didn’t hear that.

He was yelling your name to come back but you didn’t look back, you took his keys that he had left on the table, taking the car and driving in the town. Music started to play, old rock music, what Dean likes, you like it too, staying with Dean almost all the time had change you, not only the way that you are with people, but also you are more confident even sometimes when Dean says that you are not perfect in hunting. You sighed stopping in a bar not far from the bunker.

“Shit.” You thought. You knew that Dean would come for you, they had another car in case baby didn’t worked. You just wanted to stay alone for a while. 

You ordered a drink even thought you hated drinking so much, but you needed to take your mind off it. You started wondering why Dean was so rude, so… cruel with you. You’re a good person, he is too but sometimes you feel like you don’t know him. 

You were thinking really hard, you didn’t felt that somebody was touching your shoulder and they were trying to talk to you. It was a guy, maybe older than you, like Dean, tall, kinda slim, shinny blue eyes, blonde hair. Hell no, you thought.

“Well hello there, sorry you looked in deep thoughts, I can go if you want.” He spoke, well he is actual nice.

“Um, no it’s okay. You can stay.” You smiled and he smile back.

“So, you’re alone?” He asked and you nodded chuckling.

“Oh good, can I buy you a drink?”

“Yeah sure. but I just ordered one.”

“Well better, we need a few ones to clear our minds right?”

“Yeah.” You smirked.

You had no idea what time it was, no idea where you were, you had like 4-5 shots but that was enough to make you dance in front of all the men that were in the bar, which was a thing that you never would do. But still it wasn’t enough to make you forget all the things that Dean said to you.

After finishing dancing you went to the guy which you still didn’t knew his name, he wrapped his arms around your waist and he was ready to kiss you, when someone yelled:

“Get your hands off her!”

You all were shocked, you saw Dean, having a heavily breathing, his eyes were dark, all the drinks that you had now were gone, you felt sick. He came and punched the guy’s face like ten times.


“Dean stop, stop!” You tried to take him off from the guy but you weren’t strong enough, Sam came and took the guy off Dean. You started to cry again. This was your fault, Dean’s face had all over blood, you didn’t knew if it was his or the guy’s one.

He saw you crying. “Y/N.” He whispered but you shook your head leaving him and the bar. He ran after you.

“Y/N wait!” He yelled but you pretended like you didn’t hear him.

“I said wait!” he took your arm making you turn in front of him.

“What?!” You screamed.

“You’re so stupid, you know that right?” he said and you laughed.

“Oh, believe me Dean, I know that very well, now if you excuse me I’m gonna leave.”

“You’re not going anywhere.” he said again, he is trying his best to be calm.

“What do you want Dean?” You asked him, tired.

“Look, I’m sorry for what i said earlier okay? And for now, all this time, I know that I have been rude, it’s not that I don’t care, is that I care Y/N. I-I…. I love you. Okay? I love you so much, I don’t want to lose you. You changed me, I want to protect you with all I have, when I saw you there with him, I felt like my heart stopped, he can’t touch you, no one can. You… You’re mine Y/N.”

You stared at him shocked, you stopped crying, now you were looking on the ground. You looked up to him and slapped him.

“I hate you so much Dean Winchester.”

Than you grabbed his face and kissed his soft lips. Finally the day came.

“But I fucking love you.” 

He chuckled at your words and grabbed your face pulling closer to him.

“I love you more Y/N and I promise that I will till the very last day.”

                                                       X X X

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Summary: Reader meets up with a guy she met on Tinder. | Bucky x Reader

Warnings: swearing, mostly fluff

Word count: 2032

A/N: There will be a part 2, just don’t know when! :) Let me know what you think of this! P.S! This is a queued post.


Originally posted by natpekis

Dating websites and apps had become your best friend recently. Specially an app called Tinder. You create a profile, maybe lie about your age and then it’s only a matter of which way you swipe. It was pathetic really, but your friends has convinced you to make a profile. They said you could use some action. You thought the idea was ludacris, but now, you were kinda glad you did.

You had met a guy. You were a tad bit scared, to be honest, as you’ve never actually met up with a guy like this before. You knew there were many creeps on those sites, but something in you, and also your friends, told you to meet this guy. You had a good feeling about this, but you were also nervous, butterflies fluttered in your tummy.

The guy’s profile said his name was James, a very sweet name, you thought. He also had a picture of him on the app. The picture threw you off at first. It was a black and white photograph of him, presumably, in military clothes? The picture was cropped below the shoulders but you could still see the sharp edges of his outfit. Your grandfather was a Sargeant back in the day and you had seen pictures of him in his uniform, so you recognized one when you saw it. But the more you looked at the picture, the more in love you fell with it. You concluded that maybe it was just a picture taken at a costume party.

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Secret Feelings (Alec x Reader) Imagine

One hit, two hits, three hits. Alec just kept on hitting the punching bag.

“Just tell him how you feel already” a voice from behind me said. Turning around I see Jace with his arm cross and a smirk on his face.
“Like now because I’m getting tired of both of yours guys love sick attitude” you rolled your eyes,
“You’re one to talk, you follow Clary around like a love sick puppy these day” Jace stood there looking shocked.
“You and I both know that’s a completely different story” he said defending himself. “You keep telling yourself that” you answer back.
“Hey guys what are you two taking about?” Alec asked as he walk out of the training room taking a sip from his water bottle.“Nothing” you both quickly answer and left the room, leaving a very confused Alec behind.

  “Do you ever plan on telling my brother that you like him?” Izzy asked as she sat on your bed.
“Have you been talking to Jace lately? Because all you two do is ask me that same question every time we talk” You said as you lay down next to her on your bed. Izzy laugh then look at you with a smile.
“You know that’s means that more then one person can tell then right?” You went to answer back but then your bedroom door open to revealing Clary. “It’s time to go”

You three walk through the halls of the institute heading to the main area. Knowing that’s where the boys would be waiting to leave for your guys mission. Today mission was the same as always go out and kill a demon, then come back make a report about it then it would be done.
“You all ready?” Jace asked as you guys walked up to where him and Alec were standing.
“Let’s go!” Izzy said cheerfully as she grabbed yours and Clary arm and walked out of the institute.

“So Y/N you and Alec huh?” Clary said teasing you on your way back from the hunt.
“OH MY ANGEL” you yelled causing Jace and Alec to stop walking ahead of you and turn around to see what the matter was. You had enough, couldn’t they all see that you just wanted to keep it to yourself and not tell him.
“Could all three of you stop asking me that,I had enough” you shouted while looking from Clary to Jace to Isabella.
“Stop asking you what?” Alec asked standing there between all of you looking more confused then ever.
“It’s nothing so don’t worry about it” you said back.
“That’s a lie. It’s is something important dear brother so we will leave so the two of you alone so you can talk about it” Izzy said pulling Jace and Clary away with her. God damn Izzy you thought as she left, leave it to her to do something like this leaving you no choice but to face your fears.
“What’s so important? Alec asked. Isn’t he full of questions to day you thought but you knew if you were in his situation too you would be doing the same.
"Do you really want to hear something that would change our friendship forever? There’s no turning back after you hear what I have to say” you said looking him in the face staring at his eyes. His hair was a bit messy from fighting the demon earlier and he looked tried but he still smile at you.
“Go ahead, say it. You never know if I feel the same way. If you don’t ask.” he said as he walked closer to you.
“Well hear I go Alec I- wait what did you just say?” You ask looking dumbfounded. Did he really just say that he had feeling for me you wonder.
“Me and you both know what I said, Yes I have feeling for you Y/N. You and I both know you have them for me too. It doesn’t need to take a genius to figured that out.”
“But why haven’t you said anything before” you stated. Alec just shrugged “I guess every time I try I just chicken out of it” he said looking at you
“I always got nervous and back out, thinking that when everyone said you have feeling for me was just a lie”
“Oh Alec, I do like you” you said looking at him “A lot really”
“Good because I like you too and now I can do this” he while bending down to kiss you.
Your guys lips touch and it felt like home. Like this is what you always needed but never knew you did until now. It had so much passionate from all the years worth of feelings you had built up inside. You guys pulled away from the kiss and rested your forehead together. Finally this moment that you always dream of was here and it sure was hell worth the wait.
“Would you two hurry up sucking each other face off because it cold” Jace yelled. Causing you guys to stop kissing and laugh along with Izzy and Clary.
“Come lets go” Alec said as he pulled your hand making your way back to the others to head home.

A/N: if you guys have any requests or idea please send them along. I will happily do them.


Requested by @allthesame12

​Pairing: Isaac Lahey x Reader x Jackson Whittemore
Word count: 339
Warnings: None

”Hey, nice Y/N!” you heard a voice behind you while running through the trails. You slowed down for a bit – you needed to breath a while as well.

”What do you want Isaac?” you asked with a sigh as you wiped a few drops of sweat from your forehead. He took a step closer, almost to close for your liking.

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18 - New Lingerie

Michonne sat at the restaurant table with her friends Sasha, Maggie and Carol enjoying their weekly brunch dates. Michonne had a glow about her that the other women picked up from a mile away.

“So… I know your anniversary with Rick is coming up very soon, what are you guys doing to celebrate?” asked Sasha.

“It’s going to be Monday night, you know how it is. Judy has a girl scouts meeting at 6, I’ll probably be helping Carl finish up his homework, and Rick will be coming home exhausted I’m sure, so I’m just going to order a pizza  for the family. Nothing serious.”

Carol looks at her and rolls her eyes. “Are you kidding me? You gotta do something. Treat yourselves, you guys work so hard and never have time for yourselves. Parents need a night off too, even if Rick is exhausted!”

Maggie smirks at them all and giggles to Michonne, “I’m sure you’re gonna give him some hot sex at least!”

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Whispering Wall

Originally posted by hobisu

A/N: As I promised here is the Hoseok fic! It’s also my debut piece on this blog as a new member ^^

This is specially dedicated to the creator of this blog. I wanted to write something for her, to thank her for everything she has done for me. I hope I did you proud Soul Partner! <3

Genre: Fluffy fluff fluff :P

Warning: Mentions drinking

Word count: 3,536 (give or take a few words)

The Whispering wall was a place you frequented to study, even write your papers for school. Being a college student was stressful but somehow this wall made it easy to write. You were always more focused here than anywhere else. Some say this wall was magical, some say it was just a wall full of vandalism.

Other students like you came to confess secrets, let out some stress, write love notes. Every now and then you’d find an actual conversation, replies upon replies. You found it entertaining to read these. Before starting on your astronomy essay, you took out a fine tipped sharpie and wrote on the wall.

“I said something wrong, now I long for yesterday.”

You smiled to yourself. ‘Yesterday’ was your favorite Beatles song. It always brought a smile to your face, unlike your class partner Jung Hoseok. He wasn’t a total pest but he did his fair share of teasing and distracting you in class. For the most part you ignored him. You couldn’t risk getting your grade lowered over his actions.

The sound of someone approaching the wall brought you back to the present. They looked sheepishly at you before pulling out a marker of their own to write something. You looked down at your blank paper, trying to think of what to write.

Why do I love astronomy?

Your fingers hovered over the keyboard of your laptop for the slightest second before quickly moving. You had always loved astronomy; it was one of the things in your life that had a deep meaning. All that the skies had to offer were tranquil, but at the same time they could be quite scary. You loved the unknown and mysterious aspects of the galaxies and stars. You found it truly fascinating. You were on such a roll with this essay before being interrupted.

“I see my favorite classmate is working hard, as usual. You’re such a nerd.”
You couldn’t help but roll your eyes. Hoseok sat down on the opposite side of the picnic table.  

“Well its better than leaving everything to the last second like you do. At least I manage to show up on time and take notes.”

He laughed. “Like I said, you’re a nerd.”

Peering over your laptop to glaring at him. “I’m not a nerd for taking my studies seriously,” he deadpan looked at you.


“Whaaat?” you asked while trying to resume your essay.

“You’re a nerd.” he said once more making you irritated.

“If you’ve got nothing better to do, just leave.” you huffed.

“You’re so cute when you’re angry. But I actually did seek you out for a reason.” he claimed.

You sighed and closed your laptop. It was obvious that you weren’t going to get anything done with him sitting in front of you. “What could Jung Hoseok need from a nerd like me?” you asked putting quotations around the word nerd.

“I need you to take notes for me on Thursday. I won’t be in class." He stuck out his bottom lip and batted his eyelashes at you.

"Don’t try to act all cute. It won’t work. And why aren’t you going to be in class that day?” you quizzically eyed him.

“My best friend Yoongi is coming to town and I haven’t seen him in a year.” he seemed sad. “He’s been traveling for his music.” his eyes finally met yours. For the first time ever, you felt that this was the real Hoseok. Someone who wasn’t always so hyper and annoying.

“I suppose,” you started to say when he squeezed your hand to say thank you. “But you owe me,” you narrowed your eyes at him and took your hand from his. You gathered your laptop and notebook from the table getting ready to leave.

You turned to him one last time “Call me nerd one more time and I’m never doing anything for you ever again.” The sound of his laugh growing smaller and smaller as you walked towards your dorm.

“Thank you!” he shouted after you.

After you reached your dorm, you had managed to finish half of your essay. You stood up and stretched, flexing your fingers feeling relief from having sat in the same position for so long. The tired feeling started to seep into your bones. Well no wonder it’s late you thought to yourself as you checked the time. 11:37
pm. You slipped on a hoodie before taking your toiletries to the shared bathrooms. You brushed your teeth and washed your face before heading back to go to sleep for the night. The image of Hoseok gripping your hand and his smile played in your brain, making you grin as you drifted off to sleep.

The week passed rather quickly. You jotted down notes on Thursday’s class for Hoseok. You had finished the essay for your astronomy class, so you turned it in a few days before the deadline. You could practically hear Hoseok calling you a nerd.

You found yourself once again at the Whispering Wall this time to draw in your sketchbook. You loved taking a blank page and turning it into a piece of art. Making the various colors blend in with each other, creating the most beautiful images. You were always told you should major in art but your true love was what the skies contained.

You sharpened your pencil before letting it touch the surface of the page before you. A thought popped into your head. The Wall! You looked over to the spot you had written on; utterly shocked that someone had answered your quote.

“Yesterday love was such an easy game to play.”

You’ve never smiled that hard before as your heart soared. Someone else loved The Beatles!  Finally someone your age showed the same interest in the same music as you. Finally someone with taste!

You grab a sharpie from the pile on the table when someone pulls out one of your earbuds, making you yelp. You didn’t even have to turn around; Hoseok gave himself away with his obnoxious laugh. “Hoseok I swear to-” you turned around and stopped talking. He had someone who you assumed was his friend, with him.

“Swear to what y/n?” he teased. You didn’t want to be rude in front of this stranger so you didn’t say anything back to him.

“Y/n I’d like you to meet Yoongi. My friend that I told you about.” he stated.

“The one who travels for music?” you asked looking at Yoongi. Taking in his mint colored hair, leather jacket that hung off of his frame, even the sleepy look on his face. He reminded you of your roommate; she rarely showed her emotions and always looked like she was tired.

“Yoongi I’d like you to meet y/n” he looked at his friend who smiled at you.

“Ahhh so this is the girl that yo-” Hoseok elbowed him in the side to shut him up. “I mean nice to meet you,” he shook your hand and smirked.

“Likewise Yoongi,” he smiled and tucked his hand into his pocket. “So what’re you guys up to?” you asked as you settled onto the picnic bench.

“Not much just showing him around. Probably dragging him to a party.” he replied.

“Ahhh well I hope you guys have fun.” you told them. And you meant it.

“Woah! You’re actually being nice to me?!” Hoseok exclaimed as he clutched his chest, stumbling back into Yoongi.

You groaned. “Do you always have to ruin my mood?”

“Who? Me?” he asked. “You wound me y/n.” he wiped a fake tear from the corner of his eye. You rolled your eyes at him, making Yoongi laugh at the exchange between you two.

“It was nice meeting you Yoongi.” you plugged your ear buds in and motioned for Hoseok to scram. Yoongi nodded at you before they turned to walk away.
You smiled to yourself. He knew how to get under your skin. You absolutely hated it but only acted this way with him.

Your attention returned to your sketchbook. You let the music take you away. After a while a familiar face with gorgeous eyes and a set of full lips developed on the page. You hadn’t realized you were drawing Hoseok. Was it possible you were crushing on him? No. No way. You slammed your sketchbook closed trying to shake the feelings. You returned your supplies to your backpack, all except for one sharpie.

“Now I need a place to hide away. Oh, I believe in yesterday.” you wrote in your signature loopy handwriting.

The person who replied had fairly sloppy but readable handwriting. It had to belong to a guy. You contemplated who this other person could be. There were so many students on campus, the possibilities were endless. Sighing to yourself you decided to go back to your room.

You were surprised to see you roommate awake. “Wow you’re actually awake?” you didn’t mean for it to sound so sarcastic.

“I know I’m surprised myself. I got invited to a party. Wanna go? I know it’s not either of our scenes but I don’t want to go alone.” you were honestly shocked.

“But you never want to go out.” You stated.

"Yeah tell me about it. But I feel like free booze tonight.” she shrugged as you laughed. “I’m leaving in a half hour if you wanna go.”

“Well it wouldn’t hurt…” you say more to yourself than to her.

She mumbled a ‘cool’ before slipping out of the room to head down the hall for the bathroom. You looked through her wardrobe after deciding that your clothes were too boring.

By the time your roommate returned you still hadn’t decided what to wear.
“Move, I got this.” she nudged you out of the way to rummage through her clothes. Meanwhile you quickly applied light make up. “Here,” she shoved a pair of high waisted denim shorts, a plain white tank top, and a flannel shirt into your arms. “It’s not a formal event. Plus it usually gets really hot at these things with all the bodies packed into a tiny space.” You quickly dressed pairing the outfit with a pair of black converse. Your roommate opted for a pair of black ripped skinny jeans and a t shirt with some obscure band on the front.

“Ready?” She asked after she laced up her boots.

“As I’ll ever be.” you replied.

You walked arm in arm with your roommate to the frat house. The faint sounds of music grew louder and louder with each step you took towards the party. Excitement coursed through your body. Even your roommate seemed excited to be there, it was such a change for her usual attitude. You liked it.

Upon approaching the front steps she dropped your arm only to grab your hand, pulling you through the entryway and through the lingering people by the door. Once inside you assessed your surroundings.

“Let’s get a drink!” your roommate shouted over the music and you gave her a thumb up. You followed her into the kitchen, only to find Hoseok and Yoongi leaning against the counters.

“Y/n? What’re you doing here?” Hoseok questioned as his eyes looked you up and down.

“My roommate invited me.” you answered as she handed you a plastic cup filled with foul smelling liquid.

“Cheers” she said as she touched her cup to yours. She downed it before you even brought it up to your lips.

“My kind of woman,” Yoongi spoke with a smirk on his face. You laughed to yourself knowing he would like her.

The four of you chatted in the kitchen for a little while before someone from your English class pulled Hoseok away. “Namjoon needs to speak to me. You good Yoongi?” he asked.

Yoongi eyed your roommate up and down while licking his lips. “Yeah I’m good Jhope.”  Jhope?

You stood there and watched them shamelessly flirt in between sips of alcohol. You refilled your cup with a mixed drink and wandered off. It wasn’t long before you found a familiar face surrounded by a small group of people.

“Y/n! Come sit with me!” Seokjin exclaimed. He patted the only other empty spot on the couch. You’ve known him since your freshman year at the University.

“Hey Jin!” you said as you sat down next to him. “How are you? It’s been a while since we’ve talked.”

“I’ve been good. I made the Dean’s list this year.” he beamed with pride.

“Congratulations! I’m happy for you!” you told him nudging his shoulder. “You were always the smartest one in class. With the lamest jokes!” you giggled feeling the alcohol working.

“What do you mean? My jokes are legendary! ” Jin scoffed at you while simultaneously putting his arm around your shoulders.

“I didn’t know dad jokes were funny” you retorted.

“What do you call bears with no ears?” he asked trying to hold his laughter.

You groaned at the opening of the joke. “I dunno, what?” you asked as you took a sip of your beer.

“B!” he answered laughing. It was his windshield wiping laugh that made you cackle. Not the joke.

“That was,” you paused as he looked at you. “So, so stupid!” you laughed as you swatted his knee. “I’ve got a better one.”

Jin cocked and eyebrow at you. “I don’t think so y/n, I am the king of jokes!” the people surrounding you guys laughed along with him.

“Did you hear about the restaurant on the moon?” you replied knowing he was going to find it hilarious. He shook his head and took a sip from the dark glass bottle he held. “Great food! No atmosphere!” He spat his drink out, nearly choking on it. “Oh gosh are you okay?!” you pat his back as he recovered from the coughing fit. His face was tomato red when he looked at you.

“That was a good one!” he said once he calmed down.

This game of telling jokes went on for a good hour or so when you hear Hoseok call out for you.“Y/n?” you looked up to see him looking at Jin’s arm which was still around you. “Have you seen Yoongi?”

You got up and said your goodbyes to Jin and promised to hang out again soon.

“Last I saw him; he was in the kitchen with y/rm/n. They were getting pretty cozy with each other.” he laughed. “Why is that funny?” you asked as you led him to the kitchen.

“I’ve never seen him this way. Normally he’s closed off to people” now it was your turn to laugh.

“Funny cause so is she.” you snorted. As soon as you turned the corner you both made sounds of disgust. They were all hands and lips.

“Ew guys get a room,” Hoseok spat. The two broke apart with big grins on their faces.

“You interrupted. For what?” Yoongi glared at the two of you.

“Food? I’m starving. Let’s go.” he said not caring that he was interrupting them.

Yoongi leaned back into y/rm/n and whispered something into her ear which made her scoff. “Yeah right D boy.” she replied and he smirked. “Are you ladies going to join us?” Yoongi asked.

On cue your stomach growled. “Whelp I guess that answers for me.” you said patting your stomach. You turned to Hoseok. “Where to Jhope?” both you and Yoongi snickered at that name.

“Watch it y/n” he warned, but the look on his face conveyed that he didn’t care. “Only my Soul Partner can call me that,” he said and gave Yoongi a fist bump. “How about the diner right outside of campus?”

“Food is food,” both y/rm/n and Yoongi said at once, they burst out in laughter.

“Well that’s creepy,” the sound of Hoseok’s voice saying the same thing as you made your eyes go wide. “Can we stop with all this weird shit and go?” he said amused. 

The four of you left the party and went to go refuel and sober up. Two am quickly approached as you guys left the diner feeling full. You were surprised that you actually had so much in common with Hoseok. Yoongi told stories from their younger days. He wasn’t as bad as you thought, it just so happened that his hyper personality got in the way of getting to know the real him. He was actually a pretty sweet guy.

You and Hoseok walked together talking while the other two fell behind laughing and goofing around. “Is anything going on between you and that one guy from the party?” he questioned you.

“You mean Seokjin?” he nodded his head. “No. We’ve been friends since freshman year. That’s it.” you glanced at his profile. “Why do you ask?”

He shrugged. “Just wondering.” You noticed a smile form on his lips. You never noticed that he had dimples; dimples that you wanted to reach out and touch. “So, Yoongi leaves in a few days. Would you mind taking notes for me again?” you were approaching the university.

“Sure. But you still -” you went to say but never got to finish.

“Yeah I know I still owe you from last time. Maybe you can let me take you out on a date?” he made it sound more like a question than a statement. “I mean that’s only if you want.” he playfully tugged on the sleeve of the borrowed flannel shirt. His hand met with yours, fingers slowly intertwining with yours. The warmth of his hand sent shivers down your spine.

“A date? With Jung Hoseok? Gee I wonder why I would want to partake in that.” you felt him squeeze your hand. “But I guess. I mean you do owe me.”

“That I do,” he flashed a brighter than sunshine smile at you.

Without realizing where your feet were taking you, you both ended up at the Whispering Wall. You pulled him over to the spot you checked almost daily.
“What are we doing here?” he asked as you let go of his hand.

“I wanted to see if anyone replied to what I wrote,” not bothering to look at him as you answered. “Apparently not.” you sighed. You turned around to see him eyeing you skeptically. “You see, I wrote a line from my favorite Beatles song on here. I wasn’t expecting anyone to answer, but someone did.” he nodded, urging you to go on. “They replied with the next lines. I did the same, I was hoping they would have replied by now but they haven’t.” you frowned.

“I’m sure they will soon y/n.” he said as he shoved his hands into the pockets of his jeans and looked towards the ground. Why is he suddenly being shy?

You opened your mouth to say something but someone beat you to it. “JHOOOOOOOOOOPE!” Yoongi startled you both. It had slipped your mind that you weren’t alone. In the lights of the lamps that dimly lit the area, you could see the hickeys that y/rm/n and Yoongi had given each other while you and Hoseok were alone.

“What do you want Yoongs?” he groaned at the loudness of his friend.

“Thank you for introducing me to her. She’s fucking amazing man.” you all laughed at his outburst. “I’m telling you she’s my soul mate. Your my soul partner but she’s my soul mate.” Yoongi claimed as he snaked an arm around y/rm/n’s waist.

You looked at each other rolling your eyes as the two of them started making out again. “I’ll walk you to your dorm room,” he offered. You took his hand in yours and led the way.

He walked you right up to your door. “Hey that reminds me, what’s your number?” you eyed him. “I mean how am I supposed to take you on a date if I don’t have your number?” he smirked.

“Valid.” You told him your number as the other two caught up with you guys.

“So I’ll see you in class on Tuesday?” he said and surprised you by giving you a hug.

“See you Tuesday Hoseok.” A squeal from y/rm/n broke you two apart. Yoongi smacked her ass. “Those two I swear,” you shook your head.

“Good night Agust Dick” she said and walked into the shared room.

“Good night Y/n,” Hoseok spoke, barely above a whisper moving closer. He kissed your cheek softly, making heat rise to that very spot.

“Good night Jhoooope,” which earned you a laugh from him. “It was nice meeting you Yoongi, ” you waved to him and he nodded in response.

You closed the door and leaned against it. Your roommate had already undressed and was mostly asleep. “See it doesn’t hurt to go out and have fun.” she said before letting out a big yawn.

“No, no it doesn’t.” you said as you got into your pajamas. Your phone buzzed as you slid beneath the blankets of your bed. It was a text from an unknown number.

“Why she had to go, I don’t know, she wouldn’t say.
I said something wrong, now I long for yesterday.” You’re not
the only one with good taste in music you nerd ;)

It was Hoseok this whole time. You smiled to yourself in the dark before you drifted off to sleep.

A/N: Thank you for reading! Its so cheesy I but I hope you liked it!! I hope I was able to make my Soul Partner proud! <3 And a special thanks to @jeylovestoblog who helped me come up with the plot for this story!

anonymous asked:

Natasha × Steve × reader

Since you didn’t leave a word or phrase I just looked up drabble prompts and picked the first one that stood out to me so I went with “It’s late, shouldn’t you be asleep?”

Originally posted by basicmarvelnerd

You stretched and groaned at you quietly made your way into the kitchen. You started making yourself a cup of coffee when you realized the TV in the living room was on. Peering around the corner you saw Steve sitting on the couch watching the news.

“Hey you, it’s late, shouldn’t you be asleep?” You whispered just loud enough for him to hear.

He shot up surprised by your presence before relaxing back into the couch.

“Bucky woke me up after he had another nightmare, then I couldn’t fall back asleep. Why are you up?” He turned back around looking at you.

You strolled over, plopping down on the couch next to him. That’s when he realized you were wearing just a tank top and panties as his eyes carefully scanned your body, taking in every last detail.

“Nat wouldn’t let me sleep, if you know what I mean.” You quirked your eyebrow at him as you glanced over.

He licked his lips and swallowed hard before nodding.

“You want some coffee? I’m already making some.” You offered.

“My problem is going to sleep, not staying up.” He laughed.

You noticed him continuing to steal glances at you even after you left the couch, giving you an idea. You took your time making your coffee, being sure to bend over as much as possible while you did so. As soon as you stood up and made your way back into the living room Steve turned back around, pretending like he hadn’t been staring.

“You know, I’m sure if you asked nicely, Nat and I could figure out a few ways to tire you out.” Your breathed in his ear from behind him sending shivers down his spine. “Would you like that?”

You smirked sauntering around the couch until you were in front of him. He looked up at you nervously as you leaned forward, running your free hand up his thick thigh. You guys made eye contact and he slowly nodded.

“C’mon Stevie, let’s get you to bed.” You smiled taking his hand as you pulled him up from the couch, trailing him behind you as you made your way back to your bedroom where you were sure Nat would be anxiously waiting your arrival.


Random Drabble #7: Best Friends

Originally posted by infinitblaq

Title: Best Friends

Random Matchup: Wonwoo | Best Friends

Pairing: Wonwoo x Reader

Genre: Fluff

Warning: Swearing

A/N: I just love this boy so much, and randomly he happened to end up in two of my drabbles only a few apart, sorry lol I didn’t plan this…well okay I did but shhhh just enjoy the story its a good one and my favorite out of the five I have written (mind you I sat down and wrote out drabbles 4-8 in one sitting WOW!) 

Send me two numbers between 1 and 26 and I will write a drabble about it.

“I would love to see you in less than that tight little dress,” said the really attractive guy you had been chatting up the last few hours. His body leaning into yours as you tried to pull away.

“Uh, no thanks. I am not interested in doing that,” you say flatly as you step away and turn to face him.

A look of annoyance flashed across his face before being replaced with a smile. “Come on baby girl, you don’t need to play hard to get. You and I both know that you want it.”

“Actually I really don’t,” you say as you roll your eyes and slowly turn and walk away from him, over to the bar were your best friend, Wonwoo sat looking on, a smirk present as you walked over and sat next to him.

“Told ya,” he snickered as he lazily took a sip of his beer, turning to face you as you waved down the bartender to order a drink.

“Shut up you brat,” you groan as the bartender walks over to take your order.“Can I get a beer please, I don’t care what kind.”

The bartender nods, pours your drink and hand it to you, walking away to help more people.

“Damn, beer? You must really be having a hard time Y/n,” Wonwoo says as he looks at you, a slight look of concern crossing his face.

“Don’t worry, I just really need something to drown out my crappy night of crappy men. Why do all they want is sex?” you say as you take a swig of your beer.

Wonwoo chuckled  “Maybe because you’re looking at the wrong place. If you want a boyfriend you should probably go to a coffee shop. Not a Night Club.”

You sigh, knowing he is right. “Yeah, I know I don’t know why I expect anyone here to be genuinely interested in a relationship.”

He nods, looking over at the crowds of people packed into the club, suddenly his eyes widen. “Isn’t that the guy you just rejected,“ he said as his eyes dart back and forth between him and yourself.

You glance over your shoulder to see the man you had just rejected walking toward you both. “Aw shit, back me up will ya. Jesus can’t they just take no for an answer,” you grumble as you take another swig of beer.

“Hey man, back off. I saw her first,” the stranger said as he tried to put his arm around you, to which you turned causing him to miss.

Wonwoo snickered as the guy missed you, his arm slamming into the bar behind you before he spoke up. “I don’t think she is yours, in fact, I don’t appreciate you saying my girlfriend is yours first,” he said as he set down his beer and stood up. Stepping in front of you.

“Psh as if a little wuss like you could be dating someone like her. I don’t believe you. You’re just her wingman I bet you anything.”

Wonwoo rolled his eyes. “I am not her wingman. I am her boyfriend. See,” he pulled out his phone and showed him his background, a silly photo of the two of you from a year or so ago.

The man stood there silent for a moment before pushing Wonwoo to the side “Dude, shut the fuck up. She is single she told me herself, quit the bullshit act.”

Wonwoo stumbled to the side as the guy grabbed onto your arm and pushed you to stand up grabbing your chin and leant down to kiss you as you struggled to back away.

“Excuse you,” Wonwoo said as he pushed the guy back, making him lose his grip on your arm. Wonwoo pinned you between the bar and his back as he looked at the guy. “Back off dude.”

The man grumbled, “If you really are her boyfriend fucking prove it to me,” he said as he crossed his arms expecting Wonwoo to cave.

“My pleasure,” Wonwoo mumbled before he turned around, grabbing your waist.

“Wonwoo!” you whispered but it was too late his lips locked with yours as he pulled you closer into the kiss. Your head started to spin.

His lips felt so warm against yours, as you relaxed into the kiss, feeling a spark you had never felt before running through your veins as you wrapped your arms around his neck, pulling him closer to your face.

The guy stood there in shock before mumbling, “You know what fuck this shit,” he said as he turned and walked away.

Once he left you tried to pull away but Wonwoo ran his hand up your back and stopped you, as he kissed deeper.

Finally, he broke the kiss and you both stood there staring at each other. “Er, maybe we should leave now,” Wonwoo mumbles slowly. You nodded in agreement as you both walk toward the exit, not a word was said between the both of you.

As you both step into his car the silence continues, but now it was getting awkward. Both of you clearly wanting to ask the other what just happened.

He started the car and started the drive home. Turning off the radio so all you could hear was the road against the tires of the car.

Finally, he spoke up quietly. “I am sorry.”

You sighed in relief that at least he said something. “It’s okay, you were just trying to protect me. Thank you.”

He looks over at you and smiles a little. “Your welcome, that guy really was a jerk wasn’t he?”

Chuckling you nodded, “Yeah, he really was. Jesus why can’t people just take no as an answer. And the fact that he went as far to make sure we kissed. Like who does that.”

“Guess he really wanted you,” Wonwoo smirks a little. “Too bad he didn’t get to kiss you like I did,” he said then his face dropped, “Sorry, I didn’t mean it like…”

You looked over at him concerned. “It’s fine. So you felt it too then….”

He chewed at his lower lip and nodded slightly, “Yeah, I did.”

You hummed as you looked out the passenger window. The car becoming awkwardly silent once again.

“Does this change things then?” he murmured quietly after a moment.

“I don’t know, I am really confused right now. I just kissed my best friend….and honestly, it was the best kiss I have ever had….” you said as you blushed not wanting to look over at him.

“Me too, I am confused, but it felt so right all at the same time,” he whispered.

The car stayed silent until he reached your house, you turned to unbuckle your seatbelt but his hand stopped you.

“Wait, Y/n….Can we…kiss again?” he said, a clearly visible blush crossing his face as he leant closer to you.

At this point, you didn’t know if had feelings for him or if you saw him as only a friend. Your mind raced as you thought out your answer if you kissed him again maybe you would get the answer you needed. But it may also confuse you even more than before. Unfortunately, your body betrayed you as you leant up and kissed him once again.

He cupped his hands on both sides of your kiss and closed his eyes, his lips moulding into yours perfectly as you both poured out all your feelings, into the kiss.

The confusion, slowly passed when you felt the feeling again. The same feeling as before, it gave you butterflies it made you want to hug him tight and never let go. Suddenly you knew your answer.

You liked him.

Breaking away from the kiss he pressed his forehead on yours and looked into your eyes. “Can we maybe, keep doing this?”

You looked back at him and bit your lip. “Are you asking me to be your actual girlfriend, Wonwoo?”

He closed his eyes and let out a sigh. “Honestly, I am not sure, but I really want to keep kissing you like this. It’s, it’s breathtaking.”

You smiled and nodded. “I agree, it feels amazing.”

He smirked, “I mean if you want, I can ask you to be my girlfriend too if you want that.”

You chuckled and nodded. “Okay, go for it. I will say no,” you said jokingly.

He frowned and looked at you with a serious look. “Would you really say no?”

You rolled your eyes, “I was being sarcastic you idiot just ask already, I need to go inside or else my neighbours are going to think you are a stalker or something.”

He smiles wide and quickly pecks your lips again. “Ms y/n will you be my girlfriend?”

You blush and give him a quick peck back. “Yes.”


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