guy ink

Another close-up about Tanathin’s short comic, a few more sketches and I’ll be able to begin inking !

Sorry guys, I feel like I’m posting only sketches lately…

Winter is a very rought period for painting because of light (too sharp, falling downright on my desk and blinding me, or absent and whoever tried to paint with only artificial light knows what hell it is.) and during the last months I just didn’t feel like taking my brushes at any moment. And the rare times I did, I wasn’t happy about the result, so please bear with the plant I am, unable to do anything without natural light, heat and endless days. BUT the longing is coming back. We had a very hot and sunny week and I was suddenly feeling SO GOOD and wanted to paint so eagerly !!!  A shame I hadn’t time for it…. XD;;;

It’ll come back ! Soooon… At least I hope…

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