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man. emerald fennell, kate lamb, laura main, helen george, bryony hannah, jennifer kirby, charlotte ritchie, linda bassett, jenny agutter, judy parfitt and victoria yeates are OUT THERE. they’re in the world. women that talented and Angelic™ exist?? they’re ALIVE?? breathing. being perfect with every step they take. i love the female cast?? so much?? ??????    
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↳The Flash Family + tumblr text posts 

[caption: seven different images of DC comic panels with a screencap of a Tumblr text post placed over them. For all but the 7th image, click on them for a more detailed caption. 

Image #7 is a panel featuring several Flash Family speedsters together, looking like they’re preparing for a fight. The text post over it reads: “I like the idea that there are no longer such things as casual groups of friends. No, you’re in a squad. Weaponize your friendships. Battle other squads for social dominance. Who wants to fucking fight.“]

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the second one + westallen

‘i didn’t want to tell my friend who my real date last night was so i just pointed at a random stranger (you) but now they’re storming over to interrogate you and you’re playing along??? okay’ au

“Hey, how did your date go last night?” Linda asked as she sat down across from her friend with a cup of coffee.

Linda had warned Iris about Tony Woodward the first time they had met, so Iris was embarrassed that she had completely disregarded her friend’s valid advice and gone out with him anyways. The guy was a total jerk. Linda had been right. Iris was embarrassed that she hadn’t listened and there wasn’t going to be a second date anyways, so she figured it would be just as easy to shrug it off.

“He stood me up,” she responded. “How did you know I had a date?”

“Please. You left work early, clearly dressed for a date, with a dorky smile on your face,” Linda pointed out. “So, who was this jerk? Do I know him?”

“No one,” Iris lied. “Just that guy that you said was checking me out here last week. I thought he was kind of cute, so I asked him out when I ran into him again the other day. I guess he wasn’t as interested as you thought.”

“You mean that guy?” Linda questioned as she looked over her friend’s shoulder at someone.


Iris turned around in her seat to find that, sure enough, there was the guy who had been watching them and smiling at her from across the coffee shop the week before. That was just Iris’s luck, but it was too late for her to take it back now.

“Uh, yeah,” she responded as she shot her eyes away from the guy and back down to her half-drunk cup of coffee. “But it’s no big deal. I wasn’t that invested or anything.”

“No. It is a big deal,” Linda insisted. “I’m going over there.”

“No! Don’t-” Iris tried, but it was too late. Linda had already gotten up and was storming over to where he was waiting in line.

“What is wrong with you?” She demanded as Iris rushed up behind her.

The guy turned his head to check if she was talking to someone behind him before he pointed to his chest and questioned, “Me?”

“Yes, you,” Linda insisted indignantly. “You got a chance to go on a date with Iris West and you just stood her up? What is wrong with you?”

Iris cringed, then opened her eyes to find him studying her expression. She shot him an apologetic smile, then reached for Linda’s arm.

“Come on, let’s go,” Iris insisted as she felt a blush creep onto her cheeks.

Linda shrugged her arm out of Iris’s grip and stood her ground, looking at the guy expectantly. The line was moving now and he was holding it up, but instead of stepping over to the counter he turned and told the guy behind him in line to go ahead, then stepped aside to continue the conversation. Iris wished the floor would swallow her whole.

“No, you’re right. I don’t know what I was thinking,” he responded, much to Iris’s surprise. His attention was on Iris alone as he lied, “Look, I got side-tracked working late and then I missed my bus and by the time I made it there you were gone and honestly, I was too embarrassed to call you. I still couldn’t believe a girl like you would give me a first chance, let alone a second one. I wasn’t sure you didn’t stand me up.”

Yup, she was definitely blushing now. Why was he going along with her stupid lie?

“I’m really sorry,” he insisted. “But I’d like to make it up to you. Is there any chance you’d let me take you to dinner? I swear I’ll be on time this time.”

Now Linda was looking at Iris too, trying to gauge whether she was buying his story or not.

“Yeah. Sure,” Iris responded. Dinner was the least she could do after he had saved her from major embarrassment. Besides, maybe it would help talk Linda down. Plus, he was pretty cute, even if she had just made a total idiot out of herself in front of him.

“Great,” he responded with an adorable smile before he turned back to Linda. “So, are we good now?”

Linda hesitated for a moment, then checked to make sure Iris looked like she was alright before she told him, “Sure, we’re okay. For now. But I’ve got my eye on you…”

“Barry,” he filled in for her, although that grin was clearly aimed at Iris. “Barry Allen.”

Linda shot him one last look before she told Iris, “I’ll be waiting at our table.”

Iris watched her friend go, then shot Barry a guilty look. “I am so sorry about that.”

“Don’t worry about it,” he insisted. “I mean, sure, it was a little confusing. But I’ve been looking for an excuse to get up the nerve to talk to you. So, I guess it all worked out in the end.”

“Really?” She questioned. “Well, Barry Allen, I was going to say that you don’t actually have to go on a date with me to get yourself out of trouble. But if you’re interested-”

“Oh, I’m definitely interested,” he assured her. “Besides, I’ve got to redeem myself to your friend somehow. Don’t I? What was that all about anyways?”

“I went on the worst date with this terrible guy Linda warned me not to go out with,” she confessed. “So, when she figured out I’d had a date and asked who it was with I sort of panicked and said you stood me up.”

“Well, at least the bar is set pretty low for me then. Right?” He joked.

“I am so sorry,” she repeated. “I didn’t think you were going to walk in right after I said that. And now you lost your place in line and I’m probably making you late for somewhere. At least let me pay for your coffee.”

“Fine,” Barry agreed. “But only if you let me buy you dinner. Tomorrow night?”

“It’s a date.”

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You do realize that the eres muy linda guy most likely... Wasn't white? Yes?



Behind the scenes of “Too Funky”