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Aaah, the Lethifold! One of my favourite creatures from reading the book as a child. Thanks to @zinfandelli for suggesting it as a creature, I was psyched to draw Credence with one. 
(And of course I saw the official design on the bluray just as I was about to start colouring, and had to change up a bunch of stuff from my sketch haha)
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its been three weeks and only now is stark telling me that the cape guy is not called doctor strangelove, and he is not soviet backup sent here to help me fight the Amerikans ™

My Strange!Hugh/Kaecilius collab with @sylfidxn. Oh this is gonna get smuttier soon

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The kids go to the grocery store. Karkat charges through the aisles like he’s been given a mission from God and the cart is his holy battering ram with which he will obliterate all obstacles in his divine quest. Dave won’t go unless he can sit in the cart. Rose rides on the front like a maidenhead on an old ship and insists on stopping to sample the Organic Deer Jerky so she can write scathing reviews of it later. Rose also occasionally lurks the organic section and masquerades as an employee distributing free samples. Would you care to try a lock of eldritch umbilical cord?

At some point (after Rose and John are caught with their bootleg samples, where did you even get those uniforms you two, Kanaya stop hanging around the butchers it’s not good for you), an employee discovers the rest of the group locked in the family bathroom and goes to confront Karkat. The following ensues:

“Sir, I was told by the guy in the cape you locked them in there. Why?”
“It’s for parents with young children, babies who need changing, people with disabilities, and other people who need the extra space and assistance.”

Jane is waved over from the other side of the store after ditching the other alphas to be peacefully overstimulated in the cereal aisle. She does her best to pretend she doesn’t know these people.

Prompt - WinterIron, Vampire!Bucky, Human!Tony

Prompt: ‘’Soo, since you’re taking prompts I was wondering if you’d be willing to write some WinterIron with Vampire!Bucky trying to woo the adorable but completely clueless Human!Tony? (With the added difficulty that vampires do not lie or evade truths when they’re wooing as a sign of respect for their intended?)’’

Sooooo, I doubt that it’s exactly what you wanted, but my brain kind of went away with this version and I just followed, because it was really fun to write.

Hope you like it anyway :)

Tony was drunk. Which, okay, it was probably not very surprising, after all it was pretty well-known that alcohol and him were pretty much best friends.

But he was maybe slightly more drunk than he had thought, because. Because. There was a guy in front of him and- he was wearing a silver cape. And not like, the kinda-fashionable capes that you payed a fortune to wear - and that were ugly as fuck - oh, no, a full-on medieval cape, with mysterious scarlet patterns on it and a freakingly huge collar.

“What the FUCK?!?” Tony exclaimed, maybe - just maybe - slightly louder than was recommended when it was 3AM and you were on a residential street. But fuck, the guy was wearing a cape, and Tony had always felt a bit of compassion for Vernon Dursley.

He could hear the guy mumble something which sounded very much like “shit” and then he turned around and Tony just wanted to emphasize that his initial reaction was probably the most appropriate one.
Because, first, the guy was extremely handsome - tall, muscular, beautiful red mouth, longish hair well-cut: he checked all the cases in Tony’s perfect man profile. But well, the slight problem was, that his skin sparkled and… were his eyes red?
Oh no, Tony was going to die. Either assassinated in a street next to a pile of garbage and a dozen of rats, by the sound of it; or because of alcohol intoxication, because even during his wildest years, he had never ever drank enough to see a creepy guy impersonating Dracula.

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Mon-El's origin story on Supergirl

I love all of the CW DCTV superhero shows. And one thing I love is that many of them seem to be origin stories; how did this superhero become a superhero? Where did they come from and who were they before? What are the formative events that define their character, and how did they respond and grow in a way that made them worthy of the title of superhero? Do powers make you a superhero? Can superheroes be flawed and make flawed decisions? Can they learn from them and grow into their fully realized iterations?

I’m not a comic reader, but it’s my understanding that Mon-El in the comics becomes the superhero named Valor. Wow. That’s a big name to live up to. And it appears to me that the Supergirl writers decided to give Mon-El a 180 turnaround storyline, so when they introduced his character to the series this season it was as a person who is about as far away from worthy of the title “valor” as you can get. A spoiled prince (that’s not a spoiler anymore, is it?) used to getting his way, objectifying women, and not caring about anyone but himself. An “intergalactic frat boy.” Apparently even as a child on Krypton Kara had heard of his escapades enough to say that he was “the worst.” Even he admitted that the prince (himself) was nobody worth admiring and he doesn’t want any of his new friends to know that he is THAT GUY. There are probably even worse things that we don’t know about, seeing as the slave-trading Dominators recognized and bowed to him while on Slaver’s Moon. We will likely get a taste of more of his previous life when whoever is hunting him shows up. How could this guy become worthy of the cape and of the name “Valor?” That’s exactly the story that the writers are going to tell us.

When Mon-El arrived on Earth to discover that he was apparently the only one spared from Daxam’s destruction , he got a chance to reinvent himself. To make his own choices about who he was going to be and how he was going to live his life. It started out with him making some pretty stupid and selfish decisions. Kara tried to push him into becoming like her, and he pushed back. But over time, his friendship with her and the others in his life have started to influence and inspire him, and he’s realizing that his powers give him the ability to help others and that there is a responsibility that comes with that. He’s realizing that his know-it-all attitude and stubbornness can get him in trouble and he’s learning to listen to and trust others. He'a learning that sometimes putting yourself in danger to help others is the right thing to do. He’s on his way.

He’s still got a long way to go. This is his first season and if becomes Valor too fast, his origin story on this show is over. It’s going to happen over time that he becomes the guy worthy of the cape, the name, and the girl. Right now we still don’t know if his move to become a superhero is really about protecting and working with Kara, or if it’s truly what he feels called to. I think his intentions are good, but in order to be a true superhero he can’t just be doing it for a girl. At some point he’ll have to figure out who he is without her.

Is he worthy of dating Kara, a superhero who is much closer to the fully-realized version of herself, someone we all respect and love? I think it’s still yet to be seen. She sees something in him, believes in him, and has given him a chance but she also doesn’t give him a pass on some of his bad behavior. He seems to be recognizing that he has some areas to work on but real change takes time and some of these issues - not trusting her calls in the field, choosing to protect her over others, trying to make decisions for her- are going to keep causing conflict in their relationship until they are either resolved or cause a breakup. We saw last week that they could fight, call each other out, and make up, so maybe that will be how they will continue to work on these issues for now while still developing their romantic relationship. I don’t think Kara has to have a perfect guy- and btw she’s not perfect either- and I think she deserves happiness and a relationship as much as anyone else if that’s what she wants, so I am rooting for them at this point.

I think it would be unusual to see an “endgame” couple to get together and stay together in season 2. Mon-El may end up to be Kara’s great love in this series or he may be a temporary relationship - possibly even one that ends tragically. They may stay together and work things out over time or they could break up and grow separately, I don’t know. I think he probably has a lot more growing to do before we can really see him as being Kara’s equal in character and true partner, but I do think that growth is coming. Side note: Kara’s romantic interest from last season is also on a hero-growth arc, and while Jimmy seems to be pretty friend zoned at this point, that could change in upcoming seasons if he becomes the guy that Kara can see as her true partner in life and heroism.

I think Mon-El is a really fun and compelling character. I love seeing him on my screen every week, flaws and all, and I’m enjoying his and Kara’s relationship! I’m interested to see where it all goes from here…