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when ur brilliant bf @doddleaxolotl makes the best tshirt design. @hunk-is-an-anti


I feel like I’ve committed a grave sin and I don’t even know why. I think it’s because I am still processing the idea of Toshinori looking normal and not, well, either super-buff or emaciated. (Spoiler-ish for chapter 93? I mean, his appearance as a middle-schooler is kind-of revealed so…)

I wanted to try drawing in an old style that I once used and instead this ended up looking like a young-adult not-All Might Toshinori in my usual artstyle what the hell

The plot-point dude in distress took a level in badass and about three levels in attractiveness.
Seriously, who gave him the right to be this attractive; it should be illegal

Also why is everyone saying he’s new space daddy? He’s like 22? He’s more like………space boyfriend

this ain’t as good as other stuff i’ve been drawing lately but it’s still something

more universe-alteration v3 jojo for the picture set i like to call “i absolutely cannot decide how to draw this boy’s hair”

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My brothers are 2 years apart and the younger had 17 inch biceps without steroids at age 16 (football lineman). He'd be taller than the older one(soccer player so lean af) by 2 inches if he hadn't hurt his back doing deadlifts at 15. Not saying that's the case in the shiro vs lance scenario, but I've seen irl a tall lanky dude 2 years older than the super buff guy and the buff guy looked older (if he had facial hair). Shiro always look minimum of 23 to me, so people saying he's 19 is a little?

That is terrifying

I am terrified

Thank you so much for this fear I know hold close to my heart

They trying to justify their gross ships tbh and it doesn’t make it any better or make sense considering Shiro’s choice of occupation but okay

Field Dogs - [EXO] SoldierChanyeol!Au : Prologue

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[A/N] This is a prologue because it’s a series. 

You heard ruffling and the window was busted. The sound of glass dragged against wooden floor. Someone broke in. How could he stay so silent.

Turning the lights on before you could make sense of everything. You saw him sitting on the floor, dirty and bloodied. Shards of glass from the broken window surrounded him. He still has one boot  on and you’ve never been even more afraid than you are now.

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i hope we can social link with the jun kurosu clone

“So this is weird." 

"Incredibly weird.”
“Ridiculously weird.”

“Unbelievably weird.”

“Not unbelievably, I’ve dealt with weirder.”


Nico, the real Nico, the original Nico, the Nico who apparently was the singularity of the multiverse, raised his eyebrow at the collection of…well, there really wasn’t any way around it, collection of himself. Admittedly, himself in various degrees of stupid costumes but still undoubtedly, undeniably…Nico di Angelo. 

"Yeah, totally,” Said the Nico in a leather pants and a spiked choker, “A convergence of alternate timelines? Not too bad. At least we’re not trying to kill each other.”

“Yet.” Said the Nico in a black cloth mask and billowing cloak, “I can’t be the only one who doesn’t trust himself." 

"Someone’s bitter.” The collared Nico, who apparently worked as a cruise-ship magician, bit back.

“We’re all bitter. Unless someone landed a timeline where things actually went well for them." 

"Uhm.” The Nico in the orange camp-half blood shirt awkwardly raised his hand, “My life isn’t too bad. I mean considering.”

“OK,” Nico, the actual Nico he had to emphasize AGAIN, “How is that fair? And how is out of so many possible futures only ONE of them turns out well for me?”

“I don’t know,” shrugged what original Nico was now calling “annoyingly happy nico”…he wasn’t very good at names, ok? “I’m really sorry. If it makes you feel better-”

“It doesn’t,” Said angry pirate Nico, who seemed to be the most angry of all of them, “YOU got to keep Bianca, YOU got to live freely, YOU-”

“Calm down,” said flamboyantly dressed magician Nico, “My Bianca died, too, but at least someone got a full happy life with their sister, right? We all have positive traits in our worlds.”

“Really, you honestly believe that?” Angry pirate Nico hissed, and the room seemed to grow darker. Luckily none of them were afraid of the dark anymore.

“Totally,” magician Nico said, and original Nico thought the he was probably the most chill out of all them. He seemed totally relaxed, considering the situation, “I’m broke, have weird powers that get me hunted by random monsters, and drink a lot of shitty cheap beer, but I’m alive, have a sort-of steady job entertaining rich drunk people, and my boyfriend is-”

“Wait,” Original Nico said, heart racing, “Boyfriend?" 

Yeah, boyfriend. Jason. Blond guy, tall, buff, looks kinda like a Ken doll but-“

Jason?“ And Original Nico’s incredulous response was echoed by stupid cape Nico.

"What, do you guys not have Jasons? That’s sad, you’re missing out-”

“No, no,” Original Nico hated the fact he was blushing, “it’s just. But he’s, I mean-”

“No way. Not Jason, no way.” Finished stupid cape Nico, “I thought..I mean. He’d never be interested…”

“Oh, he’s interested.” Said angry pirate Nico, smirking slightly, “At least he was in my world. He and Percy both-”

BOTH?" Original Nico’s mouth hung open before he snapped it shut, glaring at angry pirate Nico, "Not…not at the same time…right?”

And angry pirate Nico actually smiled…well…smirked, but it was about the same thing, “Sometimes. They’re both kind of morons, but they both have great-”

“I don’t want to hear it, la la la,” Said stupid cape Nico, “That’s just wrong.”

“I mean,” Happy Nico looked unsure before shrugging a little, “I’m dating Percy. So-”

Original Nico glared. “Are the guy in the cape and I the only single Nicos?”

“Looks like it, sorry.” Magician Nico didn’t look sorry, “But I mean, it looks like your chances are pretty good, considering. Have you tried asking Jason? Or Percy? Like…ever?”

“No!” Both the single Nicos chorused and shared an embarrassed look with each other. Caped Nico made eye contact with his stupid boots, “I mean, I just. We just. Don’t have time. We’re on the same team, it’d be weird, and if the papers found out that Wraith and Captain Neptune or Tempest were, you know, I mean, it’d just be-”

“Wait. Captain Neptune?” Original Nico raised an eyebrow, “Wraith? Tempest? Those sound like superher- oh my god are you from a timeline where we’re all superheroes.”

“Kind of…”

“Sweet.” Said magician Nico, “That sounds fun. A lot more fun than my gig.”

“Super hero?” Pirate Nico scoffed, “What do you mean?”

“Oooh right, mister bitter and evil over there comes from the old-timey swords and shield world. Zero fun, zero comic books.”

“Hey, it’s not-”

“Everyone just shut up." Original Nico shouted, and the other versions of himself turned to face him, "Just- we need to figure out how to fix this.”

“Right, you’re right,” Pirate Nico stepped forward, emitting a weird green light, “And I know just the goddess to ask.”

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AU where Makoto and Sousuke are Rin's guardian angels (both love him dearly) and one day Rin just happen to be able to see them.

Rin freezes, sandwich halfway to his mouth, and stares.  Two drop dead gorgeous guys are sitting at the table with him when he swears he was alone a moment ago.  He blinks a few times and slowly sets the sandwich down before doing the only logical thing he can think of: scrambling away from the table and down the hall to lock himself in his bathroom.  To be fair it’s not the greatest of plans especially when he realizes he has nothing to defend himself with and his cellphone is sitting on the kitchen counter charging.  Also to be fair he had not expected to look up from his sandwich and discover he was being stared at by two pairs of gorgeous eyes; one pair that makes him think of summers at the park and the other pair reminds him of springs at the beach.

Voices outside the door make him freeze again and he realizes that this was a really stupid idea because both guys looked buff enough to easily force their way in.

“I told you if we got too close he’d see us eventually.”  One voice says and he doesn’t know how, but he knows it belongs to the man with green eyes.

“You were the one who insisted we stay close.”  The other voice sounds stricter but just as kind as the first and Rin has to stop himself from opening the door.  The voices are so familiar even though he’s sure he’s never seen the two men before.  

“We’re guardian angels of course we need to stay close to him, Sousuke.”

“That doesn’t mean we have to sit at his kitchen table and watch him eat, Makoto.”  He doesn’t know how he knows that the green eyed man is blushing at the other’s comment.  He doesn’t know why he wants to open the door and talk to them.  He doesn’t know why he feels like he’s known them all his life.

Rin takes a deep breath and pulls the door open.  Two pairs of surprised eyes watch him.

“Hi.”  The green eyed man says with a smile that makes Rin think of sunshine and summer and kittens.

“Hey.”  Says the other man with a smirk that reminds Rin of childhood.

“Um, hi.”  Rin finally says with a nervous smile of his own.

Today my life begins

I like milk, but Julie doesn’t. I could still remember, when we were 6, she spilled her glass of milk and blamed me for being clumsy. I laughed hard when she slipped because of her own shenanigan and she cried for hours that my parents scold me for, according to her words, bullying her.

“Goodmorning love!”

“Goodmorning mo mukha mo, pinagod mo ko kagabi eh.”

“Pancakes with glazed berries or apple-flavored cereals soaked in milk?”

“You know I don’t like milk. So, pancakes.”

“But they have milk..”

“But. They are fluffy and round and soft and ugh. Elmo, please?”

When we were 15, Julie is a bad dresser and a voracious eater. She goes out with a turn-around cap matched with a baggy pants and an oversize shirt. She would chew a gum like he was about to punch someone in the gut and would buy two trays of cheeseburger and extra large cola.

“You look good with my polo on.”

“I only have your polo on, mister.”

“Are you trying to seduce me?”

“Are you seducible?”

“I wouldn’t mind having another round for breakfast.”

“Haha, I’ll think about it. You just offered me milk, Elmo. Haha big turn o——ohhh…

…hey stop stealing kisses!”

"It’s morning! Your breath smells like mint. Plus, you talk alot Julie. I want some action. Haha”

When we were 19, Julie started dating; And I hated every guy she dated —- a geek, a gay-guy square faced looking gym buff, a model, and he even dated the MVP of our university. I secretly sabotages her dates and she hates me for always making fun of her.

“How’s your meeting last night, hon?”


“Great, great? Or Elmo, great?”

“Great because.. hm. Si Ivan pala yung business partner. Remember him?”

Furrowed eyebrows. Lips pouted like crazy. “Yung crush na crush mo before na niligawan ka at sasagutin mo na dapat?”

“Siya nga. Hihi.”

Further decrease of distance between two brows. A smirk is an understatement. An annoyed grin flashing. “Kinikilig ka naman?”

Her grin widened. “Oo naman. Ang pogi pa rin kaya niya.”


When we were 21, the feelings grew even more. The heartbreaks were less painful. The thoughts were relatively about her. Her. Julie. Because apparently, I have always been in love with only one girl.

“You have the weirdest brows, Elmo.”

“I like your nose.”

“Your hair is like a bird nest..”

“I love your eyes.”

“Your hands are spectacular..”

“I love your voice.”

“And I love your morning voice too, sexy.”

“You’re sexy too.”

“I like your shirts.”

“I love your eyes.”

“You said that!”

“I mean it.”

“You stole another kiss, Elmo!”

“Because. I love it.”

When we were 24, I’ve never look back unless the pages were stories about me and Julie. How we climb Nana’s backyard tree because the tree house gives us a stunning view of sunset; How we share stories in a sing-song tone; How we shared a kiss in the rain.

“Seloso ka Elmo no?”

“Bully ka Julie no?”

“Gwapo ka Elmo no?”

“Maganda ka pa sa umaga Julie no?”

“Bolero ka pa din hanggang ngayon no?”

“Inlove ka pa din sa akin hanggang ngayon no?”

When we were 25, I realized a lot of things. I courted the most amazing girl. That once I laid my eyes on her, my life begins —- no more precautions, chances were on the line, it’s a beginning of us. Because from the. on, I continuously am falling in love with her; and breakfast was never been the same since then.

“Haha, I love you Elmo.”