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I feel like I’ve committed a grave sin and I don’t even know why. I think it’s because I am still processing the idea of Toshinori looking normal and not, well, either super-buff or emaciated. (Spoiler-ish for chapter 93? I mean, his appearance as a middle-schooler is kind-of revealed so…)

I wanted to try drawing in an old style that I once used and instead this ended up looking like a young-adult not-All Might Toshinori in my usual artstyle what the hell

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How tall do ya think Jasper would be as an adult

oh go d,,,,

honestly i have no idea bc i love the idea of david being super tall and somehow?? jasper is taller than him??? 

but also i would kill for jasper to be shorter and buffer than david and he just picks him up all the time to assert dominance

The plot-point dude in distress took a level in badass and about three levels in attractiveness.
Seriously, who gave him the right to be this attractive; it should be illegal

Also why is everyone saying he’s new space daddy? He’s like 22? He’s more like………space boyfriend

this ain’t as good as other stuff i’ve been drawing lately but it’s still something

more universe-alteration v3 jojo for the picture set i like to call “i absolutely cannot decide how to draw this boy’s hair”

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Headcanons about Todoroki, Shinsou,& Midoriya finding out their fem s/o is insecure about her plain looks, small breasts,small waist and small hips when they're surronded by more beautiful and well-endowed girls? How do they comfort her?

; - ; Awwh… all these insecure and self-conscious headcanons. I’m pretty petite myself. Everyone is beautiful in their own way regardless. Be kind and loving towards yourself, anon’s. It makes a difference.

  • There’s a reason why Shinsou is dating s/o, and it’s not just because of shapes or sizes. He doesn’t even care about them looking plain either. Shinsou is in a relationship with fem s/o because what matters to him most is that he gets intrigued by her personality, not her curves. That would be low of him to do. , and he isn’t that low. He loves his petite s/o just the way fem s/o is and he wouldn’t want anything to change between them. If s/o accepts him, then he accepts back. It’s all about the personality for him.
  • Surrounded by well-shaped women? And they’re far more beautiful than his fem s/o? Yeah, Shinsou mind is pretty oblivious towards other women’s and doesn’t pay much attention as towards his s/o. If they hit on him? He won’t hesitate to use his quirk on them since it’s just that simple, talk to him and he can make them do whatever he commands. He just tells them to go somewhere else.
  • Shinsou comforts his petite s/o by paying all of his attention towards s/o, of course! It’s easy to block out everyone who isn’t worth his time, so he is loyal to s/o. He gives fem s/o so many compliments, and plus, he finds it adorable that they’re smaller. So he can’t resist not cuddling them.
  • Izuku is pretty plain looking himself and he doesn’t really do anything about it except being his geeky self! And plus, he may not be the most looking buff guy compare to the others, but if his s/o loves him the way he is, then he really loves fem s/o just the way they are too. Izuku frowns slightly whenever s/o compares or gets insecure about themselves to another, he feels bad for s/o! Sometimes it’s not easy accepting. So he gives then encouraging words, from him to s/o.
  • If there’s beautiful women surrounding them? Izuku would most defiantly take fem s/o hands and go somewhere else to occupy fem s/I insecure minds. He treats them with ice cream and chit chat whatever comes to his mind. Maybe getting away from the other women’s is the appropriate way to handle that.
  • Comforts his petite insecure s/o by switching s/o mind into something good, yes fem s/o may be petite, but it doesn’t change their personality or the way their mind is. The other women’s could be beautiful, but have sour personality and Izuku thinks that’s not very attaching to him at all.
  • Beautiful women’s who looks better than his fem s/o? He rarely ever pays attention on how a women looks and his mind isn’t all about having a beautiful women by his side with some curvy hour glass or all that. Todoroki simply just doesn’t care enough to pay attention to others in his way sometimes. His mind is pretty dense when it comes to a women hitting on him, it goes over his head often and he shrugs it off and moves on with his life with fem s/o.
  • Todoroki is pretty much one of the most handsome guy besides some others and he probably does get hit on often. Sometimes his father would arrange marriage for him just because of power, or tries and Todoroki would decline his selfish offer. He isn’t going to marry someone who he doesn’t connect to like his fem s/o. But getting hit on in public? He sends them a deathly glare, he may be nice now but he still has his cold side.
  • Todoroki helps his petite s/o by holding fem s/o hands in his and just kept walking through the streets full of beautiful women. He doesn’t even look at them either and he is faithful not to. Afterwards, spend together in a scenic area. He placed flowers in s/o hair and tells s/o that she doesn’t need to be looking a certain way, he already loves s/o just the way she is. He can sense her worrying about it easily.

i keep planning to do lots of inktobers in a day so i can catch up
and i tell myself “ok moon…today…just draw…a fU C K IN G BUST”

and everyday i answer (to myself)

“hey how about a fucking half body of a character who’s anatomy im not very familiar with so it should take a few tries to get right instead yeah?? YEAH!!!”

so this is my way of saying im nearly 10 days behind on inktober bc i keep insisting on making myself draw characters w trickier anatomies than im used to haha


also im tired so felicia from darkstalkers this inktober will be the last thing i finish tonight haha xwx

but i’ll be posting tomorrow morning bc better photo light uwu

Ml Mermaid Au Marinette and Adrien// for an Ask request, thats been long over due;^;
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I appreciate those that enjoy my art on ifunny. And i appreciate that credit is given. But its rude that you didnt ask me permission.
I had no clue my art was on ifunny until a fan contacted me. Im flattered but show some respect while at it.