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In case you need a pick me up:


Look at him. He may look cheeky, but that’s because he’s proud of you for doing that thing and looking as good as you do.


Absolutely in shock over how hard you worked on that thing and how gorgeous you look, day in and day out. All natural!


He’d kiss you if he could, more than just because you’re pretty. He’s very proud of everything you do.


A gentle nod of approval of your work, blinded by your beauty- so much he had to shut his eyes. It’s a sweet gesture!


Girl knows how hard you’ve worked on you thing. She knows how cute you are. You should see it too!


Aw, is that jealousy? Not quite becoming of a count. How are you prettier than him? More motivated than he is? He just might have to kiss you to make himself feel better.


Spunky and sexy; it’s tough to stand out on a good-looking New England Patriots squad, but this wide receiver gets more than his share of looks - on and off the field. Julian Edelman!

Julian Edelman. He’s actually ugly and by ugly I mean hot as hell. He’s also a dork.” - anonymous

“This past season, Julian Edelman has really made a name for himself…on and off the field ;) And there are many more pictures of him that make us go crazyy. Can you do another one of him?” - anonymous

Julian Edelman” - anonymous

Julian Edelman, plz.” - anonymous

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Hottest guys of 2014

Best smile : Tim Borromann

Cutest silly face: Nico Tortorella

Sexiest scruff : Caio Cesar

Hottes “salt & pepper” : Jo Weil

Sexyest lips : Isha Blaaker

Hottest ass : this unknown guy

Most hansdom guy with tatoos : Holden Nowell

Most beautiful eyes : Thomas Beaudoin

 Best abs : Kyle Hilde

Most amazing chest : Nicklas Pedersen

Guy with the sexiest “V” : Austin Otto

Honourable mentions : Steven Chevrin and Charlie Sheerer

Overall hottest guy : Julian Naderer


Their first and last mission together.

When did “I’d rather die than go anywhere with this guy” turn into “I’ll go anywhere with this guy even if it means I can die”?