guy in the backround

Elliot and Angela kiss

me: oh wow, what a great friendship

Tyrell grabs Elliot by his shoulder, caressing him gently

me: look at that, true love, so pure 

Calling all Hamilton fans who smh knows every shit about Hamilton or just a historical or visual genius in general

I need your help comrade

I’m working on a project which I won’t say til probably the first part of the project is done and I really need a lot of you to help me okay

I need to know a lot of information on what happens on stage during the Broadway show, I don’t necessarily need a bootleg but if you want to link me that’s fine

And I need you guys to help me on knowing which exact ensemble person sings the ensemble parts on the soundtrack
(Yes even the backround noises for example: the guys always supporting the cabinet battles in the background)

And I need you historical majors or studiers to help me on some facts and things that have to do with the songs in Hamilton

Also need people to help me on visual symbolism

And finally If you want to know what project I am doing and want to help with ideas ect ect I’d be happy let you lend a hand in pms as for my pms are ALWAYS open for talking and my ask box is as well OPEN AS HELL

I’d be so greatful if you could help me because what I’m doing is something I know could probably boost me up on what I want to do in life and my parents don’t even have faith in me so I’m going to prove them wrong

Every person who helps in this (yes even in the tinniest way) gets a guaranteed credit and mentioning

Thanks for your help bellesas 💋
My Cheri Amour - Blownwish - Yuri!!! on Ice (Anime) [Archive of Our Own]
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Relationships: Jean-Jacques Leroy/Yuri Plisetsky
Characters: Jean-Jacques Leroy, Yuri Plisetsky
Additional Tags: Pliroy, one-sided PliRoy, Pining JJ, JJ isn’t a cheater though, JJ is a great guy, backround JJ/Isabella

What’s a guy to do when he’s got a man-crush on Yuri Plisestky? Give him hell, JJ Style. Thing is, JJ knows he’s better than that.

For @zeldaismyhomegirl & @part-timeninja





Oversleepers (Steve Rogers x Reader)

Requested by anonymous:Can you do an imagine where your insomania is at its worst one night and your boyfriend Steve comforts and cuddles you when he comes home, and the next morning you guys oversleep and the others find you and don’t shut up about the cuteness all day.

A/N: I hate Insomania.. I wish Steve was here to cuddle me..

10:00 PM

You couldn’t sleep again. Insomania hit you tonight and it wasn’t only this, Steve was away on a mission. Your relationship with Steve started three years ago when Tony was hosting one of his well-known parties and you two.. Had too much fun. Tonight you wanted to wanted to go to bed early so you wake up early and see Steve again. But you couldn’t.

You closed your eyes but nothing happened. You waited five minutes, thirty minutes, two hours but nothing happened. It was sure you wouldn’t sleep that night.

12:00 PM

The unlock on the door made you open your eyes again. With every little sound that was made you immeadeatly opened your eyes. You tried to sit up but couldn’t. Like you had something pressing you. You tried to talk but no voice was coming out of your mouth. Soon you felt like someone was in the room watching you. You couldn’t even close your eyes. The figure was becoming closer and closer when you saw it’s face. It was a mix of a wendigo and some kind of creepy ghost. You tried to scream for help but nothing happened. The creature just stood there looking into your eyes.

You heard some other noises and the creature dissappeared and you started breathing heavily. You were sure that the figure will appear again but for your luck it was Steve whom just gotten back from his mission. He ran to your shared bed and kissed you.

“I missed you so much Y/N..” He whispered as your breathing was coming to it’s normal. “Are you Ok doll?”

“Insomania, again. I was trying to sleep and not long before I had illustrations too.” You replied to the same soft and sweet tone as yours.“I want to sleep but I can’t and I hate it baby.” He gave you a small reassuring sad smile and kissed your cheek.

“Don’t worry darlin’. I’m here now and you can sleep. You know that the illustrations were made of your fantasy. Nothing to be afraid of babe. I’m here.” He mumbled to your ear.

“It’s just, we’ve fought aliens and monsters and I couldn’t believe if it was real or not but it felt real.” You yawned and Steve layed you down on the bed. He wrapped his strong arms around you.

“Go to sleep baby. I’ll be right here when you wake up. I missed you so much while I was on my mission.” Your eyes started closing.

“Goodnight Stevie. I love you so much.” You whispered and he kissed your head.

8:00 AM

Natasha walked to the kitchen before she went for training with the others. Every Friday everyone trained together. The others days the went on their training rooms designed for each person on the tower. She thought she would see you and Steve but she didn’t. Clint walked in too.

“Morning..” He said and she nodded in response.

“Do you know where Steve and Y/N is?” The red hair woman asked him.<.>

“I don’t know.. I thought they were on the gym.”

“No they’re not. I checked five minutes ago and only Thor, Pietro, Bucky, Wanda, Sam and James were in.” Tony said as he grabbed a bottle of cold water.

“Are we waiting them or we just start?” Clint asked.

“Let’s start.”

11:00 AM

“You kidding. Where the hell are they?!” Tony asked in amusement. You and Steve had overslept and lost the training session too. They others were becoming amused because they had to do a mission briefing but couldn’t without you.

“Why don’t we just search for them? The brief starts at 12 o’ clock so that means we still got time. “ Wanda said. Nat, Wanda, Tony, Clint and Bruce shared a look before started looking on the rooms of the tower.

“I think they are in their room.” Bruce said trying not to make noise. The five of them slowly unlocked and opened the door. They tried to hold back their giggles or aw’s when they saw Steve having his arms wrapped around your waist holding you close and you lips pressed at his cheek. The two of you looked very peaceful and cute together. Tony tried to take a photo but he had the flash of his on.

“Good job dumbass.” Wanda said and Tony rolled his eyes. Steve and you started to stiffling and groaning cause of the light and the sound of your friends giggling.

“Good Morning baby - What the hell are you guys doing here?” Steve told you and then looked at the others that didn’t know what to do now.

“Guys do you realize what time is it?” Clint asked.

“I-uhh I don’t know 8:00?” You said still trying to open your eyes.

“It’s almost 12:00. The brief Starts.” You and Steve stayed in shock realizing how much you slept. You ran to the bathroom and helped each other find their clothes and dress up.

12:00 PM: The brief starts

“Oh finally the oversleepers just woke up! What did you do yesterday night guys?” Pietro said sarcastically and winked at the two of. “I saw the photo guys, you were too cute for your own cute together.” You and Steve blushed.

During the brief Steve would often give you glares, winks and smiles. The others stopped talking this time and aw'ed. All the time they teased you about the cuteness.

“ Seriously guys I’m going to throw up from the amount of your cuteness.” Clint said and rolled his eyes. It was the fifth time he said it today.

“I have an idea… Why don’t you guys stop talking about the ‘cuteness’ for once please?” you said but they kept talking. “Shut up!”

“I think it’s cute..” Steve said and kissed your cheek lovingly.

“Well if you say so..” You replied and Tony shout from the backround ;



anonymous asked:

I usually play the office in the backround while I'm hooking up with my guy and I will laugh during my favorite scenes or even sometimes pause to quote something with the show. I almost feel bad but not really.

I like your style anon