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So, I don't know if anyone else has noticed this, but I think another hint at Black Paladin!Lance is that when Voltron is formed, the Blue Lion's head is inside of Black's - kinda like a secondary head?

there is both red and blue…

ok, i’m not saying this is co-leadership klance evidence 

but it’s co-leadership klance evidence 





Lance is the guardian spirit of water!!!

he first starts out piloting the blue lion >>> the ocean

then Shiro goes missing, Keith gets bumped up to Black while Lance gets bumped up to the red lion, the red lion’s element is fire >>> the water heats up

Lance and Red’s bond doesn’t work, it’s too forced and bad for Lance >>> the heated water begins to evaporate

Keith piloting the black lion doesn’t work out either, Lance proves to be an effective leader and more compatible with Black and gets bumped up to Black while Keith returns to the Red lion >>> the steam that evaporated from the water RISES into THE SKY AND FORMS CLOUDS (the black paladin is the guardian spirit of the sky!)

Lance leads the team along side Princess Allura and they kick Lotor and the Galra’s asses! >>> the clouds roll across the sky, growing and getting heavier

the team eventually finds Shiro! he returns to the pilot seat of the black lion while Lance returns to Blue >>> the heavy clouds start to rain, the water returns to the ocean (Lance has a motif with rain! he misses the rain!)


that’s what people had in mind with the prompt “handcuffs” right? i’m sorry, it was funny in my head

(it’s right past midnight here but it’s still the 14th somewhere isn’t it? so i am not late)

Black Pink debuts: They’re copying 2NE1

CLC has a comeback: They’re copying 4Minute

Red Velvet debuts: They’re the walmart version of F(X)

Gfriend debuts: They’re Apink wannabes

Apink Debuts: They’re copying SNSD

Twice debuts: They’re just trying to be SNSD

Seohyun has solo debut: She’s copying Ariana Grande

Girl/Girl Group does anything = being criticized

Boy Groups: Literally do the same shit over and over again

You guys:


Kpop Spotify Playlists

Hi hello! I’m here to share some of my Kpop playlists that I’ve made on Spotify! After how well received my Seventeen member playlists were, I figured I should also share the other playlists I have:

- A 12+ hours playlist of just upbeat Kpop
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- A late night playlist for when you’re missing that one person (or your bias)
- Lady loving Kpop for the lady group lovers
- Retro is back in style!
- Close your eyes & pretend you’re in a spring Kdrama about to kiss the romantic lead