guy looks buff

I am finals-free and ready to return to my calling which consists of trying to make up for the lack of fanart for this ship on this godforsaken website

Hau with his hair down cleansed my skin, watered my crops and fed my Pokemon delicious Malasada 

I feel like I’ve committed a grave sin and I don’t even know why. I think it’s because I am still processing the idea of Toshinori looking normal and not, well, either super-buff or emaciated. (Spoiler-ish for chapter 93? I mean, his appearance as a middle-schooler is kind-of revealed so…)

I wanted to try drawing in an old style that I once used and instead this ended up looking like a young-adult not-All Might Toshinori in my usual artstyle what the hell

i hope we can social link with the jun kurosu clone