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Spunky and sexy; it’s tough to stand out on a good-looking New England Patriots squad, but this wide receiver gets more than his share of looks - on and off the field. Julian Edelman!

Julian Edelman. He’s actually ugly and by ugly I mean hot as hell. He’s also a dork.” - anonymous

“This past season, Julian Edelman has really made a name for himself…on and off the field ;) And there are many more pictures of him that make us go crazyy. Can you do another one of him?” - anonymous

Julian Edelman” - anonymous

Julian Edelman, plz.” - anonymous

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Friendly reminder that Emma and Mark are NOT actually a thing.

- Emma loves Julian
- Mark is currently in a love triangle with both Kieran and Cristina
- Emma wouldn’t do that to Cristina
- Cristina is aware that they are fake dating and okay with it because again, it’s fake.
- Julian and the Blackthorn children know better and someone is gonna call bullshit let’s be real.
- Emma had a childhood crush on him and that’s it

# tom reading A MAN CALLED OVE is everything